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William Holland Thomas Diaries and More

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Document: CM001

[Diary] 1840-1842 / William Holland Thomas

author: Thomas, William Holland, 1805-1893
date: 1840 -- 1842
extent: 72p
summary: This document is a diary that belonged to William Holland Thomas, an attorney for the Eastern Band of Cherokees throughout the middle part of the nineteenth century. The diary entries run from March 1840 to October 1842. Thomas maintained a detailed log of his daily activities, including his travels, business dealings, legal actions relative to Cherokee claims and some accounts of his social life. Another of Thomas's diaries, cm002, is included in the Southeastern Native American Documents database.
repository: Museum of the Cherokee Indian, Cherokee, N.C.
collection: MSS9901-07
subject headings:
  • Diaries
  • Thomas, William Holland, 1805-1893--Diaries
  • Lawyers--Diaries
  • Cherokee Indians--Treaties
  • Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians
  • Cherokee Indians--Government relations
  • North Carolina

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    [ Note: Below is an excerpt from a description of the contents of the diary written by Richard Ibost. ]
    The William Holland ThomasDiaries include seventeen volumes, three penned by his chief associate in his mercantile business, Johnson W. King; one prepared by his son, William Holland Thomas Jr.(1877-1878); and one written by his younger son, James Robert Thomas(1884). The diaries provide a look into life in Western North Carolinaduring the years 1840-1860. Thomas, the owner of five stores in North Carolina, served as the white leader of the Cherokeeswho remained after the Removal of 1838. He spent many years in Washington D.C.serving as the CherokeeAgent in an ultimately successful effort to secure the award of the claims filed by the Eastern Band of Cherokeesunder the Treaty of New Echota( December 29, 1835) .
    Thomasspent much of his time while in Western North Carolinaworking for the Indians by purchasing land for them, much of it within the boundaries of the current Qualla Boundary. He also advised them in how to grow better crops; judged them in disputes, sometimes involving such crimes as murder; performed marital ceremonies; and served as their friend and advisor. He was, one might say, the Indian's connection to the Euro-American world which threatened to engulf and destroy their culture in the 19th century.
    During his years in Washington, Thomasrecorded many interesting events. In the 1845 Diary, for example, Thomasdescribes the inauguration of President James Knox Polk. The 1845-1846 Diary is described by Thomas as a "Journal of my Travels North." In the pages of this journal Thomasdiscusses a trip to New York City, Albany, Utica, Niagara Falls, and Boston. He describes the details of life in Western North Carolinaincluding the prices of livestock, wagons, slaves, et cetera. The building of roads, known as "turnpikes" at the time, is also detailed including the fees charged for usage known as "pikeage fees."
    One of the most interesting diaries was written by Johnson W. King(1840-1843) in which he describes a trip through Athens, Murfreesboro, and Nashvilleto the Western District of Tennessee. King's descriptions of stopping points along the way, the rugged country of Sequatchie Valley, the Cumberland Plateau, and the still unsettled portions of Tennesseewest of Nashvilleprovide the reader with an invaluable glimpse into the region during that period.
    Throughout the diaries of the 1850s Thomasdetails the meetings of the Blue Ridge Railroad Company and their efforts , along with those of railroad builders Anson Bangsand Company of New York, to construct the line through the Blue Ridge mountains.
    Finally, other matters are discussed that will provide the researcher with a variety of insights into such areas as illnesses experienced by Thomasand the treatments that he used to counter them; popular pastimes and personal moments; daily tasks given to slaves and laborers; and general social aspects of Thomas's life.
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    Paid [illegible] Nov 29. $30.00 --
    Borrowed of [illegible] for Wm [William] Rogers70 cts [illegible]
    Recollected which was in my memorandum
    Book sold $141.52 cts
    Loaned Thomas Raperat the land sale Sept 1838 I think 65.00
    at AthensTennessee100.00 in Feb 1839
    Loaned John Gradyat the land sale in Sept 1838 $60
    received the us[document damaged]Henry Gradyat Washington Cityin April 1839 $506.00
    Went [illegible]
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    to Thompson4.00
    " New York Journal 5.00

    to pay Porter Recd [Received] $20.00 paid

    Washington City March 10, 1840
    This day in my preasance [presence] Wm [William] H Thomasmade a letter at the City po [post] office directed to Dr Robert T. HanksCalhounTennesseecontaining four hundred dollars USpaper.

    [Signed] S.G. Kneller
    Arrived in Washington City
    Judgement against Geo [George] Buchananobtained Feb 1842 cr

    April 25th -- Travelled from Washingtonto Philadelphiain [unclear: compy] former Treasurer and the President and head of Department [illegible] until we got to Baltimore[illegible]
    Page: [4]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    Arrived there on Thursday [illegible]
    Attended the auction sales on Friday
    Saturday Attended the auction sales
    Sunday Went in a steam boat across the North Riverin company of Col [unclear: Erwin]of granvilleDeanof Alabama& Morrisonof NC [North Carolina]Hebronis a small place in New JerseyAt the place we crossed North riveris about 2 miles wide In the ev'ng [evening] went to hear Dr Springa Presbyterian preacher deliver a sermon on abolition. he proved by Scripture that slavery was tolerated and not prohibited thereby
    Monday - Packed up and shipped my goods by the schooner Undaunted
    Started from Philadelphiato Baltimorewhen I first got on the boat and went in the crowd to pay my fare my memorandum book was stold [stolen] out of my pocket containing 20.00 some receipts & c [et cetera]
    arrived at Baltimoreat 2 o'clock in company with Gen Jacobof KnoxvilleTenn [Tennessee]& [unclear: Miss] SwainPut up at the Utau House
    remained in Baltimoreuntil 3 o'clock Started to Washingtonin same company Paid board 2.75
    fare to Washington3.50
    arrived there at 6 o'clock put up at Mrs Mounts
    [deleted: Friday] [added: Saturday] had an interview with Mr. CrawfordCom [Commisioner] of IA [Indian Affairs] explained to him the nature of my business with his department Promised to see him on Monday
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    1840 Washington City -- Money paid out --
    January 1. With HB Brownexamined my argument on Indian claims25
    " 2 went to the War Office25
    " 3 do [ditto] "00
    " 4 made out papers31 1/4
    5 Sunday00
    6 Went to the War Office6 1/4
    7 " "6 1/4
    8 " "6 1/4
    9 " "10
    10 " "25
    11 " Church " -- 5
    12 " War Office5
    13 War Office5
    14 Geo [George] Town50
    15 War Office00
    16 Senate & War Office5
    17 Senate5

    Attending to the same business up to this time

    1840  $.
    March 10 Loaned Tunnell15.00
    April 1  20.00
    15 Paid Henry Addison10.00
     [deleted: [unclear: Loaned Porter]] [deleted: 1.00]
    23 [deleted: " "] [deleted: 1.00]
     [deleted: " "] [deleted: 2.00]
    27 Enclosed to Haleand [unclear: Haileck]Editors of the NY [New York] Journal of Commerce for Wm [William] Rogersto be placed to his credit 5.00
    postage paid on letter 37 1/2
    directed a receipt be forwarded me here & the paper to him Warsawpo [post office] Forsyth Cty [County]Ga [Georgia]
    Wm [William] Rogersdr to me on an account stated in his memorandum book balance paid to Editor of the New York Journal of Commerce as the account balance shows 3.57 which Gov Lumpkinforwarded to him
    June 17 Loaned Tunnell20.00
    [deleted: Loaned Tunnell]
    " Loaned Preston Starret20.00
    " Loaned [unclear: Livick]& Jenkins300.00
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    1840 May Mr Newtonof Englandpreached at the Capitol His tex [text] 3 chap [chapters] 8 verse of Pauls Epistle to the Philippians The House of Representatives was crowded as well as the galleries
    1840 Sept 6 gave note to [illegible] for 187.00 Jno [John] L. Smithto lift on settlement, note, concerning compromise with Welch&, Love, -- Welchis willing to balance the use of the land the time has had it against the time Love's had it and account for the difference or pay the balance of the $800 [unclear: moved]. sell the land & divide the proceeds, or Lovepay him $1500.
    BentonvilleBenton Cty [County]Arkansas
    1838 April 13 Jno [John] L. Smithpaid me in bacon for Capt H. Gradyto be credited on a note Gradyheld on him credited in his account -- 175.00
    Page: [7]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    John F. Gillaspy CrBy draft on the Treasury for a part of his claims 3393.00
    1840 May 12 sold the draft [illegible] 5 1/8 [deleted: 200.00]
    June 15 draft on $1024,00 for 1024.00 on Metropolis Bank sold for 4 percent. 4417.00 1/4
    [deleted: Cash in Treasury notes 300.00 interest]
    1841 April lifted an order from given John Bryson110.00
    made him discount 10 percent for your trouble collecting it. --
    made a settlement and gave Gillaspya note for the balance
    Jno [John] F. GillaspyDr, 16 enclosed to you by mail 2 drafts on [unclear: 25] the Bank of the US10006, 2000.00
    June 4 Forwarded you by mail two drafts in the USBank Philidelphia500 each 1,000.00
    Note purchased of JW. Blackwell757.00
    Commission for collecting 10 percent - 461.85
    What I made by exchange I am entitled to for attending to the claims while adjudicating 4218.85
    Dec 31. paid [unclear: you] cash, 200,00
    Dec 31 Recd [Received] to exchange $500 in Tennesseemoney.
    Page: [8]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    1840 April Geo [George] W. Churchwellco paid Thos. [Thomas] W. Wilson106.00 for me ----
    May 24 draft received on the appeal case 300.00
    sold for 5 percent -.
    June 15 received on the following claims the sums annexed
    heirs of Osten Rider117.20117.20
    " " Samuel Candy322.00
    " " Looney Riley400.00
    Sold the draft for 4 percent1139.20
    No --
    1840 Dr to stand against services on his other claims
    May 26 paid Prestin Starrittfor you as instructed 50.00
    Oct 5 Enclose to you by mail to Knoxville900.00 to George W. Churchwell950.00
    Page: [9]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    1840 June 4 Dillard Love
    Recd [Received] on the Hyattclaim1000.00
    For him & [added: J.L.&] S.W Hyatt530.25
    [illegible] Sept 1839 --
    1840 Joab L. Mooreper your instructions 500.00
    July 20 paid you 150.00
    " N. S. Jarrett50.00
    Paid Eli McKee50.00
    Oct 4 paid you 30.00
    commission for collecting 53.00
    paid J. L. Hyatt207 207.00
    paid Joshua Roburd10.00 on your order
    order from Oct 9, D R Lowry -- 100.00
    Dec 15 got of Joab L Moore40.00
    commission on 1000 ~ 100.00
    Page: [10]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    1840 Nicholas S. Peckcr
    June 4 reced [received] draft 1114.00
    Sold for 5 percent the above included 100. on reversal of the com. decision
    Received of G B Woodward400.00
    1841 do [ditto] 100. which was included above 100.00
    [deleted: Jan 3 1 Treasury note 50.00]
    1841 Jan 2 enclosed to him from Madisonvillea statement - charged 10 percent besides the difference of exchange

