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  Teri Pettit and Ginger Bohachick, here is the identity and so on
for the men in this incident


FARRIS W (FORREST) CASKEY (Benjamin4, Robert3, Thomas2, Robert1), b. March
1876 in Morgan Co., KY, s/o Benjamin Franklin CASKEY and Catherine "Katie"
DYER, d. 27 (or 20) April1903, Elk Fork, Morgan  Co., KY of gunshot wound;
buried Caskey Cemetery, Lenox, Morgan Co. KY

Birth Record:
(Thanks to Teri Pettit): Birth is recorded in 1876 Births in Morgan County,
Kentucky, on the last page (page 5), sixth line from the bottom as:
"Date: [Only the year given] 1876; Name: FARRIS W. CASKEY; Male, Alive, born
in KY; father: BENJ. CASKEY; mother's maiden name: DYER; color: White; Birth
place of father: KY; Birthplace of mother: KY"

Listed in 1880 U S Census as "CEAIRIS W"
1880 U S Census, Kentucky, Morgan County, West Liberty Precinct, District
83; Dwelling 130; Family 130:
CASKEY, Ben, W, M, 32, head, married, farmer, KY, KY, KY
Catheraine, W, F, 26, wife, married, keeping house, KY, KY, KY
Stonewall, W, M, 10, son, single, at home, KY, KY, KY
Yancy, W, M, 7, son, single, at home, KY, KY, KY
Ceairis W, W, M, 4, son, single, at home, KY, KY, KY
John, W, M, 2, son, single, at home, KY, KY, KY
Molley, W, F, 1/12, May, daughter, single, at home, KY, KY, KY

Listed in 1900 Census as "FORAST" in the household of Alfred McClain:
1900 U S Census, Kentucky, Morgan County, Magisterial District 5; Dwelling &
Family 144
MCCLAIN, Alferd, head, W, M, Feb 1850, 50, married, KY, not known, KY,
Addie, wife, W, F, Mar 1862, 38, married, KY, KY, KY, Housekeeping
Olla, son, W, M, Jan 1880, 20, single, KY, KY, KY, Farm Labor
Lula, daughter, W, F, Dec 1889, 16, single, KY, KY, KY, House work
Guss, son, W, M, Aug 1891, 8, single, KY, KY, KY, At  School
Florase, daughter, W, F, Dec 1897, 2, single, KY, KY, KY,
CASKEY, Forast, Servant, W, M, Mar 1876, 24, , single, KY, KY, KY, Farm

FARRIS/FORREST was shot by his first cousin
TOM Caskey, son of his uncle
Richard Caskey, in
1903.  Following are some newspaper accounts. I

Author:  The Hazel Green Herald.
Title:  The Hazel Green Herald: n.
Thursday, April 30, 1903.
Publication Info:  Hazel Green, KY: Spencer Cooper, 1903
Availability:  These pages may be freely searched and displayed. Permission
must be received for subsequent distribution in print or electronically.
Print source:  The Hazel Green Herald: n.
Thursday, April 30, 1903.
The Hazel Green Herald.
Hazel Green, KY: Spencer Cooper, 1903
URL:  http://name.kdl.kyvl.org/haz1903043001
"Tom Caskey, son of Dick Caskey, shot and killed Forest Caskey, son of Ben
Caskey, on Elk Fork, four miles west from
West Liberty, on Monday last.  The
particulars as we hear them are that Forest Caskey was going home and passed
by where Dick was shooting at a mark.  He went to his home, got shotgun, and
returned to where Dick was shooting, and without warning fired upon him and
killed him, supposing that Dick had shot at him when he passed.  One report
is that both were drinking at the time.  They were cousins."

[[[This must mean that
Forest (Farris) went and got his gun, came back, shot
Dick and Dick's son Tom. Tom returned fire and killed Forrest (Farris).
OR it could mean Tom went by where Forrest was shooting at a mark,
thought Forrest was shooting at him, so he went home, got a gun, came back
and shot Forrest.
  It does NOT MEAN that Forrest shot Dick as he died in 1926.]]]
[[[The article is just the way it appeared in the newspaper, as I checked
the actual image]]]

FARRIS/FORREST CASKEY is buried at the Caskey Cemetery at Lenox
As copied by Diana Trimble Crase:
    "Forest Caskey (Carved in field stone, unreadable)"

Breathitt News, October 02, 1903 (Jackson, KY)
Tom Caskey, Who Killed His Cousin
Recently, Shot Down
West Liberty, KY, Sept. 26- Tom Caskey, who killed his cousin, Forrest
Caskey, a short time ago in this county, was shot to death Friday at Elk
Fork, four miles from here. The brothers of Forrest Caskey are accused. The
sheriff and a large posse have gone to make an arrest. The excitement is
high. It is predicted that this is the beginning of a bad feud, as the
Caskey families are among the largest in the county and are about equally
divided. All are fighting people.

Per the book "
Early Morgan County" by Arthur C. Johnson;
"Tom Caskey, son of Dick, killed Forest Caskey, son of Ben. Someone then
shot from the bushes on Indian Creek and killed Tom, son of Dick. Yancy
Caskey was brought to court for killing Tom, but they could not find proof.

TOM" CASKEY, b. ca 1873 in Morgan Co., KY, s/o Benjamin F. CASKEY
and  Catherine "Katie" DYER; d. 25 (or 18) September 1903, Indian  Creek,
Morgan Co., KY of gunshot wound,  from ambush.

I'm not sure if Tom was married or not. There was a Tom Caskey living in the
household previous to that of Richard, his father, in 1900.

In 1900, Tom's mother Perlina stated that 2 of her 8 children were living;
and son Garfield Caskey was at home, so Tom is the other child who is still
living. However, the "2 children living" seems to be in error as I believe
son Robert L is also living. Robert L Caskey signed Richard's death

ELK FORK parallels Rt. 1161 from Lenox to Pomp. INDIAN CREEK feeds into Elk
Fork just short of where 1167 joins Rt. 172  near Lenox.

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