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To John Le Kay, Editor Heyoka Magazine - July 03, 2007 - 2:00 pm CST – Jaye A. La Vallee

I am writing about at the very least, an immoral act… a disturbing issue that has come directly from my being interviewed here in Heyoka Magazine. A person called Alton Carroll, is maliciously attacking me, personally and professionally.. He has gone as far as, posting what he thinks is my home address and he has caused others, as well as myself, deep concern… concern for our personal safety. I have recently seen how he is relentlessly and systematically… being savagely attacked by him and his group. As I read his postings that are sent to me, I see that his attack on me…you, and others, as well, is becoming more personal and more and more bizarre. I am deeply concerned about Carroll’s social terrorist style of character assassination. It appears as he has “no-social conscience” and that he has some morbid plan or agenda to destroy anyone connected to you… because he wants to disconnect anyone from ending the real reasons for the suffering of Native American people… it is like he’s killing the will… of anyone coming forward and being willing to trust the process or any other person, to ultimately live to heal and be free of dysfunction. He is blatantly disregarding, laughing at any responsibility of any collateral damage that results from his unsubstantiated attacks on anyone and that this damage is of no concern to him.

Like the infamous, home grown American terrorist, Timothy McVeigh, who on April 19, 1995, disturbingly rationalized, why when he bombed the government building in Oklahoma, that he killed 168 people, many children! He said that it was just collateral damage - the mass deaths (murders) of innocent people, who just happened to be around the area – they were just part of the result. The statistics of a criminal act. McVeigh had no social conscience about them! No responsibility! Why?? How??

Alton Carroll displays himself – as an anti-social, fearful and hateful racist person, who is capable and bent on destroying anyone who gets in his way! I, nor the people whom I help, are not collateral damage of the attacks by Doctorate Alton Carroll.

Like the infamous, home grown American terrorist, Timothy McVeigh, who on April 19, 1995, disturbingly rationalized, why when he bombed the government building in Oklahoma, that he killed 168 people, many children!

Alton Carroll has attacked me, distorted my writings, and misrepresented my writings and my helping other.

Who is Dr.Alton Carroll? Who is the new Age Fraud and the plastic Shaman hunter?

This is the person - Alton Carroll – an Apache and self-appointed Native American fraud and plastic shaman hunter. I mean no disrespect to any other Apache. And I do not judge any other Native American because of this man’s foul actions. I pray I do justice of my intent here. Others who have written before me, here, inspired me. First off, I do not know you John LeKay, nor have I ever met you before my interview here. And, I do not know Alton Carroll, in any way shape or form. I am stunned by his aggression and unprovoked attack. He has intentionally set in a motion of oppression.

Alton Carroll has attacked me, distorted my writings, and misrepresented my writings and my helping other. He has set incited and instigated violence towards me and towards my family by posting my address on the internet. He is making misleading, discrediting and degrading remarks about me, personally and my service work. I have read about others being attacked by this person… and I too…am being attacked -
Simply because I was interviewed here in Heyoka Magazine and for linking to your magazine from my site - spirit-warrior way I am

I write about healing and helping, I share my personal experience, listing my personal experience in getting healing and training - offering references, as well as, my alternative expertise with healing and helping all peoples to over-coming fear and mistrust of the present psycho-social mental-health system. I work in the mental health system and I do service work where I help mostly impoverished, many homeless people - mainly Native Americans… of which I am one!
I spent all my life helping people, starting with my mom and dad… who were troubled in their life and whom I love with all my heart today. I shared about issues in my family of origin – again – in order to inspire others. Sadly, Alton Carroll tried to shame me, alluding to some “hidden” issue with my deceased Father, whom I spoke of in a truthful, healthy manner, here as well. Little does your hidden heart keep safe to hold – Alton Carroll? I speak of the truth of what afflicted me and my Mom and Dad – for healing, not maiming! I love them true today and myself.