    Total amount of the above draft1614.00
    10 percent for collecting161.40
    Treasury note at [unclear: par] 50.00
    Premium made on the drafts76.50
    Settled at Murphy$29.10
    Sept. 8, 1841 paid cash29.10
    1840 Dr
    June 5deposited to your credit in the bank of Farmers and Merchants bank Baltimoreand on this day forwarded you a certificate of deposit to [illegible] po [post office] McMinn Cty [County]Tennesseefor 1000.00
     enclose you by mail Tennessee[illegible]50.00
     forwarded you400.00
     by mail to D. [unclear: Hanks]1450 00
    June 3 Treasury note at Jno [John] [unclear: Haiden]s 50.00
    settled in full
    Page: [11]   [djvu image | jpg image]

    June 18th deposited in USbank1348.00
      [unclear: brought] sum of 1937.73
     Paid Hallfor the corn for the [illegible] 21.00
      Nimrod S. Jarrett200.00
      JW King20.00
      JW King20.00
     paid Ray Powel200.00
     Paid W Roanfor Gideon F. Morris50.53
     Took out of the money carried by T Silerto Qualla Town125.00
     Loaned [illegible] Jarrett200.00
     Paid JR Allman100.00
     for Indians Tobacco$11.26
     for Tobacco255.00
     To E. HyattNY [New York]1930.00
      [illegible] 1000.00
      Col McGee14.16 2/3
    June 18 [deleted: Recd [Received] forty dollars 40.00]
    To [unclear: Prcd]Newlin[illegible]
    Augus 10 pay as directed 1000.00
    Hyatt& McBurney500.00
    Weed& Fanning850.00
    Paid George Mingusfor a debt on Hefley10.00
    28 enclosed to John Hoke300.00
    29 paid Jno [John] R. Allmanin full of his account for [unclear: corn let the] Indians [added: have] 11.26
    John Hyeto JRA4.50
    Paid E Dowdlefor a bill he let me have to change 20.00
    Sent by JH Bryson100.00
    left with Mrs Siler100.00
    Recd [Received] it again
    Page: [12]   [djvu image | jpg image]

    Account with Jason Sherrill
    1841 May 22  
    Recd [Received] cash600.00
    NG [unclear: Howels]receipt400.00
    Debts on Wm [William] Farler190.43 3/4
     1190.43 3/4

    May 22, 1841  
    Paid Jno [John] Gibbs 
    To N Farler[deleted: To Jas Conley] 333.73 3/4
    To Jas [James] Conley432.05
    Wilson Sherrillclaim109.79
    John Gibbs201.16
    Wm [William] Johnston42.67
     1119.40 3/4
    Geo [George] Sherrill93.17 1/2
     1212.58 1/4

    Paid N.G. Howelcost on the execution 920,
    [unclear: P.]
    [deleted: Lawyers create execution [illegible] to increase their fees -- ]
    Recd [Received] of William Cunningham10.00 to be credited on his note which I have done.
    Eli McKeaowes me difference in exchange of Georgiafor NC [North Carolina]money 15.00
    Page: [13]   [djvu image | jpg image]

    Amount deposited in the Bank of NC [North Carolina]
    1840 2300.00
    draftto Jas [James] W Guinnfor 79.00
    " N. G. Howell400.00
    " Scroop Enloelifted it.50.00
    " Eli McKea450.00
    Oct 5 C L Hintonfor Abernathy300.00
    7 Loaned N.G. Howeldraft150.00
    Oct 9 Maj D R Lowry100.00
      [added: 1529]
    13 Clingman120.00
      do [ditto]150.00
    14 Isaac T. Avery251.00
    17 Samuel [unclear: Welch]25.00
    Oct 31 TL Clingman[deleted: 1]40.00
    Dec 18 to Joseph Keener10.00

    [ Note: Miscellaneous mathematical calculations appear below. ]
    Bank of NC [North Carolina]
    1840 Let Jas [James] W. Guinnhave a check for 79.00
    August 29draft to N.G. Howelto be lifted by N.G. Howelon account of J.C. [unclear: Cockerhan]203.16
    August 22 Scroop Enloe50.00
    27 To N.G. Howel400.00
    Sept 1 To Eli McKee450.00
     " E. Dowdle20.00
     sent by Jas [James] [unclear: Bryson]to Qualla TownStore 100.00
    4Recd [Received] of Jas [James] Blythe[illegible]50.00
     also 10 per 29.00 [unclear: 29.00]
     Borrowed of [illegible][unclear: 100.00]
     J.R. Almanexchanged [illegible] to exchanged with [unclear: McGuin] -- 100.00
    Page: [14]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    1840 Sept
    8 Loaned Richard Henson100.00
    11 " Capt Grady25.00 in gold to get back if Sandersin at MaconCourt
    Loaned Mrs Welch20.00
    " Joab L. Moore30.00 gold
    26 gave a note to John Hokefor myself due 27; August 1838 (Qualla502.03 this ought to have been due 1 year after also one of 300 due 28 Sept 1840 Thomas& King --
    Paid John Hokefor the MurphyStore [unclear: 730.50]
    for the store at Indian Townfor Thomas& King8.00
    1840 Sept 26 Ordered from the BurnysvilleManufacturing Company per Mr Burny300 B. yarn, 1500 yds course domestic - 500 gd [grade] fine 1 keg nails no [number] 4 do [ditto] 5 do [ditto] 6. do [ditto] 8 300 lbs common bar Iron, to pay one load bacon balance cash at 4 months, -- interest after that time =. To pay carriage at $200 -- the load to be here 15th [unclear: Sept]
    Oct 3 enclosed for Jno [John] Conleya [unclear: patent] to Jas [James] Whitecombcom [commissioner] general land officer issued to Michael Speck22nd of Dec 1824. No 25648 requested him to enclose it back to this place with general information --
    The answer recd [received] and sent by Asaph Battleto Jno [John] Conley --
    Page: [15]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    1840 Oct 4 Received of N.S. Jarrettin Georgiamoney 100.00 I am to pay him again also to take to [illegible] Bryson65 in silver 35 Georgia[illegible] Brysonof my own money (silver) 55.00 55.00
    paid John Hyde3.00 3.00
    balance due bills (lifted)
    Received of J. R. Almanto be credited on his note treasury note 100, silver 55. 155.00
    Oct 5 sent to H P Kingto purchase [illegible] by Wahchucha(silver) 100.00
    Enclosed to Joseph Sherrillin Cades Covefor Geo W. Hayesin Tennessee[illegible] 175.00 --
    Gave to Allen Fishera note on his Farther [Father] due to Ramsourto calculate the interest and take a new note
    Oct 6 paid John Nelsonfor George W Hayes30.00
    do. [ditto]
    Recd [Received] of A Fisher26.87 1/2
    in Georgiafunds 25.00
    do [ditto] 40
    paid Killianfor land in Haywood120.00
    Borrowed of N.G. Howel100, Georgiamoney
    Loaned N.G. Howel150.00
    paid Joshua Robards10.00
    for D LoveI am to enquire about the Judgments [illegible] 90.00
    Paid for note on Jno [John] Hydeto Moody130.00 lifted his note
    Oct 12 Jno [John] W. Garlandpaid my taxes for Ramseytownto credit 8.33 on his note
    Page: [16]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    Jesse C. CockerhamDr. 50 [unclear: over] paid note
    On the day of Elections I am to pay Mr Killianat Qualla Townstore in Geo [Georgia]money 109.55
    Paid Jno [John] W. Garlandfor land 215.75 215.75
    Recd [Received] Jno [John] W. Garlandnote on David McKayfor 57.47 to collect & return
    Recd [Received] of John R. Allman100
    previously recd [received] 156 1/4
    Sent to Daniel Brysonby mail boy specie of the above 40.
    Sent by George Cunninghamto Clark[unclear: McTeir]& co. 100.
    16 Wrote from Franklinto Charles E. MiseClerk Indian Department in relation to Jno [John] Langleyclaim that he wanted his money forwarded. Also that I had been waiting for some time for the money due the Indians for property.
    17 Enclose by Mr Cunninghamorder to [illegible] for the best saw mill saw & 3 files enclosed him to be placed to [illegible] 10.00
    Paid [document damaged] HP Kinga debt for [unclear: Powel]39.21
    [deleted: for Welch5.20]
    Page: [17]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    1840 Oct 20 Recd [Received] of [unclear: Pennington]Paid in Georgiafunds 101.00
    left with him in Treasury notes 100.00 [added: to be handed over to Bryson[illegible]]
    Paid H Grady125.00
    " Martin Angelgold for note on Grady100.00
    20 Purchased Allen Ellis& his sons interest in their crop of corn cabbages, & fodder [illegible] for $12.00.
    21 Wrote to Hyatt& McBurney& c [company] and enclosed my note for my last goods due in 6 m [months]
    Enclosed to WrightBull& Co AugustaGeo [Georgia]50 Treasury note 50.00
    1840 Oct 24 Paid for Mrs Welchto H Kingon a debt against Powel. -- 35.96 35.96
    against Welch5.20
    gave Kings receipt to Mrs. Welch -- --
    Loaned Richard Hinson100.00
    left with Jas [James] Kingfor Harrison Kingcredited on due bill -- 16.00
    Borrowed of John R. Allmanin Geo [Georgia]money 60.00
    he paid me in [illegible] & silver 10
    Page: [18]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    Recd [Received] of John S Longon a debt due Scotts CreekStore -- 8.92 1/2
    left with Dorcus Fisherin gold 300.00 [added: recd [received] it again]
    29 Loaned to W. Johnstonin treasury notes (note) 400.00
    Interest he owes me. -- 7.00
    Borrowed of him in Georgia(notes) 265.00
    do [ditto] to give me silver for Georgiawhen called on 135.00
    30 Recd [Received] of Nelson G. Howelin Georgiamoney 50.00
    debt on John Brown29.66
    paid Hokea fee 10.00
    Jas [James] NationDr Paid Shff [Sheriff] Jonesfor you 3.00
    Oct 31 Recd [Received] of Jas [James] W. GuinnMargaret Welches bond.

