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Part-time or contract work that draws upon my professional strengths and provides opportunity to engage with community of colleagues pursuing the common good


Highly qualified researcher, writer, and editor who specializes in:
Translating academic, legal, or legislative language into vivid, clear, conversational English
Writing audience-engaging speeches for senior leaders in nonprofit and higher education sectors


Harvard College Office of Academic Integrity and Student Conduct (OAISC)
Case Administrator (2014–June 2016)
Summarize student and faculty statements and draft case reports related to violations of Harvard’s Academic Integrity Policy and Student Code of Conduct.
Research and draft reports comparing disciplinary matters in Consortium on Financing Higher Education schools with Harvard College policies and procedures.
Developed concept and wrote proposal for Harvard University Administrative Innovation Fund grant to create videos about the College disciplinary process, as well as a series of videos on ethical dilemmas designed to stimulate student discussion and reflection, bringing OAISC into the digital age.

Office of the Dean of Harvard College
Coordinator (2011–2014)
Drafted major speeches for the Dean of the College (e.g., Commencement Address, Parents Welcome, Detur Prize); many delivered as written.
Managed all non-academic aspects of the Dean’s Office; wrote most correspondence.

Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE), Office of Development and External Relations
Research Assistant (2001–2007)
Conducted foundation, corporation, and major gift prospect research; assisted senior development officers; wrote acknowledgment letters for the Dean’s signature.
Edited and proofread department texts for external consumption; summarized highlighted research projects for the HGSE annual report.
Had sole responsibility for stewardship of more than 25 named scholarship awards annually; wrote all associated reports to donors.

Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations
Office Manager (1999–2001)
Established administrative systems for newly established center; organized satellite office.
Planned and executed a range of public events, panel discussions, and forums focused on emerging nonprofit sector issues, in partnership with Hauser Center faculty and leadership.

Massachusetts Campaign for Children
Statewide Campaign Coordinator (1997)
Developed organizational infrastructure for a nonpartisan public education and mobilization initiative on children's issues.
Wrote recruitment brochures, legislative updates, grant proposals, and educational materials.
Recruited more than 600 grassroots members.
Organized and facilitated meetings, large events, and workshops.

Massachusetts Human Services Coalition
Senior Writer/Editor/Researcher (1991-1997)
Served as lead researcher and writer for a nonprofit coalition comprising provider, worker, and consumer organizations, which provided objective analysis of state budgets and legislation related to human services for use by legislators, service providers, and advocates. Areas of focus included housing, disabilities, mental health, juvenile justice, and legal services.
Analyzed state budgets and human-service-related legislation and policy; conducted statistical research.
Interviewed advocates, service providers, consumers, and government insiders.
Co-wrote and co-edited publications:  
State House Watch (12-20 issues annually), co-written with Donna Southwell
The poor people's budget (4-6 issues annually, plus annual bound book). co- written with Deborah Weinstein
For the People, an analysis of federal budget impact on state services (10 issues)
Lives on the Edge: Seven Stories of Women on Welfare (sole author)


Freelance Editor of three full-length books:
The Role of the Poet in Early Societies, Morton W. Bloomfield and Charles W. Dunn, pub. D. S. Brewer (1989)
The Orange Cat Bistro, Nancy Linde, pub. Kensington Books (1996)
The Gate of Sand, J. W. Mahoney (unpublished)

Producer of hour-long public television documentary Mamaw for WMUL-TV in Huntington, West Virginia

Producer of 40-minute educational film on recycling for Foothills Environmental Association, Louisa, Kentucky

Bi-weekly Political Columnist for Medford Transcript, Medford, MA

Writer/Researcher for Robert Reich campaign for Governor of Massachusetts; produced policy briefings on human services issues

For Love of a Soldier: Interviews with Military Families Taking Action Against the Iraq War; Lexington Books, a division of Rowman & Littlefield academic press; January 2008
“What I Got Out of the War” in Against the Vietnam War: Writings by Activists; edited by Mary Susannah Robbins; Syracuse University Press, 1999; reprinted, Rowman & Littlefield, May 2007
“The War at Home: Military Families Against the Iraq War” in Peace Not Terror: The AntiWar Movement since 9/11, edited by Mary Susannah Robbins; Rowman & Littlefield, spring 2008