For over 35 years, I have worked in the various capacities as a helper, protector, healer… as a core area crime prevention instructor, family violence prevention facilitator, juvenile corrections officer, First Nations education counsellor… as an ESI trained personal protection specialist, as a counsellor – as a personal development trainer, I helped.
With qualified, professional help - therapy – no secrets – no shame - I made sense of my life-sufferings, through hundreds of days of therapy, with such reputable therapy centers as Onsite Training and Consulting in Tennessee, USA as well as others, of which I list on my site. I am proud to of my journey to healing and I have no shame in living for working to live healthy and well and I do help many others! I am credentialed, legally and lawfully, in order to work with vulnerable individuals, as I do in Mental Health Services, First Nations Foster Care and I have International Security clearance and always have had. I challenge you Alton Carroll- to publicly post here, to say – what have you done to resolve your troubled upbringing, other than, to maliciously attack others?

I am Lakota, with pride, and as well, I carry blood of Ojibway and French, generation after generation! I am a Sundancer, I am a committed to being an advocate and healer/helper of anyone who asks for my assistance. I am 55 years winters here and any terroristic-type person like Alton Carroll does not silence me.
It is disturbing, as well, how he uses convenient aspects of the systemic colonial criteria, that he purports to be advocating and guarding against to attack other he chooses and mixes fact with untruths. He does not express what is his tribal ceremonial background – if any? Does he follow Apache traditions or?
He reminds me of shame by these attacks… they are all too common amongst - SOME - Native Americans, SOME of us, who are so shame-based and have so-much pent-up unresolved and disturbing anger and shame mixed-up... that mixes, explosively and dangerously… and comes out in this ugly lateral violence. Attacking, not helping, those similar to him. Attacking the very core of what we all struggle to heal from… only causing more fear and reluctance, mistrust – to get real help.
I will not sit back another moment. The words of one great, great man empower me. He said,

Martin Luther King Jr.

It was SOME PEOPLE - sick, demented murderers of freedom, who killed this beautiful man called Martin Luther King Jr.because he stood up to stop a people killing other’s right to living free. I refer to this man because he is far more courageous that I have ever been – he stood up until the end of his life… he spoke out and they killed him!

I do not apologize for the directness of this hanging of dirty laundry… I apologize for Alton Carroll’s accusations of “being a racist” against you John LeKay. It is untrue. If others are to punished for walking or marching for truth and goodness then so be it… I walk with you! I make no excuse for Alton Carroll. He is held accountable… as I am – And that is why I speak of my personal life to encourage others to rise above shame and fear of reprisal for speaking out about hope and wish to make life better for self and others. Not to maim or hurt others into deadly silence… like Alton Carroll is doing!
I need to say that I did sit back for some days now, seeing and processing what hurtfulness, he was doing… thinking that some one else would stand up to this mean spirited person… I shucked my own responsibility as a Sundancer, as a humanitarian, to stand for myself and for those who cannot defend themselves for whatever reason. Not anymore, will I do this!
Alton Carroll is intentionally and fraudulently attacking people who dared to be associated with Heyoka Magazine and John LeKay. And I have seen his attacks – how and what he is doing and the consequence of engaging him and his gang on his nafps site.
It is my hope that you print this letter in its entirety. I have been maliciously attacked and belittled by another Native American and I have witnessed disturb writings signed by and attributed to Alton Carroll aka “educatedindian” on his web site “nafps”.

As with you John LeKay, I have never met either one of you – ever! I do not know of Alton Carroll other than what I have read about here and from what I have seen on the WEB.
These attacks are rot with a bizarre form of lateral violence as seen from the results of Indian colonialism and the affects of Indian residential / boarding schools.
Alton Carroll, who refers to him self, as you do here in your article, as a “Doctor”! He also says that he is proud to be Native. He is an Apache – Mescalero. Is he really or shame based? This person is misleading people to think he is a “champion” of the little educated person. He has even chosen the moniker - "EDUCATED INDIAN" to add to his prowess on his site! This is where he leads some people to think that he is doing good to stop fraudulent people by writing unsubstantiated, sometimes vicious rumour-gossip, some blatant out right lies, as well as, hateful accusations… of racism… causes that appeal to some others who have been victimized in the past and who have not addressed the consequences of this abuse.
I have seen where he has made such deeply contradictory and disparaging remarks about you and your work in providing this forum – Heyoka Magazine… claiming you to be a racist and other such demeaning slanderous remarks. I am embarrassed and hurt by his actions and yet, I know from my own experience and training how hurt people lash out – ill informed, though purposely with the intent to cause irreparable damage to someone that they feel is a threat to them or to their authority.

