Saturday, June 18, 2011

Missouri River Flooding North of Omaha Could Be Historic

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While the south and southwest are in tinderbox conditions, the same cannot be said of much of the northern plains. Most of North and South Dakota, as well as southwestern Minnesota are under flood watch conditions today, according to's National Severe Weather Alerts map.
Several states, including the rivers of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska, portions of Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Idaho and Washington, and almost all of Montana are under a flood warning as well.
KFYR-TV in Bismarck, N.D., is reporting that areas already affected by flooding in Burleigh and Morton Counties are not considered eligible for flood assistance, despite the fact that some individuals have been forced to evacuate. The FEMA Individual Assistance program has denied North Dakota's application for assistance to help pay for temporary housing, home repairs, possible home replacement, medical, transportation, and moving and storage. Gov. Jack Dalrymple will apply again for the state.
The Missouri River flooding is severe enough to potentially rival the flood of 1952 along portions of Omaha, Neb., and north.
KETV in Omaha has maps of flood evacuation plans listed in the event of any massive levee breach, which could send water north of downtown.
KSFY Action News in Sioux Falls, South Dakota is expecting one to two inches of rain or more, thanks to thunderstorms and heavy rain. Rain could be severe. However, the weekend is expected to be dry, with a 50 percent chance of rain Monday and Tuesday. Heavy rainfall is possible in Aberdeen with scattered thunderstorms this morning and more possible this afternoon.
Mandatory evacuation had been lifted by June 15 in some areas of Minot, North Dakota, with maps of re-entry zones listed on the Minot city website. Some areas remained under a voluntary evacuation. A number of streets remained closed, mostly n the northwest. The Red Cross was offering free flood clean-up kits to residents at the Mid-Dakota Chapter Red Cross Office and Burlington City Hall. Kits include a bucket, a mop, corn and push brooms, bleach, mold remover, a scrub brush, sponges, trash bags, and latex gloves.
While areas of the Missouri are under flood threat, so are sections of the Mississippi. River flood warnings are in affect for the Missouri at St. Joseph, Brownville, Atchison, Chamois, Miami, Waverly, and Glasglow, and along the Mississippi at Clarkville, Cape Girardeau, Hannibal, Canton, Quincy, Alton, and Grafton. There are flooding concerns along the Illinois, Wabash, La Moine, Fox, Cuivre, North Fabius, and Meramec.
Shawn Humphrey is a former contributor to The Flint Journal and lives near Washington in Maryland.

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