B.A. magna cum laude in English Literature, Harvard College

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The Gimlet Eye: Brexit or Not to Brexit ~ Rockin' the Casbah

This morning I was asked by an undecided voter to spell out in layman's terms why we should leave the EU. It's not so easy because all of the populist arguments are grossly oversimplified or wrong. This isn't a decision where you you can be spoonfed with easy answers. What is clear though is people are fed up with the torrent of bullshit.
So to put it in basic terms I keep coming back to the question on the ballot paper. The question leaves it to the individual to interpret what the EU is and whether we should leave it. Though if there were any honesty at all it would say "Do you want Britain to be a subordinate state of a supreme government for Europe?"
And that is really just a values based decision. A matter of personal preference based on how you view Britain. And the two prevailing opinions appear to be thus:
The Remain view is that that Britain is small, weak, obsolete and powerless. Because of that we must be told what to. We lack the capability of managing our own affairs. And because we are apparently stupid, if we leave the EU we will vote for a hard right wing government who will take our rights away. The view is that we would have no rights at all because we are passive and will let the government do as it pleases once we are out. The view is that we will instantly rip up green rules and regulations and start deliberately polluting our environment and slam the borders shut because we are basically a bunch of xenophobes. Put simply they do not like ordinary people, they do not trust them and they definitely do not believe in democracy. That is why they want the EU.
The Leave view is that Britain is more than the sum of its parts, that we are something exceptional with a track record to prove it. We think we can manage our own affairs, that we will do well outside the EU and we place our trust in the people to make it work. We believe Britain can do better outside because the world has evolved in ways that the EU cannot adequately respond. We think leaving the EU will help us fix a lot that is broken and will bring about major democratic reform.
So since everyone is scaremongering, who is right? Well, if you haven't worked out by now that both of the official campaigns are full of shit then you should probably seek medical attention. Leaving isn't going to cause world war three, it won't cause the seas to boil and it will not rain blood. But by the same token, it is not going to bring about a new utopia where we can do as we please and stick twos up to Europe. Not gonna happen. In a connected world we are all somewhat at the mercy of globalization. That is why leaving is not the big deal either side believes it is.

We will keep freedom of movement. We have had visa free arrangements since long before even the EEC. We are not going to look inward. We won't have a choice. Brexit mainly means we will be free to start our own trade talks and say no to EU proposals. We will still adopt single market rules but they will come from the global level rather than via the EU. That means we will be outside of the EU protectionist zone so we will in fact be more open to more places. It creates opportunities.
In all honesty leaving the EU probably will cause a short recession but we will be better off in the long run because it will settle a forty year long national dispute that isn't going to go away until it is resolved. My own view is that we should never have gone in in the first place - and we will have to pay a price for that mistake - but we will pay a bigger price the longer we stay in.
We can either leave now under circumstances we can control or we leave later on more hostile terms. I think leaving now is the safer, wiser option. It's a shit sandwich but if you have to eat shit it's better not to nibble. Swallow it whole and swallow it now. We will live to regret it if we chicken out. Remaining in the EU is going to solve nothing at all and we will be back here again and again having this same argument.
Every now and then we need to yank the leash on our politicians and shake things up a bit. They have been left to their own devices for too long and if we don't rein it in now, they will sell us out completely. If we let them do that then we will have an even bigger mess to sort out later. It really is time for a clear out and some genuine reform. 
Brexit is the only way that is going to happen.
Let's do it.

The Gimlet Eye: Sterling; Spring line, Positively Fashioned

27 May
Sterling continued to move in a positive fashion on Thursday, reaching a high we last saw in February against the euro and pushing close to a 2016 high versus the US dollar. Positive sterling sentiment however started to cool as Thursday progressed, despite economic growth throughout the previous quarter meeting the 0.4% target, but sterling still remains in a strong position heading into today. Should there be any surprises from the ongoing Group of Seven (G7) meetings, sterling could find some further support.

3 June
A lack of positivity in either data releases or sentiment has made it a difficult week for both sterling and the euro to gain any momentum in either direction. Today we have key releases in both the UK, for the service sector, and the US, related to employment, which are likely to drive sterling one way or the other. Which way is tricky to predict and it’s even trickier to guess what will happen in the medium term given the closeness of the EU referendum.

 Sterling was reasonably steady yesterday despite Mays Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) for the UK construction industry revealing a lower-than-expected level of growth throughout the sector.