Al Carroll ring leader of NAFPS

Jaye La Valle with bishop Desmond Tu Tu
I think that he has been deeply hurt by someone and is bent on right the imbalance by horrendously attacking anyone associated with you. I am allowing for some understanding as to why he is doing this to me, to you and to many others that I have found out about.
Alton Carroll presents a twisted - distorted image of “do-gooder”. It is his attempt; his interpretation of justice; he should be a concern for all people – he is not.

So we now, me for sure, now must be willing to come to some realistic terms with just how and what he is really doing here. How healthy is this person? As disturbing as this all is… why is he not willing to contact those he accuses before he writes or says this hateful things?
We all must be willing to stand for justice. If he is healthy enough and functional able to help, then why has he not demonstrated this ability? He presents. Logically, as scared victim, himself… incapable of healthy confrontation or challenge as a true peacekeeper…
He attacks using the very criteria of a system, that he presents as unsuitable – damaging to the Native American way of doing life and resolving issues. Yet he appears to be doing some of the very behaviours and actions that he fights against?? Why has he not contacted - directly - the very person (s) he accuses?
This is disturbing!
Alton Carroll is the initiator of accusations and he has the legal responsibility to fully check out his sources of his words, writings, and accusations… He writes for people to be accountable to him and to cause people to defend themselves against a shame-based attack… to substantiate his process… to answer to him, based on his knowledge and disposition.
I am sure that any healthy and good-hearted person would welcome to talk with him – on record - to see his walk of talk - even a “guard” like me – as he referred to me!

While I certainly do feel sad, about this situation, I am worried that what he has written and placed on the Internet - may have already set in motion – violence and harm to my family and others who seek the form of help I offer.
As a I trained protection specialist, not as a “guard”, as Carroll referred to me, trained with Executive Security International, I studied how criminal-type people start out just playing as a social-shit-disturber and then through a distorted false sense of power… by going un-challenged in their attacks on others, that some people with the more deeply set mental and emotional disturbances, actually progress to deeper more deviant social issues. Some like the demented young man in the college who killed so many, many innocent people.
He murdered 30 human beings! This man, Cho Seung-Hui, was a troubled 23-year-old senior in college and he is educated! He carried on with out a directed sustained challenge. He expressed relational issues of a romantic/sexual nature. People tried to address his antics long before he murdered so many people. Some people tried and no one got together and dealt with him decisively.
I have two views of what I see here. One, as a Sundancer, through the sacred teachings and the other is, as a Protection Specialist and a Therapist… and both ways, I am concerned by that the fact that he has intentionally posts addresses and pictures of his victims and that of their family members, even their children. This has set in motion, the possibility of some other demented person to taking up the task of attacking me or anyone he accuses, by getting inciting a mentally or emotionally disturbed person to strike out as a result of Alton Carroll’s disturbing lies and accusations.

He murdered 30 human beings! This man, Cho Seung-Hui, was a troubled 23-year-old senior in college and he is educated!

I have seen on one sight, where one writer, says that Alton Carroll posted pics of a person’s children or grandchildren and then this person goes on to say that if Alton had done this to him, that he’d have to send him (Carroll) to the happy hunting grounds – meaning that he would kill him – murder him… And another person makes another statement of murder as well. This hateful and violent way of expressing is directly tied to Alton Carroll.

As a Sundancer, I will see this through to its final conclusion… whatever this entails. As one of the human beings, that he accuses of being -a fraud… I am surely not his victim!

Alton Carroll disturbs me, yet does not hook me into his street-language tactics. I see how Alton Carroll focuses on sexual deviance and sexual perpetration issues… this along with talks of violence and threat cause me deep concern because it appears that he has a deeper sexual issues, possibly unresolved disturbances from being victimized or perpetrated as young person - homeless, surviving and living the street life. He displays through his accusations that sexual issues are deep and strong on his agenda and that he relies on this deviance as a way of shaming others, likely to deflect his own history. He also will take portions out of people’s writings - misuses them out of context - changes them or sends writing that he says are actually attributed to the person trying to defend themselves. Carroll has accused you, John LeKay, of being a racist! This is very sick. I have been accused of presenting Native Americans as pitiful for talking of our social, economic suffering and our lateral violations of one and other… this is real worrisome!

