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Edward MCCALLISTER, b. 4 Mar 1758 in Augusta Co, Va.

  •  July 1, 2010

  • Edward MCCALLISTER(6939) (578) was born on 4 Mar 1758 in Augusta Co, Va. (6940) 
    He served in the military in Jan 1781 in Cowpens, SC. (578) Per Janice "In the Revolutionary War, Edward served in Captain Ballar's Company, the 26th District of Botetourt County. (A Seed-Bed of the Republic: A Study of the Pioneers in the Upper (Southern) Valley of Virginia, Robert Douthat Stoner, Roanoke, Va., 1962, p. 127.) Edward fought at Cowpens, South Carolina, with General Morgan. (Illinois State Historical Society Transactions for 1907, Dr. Daniel Berry. pp. 77-78.)
    There is a DAR/SAR file for Edward." He owned Land on 23 Oct 1816 in White Co, Il. (232) He appeared on the census in 1818 in White Co, Il. (232) He appeared on the census in 1820 in White Co, Il.(6941) He died on 30 May 1833 in White Co, Il. (6942)(232) (578) Inscription on Edward's stone at the Old Graveyard, Carmi, White County, Illinois: Virginia Pvt, Virginia Troops, Revolutionary War. Mar 4, 1758 - May 30, 1833. A photograph of the marker is at 
    He had an estate probated on 3 Jun 1833 in White county, Illinois. (232)(6943) Probate filed 3 June1833, and closed 38 March 1835. . His eldest son James McAllister was administrator. No wife was listed in the estate. 
    Edward's children were sons James, Simon, Thomas, John, Richard, and Edward McAllister, daughters Elizabeth Burris, Sally McMullin, and Polly Baker. No grandchildren were listed in the estate. The estate documents can be located at: Southern Illinois University Repository: White County, Index to Illinois Probate Journal, Volume B, 1822-1844, page 102 : McAllister Edward. Administrator James McAllister.


    Mr. Wesley McCallister's story. He says: "My grandfather, Edward McCallister, came fromIreland when a small boy; grew up in Virginia and served as a soldier through the Revolutionary War; was in the battle of Cowpens with General Morgan. After the war he married Miss DeHart, a French Huguenot, and settled in Kentucky. In 1810 he came to Illinois territory. At this time he had eight children, my father being one of the youngest. He came down the Green and Ohio rivers and up the Wabash river in a pirouque, landing at Cadd's ferry, where Marshall's ferry is now. He built a cabin and was living there at the time of the earthquake. 
    My father was a child about 4 years old, and remembers his mother gathering up the children and taking them to the pirouque; saying that if the earth sank, they would be safe as the land and came ashore. All the stock was very much disturbed and frightened; horses nickering, cattle lowing, hogs squealing, and all the stock on the range running to the house.

    Per Janice McAlpine, Edward served as Constable for Botetourt County as late as May 14, 1786, when his successor, James Robinson was appointed. In 1787, Edward paid taxes on 4 hourses and 5 cows in Botetourt County. Family history says that Edward moved to Kentucky about 1800 or even earlier.

    When the estate of James McAllister was being settled in 1803, Edward signed transfer deeds in Bath Co., Virginia. There is no indication that Edward did this through a power-of-attorney. (Bath Co., VA - Deed Book 2. pg. 543.) This may mean that Edward was still in or near Bath Co. in 1803. On the other hand, most of his children, who were alive for the 1850 census, listed Kentucky as their places of birth.

    More from Janice McAlpine: The first record I have for Edward in Kentucky is from 21 Sept.1804, when he bought 1,000 acres of land in Nelson/Hardin County, Kentucky, lying on Bacon Creek. It is possible that Edward used his share of James McAllister's estate to buy the land:

    Hardin Co., Kentucky, Deed Book C, pg. 187-189 Land Deed from Larue to McCallister, Edward;8 April. 1806 (actual sale - 21 Sept. 1804). One thousand acres of land situated lying and being in the county of Hardin and on Bacon Creek, it being part of a survey or tract of land claimed by John Miller.

    On 1 Jun 1810, Edward sold his Hardin Co. land to William Wilson:

    Hardin Co., Kentucky, Deed Book D, pg 448-449: Land Deed from Edward McCallister to William Wilson. 1 Jun 1810. [Same land as above.]

    Family history says that Edward took his family down the Green and Ohio Rivers and then up the Wabash River from Hardin Co., Kentucky, to Gallatin Co. in the Illinois Territory in 1810.

    An article in the local newspaper described the earthquake this way:
    "Then came that terrifying December 16. It was 2 a.m. Monday. Settlers slept. Suddenly the earth shook. Cabins shuddered. Logs creaked. Cradles rocked. Chimneys cracked. Bells rang. Clocks stopped. Dishes crashed. Cattle bawled. Dogs howled. Horses panicked. People fled their cabins; huddled in the cold. Parents prayed. Children cried. The ground rolled up in waves. Trees blew up, cracked, split, fell by the thousands. When earth waves hit the tall timber, forest giants weaved their tops together, interlocked their branches, sprang back and cracked like whip lashes. The earth rumbled, roared, split open, raised in some places, sank in others. On the prairie, snow white sand shot up like geysers. Along the Wabash and little Wabash Rivers banks caved in. Trees toppled into the water. Mrs. Edward McCallister hurried her children into a dugout canoe, pushed it into the Wabash River. Violent waves forced her to struggle back to the heaving land."

    "The earth shook all night and the following day. Tremors continued for three months, with massive shocks January 23 and February 7. The praying pioneers didn't know it, but they had experienced the heaviest earthquake ever to shake the American continent. It shook 1,000,000 square miles."

    Mentioned in father James's will dated 14 June 1799 and probated in 1801. Parents: James MCCALLISTER and Mary MCGLOUGHLIN.
    He was married to Mary DEHART on 10 Aug 1785 in Botetort Co, Va.(6944) Children were: James MCCALLISTER, Simeon (Simon) MCCALLISTER, Thomas MCCALLISTER , Richard MCCALLISTER, John MCCALLISTER, Mary Polly MCCALLISTER, Elizabeth MCCALLISTER, Sarah "Sally" MCCALLISTER, William MCCALLISTER, Edward MCCALLISTER Jr..
    I got this information from this website:http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~leebrick/d172.htm#P3719

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