A poor start to the day saw sterling lose ground as growth in the construction industry was reported to have stalled in May as worries on a possible Brexit weighed on this sector. However, the UK currency was able to recover some ground throughout the afternoon as European Central Bank (ECB) President Mario Draghi spoke following their monthly meeting. His statement highlighted the point that the ECB would not hesitate to act should they see any unwanted tightening in fiscal conditions.

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The Gimlet Eye: Sterling started strong, but finish line eludes~

15 April '16

Sterling had a good first half to the week as UK inflation for March exceeded expectations. However, on Thursday, the pound was undermined against the US dollar as the Bank of England made it clear that the economic risks, especially for the finance sector, of a Brexit were significant.

Sterling started strong, then faltered Sterling made gains across the board throughout the start of the week before stumbling somewhat on Thursday.
Although no significant market data was released on Monday, sterling found support as investors looked to cash in profits from the negative sterling movement seen the previous week. UK inflation data for March was released on Tuesday, and with an increase of 0.5% beating economists’ forecasts and showing the highest growth in over a year, sterling took further positive steps against its major trading partners. 

This positive sentiment lasted into Wednesday, as sterling reached two-week highs against both the euro and US dollar as retail sales in the US showed a surprise contraction. Sterling struggled on Thursday however, losing all the gains seen against the US dollar throughout the week, and falling away from recent highs against the euro as Bank of England (BoE) policy makers voted unanimously to keep interest rates on hold.
There is little data released today which is likely to lend support to sterling, with only construction output data expected from the UK. Investor sentiment will instead be turned towards the US, where consumer sentiment figures could see the dollar struggle should they disappoint in the same fashion as Wednesday’s retail sales data. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Hezekiah Collins married 1)Anne Wheeler, 2) Elizabeth Surface

Re: Stewart A. James Price
By Leslie Ballou March 29, 2007 at 09:55:18
In reply to: Re: Stewart A. James Price
Gayle Sensabaugh 3/28/07

Unfortunately my husband knows nothing about his family.They never talked about stuff, which I think is sad.

I have been able to find a little bit about Martha Jane's family.I will post it here:

Modified Register for Hezekiah COLLINS-2440

First Generation

1. Hezekiah COLLINS-2440was born in Of Albamarle County, Virginia.

Hezekiah married (1-MRIN:1105) Anne WHEELER-2572daughter of Micajah WHEELER-2585 and Sarah-2588 (MRIN:1150) on 1 Jun 1785 in Albemarle County, Virginia. Anne was born in Of Albamarle County, Virginia. She died before Nov 1802.

They had the following children:

2 F i. Sarah COLLINS-2358was born about 1793.
Sarah married (MRIN:1136) BLAND-2565 .

+ 3 M ii. Micajah COLLINS-735was born about 1797.

Hezekiah married (2-MRIN:1135) ELIZABETH SURFACE-2544on 20 Nov 1802 in Albemarle County, Virginia.

They had the following children:

+ 4 F iii. Nancy COLLINS-2438was born on 7 Apr 1805. She died on 10 Apr 1876.

+ 5 F iv. Lucinda COLLINS-2504was born about 1806.

6 F v. Catherine COLLINS-2586was born about 1807. She died in 1847 in Troy, ,Ohio .
Catherine married (MRIN:1151) John Adam WOOLWINE-2587on 29 Sep 1828 in Montgomery County, Virginia.

Second Generation

3. Micajah COLLINS-735(Hezekiah) was born about 1797 in Of Montgomery County, Virginia.

Micajah married (MRIN:216) Elizabeth-2344 . Elizabeth was born about 1791.

They had the following children:

7 F i. Susan COLLINS-2345was born about 1822.

8 F ii. Nancy V. COLLINS-2346was born about 1829.

9 M iii. Alexander COLLINS-2543was born about 1830.

+ 10 F iv. Martha Jane COLLINS-105was born about 1830.

11 M v. Joshua COLLINS-2347was born about 1835.

4. Nancy COLLINS-2438(Hezekiah) was born on 7 Apr 1805 in Montgomery, Virginia. She died on 10 Apr 1876 in Montgomery, Virginia.