I have watched and waited for proof of his actions. And I have waited for any others, who will attach to his deceitful attacks. Ironically he is sitting in a very precarious position with regard to his writings and submissions. I have copied each day his web his web site writings and the other sites he posts on. As a Master Instructor and one time Canadian Heavy Kickboxing Champion, I lived through many dangerous situations and I have lived the tenets of Martial Arts of indomitable spirit – where I will not bend to a predatorial perpetrator as Alton Carroll – this battle has been called and I am alert.

I saw how contacting him with written material is playing into his abuse… to do so is only setting one’s self up to more ridicule and attack from his gang as well. As I said to write is to give him more of your own words to be distorted and misrepresented and used out of context and to be altered to “look” as abusive to him. AND even if you didn’t write it, he will say you did! It is a no-win, no-resolution and hurtful process with a person like this.

Legal action – a legal, full investigation into who, what, how and why Alton Carroll is doing this... needs to undertaken. At the very least, Alton Carroll must be shown for what he truly is and what he really is doing. He must be held legally accountable and socially responsible for all his lies, deceitful actions and his inexcusable denigrating remarks in the disguise of “exposing frauds and plastic shaman”. He is obviously broadening his scope of subjects to attack by including me and getting more personally insulting. Referring even to my web site writing. Because he reads my submissions to the World Wide Web.
What he is doing is hurtful to mistrust and shame of healing the rift between Native Americans and others, as well as causing Native Americans to be more mistrusting of seeking help for the deep social issues that far too many of us face already and continuously. With distorted and disturbing direct attacks, focusing on deviant sexuality, reverse racism, and fraudulent mis-representation, he is displaying a deep disregard for humanity and he rights of people step forward and seek help. Those outside of his realm or paradigm of power and control and abuse are wrong! As part of the Rainbow tribe of all nations of Mother Earth, we all, must become willing... to be consciously aware and actively standing up to stop him and end this kind of shameful attacks… he must be stopped!

Alton Carroll is the initiator of accusations and he has the legal responsibility to fully check out his sources of his words, writings, and accusations… He writes for people to be accountable to him and to cause people to defend themselves against a shame-based attack… to substantiate his process… to answer to him, based on his knowledge and disposition.
I am sure that any healthy and good-hearted person would welcome to talk with him – on record - to see his walk of talk - even a “guard” like me – as he referred to me!

Annika Banfield Bio aka Freija. 5 star member and Al Carroll supporter
Annika Banfield, from Sweden, a film producer, who had done a film supporting Native Americans and it included “fraud and plastic shaman hunter Alton Carroll

Here is how bizarre this man is… I was accused of contacting one of his members, He said she is a white European woman and I was soliciting to help heal her! Here’s what he wrote -

"I should also mention to everyone that part of what got me curious was the fact that La Vallee contacted one of our NAFPS members out of the blue and offered to "help", without knowing anything about this person, who happens to be white and European. So it seems to confirm that La Vallee is pitching his claims of being able to heal at white Europeans, at least in this instance.”

I did no such thing. I can only guess at one thing, After reading an article, I wrote a congratulatory email to a woman by the name of Annika Banfield, from Sweden, a film producer, who had done a film supporting Native Americans and it included “fraud and plastic shaman hunter Alton Carroll” and I shared about my experience of 120 days in which I took the Sacred Pipe to homeless and addicted people on the most dangerous corners on the streets of the city in which I live – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I innocently thanked her for supporting our healing! Not dreaming Alton Carroll was this way of being so mean spirited. I wonder what part, if any does Annika Banfield play in this ugly scene. Does she support Alton Carroll in his leading of anti-social, sexual deviant and racist attacks on people? I hope not.

