Sunday, July 6, 2014

R1b-Cullen at ysearch!!

Sean C. Wright

I just saw something you may find of interest. The closest match to you that has deep subclade testing is R1b1a2a1a1b4 You match a Cullen at ysearch!!
User ID: WTERT Haplogroup: R1b* Last name: R1b-Cullen17/302 Variant spellings: Irish Sea Modal
Additional information about Paternal Line: 

17markers,302 matches at GD1, 
Surnames: Byrnes, Beattie, Barry,Murphy,Bryant, 
McLaughlin, Cullen, McHale, 
Kavanaugh, Neal,Doyle,Jarrell
Sean C. Wright
Sean C. Wright
another match R1b - Scott - DalRaida

Could this new information lead to the  same the line of Cullen?

Of Munster
From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart
« Cormac | Book Contents | Curry »
Line of Heber | Heber Genealogies
Arms: Gu. on a chev. betw. three dexter hands erect couped at the wrist ar. a garb betw. two trefoils slipped vert. Crest: A mermaid with comb and mirror all ppr.
DONN, brother of Brian who is No. 93 on the "Keely" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Coilean; which has been anglicised Colin, Collin, Collins, Culhane, Cullen, and O'Cullen.
93. Donn: son of Caolluighe.
94. Dunaghach: his son.
95. Ainnir: his son.
96. Coilean an Catha ("coilean:" Irish, a young warrior), meaning "the young war dog:" his son; a quo O'Coilean.
97. Conor: his son.
98. Dermod: his son.
99. Teige O'Cullen: his son; who settled in Carbery and first assumed this surname.
100. Coilean-caonra: his son.
101. Donall: his son.
102. Conor mór: his son.
103. Conor oge: his son.
104. Teige Mhaighe o-Nagrain: his son.
105. Giolla Lachtghi: his son.
106. Niall: his son.
107. Randall: his son.
108. Randall (2): his son.
109. Dermod O'Cullen: his son.

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Collins descendants of KY and Tennessee

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