Nancy married (MRIN:1095) Adam Radford PRICE Sr.-2403son of Henry David PRICE I-2398 and Anne Maria GARRISON-2400 (MRIN:1087) on 3 Oct 1826 in Montgomery,

Virginia. Adam was born on 14 Oct 1796 in Rockingham, Virginia. He was christened on 7 Sep 1797 in St Peter's Lutheran Church, Montgomery, Va. He died on 30 Mar 1880 in Montgomery, Virginia.

They had the following children:

12 F i. Hulda Jane PRICE-2570was born on 13 May 1827 in Prices Fork, Montgomery, Virginia.
Hulda married (MRIN:1146) Jacob FISHER-2560on 24 Sep 1849 in Montgomery, Virginia.

13 F ii. Mary Elizabeth PRICE-2568was born in 1829 in Montgomery, Virginia.
Mary married (MRIN:1147) John OLINGER-2561on 4 Dec 1848 in Montgomery, Virginia. John was born on 4 Aug 1819 in Montgomery, Virginia.

14 F iii. Eliza Ann PRICE-2569was born on 26 Apr 1831 in Price's Fork, Montgomery, Virginia. She died on 24 Feb 1862.
Eliza married (MRIN:1148) John Adam FISHER-2578"Rad" on 15 May 1852 in Montgomery, Virginia. John was born on 4 Jun 1829 in Augusta, Virginia. He died on 17 Sep 1864 in Virginia.

15 F iv. Nancy PRICE-2573was born in 1834 in Montgomery, Virginia.
Nancy married (MRIN:1149) William R. PERFATER-2579 . William was born in 1828 in Virginia.

16 F v. Catherine PRICE-2571was born in 1836 in Montgomery, Va.
Catherine married (MRIN:1131) James Cloyd RITTER-2541 .

17 F vi. Arminta PRICE-2574was born on 17 Apr 1837 in Prices Fork, Montgomery, Virginia. She died on 1 Mar 1898 in Prices Fork, Montgomery, Virginia. She was buried on 2 Mar 1898 in Zack Price Cemetery, Montgomery, Virginia.
Arminta married (MRIN:1145) Zachariah PRICE-2555son of Henry David PRICE II-2402 and Anna Mary SURFACE-2425 (MRIN:1093) in Mar 1860 in Montgomery, Virginia. Zachariah was born on 11 Apr 1834 in Montgomery, Virginia. He died on 20 Mar 1913 in Montgomery, Virginia. He was buried in Zack Price Cemetery, Montgomery, Va.

18 F vii. Lucinda Katherine PRICE-2581was born on 20 Mar 1839 in Montgomery, Virginia.
Lucinda married (MRIN:1130) James Cloyd RITTER-2541in 1863 in , Montgomery County, Virginia, USA.

19 M viii. Adam Radford PRICE Jr.-2566was born on 17 Apr 1841 in Prices Fork, Montgomery, Virginia. He died before 1870 in Montgomery County, Virginia.
Adam married (MRIN:1132) Sarah E. HARLESS-2542on 11 Jun 1863 in , Montgomery County, Virginia, USA. Sarah was born in Mar 1844 in Montgomery, Virginia.

20 F ix. Amanda M. PRICE-2567was born in 1843 in Montgomery, Virginia.
Amanda married (MRIN:1137) William HELVEY-2545 .

21 F x. Almeda Fanny PRICE-2575was born on 11 Nov 1845 in Montgomery, Virginia. She died on 18 Apr 1885.
Almeda married (MRIN:1127) William Jackson PRICE-2539in 1868 in Montgomery, Virginia. William was born on 30 Jan 1842 in Montgomery, Virginia. He died on 9 Nov 1901.

22 F xi. Susan Rebecca PRICE-2576was born on 5 Jun 1849 in Price's Fork, Montgomery, Virginia.
Susan married (MRIN:1129) William H. BARTON-2540on 16 Nov 1871 in Montgomery, Virginia. William was born on 1 Nov 1824 in Botetourt, Virginia. He died on 13 Oct 1888. He was buried in Price's Fork, Montgomery, Va.

5. Lucinda COLLINS-2504(Hezekiah) was born about 1806.

Lucinda married (MRIN:1090) William DOUGHERTY-2505on 4 Nov 1819 in Montgomery County, Virginia.

They had the following children:

23 F i. Catherine DAUGHERTY-2506was born about 1830.
Catherine married (MRIN:1121) Henry David PRICE III-2520son of Henry David PRICE II-2402 and Anna Mary SURFACE-2425 (MRIN:1093) on 11 Feb 1853 in , Montgomery County, Virginia, USA. Henry was born on 8 Feb 1826 in Montgomery, Virginia. He was christened in St Peters, Montgomery, Virginia.

