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Shepherd Cole, being duly sworn and examined: compiled Joanne Pezzullo

Joanne Pezzullo
 April 16th 2013

Shepherd Cole, being duly sworn and examined, deposes says:
 My name is Shepherd Cole: I was born in Floyd Co., Ky in 1849: I claim my Cherokee Indian blood thru both my father and mother: my father was born in Lee Co., Va. in 1827; my mother was born in Kentucky, I don't know the county. in 1826: my father got his Cherokee blood thru his mother : my father's mothers maiden name was Luana Cole: my father was illegitimate child and took the name of his mother: I have been told by my grandmother that she was born in Tenn or N.C. I don't know county. I do not know the year in which she was born; Luana Cole got her Indian blood thru both her father and mother: Her fathers name was John Cole: I don't remember her mothers name. I've heard from my grandmother that my great grandparents as members of the Cherokee tribe in N. C. I do not know when they lived with them or in what County of N. C. I do not know when my great grandparents died.

My mother claimed her Indian blood thru her father who was a brother of Luana Cole, my grandmother. In 1835 my father lived in Lee Co., Va and my mother lived Ky. In 1851 I and my parents lived in Floyd Co. Ky. None of my ancestors were ever enrolled that I know of: none ever received any Indian money or land as an Indian: none of the ancestors thru whom I claim were ever held in bondage.: none of the ancestors thru whom I claim ever had a Indian name that I know of:
 My grandfather thru whom I claim was a three fourth Cherokee. My grandmother Luana Cole was also a 3-4 Cherokee. All my ancestors have always been regarded as Cherokee Indian and English descent. My mothers father moved from Tenn. to Ky before 1835. Signed Shepherd Cole #42247
 Easter Bailey is the great grand daughter of Luana Cole; #41518 Fielden Collins is my second cousin.
His grandfather Tiny Cole is the brother to my mother. #39993 Dorcus Nickles gradndmother Sucky Nickles was my mothers sister #34765
Newton Cole is my first cousin.
His grandfather's name was William Cole. "
Joanne Pezzullo
Benjamin Collins Rejected
resided Baire Branch, Ivyton, Magoffin County. Born Breathitt County, Kentucky.
What right do you claim to share? by one my mother Louisa Cole Name of wife; Mary Jane Collin age 46
Father John Collins Indian name Cherokee Mother Louisa Collins Indian name Cherokee Maiden Name Louisa Cole Father and mother born in Kentucky Resided in Kentucky in 1851 Father dec'd Mother living
Name brothers and sister
 Fealdon Collins,
 Pollyan Collins,
 Shepherd Collins,
 Jane Collins dec's date not known;
 Wallis Collins ages not known
State English and Indian names of grandparents Father's Side Shepherd Collins
Polly Collins
Mother's side
 Tiney Cole Sr.
Mariah Cole
 Names of children
 Tiney and Mariah Cole
Jerah Cole dec's in 1870
 Louisa Cole
Perlinea Cole
George Cole dec'd
 Adam Cole Rufus Cole dec'd died in 1872
 Tiney Cole
John W. Cole
Balance of there deaths not known
Shepherd and Polly Collins
Hiram Collins dec'd
John Collins dec'd
Sarah Collins dec'd
 Susanna Collins dec'd
Adam Collins dec'd

Dwight Collins

 My cousin Donna was browsing in the Morehead library and found a Fieldin Collins and ask me abt's what I found and we were just talking about this the other day

1880 United States Federal Census about John Collins
Name: John Collins Age: 50
Birth Year: abt 1830 Birthplace: Kentucky Home in 1880: Morehead, Rowan, Kentucky
Race: White Gender: Male Relation to Head of House: Self (Head) Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Louisa Collins
Father's Birthplace: Kentucky Mother's Birthplace: Kentucky   Occupation: Farmer
Household Members:
 Name Age John Collins 50
Louisa Collins 40
Shephard Collins 23
Elizabeth Collins 20
Fieldin Collins 25
Wallace Collins 12
Mary A. Collins 20
Benjamin Collins 8
Mahala Collins 6
Frank Collins 4
Lourena Collins 3..
I have that John was oldest son to Shepard Collins Sr

 Joanne Pezzullo
Shepherd is no doubt son of Valentine -- the name Otari/Oterie/Otary etc., is found in both lines and is fairly uncommon -- it is the name of a Cherokee town.
Shepherd's descendants file ECA

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