    June 20, 1839 885.07 1/2
    Joseph Sherrills do [ditto] 93.13
     978.20 1/2

    Recd [Received] of T. L. Clingmancalculated to June 20 Bonds on H. [unclear: Welch]for939.00
     978.20 1/2
     1940.26 1/2

    $60due me from the state
    Page: [19]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    1840 Oct 31 Paid to N Woodfin575.42 for Jas [James] Walton.
    Loaned Col Brown25.00
    Meigsand Freeman's line which crosses near Copesand Samuel Sherrills place, which Joshua Robards, sais [says] is the line agreeable to the decision of the Supreme Court
    Wrote a proposal which I gave to Gen Thos. [Thomas] Loveto purchase the Hollandsfield on the following terms 1 - for the sum of thousand dollars in Tennessemoney or funds at par in TennesseOne fourth paid down the balance in annual instalments one fourth each year, or $1600 risk the title --
    Nov 5 Empowered Thomas Gardnerto all my lands on [unclear: Caney] riverincluding Ramsey Townfor two thousand dollars the purchaser to have the rent this year except what is due from Hortonthat Gardnerto have for making the trade. he is to let me know by the second mail
    Wrote to Col I. T. Averyto inform me [added: on] what conditions he would relinquish his purchase of lands. purchased in Yanceyof Col Brown. by first mail at Ashvilleinformed him that his money and the balance due I was ready to pay, would bring it to him on being informed he would receive it.
    Page: [20]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    1840 Nov 7 Recivd [Received] of Col John Brownfor Ralph Hughsa deed for land. Gave it to J. W. Kingfor him.
    I am to send Jas [James] [unclear: Patton]for Col Brown