Here is another sample of what he wrote to show his contempt for John LeKay and the real reason for him attacking me! -

”And the fact that Lekay endorses him and promotes him? His record so far is batting 0.00. Lekay's promoted one exploiter after another. So far, I'm not sure if La Vallee is one. Even the disclaimer about ceremony sellers, while good advice, doesn't automatically clear him, because we've seen ceremony sellers even include *our* warnings before."

In my case, "educatedindian" - Alton Carol, gets his info from the World Wide Web. The remarks are there in the hope someone will come forward, take up his attack and he will just sit back and let it happen… that they will do his dirty work! This is why he is dangerous because he puts people’s pictures and addresses there hoping someone will do something bad for him! NOT something good or positive!
It is clear that has been known to write in as another person and use another moniker for him self, to show that he has support beyond his gang.
La Vallee is not selling ceremony as far as he can see! He says. Cause I am not! So this is accurate. Although he refers to me as NEW AGE or nuage, he does NOT denigrate my experiences as a Sundancer, nor does he desecrate Cannupa – the Sacred Pipe… this would prove beyond a doubt to be his undoing. It would be fatal for him… This is powerful. Yet, he does poke fun at my references to honoring other ways of faith. He is troubled and I felt it from the beginning… I see him.

Like so many homeless children of ethnic dark-skinned minorities, struggling for their identity, especially ones who were separated from their roots, these tend to suffer shame even more deeply. From disconnected abusive parents. They, we are at higher risk for sexual deviance… because of family dysfunction and sexual and violence issues and the loss of nurturing and sustaining affection.

His emphasis and referral to other people’s sexual deviance issues of others leads me to feel he is suffering with and from this issue. As well, he offers – no solution and has taken one him self.
I feel that Alton Carroll has unresolved deep-seeded sexual deviance issues and got then as most often have, through a troubled, violent, alcoholic childhood… in the family of origin and that he probably went on to cope and survive abuse, by doing what was necessary and required when he was living – the homeless life in the streets… I believe this is where he was forced to sell his own plasma and take part in other dangerous street life high-risk situations.
He focuses on personal attacks on me and my writing style and a critique of my web site… he makes comments pertaining to my personal life which I share to give people a model of being able to speak of any and all issues so that no ones needs to hampered by shame of having trouble in life. I’ve written about deeply and intimate, personal issues, that I have had to with in my life. I have chosen to do this because I want to show that shame does not need to control anyone and that anyone can deal with any issue… no matter what it is.
I work with sexual issues as well. It is well known that sexual deviance is a major part and concern in society and that the rate of sexual deviance and dysfunction are

I have written about being attacked personally long before I ever encountered Carroll.
Alton Carroll continues to post personal belittling attacks on me and takes some of what I write personally and has reacted to it. He actually took out parts of my web writings and while not reading all my info, he took them out of context and then add his comments, saying that I am a “fraud”, a “pop” psychologist user and a dangerous person because I refer to NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and that I am not what I say I am and on and on. He makes reference to me a cult leader!! Hmmm??

I write for all people, not only for Native American people... Marginalized fearful people every where, at-risk people, whose hope, faith, belief and trust in ever dealing with deep, sensitive social / living issues is being beaten and ground into the dirt by someone who purports to know better.
I hope you publish it for all to see.
I see that you have presented positive stories for us, for all races, and these are not just stories of pitiful "Indians" stories, they are not just of one way of faith and belief. I do not agree with all that is said by others here, yet I understand and accept that, what others see or say can be different from my own views.

The early days of NLP were a bold combination of the communications ... Rollo May, Margaret Mead

Alton Carroll is not honestly with integrity - challenging like Mahatma Gandhi, nor is he a proud Native American like Tatonka Iyotaka - Sitting Bull, confronting oppression and injustice. NO! Alton Carroll is attacking like YellowHair - General George Armstrong Custer and attempting to destroy others and this includes Native Americans and others who wish to help us!