24 F ii. Nancy A. DAUGHERTY-2507was born about 1840.

25 M iii. Harry T. DAUGHERTY-2508was born about 1842.

26 F iv. Alice V. DAUGHERTY-2509was born about 1855.

Third Generation

10. Martha Jane COLLINS-105(Micajah, Hezekiah) was born about 1830 in Augusta County, VA.

Martha married (MRIN:37) Stewart PRICE-104son of Alexander PRICE-205 and Sarah "Sallie" PRICE-206 (MRIN:64) on 10 Dec 1855 in Virginia. Stewart was born on 16 Oct 1833 in John's Creek, Giles, Virginia. He died on 12 Jun 1908 in Virginia. He was buried in Blacksburg, Montgomery, Virginia.

They had the following children:

27 F i. Mary Elizabeth PRICE-106was born in 1852 in Montgomery County, Virginia.
Mary married (MRIN:65) Ezekial DUKES-113on 7 Mar 1878 in Lee County, Virginia.

28 M ii. David Floyd N B PRICE-107was born in 1857 in Montgomery County, Virginia.

+ 29 F iii. Sarah Emily C. PRICE-108was born in Jan 1859.

30 F iv. Diana Fanny PRICE-109was born in 1860 in Montgomery County, Virginia.
Diana married (MRIN:67) David LAMBERT-115on 5 Aug 1880 in Lee County, Virginia. David was born in Lee County, Virginia.

31 M v. Stuart Alexander James PRICE-110was born about 1864 in Montgomery County, Virginia.
Stuart married (MRIN:68) Rachel Ball-116on 9 Feb 1885 in Lee County,

Virginia. Rachel was born in Lee County, Virginia.

32 M vi. Huey E. Crockett PRICE-111was born about 1864 in Montgomery County, Virginia.

+ 33 F vii. Matilda Jane PRICE-69was born on 2 Dec 1868. She died on 12 Apr 1944.

34 F viii. Ellie PRICE-112was born in Nov 1869 in Montgomery County, Virginia.

Fourth Generation

29. Sarah Emily C. PRICE-108(Martha Jane COLLINS, Micajah, Hezekiah) was born in Jan 1859 in Montgomery County, Virginia.

Sarah married (MRIN:66) Jehail DORTON-114on 9 Feb 1880 in Lee County, Virginia. Jehail was born in Dec 1846 in Lee County, Virginia.

They had the following children:

35 M i. Oscar DORTON-2426was born on 15 Feb 1888 in Scott County, Virginia. He died in May 1970 in Los Angles, California.
Oscar married (MRIN:301) Madora L BAKER-575on 28 Feb 1907 in Jeffersonville, Clark County, Indiana. Madora was born on 5 Nov 1888 in Kentucky. She died on 25 Sep 1964 in Los Angles, California.

36 F ii. Pearl Della DORTON-2427was born in May 1891 in Virginia. She died in 1981.
Pearl married (MRIN:345) Samuel Clinton BAKER-1926on 26 Oct 1907 in Jeffersonville, Clark County, Indiana. Samuel was born in 1888 in Kentucky. He died in 1937.

37 F iii. Bessie Willard DORTON-2419was born on 27 Jan 1893 in Virginia. She died on 9 Jul 1970 in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky. She was buried in Pennsylvania Run Cemetery, Louisville, Jefferson County, kentucky.
Bessie married (MRIN:1064) George NAPPER-1933on 13 Oct 1914. George was born about 1890. He died on 4 Oct 1964 in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky. He was buried in Pennsylvania Run Cemetery, Louisville, Jefferson County, kentucky.

38 F iv. Cora R DORTON-2373was born in Dec 1894 in Virginia.
Cora married (MRIN:1096) Fred SHIRLEY-1282on 2 Mar 1912 in Jeffersonville, Clark County, Indiana.

39 F v. Eckie DORTON-2356was born in Feb 1897 in Virginia. She died on 28 Nov 1922 in Jefferson County,Kentucky.
Eckie married (MRIN:1062) James O NAPPER-1942 .