    1 small spining [spinning] wheel
    1 pare [pair] [illegible]. --
    John G. Blum[illegible] Left a deed for the land purchased of Col Brownwith Dunlapto be taken by Shff [Sheriff] Jonesto Brownto get signed by all he [illegible]
    Wrote to Col Browninformed him I had paid Jas [James] Pattonfor him had made an arrangement with the sheriff to pay him for Mr B [Brown]the balance of the 500. at the BurkeCourt - The balance ought to be paid against that time Informed him I had recd [received] no answer from Avery
    I owe James M Smithof Ashivillein [illegible].- 18.44 [added: 75]
    Sold a note to W Johnstonfor one Lyonpurchased of Patton127.22 of which 75.00 is toward a debt on the Estate of Dorcus [unclear: Felmett]Balance due me when collected.
    Page: [21]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    1840 Nov 11 Recd [Received] of W Johnstonto be credited to his note -- 230 230.00
    12 Attended the Presidential election
    13 Purchased of Geo Mingus65 Acres of land and the [unclear: bills Entry] 261.00
    14 Sent to William Johnstonby Jno [John] Killianin Georgiafunds 146.00
    Treasury Notes 300.00
    15 Interest 5.12 1/2
    enclosed by mail to Jno [John] R. Davis100.00
    17 Amount of Judgment on G.W. Hayes& Adamsto be paid N Hyatt50.93 3/4
    18 Paid John Gibbsfor John Hyde136.16
    Also gave John Gibbsa receipt for a small [unclear: piece] of land on [illegible] for 100.00 to be returned if the deed therefore is un-signed by all the heirs [unclear: both] to go toward what is due George Sherrill,
    19 examined the [unclear: Stekoih] field
    20 made an arrangement with William Welchto have possession of Stekoih[unclear: Mark] contract filed.
    21 Settled with Jesse C. Cockerham& Jason Sherrilltook their notes
    Page: [22]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    Recd [Received] of J.W. KingJesse [unclear: Berry]s certificate and 1,20 which he wants me to forward to Raleighfor a grant
    I forwarded it to Jacob Silor,
    Paid Samuel Allisonfor Morrisin silver 100.00 balance he is to take on his brother Jack
    Enclosed from Scotts creekto WrightBull& Co. August 50.00
    This letter was copied at Murphyinformed them Joab L. Moorewould pay the balance.
    24. wrote to Col John Hokethat 2 waggons [wagons] would start to Lincolnlast of next week for nails and Iron - of the former all sizes of the latter bar. Axe bar, and [unclear: plow moles] also a small quantity of lead.
    Samuel Monteathagrees to start there for 2000 lbs on next Thursday week to haul to Murphyat 2.25 per hundred in discount.
    24 Wrote to Henry Addisonin relation to money due the Indians East wrote to J.W. Guinnto get the interest taken off the bonds for the stekoih old field.
    To Jacob Silerto get a grant for Jesse Berry. --
    Enclosed by mail to NM Porterof Charlestonhis due bill bearing date May 2, 1840 for $66.82. [illegible] and directed him to pay over the amount to Farrar& Hayes[added: Paid]
    25 enclose to Farrar& Hayesa treasury note of $50. directed it to be placed to my cr [credit] direct them to forward to Geo ParrottHamburgthe same quantity of groceries as last ordered for Murphyto be charged to that store
    Recd [Received] of [unclear: Thos] W. Bird687 1/2 paid Keenerfor him at court --
    Page: [23]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    Nathan PilketonSolomon [illegible] Martin Dehart,
    Big Bear[illegible] DickJohn [unclear: Orleo]. [added: 1 Term 1 [illegible] 1 [illegible]]
    Sold for 16 [unclear: @ $10. -- ]
    Dec 1 - paid John G. Dunlapfor Thomas& King-- 160.83
    Dec 1 Paid Thomas Raper200,00 took his ricipt [receipt] for it
    purchased William Uttera note on William Cunninghamfor $100 due 25th Dec. gave him a trade note for $125. for it. Agreed to let Wm [William] Utterhave as much of my land as his dam covered at what two good men would say it was worth,
    2 At MurphyWent to Blairsville -- [unclear: stayed] one night - returned on the 3 to Pattersons creeksold that day & on the 4. The following tracts of land. no. [number] 80D3. to Wm [William] Pattersonfor $180.00. section no [number] 82 to Benjamin H Stiles$150. Section no [number] 83 to Louis Patterson$150 section no [number] 86. John H Stiles$180, I Agreed to let Mr Pricehave Section 87 and to keep 85 for William Pattersonuntil next spring --
    5 returned to MurphyI agreed to pay Guinnellfor Richard Hensonagainst Tuesday [unclear: owing] 23 $. --
    6, Recd [Received] of N. S Jarritt
    Page: [24]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    Paid Guinnell25.75 $22.68 for Hensonbalance sale at Allen Ellises $2.32 --
    sold Henry Gradytract of land in D5 section 101. 100.
    Recd [Received] his part in D13 -- section no 2. 122 acres exchanged even equal quantity of acres. paid him 11$ for the 22 acres over he paid me to take out both titles and give him a Bond to make him a title [added: against 1 Jan 1845 ] and pay the state. purchased in the above trade of said Grady1 debt on Thos [Thomas] Browndue Dec 25. 1840 35.00
    Judgment on L. Painter32.03
    Order to Brooksfor Ammons10.00
    Dec 9 Recd [Received] of Jacob Abbernathyto pay over in Raleighfor his land $100 in gold -- 100.00
    Loaned it to Henry Gradysent it to him by his son William --
    Recd [Received] of Joseph Cooper1 note on Jno [John] Hydedue 15 April 1841 for 25.00 for which I am to give him credit on his note --
    let Vannoyhave one hundred & fifty in treasury noted for Georgiamoney even his to give me the difference of exchange [illegible] date me in the same way, 50 of what I got was on the central bank
    Page: [25]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    Recd [Received] of David Taylora certificate for an improvement $599. which I am to collect for him -- gave him a ricipt [receipt] for it, he agreed in the presence of Andrew Colvardto pay me 10 percent for collecting all the money due him.
    10 Recd [Received] of John Mingusa note on Samuel Allisonfor $45.
    Paid Vannoyon a note given by G F. Morris- 51.00
    To write to Thos [Thomas] Armstrong- respecting Jno [John] Tathamsclaim on hogs killed by soldiers
    11, Directed Giedon F. Morristo receive of Wahchuchaand pay Vannoy$200. on a 200.00 note given for land,
    Directed Harrison Kingto receive at Murphythe amount of Young Ammons$58.68 and hold up the execution until my return,
    Loaned John Latham5.00 took his note for it, he gave me a mortgage, on his land where he lives to secure the payment of $1000. against the first day of Jan 1842, Harrison Kingwitnessed it and promised to leave it at my store in Murphy$50.00
    Recd [Received] of Thomas Brown110.00 gave him a receipt to be credited on his account at Murphy.
    Left with Mrs. Jarretta note Mr Jarrettgave me on Felix Axley
    Wrote to Thomas Cockerhamto suspend the collection of a debt he held on Andrew Colvard. informed him I would see him paid.
    [unclear: 14th] Sunday - Jarretts 100.00 came to J R Silers
    Page: [26]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    14 Settled with Dillard Loverespecting the negroes I purchased of John Dillard -- he agreed to pay Jas [James] R Lovefor me - $490.36 70. for it was taken into the calculation -- I gave him a [unclear: quit] claim bill of sale for [illegible] & Wileywith the [unclear: increase] of [illegible] since in the possession of D Lovetook a Deed & the certificate for tract 102 D8, 128 acres also a Deed for his interest in the Stekoih[illegible] entered into agreement with him to pay him Cash notes for what remained due from William Welch -- the Schedule in my possession not to be exceeded, [deleted: $444.27 -- ] In case after legal measures I [unclear: cant] get a credit on settlement with Jas [James] R Lovethen to stand on the payment for Welch,
    I got John Sutherethto pay for Col John Brownon an execution for cost of a suit in the Supreme Court of the United Statesabout $83 I am to pay interest to him,
    Recd [Received] of Ashe15.00. 15.00
    Recd [Received] of Joab L [unclear: Moor]paid Dillard Love40.00
    Page: [27]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    16 Loaned Joseph Welch1.50 [unclear: cr] By driving shoe on a horse .25
    Recd [Received] of A Fisher$ 31.50 30 of which, he is to enclose for me to Wiley [unclear: Jones] Shff [Sheriff].
    Col Brown [unclear: Dr] enclosed to Wiley Jonesfor you including the above 50.00
    Enclosed to Capt N. S. Jarretts contract signed as it was with Isaac Ashe.
    Recd [Received] of Farrarand Hayesof CharlestonSC, a statement of the amt [amount] due,
    1839 July 1. 1839 Thomas& King125.51
    1838 Thomas& Fisher43.85
    Enclosed to Farrar& Hayesto be credited on my acct [account] Murphy50.00
    to Thomas W. BaxterAthensGeorgia100.00
    Recd [Received] 50 of Fisher Central Bank David [illegible] Freeland200.00 Philadelphia
    17 Jno [John] HydeDr forwarded Keeneras directed by you 10.00 note to Keener& enclosed a petition from Sundry citizens in relation to the Indians also stated the propriety of a resolution being passed in relation to the removal and subsistence money
    wrote to Jacob Sileron the same subject and enclosed to him the petition of citizens of Cheoih --
    [added: [unclear: miles] 30.]19 came to Joseph Welches staid [stayed] all night there. [unclear: S_d K_ 1_T_] [unclear: 1.]12 1/2
    20 started at 8 [illegible] Hardins paid Mrs Parsons, for repair on an Idians [Indians] grave 1.25
    Page: [28]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    [added: paid to wife]21, I owe John Hardennights lodging 75 -- he paid Mrs Parsons75
    Recd [Received] of Jno [John] Hardena note of Capt Jarrettto hand to him [added: [unclear: miles] 30]
    [added: 12m .22d 33 miles] To Gideon Morgan, To Athens, Squire Bridges, 1.25 wrote to Col Hortonto give possession of Ramsey Townto Maj Bakeron the ricipt [receipt] of the letter. Took the census of Widow Walkers family, -- saw Mrs Merrill
    23 went to Charlestonput up at Dr. Hanks; 100.00 [added: 16 miles]
    24 went to Samuel Parkesand he sent for Bark Foremanspent the day. [added: 5m]
    25 Went to Cle[added: ve]landand put up at [illegible], took Samuel ParksDeposition. the census of Andrew Taylors family,
    26, wrote to John F. Gillaspyat Dr Hanksthat I would meet him in Clevelandon the 28 Monday left Clevelandat 2 pm. 2.56 1/4
    went to Alaxander A. Clingans took the census of his family and went on to Abrahams Thomas[added: 10 miles] went to [illegible] and then [added: 75] 27th to Dr Yarnols, then to Estridges. [added: 15 miles] and Wesley Davis, - back to Yarnols.- 30cts
    28 went to Mija Bracketsthen to Cleveland1.12 1/2 [added: 20 miles]
    29 to Dr HanksCharleston -- Recd [Received] of David Meltona claim on Ellis Fallinghe claims is due him 47.47. I am to mail him by mail what remains due after settlement with King, --
    Recd [Received] of Jno [John] F Gillaspyin Georgiamoney to change $183. 183.00 for which I gave him a duebill [due bill]