There is no retreat from this attacking now. He is hurting people - condemning people like the way jealous demented people hunted and killed women, women, who followed Wicca. And just to kill them… nothing else! They just wanted someone to murder and then justified each killing.
Alton Carroll needs to stop denigrating all peoples and he needs to offer help to those he has attacked and offer them an apology for doing hurtful things and then he needs to let them decide of they want him near. He hurt many people and I understand this. In hurting others, we have to work to get well and then to offer to make things right AND to accept that we may just have to walk away from them forever… this is true for some we hurt!
I believe that Alton Carroll will continue to go on maliciously, hurting selected, vulnerable people... and maybe probably lose it totally... one day, like others before him, have done before him. He will do or instigate violence – to do something really horrible or someone will hurt him. I pray this doesn't happen, and I pray he stops and that we come together to stop him!

He twists and spins the truth. He outright lies and talks in childish street –like terms and expects people to answer to him... to be intimidated and coerced by his demeaning manipulation. He continues with intent to cause others to attack. He posts other site addresses and attributes altered and manufactured and manipulated text to appear to be submitted by others!
I have not written to his site and have no intention ever. I have my phone number on the web... Sadly, now my old address is there thanks to him. Another family lives there where I used to… a single mother. I will go there and offer to help them with resources.
I saw where he mocked another person who challenged him as to why he would post someone's home address on the web... He said that anyone should not put their real address down when filling out legal forms, especially when registering a web site. And that it serves them right to have it posted! Please remember that someone like Alton Carroll could be waiting for you too! As for him and I have not checked on Alton Carroll, not yet. He needs to be dealt with lawfully and appropriately.

As human beings / peacekeepers, we must offer resolution to problems… where some is making false lies, accusations - there is only one solution admitting to the lies and full removal and full apology… without offering resolution or assistance then this attack and abusive and violating. I believe he needs to be stopped and legal action taken against him, everyone and anyone who assist's him, must be called to task, legally and in a court of law.

Alton Carroll is attacking like YellowHair - General George Armstrong Custer

As a Sundancer, I invite Alton Carroll, to contact me, directly, by telephone, leaving me his telephone number, so I can phone him back…this number, I will keep confidential. And that he remove my address and all disrespectful remarks that he and his group have posted about me and to cease and desist of any more of this behavior. And straighten any and all accusations of any other victims! White and Native American!
I also ask any one who can and will assist me in this quest to eliminate Alton Carroll’s Web Site and remove all unsubstantiated derogatory statements from the web. Regardless of race creed or color. I will talk with Alton Carroll in the good way and ask for peaceful resolution. Not compromise any person’s integrity or dignity or safety or rights… this is my stance… I am not your victim Alton Carroll. I am not perfect, yet I am not afraid of dealing with you… Ever – anytime any place! Please, I say, Alton Carroll, do not be afraid… I understand more than you think.
I take this time to invite all others who have been attacked by Alton Carroll or any of his group, to call me and in order that no one misrepresents himself or herself as has been done, that you need to send me your full names and addresses and telephone numbers. I will only talk to you with this information… substantiation of who you are and why you are doing this… Let us come together and stand up to people like Alton Carroll! You can write to me through email and I will call you. If you are a lawyer in the United States and wish to help or you know of one… please. While I pray for peaceful resolution I am not compromising the dignity of anyone… This situation will be dealt with lawfully and forthright.

It is a matter of time when Alton Carroll runs into some other situation or someone else that he doesn’t like because they associate with someone whom he “thinks”… that he “hates” (really fears) and he does not have the confidence (trust in self) to ask them why – So, instead he attacks then and hurts them… and then expects that attacked person to come to him, to ask for permission, to have their God-given right to truth and dignity given back – from him… And they have done nothing to Alton Carroll, to cause this to happen. Who is next? You? Your loved one?

There are far too many people, not just Native Americans, living in troubled dysfunctional conditions… People who live in victim-hood perpetuated by sick and abusive attackers like a seemingly “educatedindian” like Alton Carroll because they are doing shaming attacks on Native American people who dare to stand out in the open and be seen and heard… Alton Carroll preys on the victim-hood of Native Americans. He preys on issues of shame never speaking of his own experiences of healing and helping others and himself. His actions keep too many of us from getting ahead and dealing with historical mistrust problems. He attacks non-Native Americans by saying they are opportunistic and racist, to discourage them from helping us… yet, most of his group are white people!!??