40 M vi. Henry DORTON-2434was born in Apr 1899 in Virginia.
Henry married (MRIN:1106) Dorothy UNKNOWN-572 .

33. Matilda Jane PRICE-69(Martha Jane COLLINS, Micajah, Hezekiah) was born on 2 Dec 1868 in Lee County, Virginia. She died on 12 Apr 1944.

Matilda married (MRIN:26) Alexander Henry QUESENBERRY-68son of Alexander

QUESENBERRY-97 and Rebecca Jane SMITH-98 (MRIN:36) on 3 Mar 1886 in Lee County, Virginia. Alexander was born on 29 Jul 1863 in Lee County, Virginia. He died on 27 May 1937.

They had the following children:

41 M i. Floyd Harmon QUESENBERRY-42was born on 17 Dec 1885 in Lee County, Virginia. He died on 23 Mar 1970 in Portsmouth, Norfolk, Virginia. He was buried on 25 Mar 1970 in Woodlawn Memorial Gardens, Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Floyd married (MRIN:11) Eva Elizabeth MULLINS-43"Evie" daughter of James Calaway Calvin "Cad" MULLINS-80 and Annis STAPLETON-81 (MRIN:27) on 17 Jul 1910 in Big Stone Gap, Wise, Virginia. Eva was born on 2 Nov 1891 in Eidson, Hawkins, Tennessee. She died on 21 Nov 1983 in Portsmouth, Norfolk, Virginia. She was buried on 25 Nov 1983 in Woodland Memorial Gardens, Portsmouth, Norfolk, Virginia.

42 F ii. Rebecca J. QUESENBERRY-70was born on 3 Apr 1887 in Lee County, Virginia. She died in Lee County, Virginia.
Rebecca married (MRIN:38) Blacks WILLIAMS-2217 . Blacks was born in 1887 in Virginia.

43 M iii. Milford Spencer QUESENBERRY-71was born on 6 Aug 1889 in Lee County, Virginia. He died on 7 Nov 1958 in Norton, Wise, Virginia. He was buried in Powell Valley, Wise, Virginia.
Milford married (MRIN:39) Mattie Elizabeth SKEENS-2227on 29 Apr 1915 in Big Stone Gap, Wise, Virginia. Mattie was born in Jul 1890 in Powell Valley, Wise, Virginia. She died on 12 Dec 1976 in Kingsport, Tennessee. She was buried in Powell Valley, Wise, Virginia.

44 M iv. Hughey Robert QUESENBERRY-79was born on 10 Mar 1891 in Virginia. He died before 25 Jul 1986 in Big Stone Gap, Wise, Virginia. He was buried in Jonesville, Lee, Virginia.
Hughey married (MRIN:45) Nancy Ann EAGLE-410 . Nancy was born about 1902 in Virginia.

45 M v. John Hyatt QUESENBERRY-73was born on 24 Jan 1893 in Lee County, Virginia. He died on 3 Jul 1964 in Lee County, Virginia. He was buried in Lee County, Virginia.
John married (MRIN:41) Fannie SHELTON-2235 . Fannie was born in 1902.

46 F vi. Estelle M. QUESENBERRY-74was born on 20 May 1894 in Lee County, Virginia. She died on 20 Aug 1976 in Big Stone Gap, Wise, Virginia. She was buried in Powell Valley, Wise, Virginia.
Estelle married (MRIN:42) Bill B. EGAN-2251on 25 Dec 1916 in Wise County, Virginia.

47 M vii. James Edgar QUESENBERRY-75was born on 24 Mar 1895 in Lee County, Virginia. He died on 6 May 1951 in Big Stone Gap, Wise, Virginia. He was buried in Powell Valley, Wise, Virginia.
James married (MRIN:40) Ethel SKEEN-72on 1 Feb 1917 in Wise County, Virginia. Ethel was born in 1894. She died in 1972. She was buried in Powell Valley, Wise, Virginia.

48 F viii. Nancy L. QUESENBERRY-76was born on 27 Sep 1898 in Lee County, Virginia. She died on 25 Jul 1986 in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Nancy married (MRIN:43) Hobart DORTON-2192on 4 Jul 1917 in Wise County, Virginia.

49 M ix. Samuel O. QUESENBERRY-77was born on 17 Apr 1900. He died in Oct 1970.

50 F x. Ollie M. QUESENBERRY-78was born on 3 Oct 1902 in Lee County, Virginia. She died on 3 Oct 1925 in Big Stone Gap, Wise, Virginia.
Ollie married (MRIN:44) Willard WILLSON-2193 .