    Page: [29]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    [unclear: took] depositions 5.00
    30 and paid Dr Hanks2.50 for [unclear: umbrella],
    Recd [Received] of John F. Gillapsyin Tennesseemoney to account to him for 500.00 gave him [illegible], spent 10 [added: 15 miles]
    Jan 1 1841 came to Athens
    enclosed by mail from Athensto SilerPrice& co. a check 481. to be placed to my visit -- informed them I would be in Philidelphia[illegible] March
    paid Jackson& Mossfor 1 pair over shoes, 2.00
    Bridges 1.31 1/4 [added: 18 m [miles]]
    to Silas Perrys -- wrote to J W Kingto meet me at Qualla T [Town]to Nicholas S Peckgave a statement of money collected for him
    [deleted: [unclear: 30 miles]] To Hardens
    3 Col Nicholas S. Peckcame to see me to examine and collect what is due him from Minkand Jinny Wolf -- .
    Minks valuation of [illegible] 3440,00
    Jinny Wolf3520.00
    Betsey Elder8000,00
    McNairs heirs 7140,00
    [added: 30 miles] To John Hardens 1.00 ( [illegible] no charge) 10
    [added: 15] [illegible] 10
    [added: [illegible] m [miles]] To Mr McKildins -- 70
    [added: 15 ]4 -- to Welches --
    [added: 5m [miles]]4th [illegible] fkd. A- 2- 1.50
    5 went to T.W. [unclear: Poindexter]s 0.00 promised to file his petition for a ferry --
    I am to credit [unclear: Damair] Berry's account in full to [unclear: 1836], & to Price Shulers [added: miles 12]
    6 Paid George Shulerfor Geo. W. HayesDec 17 1840 order lifted 12.50
    Page: [30]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    1841 Jan 7 Settled with George Shulertook his certificate &c [et cetera] to settle with John Dobson& send for him a title. -- 10
    Made a settlement with Nancy Wiggins& Andrew WelchRecd [Received] his papers to send for a title. --
    Recd [Received] a Bond of A Welchon Mark Colemanto keep. [added: m [miles] 7]
    8 to David P. Adamslifted a Judgement of him on Rusell Welch26.29 1/2 Which I am to charged to Abraham Wiggins,
    gave Adamsa receipt therefor, to be credited on a Judgement against him cr
    [added: m [miles] 10] paid in current notes as he desired.
    hired John Cockerhamto deliver 1000 rails 11.25 at Stekoih
    John Gibbs[illegible] to make 2000 at the place & the locust timber into stakes
    hired Russel Welch& Soloman Newtonto deliver at Andrew Welchs gate, against the 1 of March 10000 shingles - at 3.12 1/2 per thousand --
    Loaned Bedford Sherrill3.00
    purchased Soloman Newtons land on Deep Creekam to get a title from Jesse Berry[illegible]place one from John Tatham. --
    paid in credit on Newtons Judgements [added: m [miles] 3] at the Qualla Townstore for the sum of 58.78
    9 went to mothers
    10 Sunday at mothers
    11 At mothers river full hired John Cockerhamto make 200 rails
    12 3 went to the saw mill saw her started staid [stayed] at the store
    13 staid [stayed] at the store hired Calvin Barkerto deliver set of House logs 18 & 20 --
    Page: [31]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    13 for $18 - against 1 March next purchased in notes on Hardy Perrywhich George Davisis liable for he having gave his bond to H Perryto lift the notes amount 60.00 agreed to give Barker20.00
    gave order on Nathan Thompsonfor seven am to pay 13- 1st next March in notes.
    hired Thomas Elliottto make 2000 locust stakes 9 feet long. deliver them on the bank put up like cord wood against [illegible]
    Agreed with Scroop Enloeto make a road down from Walla Townwithout crossing Socoto the ford against Ute Sherrillsto divide the expenses with him.
    I have had a jaw ache 3 days--
    14 Promised to let Scroop Enloehave $50. for a draft in Georgiafunds before the cattle starts, Got
    Left a note on N. G. Howelwith H P. Kingwhich John Gibsonwas to pay -- for 68.00 chargeable to that store.
    Hired Spence [illegible] to [illegible] and clean of [off] at the Stekoih Fieldagainst the 15 March
    2 acres swamp for 10.00 next to Nathan Hyatts.
    [added: m [miles] 14] 15 Met E. Fallingat Gibsons saw mill agreed to let him have a tract of land in the 8th D no.136. if it had not been sold.
    [unclear: 16] [illegible] at the Scotts creekstore
    Page: [32]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    17 Recd [Received] of A Fisher21.62 1/2
    inclosed Martins horse claim to Jas [James] GrayhamCol Pecks deposition to Blackwell
    Agreed to meet J. W. Kingat Scotts creekon the 24th inst [instant]
    [added: m [miles] 19] went to Waynesville
    18 Recd [Received] of Wm [William] Johnston10.00
    staid [stayed] at Wm [William] Welches, Mr. Kinslandwants to purchase no 136 in the 8D, offers 150.
    started at 11 and reached Ashevilleat 6 paid J M. Smith18.43 I owed him also bill 1.00
    [added: m [mile] 25] 19 went to Jno [John] [unclear: Rice]s 50
    [added: m [mile] 10]20 to [illegible] 50
    [added: m [mile] 3] 21 to Burnsville62 1/2 Back to Gardners 50
    22 let Gardners 00.50 Left with Thomas Gardnerin the presence of [unclear: Thomas] Barker& his son the Bond on Malcom Hortonfor the delivery of Ramsey town, 1 note on George Buchanan500.00 1 note on Thomas Bakerdue 1 Jan 1842 333.33 1/3 do [ditto] due " 1843 333.33 1/3 do [ditto] - " " 1844 333.33 1/3
    23 Recd [Received] of Thomas Gardner500.00
    collected of Buchanan
    [added: m [mile] 22]came to Soloman Carters 75 to Asheville37 1/2
    [added: m [mile] 27]that night to Greens 37 1/2
    24 to Jas [James] Pattons 50 [added: m [miles] 40] that night Fishers paid Wm [William] Welchboard 75
    Page: [33]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    25th Started to WaynesvilleMet Scroop Enloeat Keeners paid him, 30.00 [added: m [miles] 19]
    at Waynesvillepurchased, at sale the N. Thompsonland also the Cow Stump on Scotts creek
    Loaned Daniel [unclear: Bryson]25.00
    Recd [Received] of Geo Hefley20
    took Madison Battle's note for debt on Wayne Battle35.04
    Loaned Able Hyatt5.00 to be credited on Jno [John] Hydes note.
    Loaned, John B Love5.00
    sent to J. W. Kingby FisherNC [North Carolina]75.00
    purchased Wrights interest in lands purchased by him as the property of Margaret Lattimer& others 10.75 to a quit claim [illegible] of him
    26th BM Enloepurchased at public sale William Welches interest in lands on Oconaluftee. paid him for his bid 5.00 I am to take a title for it of [unclear: shff]
    Recd [Received] of H. P. King--- 10.00
    Recd [Received] of William Johnstonon his note 128.00
    Attended under Subpena [Subpoena] in the case of H Gradyvs. Jno [John] L. Smithfrom the time the subpena [subpoena] was served until 27th the night of the 27th am intitled [entitled] to milage [mileage] 19 m [miles] to prove my attendance for it
    paid William Welchboard, 3.50
    28th Started to Scotts creekarrived there 12 oclock [added: m [miles] 19.]
    29 staid [stayed] at Scotts creek& wrote letters
    30 Started to Qualla TownStore. Staid [Stayed] at Jno [John] Gibsons
    31 reached there [added: m [miles] 14]
    Feb 1 Settled with Isaac Harris
    2 went to Jno [John] Carrolls [added: m [miles] 3]
    3 went to mothers [added: m [miles] 3]
    Page: [34]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    4 1841 Feb traded Wesley Enloethe land where mother lived on Oconalufteefor 500. filed the notes in Q [Qualla]store
    Promised to attend to the sale of William Welches property. at [illegible] & William Sittons on Monday the 9th inst [instant] (next Monday)
    [added: m [miles] 4]5 Staid [Stayed] at Qualla TownStore sold to W. Enloeland 500.00.
    went to the meeting House divided the land purchased of Jno [John] Carroll. This was my birthday. 36 years old, a total Eclipse of the Moon
    6 Attended to the meeting enclosed by [illegible] to Col John BrownHouse & dividing, -- 60,00 [added: m [miles] 4] Staid [Stayed] at John Carrolls.
    [added: m [miles] 5]7 Sunday --
    8 Agreed to write to Isaac Asheto [illegible]cr. [credit] N M Hall100.00 for Jno [John] Hyde
    Directed Robert Collins to pay John Hyde& directed him to take his receipt. 10.00
    [added: m [miles] 14] Feb 9th 1841 went to Scotts creekstore
    wrote to Jacob Silerto enclose to me at this place Jesse Berrys grant,
    went to see Prestin Starritt, G Morris& Jno [John] Timsonat D. Brysons paid Starrittfor Timson100.00 order to William Johnstonfor 50. to credit Starritt50 on his note. --
    A Fisherbid off at public sale one cow & yearling property of Wm [William] WelchI paid him & let Welchdrive them home to take care of for me.
    [added: m [miles] 14] went to the Town House to attend a council went back to the Q [Qualla] storeat 1 oclock [o'clock].
    10th to cr [credit] [unclear: Skeikih]12.00 for military services,
    [illegible] to mothers
    Hired Jas [James] Berryto work to commence on the 12 to give him what he earns in cash notes --
    Page: [35]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    12 Feb [added: 1841] Paid John Gibbs. for John Hyde23.06 3/4 recipt [receipt] filed. --
    Recd [Received] of Hugh Gibbsa note on . William W. [unclear: Parr]to collect, --
    Paid Scroop Enloeand lifted a draft 20.00
    Hired John Crispto [unclear: find] himself [unclear: &] timber & make 3000 chestnut rails - 2000 locust stakes & gave an or der [order] to the Qualla TownStore to be charged to John Crisp5.00 [added: m [miles] 4]
    13 To send down by John [unclear: Love]s waggon [wagon] to Nathan Hyatt1 Bolt of Coarse Cloth to Jno [John] Gibbs1 Bolt & 2 [illegible] Bridles Staid [Stayed] at William Welches.- agreed to give an order [added: m [miles] 2] Feb 13 1841 to the Murphystore for Mrs Webbs turkeys (12) geese, ducks & chickens.
    14 Sunday. went to Dick Welches staid [stayed] all night there f--kd. Ad W. 3 ts. gave John HydeJohn Gibbsricipt [receipt] -- 23.06 3/4 which I am to charge to him.
    [added: m [mile] 4]15 purchased Procters land I am to pay John Shulerin cash notes 100.00 give him a duebill [due bill] I am to pay the State and give 5.00 half gave him an order staid [stayed] at George Shuler20
    16 went to Andrew Welches and back to Dick Welches staid [stayed] there.
    17 In the morning before day f -- A- W- [illegible]- got Procterto sign a deed for the land purchased of him
    Page: [36]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    [deleted: 12] 17th went passed [past] Stekoihto mothers.
    18 gave William Welchan order to H Gradyfor 10 Bushels corn he owes me the amount settled with Andrew Welchwent to Dick Welches [added: m [miles] 8]
    19 Compromised with Joseph Welch. for William Johnstonin the name of Samuel [unclear: Burns]for the two lots in Waynesville. Gave him 2 notes one for 37.50 payable to said Welch. at Qualla TownStore. one to said Burnsfor $112.50 payable on demand in cash notes due on good mon. or a horse. or horse & cash notes demand to be made at Scotts CreekStore, -- he is to write to me by next mail if it is to stand
    traded for John Cargils land let him have The Procterplace at $150.. to be paid me as follows -