He uses racist views, terroristic threats, violence and shame… to keep other off-balance. And he gets stronger just because he can attacks – un-challenged – and without legal ramifications. He intentionally spreads lateral violence, inciting us to violate one and other, causing further victimizing of one and other… and not just Native Americans. This is just part of the reason that is keeping us as the poorest-of-the-poorest and so disproportionately represented, in epidemic state within the medical system, the welfare system and in the courts and prison system… in victim-hood.

I come in Peace; Though, I am concerned and I understand why some people attack… I believe that if we are the “presenter / bearer” of “bad / negative” words of another… that, we all must emphatically, unequivocally state our stance as non-supporters, defenders of freedom, from and of what was written by the person, who may write hurtful, racist, prejudicial, illegal, slanderous remarks that are designed with no intention of resolution.

To you, John LeKay, as I feel you are, I am loving and kind and human and I wish appeal to you to print this it it’s entirety.
To Alton Carroll, I appeal to your sense to stop attacking and creating a battle that will go longer than you wish it to and that it will take turns that you do not expect. I am not holding anything back as to my intention and I am not be deceptive… I appeal to your Apache heart of the warrior and peacekeeper… End your attack and walk and live with a good heart as you we Native Americans have blessed and wish to live – with respect, in peace and harmony.Pilamaya – Thank you,
Mitakuye Oyasin – We are all related,
Akicita Wakan Mani,
Jaye La Vallee – 204 – 224 – 9520


I am disappointed that Swedish film maker, Annika Banfield turns out to be the same person known as Freija on Alton Carroll's site. She obviously supports what is going on there at nafps. I have copies of the correspondence with Annika Banfield and she appears as genuine European white woman, who is bent on supporting the betterment of Native Americans Indians every where... she passed herself off to me as someone intent on working towards supporting positive change for healthier conditioners for all Native American Indians.

I don't know what else to say to you Annika Banfield-Freija, other than, maybe - you could "magically" produce a film about ME - soliciting you to help you as a client for my help and healing work as Alton Carroll said I did!

Either you are exploiting Alton Carroll, Native American Apache... Or he is co-opting you into his malicious and unscrupulous character assassination attempt on me - All and only because I innocently dared to be interviewed in Heyoka Magazine and associate with a man who just happens to be John LeKay... a journalist like you!

At this time, as well, I need to add that no one is right to produce derogatory names for my brothers and sisters... Even when it is someone caliming to be telling the truth!

It hurts my heart to see that we, Native Americans, allow others to be the carriers of our self-hatred through saying words that once were used to rape, murder, molest... violates us and without repercussion from anyone! Put this in your film and also why and how we got this way in the first place... did Alton Carroll speak of the reasons so many of us are so disconnected and "playing" "acting" as the chosen ones - peacekeepers of Mother Earth!

I am sorry for what a sister wrote about someone that I love as a human being man, someone, whom I travelled with once and sang sacred songs with, on the very tip of South Africa, on Cape Horn... overlooking the Robbin Island prison, where for 27 years, humanitarian, Nelson Mandela was locked away... this man is Chief Orville LookingHorse. see video here

As you are John LeKay, I only know him to be as you are to me - as a good man... and a Lakota. I am grateful, that I met him and I sang with him. These are my last words in writing to this subject here... I look forward to a peaceful resolution, yet I am prepared. As I have said, all who are responsible must do the right way.

You mock journalistic integrity and Native Americans wishing to feel safe with your actions.. so....
Be aware Freija - Annika Banfield, that you are not free to be passing your self as a journalist and humanitarian and then be an active party to defaming, unsubstantiated, imposturous attacks on the very people you profess to be helping.
This is like the Stockholm Syndrome! You joined the robbers / terrorists and NOW You are predatorial and gang-style attacking me and others! Despicable, opportunistic and cowardly!
You are held responsible as well Annika Banfield, for all, yet to all, please accept my apologies for the hurtful messages.
I ask in a good way, Please print this in its entirety, Thank you again John LeKay, brotherly love.

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  1. has Jaye La Valle, spiritual warrior, made amends to his many women exploits and supported his many children he deserted? you can't walk the talk until those things are rectified and healed - is he continuing to be a womanizer?