If you would like me to send you all the info I have on the Collins, just let me know.


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The Gimlet Eye: Will voters leave the EU ?

Currencies like sterling 
and the US dollar faced pressure this week due to both unfavourable domestic data and global economic conditions. The euro was an exception, however, as it benefitted from weaknesses from the other two currencies.

Currency markets are still being driven by sentiment, which can change in an instant, depending on the circumstances.
Sterling has come under serious pressure this week, losing value across the board as fresh concerns emerged that the UK could vote to leave the EU in June’s referendum. 

With Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) data from the construction and services industries failing to show strong growth at the start to the week, sterling found itself largely at the mercy of investor sentiment. 

Added to these were a number of opinion polls suggesting a preference among voters to leave the EU. 

Sterling found itself falling to its lowest level since June 2014 against the euro, while also falling to a five-week low versus the US dollar. When compared to a basket of currencies, sterling currently sits at a November 2013 low, and still remains vulnerable to further downward pressure


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The Gimlet Eye: The art of persuasion; Stooping to conquer...

In the Gospel of St John, Jesus finds himself cornered.

The Pharisees present him with a woman accused of adultery, and petition him for advice.
'Master', they say. 'This woman was taken in adultery, in the very act. Now Moses in the law commanded us, that such should be stoned. But what sayest thou?'
The Pharisees, of course, aren't really interested in Jesus' moral take on the matter. And Jesus knows it. Instead,their motives are altogether less salubrious. What they're actually trying to do is get him embroiled in a legal wrangle. According to Mosaic Law, the woman, as the scribes correctly point out, should be stoned. No problem there - under normal circumstances. But with Palestine now under Roman occupation, things have changed. Mosaic Law has ceded to Roman Law - and if Jesus upholds the former over the latter, he leaves himself open to the inevitable charge of incitement. But that's the least of his worries. Conversely, if he decrees that the woman should not be stoned, he stands accused of precisely the opposite charge - turning his back on the ancient traditions of his forefathers. And that's no picnic either.

A crowd has gathered, and tensions are running high. Getting out of this, it would seem, is a pretty hard ask even for the smoothest, of smooth-talkers - let alone an itinerant carpenter with no rhetorical training whatsoever. What happened next is described thus:

This they said, tempting him, that they might have to accuse him. But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not. So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. And again he stooped down, and wrote on the ground. And they which heard it, being convicted by their own conscience, went out one by one, beginning at the eldest, even unto the last: and Jesus was left alone, and the woman standing in the midst.(John, 8: 6-9; author emphases.)
This passage from the Gospel of St John is unique. It's the only recorded occasion in the entire New Testament during which Jesus writes anything. Speculation is rife among Biblical scholars as to what those words might have been. The sins of the woman's accusers? Their names, perhaps? 

They will, of course, forever remain a mystery. But from a psychological perspective, precisely why Jesus should feel the need to write anything at such a moment constitutes an even greater conundrum. 
It doesn't make sense.
Unless, that is, he had something up his sleeve. Might the words themselves have been a smokescreen? The significance of his actions lie less in the writing itself - and more in the act of producing it?

Let's take another look at Jesus' body language during his encounter with the Pharisees. The exchange, in fact, comprises three distinct phases. On first being challenged, what is his initial reaction? Well, we note from the text that he immediately 'stoops down' (antithesis: incongruity: appeasement). Then, when the elders persist in their sophistry, he 'lifts himself' back up again to deliver his famous riposte (confidence: assertiveness) -before reverting to a stooping posture and resuming a pose of appeasement. It's a well-crafted move aimed at shifting and stealing momentum. 
Sure, Jesus certainly has a great line in 'casting the first stone'. And, what's more, he almost certainly knew it: it's one of the finest examples of flipnosis I've ever come across.But he does, however, still have a problem. At the end of the day, no matter how great a line it may or may not be, no matter how insightful the argument, it still delivers a challenge to the Pharisees. And could, despite its genius, have seriously pissed them off. 

An eventuality, no doubt, of which Jesus was well aware. And which explains, contrary to theological conjecture, why he didn't just speak in the one language, he spoke in two. One modern, phonemic, opaque. One ancient, silent, profound   .