    his land at$100
    his 27 hogs30
    6 [unclear: Beagums]12
    I am to ricive [receive] good corn at 50.cts, --
    I am to have the wheat [unclear: shelloats] onions. &c. [et cetera] [illegible] is to remain until 1 April and take good care of every thing [everything], --
    I am to pay for hauling him and he is to pay me back for half the price.
    I am to take his note for what he may owe me and wait two or three years for payment --
    Page: [37]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    also I am to take good oats at .25 cts per doz. [dozen] -- his potatoes I am to give him .25 cts per bushel in assisting to move him. and to pay the balance in the store trade articles.
    gave Cargilea Bond to make him a title within a reasonable time after obtained from the state or [unclear: procure] a state grant in his name [added: m [miles] 4]
    staid [stayed] at Dick Welches
    [unclear: 20] went to Stekoihfield Hugh Gibbspromised me 60 B [Bushels] corn at 50 in discount & cash notes, [added: m [mile] 6]
    [added: m [miles] 16] [unclear: 21] sunday went to scotts creekstaid [stayed] at the store
    22 gave a note to Thomas Angelpayable in cash note on or before the 25th of Dec next for a debt on William Welch28.43 1/2
    23 Enclosed by mail to Halliwel& Waltonof Philadelphiato be entered to my credit for the Murphystore 50.00 a Treasury note issued 11th July 1840,
    Enclosed to James Grayhamat Washington CityDavid Taylors claim for $599. -
    24th Laid off a road
    25 Laid off for fence & road
    Credited on a note held by D Brysonmoney that I let him have
    Recd [Received] of A Fishercash 25.00
    also, paid Daniel Bryson25.00
    26, promised to have sawed for A Fisher1100 feet oak plank 6 inches wide 10 feet long. --
    John HydeDr to 1 Bridle .75 paid William Welchfor 16 chickens 4 [illegible] & [illegible] - 4.15
    Page: [38]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    gave order to William Welchto [illegible] for 5.71 to be paid by Fisher -- Welchowes it me enclosed by mail to Noble A. Hardeeof Savannamoney furnished by A Fisher85.00 to pay a debt due from SC [Scotts Creek]store enclosed to WurtsMusgrove& Wurtsfor Murphystore 150.00
    wrote to William Johnstoninformed him of the compromise with Welch
    Staid [Stayed] at the Scotts creekstore
    27 At 12 oclock [o'clock] commenced a severe hail storm. Which lasted until 2.
    [added: m [mile] 14] 28 Sunday went to Qualla Town
    March 1 went to Stekoihstaid [stayed] at Conleys [added: m [miles] 5]
    Andrew Colvardf--d A. W. h
    2 StekoihTrimmed peach trees. --
    Recd [Received] of Jas [James] [unclear: Nation]s Judgement on BM Enloe30,00 to be collected to pay House
    Recd [Received] Christopher Nations [added: gave it to JB Sherrill] in Geo [Georgia]money for the same purpose 20.00 hired Joshua Gibson& William Stillwellto get me a set of House logs. 18 by 26 to be delivered 20th April.
    paid John Hyde20.00
    Recd [Received] of John Hydeto collect 2 notes on Henry Smithfor [unclear: 16.25] each
    [added: m [mile] 6] John ShulerDr for 2 lb nails at scotts creek33 1/3
    Abraham Wiggins[unclear: sen] debt at Scotts creek25
    3 at shoal creek
    4 attended Indian Council gave Howelorder to W Johnston20
    Page: [39]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    [added: m [mile] 14]5 Wrightagreed in the presence of J. [unclear: Keener]to [illegible] up my saw mill and underpin it. The price of the dam to be referred to [illegible]
    sold to Geo [George] W. Wrighta note on B M Enloefor 261.78 due Jan 1, 1840 -- cr. Dec 8, 1840 34.98 balance due to Jan 23 1841 as calculated 232.18 endorsed it liable if the maker proved insolvent.
    staid [stayed] at Scotts creek.
    lifted debt on John Carroll52.79 1/4
    Recd [Received] a letter from Thos [Thomas] Gardnerinforming me Zepeniah [unclear: Harter]had taken possession of a House on Ramsey Townand requesting a ricipt [receipt] in favor of M. [unclear: Harter]
    [added: m [mile] 14] 6th writing at Scotts creekstore
    7 Sunday read the bible &c [et cetera] staid [stayed] By myself --
    8 paid William Suttonfor William WelchStekoih5.81 in silver which is due me from him.
    9 At Scotts creek
    10 do [ditto] J W Kingcash 28.00 [added: m [miles] 20]
    started to Murphysaid [stayed] at JR Silers 1.25
    to Axleys 1.00 [added: m [miles] 42]
    Recd [Received] of Jno [John] Gray30.00
    Sent to Augustawith J. W. King723.00
    Borrowed of J L Moorein Geo [Georgia]58.00
    11 At Murphyuntil the
    22 At Murphy --
    23 Settled with Charles Ward.
    Paid Geo [George] W. Hayesfor a note on Hall10.00
    Page: [40]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    Let Andrew Barnetthave 5[deleted: 8][added: 3]. in gold [illegible] to [unclear: change back]
    Let John W. Gradyhave 20.00 open for Geo [Georgia]funds Oak [illegible] & Railroad to change Back.
    Paid Felix Axleyfor Judge Battle1.00
    [unclear: Bunun]1.00
    24 Settled in part with Jesse Raper. It was agreed on with us in the presence of Jas [James] H. Brysonthat he was to give me half of the amount I recovered on reservation for attending to it
    25 Settled with Thomas Raperon the same terms in the presence of Jas [James] H Brysontook his certificate
    27 gold in my Trunk at Murphy935.00
    28 Staid [Stayed] at Capt Gradys
    29 " " " "
    Paid Thomas Raperon an order from Jas [James] R Lovedated May 16 1838. -- $125.00 125.00
    30 attending to business at Murphy.
    31 Sent by Squire Higginsto Col [unclear: Holland]$75.00
    April 1 purchased of [unclear: Ayres] & Sharp Tobacco.- gave note payable at Scotts creekstore 8 days from date in Geo [Georgia]funds 69.22
    In the month of June at the same place in Geo [Georgia]funds 89.22
    Page: [41]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    Promised to inquire into John Redicks claim against [illegible] & securities - Judgement & Cost. -
    Recd [Received] a power to attend to it half for collecting
    paid Saith Hyattfor said [illegible] 14.65 with a note on Felix Axley$15.00 to collect -
    Recd [Received] a power of atto [attorney] from Mason [unclear: Rackley]to attend to his claim half of reservation claim for collecting. -
    4th Sunday
    5th taking an account of what was due to the store at Murphy-
    I am to pay Wm [William] Silerfor Waldrop- 37.50 37.50
    Recd [Received] of William Watsona note on Charles Wardfor 46.25 to try to collect gave him a receipt therefor.
    6 Billing off goods - John Hydewants me to pay Jno [John] Alman2 little notes for him -
    Let Capt Brabstonhave 1 Box of tobacco 167 1/2 lb meat 27cts 45.22 1/2
    At Murphyuntil 16th making out an estimate of that concern
    21 the business was completed agreed to send Jas [James] H Brysonto Murphyimmediately -
    Page: [42]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    22 gave note to ClarkeMcTeir& co [company]. Augustadue in 90 days. 600.00
    Mr. Rolandgrubbed on the Angelplace 7A 38 [illegible] started to Scotts Creek
    23 Jas [James] A Cockerhampurchased 2 tracts nos. [numbers] 96 & 95 & wants no [number]. 94 in the 4th D.
    [added: m [miles] 28] staid [stayed] at Jarretts 1.10
    " sold J R Silerto give me cr 1 note on Thos. [Thomas] [unclear: J] Ellisdue Sept 30 1840- 150
    1 note on J L Loudermilk& Jas. [James] Browndated Sept 30 1840 due 4 months interest from date 26.16 endorsed item liable if the makers fail -
    24th called at Wm [William] [unclear: Roan]s he wants North money in 8 days staid [stayed] at JR Silers. 56 1/4 [added: m [miles] 19]
    25th went to Scotts Creek[added: m [miles] 19]
    26 At that place
    27 Wrote to Preston StarrittJno [John] F Gillaspy& Gideon F. Morris- In relation to some charges. made to the Indian Department. requested what information they could give me as to the persons who made them. State [Stated] I was preparing to go on to Washington --
    I am to pay Wm [William] Roanfor Jno [John] F Gillaspy -- 243.50
    paid him except what was due me for collecting -
    Page: [43]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    1841 April 27 This day purchased of John B Lovethe Big Bears reserve [unclear: A] the sum of $2500,
    To Robert Henry1250. in notes. To John B Love1000 to Rogersin Ten [Tennessee]110 in [illegible] at 8. 50
    [added: gave notes on demand at Murphyin notes in May in notes on demand and Scotts Creekstore to pay -- ]Thos. [Thomas] MonteathWm [William] Parristhe balance of 200 in money at the August election. gave him a memorandum
    28 [unclear: Plate] for the Scotts Creekstore 1500 feet ceiling 12 feet long 1/8 less than 3 qrs [quarters]. 200 feet 7 feet long. 1 1/4 thick 10 inches wide -- --
    29 Travelled to Mark Colemans went to John Shulers [added: m [miles] 16] traded him the Bears place for $2500. lifted the notes he held on me and on James Robinson2 on King& Harris3 on Abraham Wigginstook his note for the balance gave him the Bond I hold on Loveand endorsed it. [illegible]
    [added: m [miles] 8] 30 Travelled to mothers. --
    May 1 to the store on business there [added: m [miles] 4]
    2 Attended a Council of the Indians
    3 At the Qualla TownStore
    [added: m [miles] 3]4 went to Stekoih
    5 at Stekoihgot John Gibbs& Samuel Sherrillto accept and endorse the powers of atto [attorney] from Geo [George]& Wilson Sherrill
    [added: m [mile] 10] 6 Went to the Qualla TownStore then accompanied J W Kingto Mark Colemans. saw him married at early candle light to Nancy A. Coleman. Caroline Sherrill& myself waited on them We walked out first her on my left then parted so as to make room for the Bride and Groom leaving the two ladies on his left I stood on the right. When they were to told to lock hands
    Page: [44]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    1841 I was to pull of [off] his glove after the marriage was over we walked back & took our seats, at supper the Clergy man who married them Mr Ringsat at the head of the table. The Bride on his left her brides maid next to her the groom sat on the clergymans right facing his bride I sat next facing the brides maid -- retired to bead [bed] at 12 Oclock
    7 Executions against Jesse C CockerhamSupreme Court NC [North Carolina] 121.00 Supr [Supreme] Augustaor Savanna125.00
    8 on business at Qualla Town
    9 do [ditto]
    10 Went to [added: do [ditto]] Scotts CreekStore
    11 recived [received] in Geo [Georgia]funds 38. 38.00 returned to Jno [John] Mingus[added: m [miles] 33]
    Went with Jno [John] Gillaspyto sevir ville[added: m [miles] 38]
    May 13 1841 [deleted: Recd [Received] Scotts CreekStore 38.00]
    paid Samuel Agnewfor his interest in [unclear: entries]3.00
    paid for taxes on land in [illegible] took receipts -- -- 5.00
    14 hired Jno [John] Mullendereto survey 5 tracts & obtain grants therefor of 5,000 acres each, wants 1 pair leather liggins [leggings] sent to sevirvilleEntered in the entry takers office in Sevier Countyof Ten [Tennessee]5000 acres in the name of Nathan Hyatt
    5000 " " " " James Berry
    Reentered, 5000, In the name of Jas [James] H Wiggin
    5000, In the name of Abraham Wiggin
    5000 " " " Alexander Sawyer
    5000 " " " Joseph Keener
    5000 " " " Edward Hyatt
    5000 " " " Posy Kerry6.00
    Page: [45]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    15th John B. Loves note to Michael Francisnow to M.C Rogersdue Sept 7, 1840 for $110. cr by 8.25 Feb 8. 1841, paid on it $4.00 --
    Exchanged with Samuel Robinsondebts in Tennesseefor debts of his in NC [North Carolina]I am to prove & send him amount on Alexander [illegible] about $7.00 [added: m [miles] 47.]
    Paid Lanningfor board $3.37 1/2
    16th Travelled to Jason Sherrills --
    17th Stekoihfarm & to the store
    [added: m [miles] 3] 18 Qualla townstore
    19 Qualla townstore
    20 H P. Kingmarried Narcissa Enloe. married by a Rev Mr Ring
    To meet Jno [John] F Gillaspyin Madisonvilleon the on friday week after next this Sunday 16, [added: m [mile] 6]
    21 purchased J.C. Cockerhams property. -- -- 132.65
    24 purchased the tract of land he lives on & the place above on the river at the Court House for 290.25 (The amount paid for, Cockerhamto N G Howel(247.95 1/2) [added: m [miles]. 50]
    went to Scotts creekstore wrote to Miseto forward me a report on reservations took a deed for the Big Bears Reserve. took a note on Geo [George] Mingus60.00 told him if he paid me
    Page: [46]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    25 against the first day of August I would discount $10.00
    [added: m. [miles] 15] returned back to Qualla Town
    26 Borrowed of John Gibbsfor John B. Love$200 also of Nathan Hyatt50. Endorsed his notes -
    [added: m [miles] 15] 27th Traveled back to Scotts creek. paid over to JB Lovethe money borrowed $250.
    28 wrote to Morris& Taylor. --
    29 Attended to the store
    30 enclosed to Wm [William] Johnstonnote on Rogersdue Dec 25. 1840 for $100. directed him to credit me with the amount collected. [added: m [miles] 15]
    Went to Qualla Town- 31
    Thursday June 1. --
    June 2 At Qualla Town.
    " 3 started to Madisonvilletook dinner at Welches & fu-d A-e 1 time. 45
    6th " I started to Madisonvilleat 10 oclck [o'clock]. -- 75 [added: m [miles] 28]
    7 " staid [stayed] at Madisonville75
    [added: m [mile] 44] 8 " Started to Murphywent to Stephen Rheas
    9 Reached Murphy-
    Recd [Received] of John Brysonto be credited on his act [account] at Qualla Town. 400. with 800 paid 1838. Made 12.00 paid me 12.00
    Loaned John Hyde1,00 to pay N. F. Jarrettfor him - 3.00
    J R Silera small debt,
    [deleted: Paid Joshua Horseshaw, 25.00]
    Paid for David McCoy13.30 to go towards his land
    Page: [47]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    1841 Let John F Gillaspyhave 2000 - 20.00
    paid Harman Lovinggoodfor Capt Caldwell5.00
    Recd [Received] of Francis McGee- 6.16 1/3
    Recd [received] a note on Cunninghamof [illegible] it to JW Kingto take jusdement,
    Loaned H King10.00 in par funds
    [added: m [miles] 28] 13 Remained at Murphyuntil Sunday 13th started to Franklinstopped at AbbernathyRecd [Received] of him to pay over for his land -- $10.00
    gave John McKeato pay over to John Mingusfor corn for the Indians -- 23.00
    went to Capt Jarretts, -- 11.65 paid
    due me -- $11.35 from McKea. --
    1841 June 14th went to Waynesville
    15 proved and left with D. Woodfin[unclear: dep clk Deed] to Ute Hyatt
    Deed From John B Loveto John Shuler
    Deed from Nathan Thompsonto me & the state grant for the same [unclear: tract to 60] each except the grant 40,
    Note given S. W. [unclear: Boay]bearing date Nov 30. 1836 for 46.91 to examine if paid -
    To ask H.P. Kingif he knows what Jas [James] Mooredone with his saddle,
    Page: [48]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    Thomas BirdDr 1.50,
    Recd [Received] of [illegible] [deleted: in [illegible]30,00 left with [illegible]]
    Witness in court case of Jno [John] Bryson- proved & filed ticket
    16 at court -
    17 sent to William Roanby Felix Axleyin NC [North Carolina]funds 100.00
    Took Isaac Morrisons note $256 1/4 traded to JR Siler.
    [deleted: 18] Travelled with Rev Macauallyto Scotts Creek
    18 went to Shoal creek
    19 Attended Indian meeting
    20 do [ditto]
    21 Made out Indian spoilation claims.
    [added: m [miles] 20] 22 Made out Indian spoilation claims
    23 Recd [Received] of H P Kingfor J W Kingcr
    Paid a recipt [receipt] of Jno [John] Long23.99 part in Geo [Georgia]funds at 10 p [percent] discount
    24 making out Indian spoliation claims
    25 making out claims
    26 wrote to Col Jno [John] Brown, Inoquihor John. -- sais [says] Frank Poindexterowes him 30.00 for a white stalion [stallion] about 6 years. I am to enquire of him respecting it.
    [added: m [miles] 5] 27 went to Quallameeting
    28 Commenced raising House at Stekoih. [illegible] Samuel Gibson, & -- Pleasant Bradley& Joshua Gibsontook up the corners. --
    29 completed raising went to Wm [William] Cokerham's
    Page: [49]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    30 staid [stayed] at the store --
    July 1 " " "
    " 2 " " "
    " 3 Started to Buffaloto make out Indian claims & pay them, staid [stayed] at Mark Colemans.
    [added: m [miles] 28 ]4 Sunday staid [stayed] at Calvin Colvards
    [added: m [miles] 8] 5 Met the BuffaloIndians at their Town House Commenced making out their claims. staid [stayed] that night at Calvin Colvards [added: m [miles] 8]
    [added: m [mile] 6] 6 commenced making [illegible]staid [stayed] at [unclear: Nancy Catahu]s Indian claims & c [et cetera]
    [added: m [miles] 8] 7 do [ditto] - staid [stayed] at. A Wiggins
    [added: m [miles] 8 ]8 " Colvin Colvards.
    [added: m [miles] 8] 9 " staid [stayed] at [unclear: Nancy]s, loaned John McKee15.00
    [illegible] 1,00 -- 1.00
    Eyosistah37 1/2 do [ditto] 37 1/2 1.15
    Ackihulo37 1/2 .37 1/2
    A Colvard. 62 1/2
    [added: m [miles] 8] purchased of Bradford2 tracts of land for the Indians tracts District 1, no 96 D10 no 9 -- for $74.00 for his bargain --
    [added: m [miles] 8] 10 made out claims at Buffalo Town.
    11 Sunday -- went to John Colvards [added: m [miles] 9]
    [added: m [miles] 11] 12 went to John McKees let Morriswife have 1500 -- 15.00
    purchased 50 Bushels of corn for the Indians - of Jas [James] Whitaker[unclear: Jun 1,00 p]
    Went to Murphy -- Let Andrew Colvardhave for Bradfordwhich is charged on his note $2.50 -- -- 2.50
    Handed to H.G. Kinga note on Charles Wardfor 45.25 due April 3, 1841 --
    Page: [50]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    1841 July 14 Andrew Colvardadmitted in the presence of JW King& H. G. Kingthat he borrowed of me at the land sale 150.00 had paid me $50.00. and that the balance 100. He intended to go out of the money collected on Nance Hawkin's claim
    15 Purchased 5 negroes of Andrew Colvardfor 1700.00 - Paid in notes & credit
    16 sold a tract of land to UrpWard& co. 84.00 in Iron.
    [added: m [miles] 5] 17 Agreed to let Geo [George] Hayshave a tract of land at 100 pr [per] Acre Went with Aurela Robards to Capt Gradys.
    [added: m [miles] 5] 18 returned. Recd [Received] of Col McGee5000 -- I am to pay back to him
    Paid William Roanfor John F. Gillaspyin NC [North Carolina]funds 120.00,
    19 Went to Jas [James] Kings -- on the way took a deed for the Indians of Joel Vannoyhe got for his bargain 470.00 30.00 -- he got for tools kept by Morris. Paid A Colvardat the land sale for Calvin Colvard50.00 to be deducted of the money ricived [received] of the paymaster for him --
    [added: m [miles] 11] went to Calvin Colvards
    [added: m [miles] 10] 20 making out Cherokeeclaims -- at Buffalo -- At Nancys
    [added: m [miles] 10] 21 making out claims
    [added: m [miles] 10] 22 making out claims -- staid [stayed] at Coopers
    [added: m [miles] 10] 23 making out claims
    [added: m [miles] 10] 24 paid [illegible] for claim 535.00
    [added: m [miles] 10] 25 Sunday --
    [added: m [miles] 8] 26 went to Jno [John] Tathams .25
    [added: m [miles] 10] 27 to Capt Gradys .25
    Page: [51]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    went to MurphyRecd [Received] a Judgment on H. Smithof John Grady20.00 gave Gradya ricipt [receipt] for it to file and charge to Smithand account to Grady --
    Recd [Received] of Jno [John] Timson15.00 I had loaned him --
    28 Kept store at Murphy
    29 paid Madairs for Jno [John] C. Morris17.16
    A [At] Murphey -- wrote to JarrettI would be there Sunday or Monday.
    30 A [At] Murphey
    31 " sold Noglea tract of land for $120
    August 1 Sunday
    [added: m [mile] 10] 2 Monday attend the sale of William Welches property purchased and left with him all his hogs cattle & corn. - for $15,00 --
    3 At Murphyattending to business.
    4 At Murphy"
    5 At MurphyThe election for clerks
    6 At Murphy
    7 At Murphytook in deed of trust on on William Lowdermilks property. left with JW Kingto have registered 8.00
    8 Let Ramsourhave 100 [unclear: us. B-] I am to loose the discount on it -- he let me have 80 in NC [North Carolina]on which he is to loose the discount
    [added: m. [mile] 16] Started to Buffalo Town -- Went to Jas [James] Kings
    9 Got to the Rev Mr Coopers. met [unclear: Lowry]informed him I would be at home at Shoal Creekon Monday.
    Went to the Buffalo TownHouse. rained so hard could
    Page: [52]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    [added: m [miles] 10] do no business -- returned in the evening. Jno [John] Tatham -- bought me 12lbs of bacon -- which I am to send to [illegible] for him, he also brought me one dollars worth of sugar & one of coffee. bot [bought] by H. G. Kingin the evening. Talula Creekwas too full to cross. I staid [stayed] at Alexander Bradleys on the bank of the Talula, with great difficulty got off my boots in the morning could not get them on had to borrow a pair of Maucausons [Moccasins]. --
    [added: m [miles] 10] 10 Attending to the Indian business at Buffalo. Staid [Stayed] at Wm [William] Coopers.
    [added: m [miles] 10] 11 Went to John McKeas
    12 on valley river --
    [added: m [miles] 25] 13 went to Franklin
    14 Attended Camp meeting
    15 do. do. [ditto ditto]
    Jesse R. Sileragrees for me to settle a Debt on D Welchabout 25 $ to put it in with me
    William Morganpromised to pay me on the [illegible]
    sold N. S. Jarretta tract of land purchased of H. GradyD13 no2. he pays the state and paid me 64.24 1/2 took his bond for the payment to the state. -- -- --
    Let N.S. Jarretthave 2 notes to file in and account for in our settlement 1 note due April 4 1838 27.55 1 do [ditto] due August 7 1840 339.37 1/2
    Let N. S. Jarretthave at court. Balance due me for the land I sold him 64.24 1/2
    Recd [Received] of Joab L. Moore10.00 10 cts [illegible]
    Paid Jno [John] R. Allmfor board 250
    [added: m [mile] 19] for Andrew Colvard105.56
    went to Scotts Creekstore -
    Page: [53]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    17th Sent to Daniel Brysonby Jas [James] H. Bryson10.00
    '' left a ricipt [receipt] with Fisherto give D Bryson- Geo [George] Hefleys account
    " at Murphy27.45
    " gave note to Farrar& [unclear: Hayes]of Charleston239.26
    18 I owe Wm [William] Pattonof Charlestonwhich he directs me to pay to Jas [James] Pattonof Asheville -- 4.81/100.
    19 Attending to business at Scotts Creek
    20 do [ditto] -
    21 Kept the store there
    m [miles] 14 22 went to Qualla Townto Steoih. -- --
    [added: 3] 23 staid [stayed] there went to Mark Colemans
    24 Went to Qualla Town
    25 enclosed to Wm [William] Johnstonto collect for me 1 note on Jesse Kinslanddue July 1, 1840 for $80.00, by Indian Tuossinnagihwrote to him for 2 lbs powder for the Qualla& 2 lbs for the BuffaloIndians - enclosed the Clerks certificate of discussion of the suit against him.
    26 Recd [Received] of George Shulerorder to Geo [George] Hayesfor the money he owed him.
    27. Attended to making out Cherokeeclaims
    28 do [ditto] The Groundsquirrel's wife wants me to examine the records at Franklinto ascertain what is due from Morristo heirs of Little Deer
    Page: [54]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    [added: m [miles] 6] to charge to Flying Squirrel[unclear: Aroneach]1 Bushel wheat each 87 1/2 175
    to credit Alexander McGaughlinat Murphy1.75 to Ask N. S Jarrettrespecting Big Suagas. [unclear: Pat], to give credit for it, --
    29 Started to Murphywent [unclear: as far as] Blaylocks on the Nantihala
    [added: m [miles] 42] 30 went to Murphyattended the land sale
    31 paid Jno [John] R. Almanfor JW King16.88
    " John Hyde16.12 1/2
    Samuel Allison26.12
    Sept 1 At Murphyattending
    2 " " land sale,
    3 " " " "
    4 Went to lay off a road from Axleys to Stephen Rheas. staid [stayed] at Capt Gradys [added: m [miles] 12]
    5 returned to Valley riverwent to John Welchto make out claims for Jack [unclear: Downing]. staid [stayed] at A Moores- [added: m [miles] 14]
    [added: m [miles] 9] 6 Went to MurphyJas [James] Colvardpaid me on settlement to be credit on his account at Qualla Town -- 8.88 1/2
    7 Attended to business at the Superior Court
    8 Judge Manleypresided settled with Nicholas S Peckpaid him in full -
    9 Gave note to N Woodfinfor 135. due to be paid when I collected a note on G. F. Morrisfor that amount. [added: I attended court as a witness Wm [William] [illegible] vs A Colvard]
    Recd [Received] of Philip Horseshawon a debt due to collet [collect] 48.00
    [added: m [miles] 28] 10 paid H G. Kingthereon. 20.00
    11 went to Jarretts ex [expense] 1.00
    [added: m [miles] 19] 12 went to Franklin
    13 Court - Judg Manleypresided
    14 at court -- . paid Hugh Gibbs5.00
    Page: [55]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    15 Recd [Received] of Jacob Abbernathyper Jas [James] H Brysonto pay over for his land 5.00
    Paid [unclear: John] McKea[document damaged] [illegible] 20.00
    Settled with Jno [John] Dobson& George Shuler,-
    was supenied [subpoenaed] and gave evidence in a suit Nathan Thompsonvs Wm [William] Welch,
    Due Bill to N.S. Jarrettto be paid to D Bryson558.52 1/2
    Recd [Received] of Jarrett382 1/4 lbs [illegible] sent to Scotts Creekto be credited on his note for land, To Ask H.P. Kingif he knows, what was done; was [with] Jas [James] Moores saddle, Joab L. Mooresais [says] JW Kingused of his money in Augustafor which he [illegible] to me, 332.00 [added: also sais [says] Hyattlet him have a note [illegible]]
    Paid Hunterfor [illegible] on Jno [John] Kirkland3.60
    gave note to Jno [John] Moorefor balance due the estate of Jas [James] L Moore66.69
    Recd [Received] of Goldman Brysonon his acct [account] at Qualla Town2.68 To examine at Scotts Creekwhat was due Boay
    1837 Sept 11 Also at Qualla Town2 accts [accounts] 1 note --
    Capt N. S. Jarrettowes me at Fort Delanyfor 9 quires ruled letter paper, at 50cts 4.50
    12 A [At] court -- Franklin
    13 do [ditto] do [ditto]
    14 do [ditto] do [ditto]
    Page: [56]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    [added: 16] Recd [Received] of Ezekiel Dollarhis note in full of his acct [account] at Murphy
    15 Court at Franklin
    16 do [ditto]
    17 do [ditto] [illegible] Thompsonvs. Welchleft in office.
    18 Started to campmeeting [camp meeting] paid Siler, board 5.00
    [added: m [miles] 32] paid Robinsonfor swimming my horse across Tennessee 1.00
    19 attend the Qualla TownCamp meeting.
    20 do [ditto]
    21 Started to court at Waynesville.
    22 Camped on the Top of the Soco Mountainwith the Rev Mcanally& Indians Barbacued [Barbequed] a Buck. my horse ran away paid an Indian to go after him 25cts.
    Stoped [Stopped] at Malcom Henrys got dinner - 50 cts. 50
    [added: m [miles] 30]got to Waynesville --
    23 At Court, WaynesvilleRecd [Received] of Jason Elliotin Georgiamoney 35.00 at 6 pr [percent] discount 32.90 on Wards Estate --
    Paid John Dobsonfor Langley Farler6.50 Loaned Robt Sharp5.00 took his note --
    Recd [Received] of Thomas L. Cooperfor Gen B. S. Britaina note on Geo [George] W. Hayesgave to Cooperhis Judgment left in the office Spr [Superior] Clerk 1 ticket Gradyvs Smith8.76 1/2
    do [ditto] 6.76 2/3
    also Ticket HG KingState vs Jesse [unclear: Corbit]6.60
    Receipted for a ticket transfered to Thomas& Fisherby C. Swainstate vs. B M. Enloe8.98
    paid due bill to Bumgarner
    Page: [57]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    Ephraim Osburnwants Ward& co, to draw him 1 mill spindle for a tub mill and send it To Johnsons in Waynesville. wants it in 30 days will remit the cash wigh [weigh] about 80lbs
    Gave Ute Sherrilla rect [receipt] for $100.00 for note on Byersto be credited on a note I hold on.
    Recd [Received] Powers of atto [attorney] from Jno. [John]& Jason Sherrill- to collect the many due them from the estate of Wm [William] Murphygave them to Nicholas Woodfinin the presence of N Woodfinto collect, The Amount I am to pay Clingmanfor Samuel Sherrill- about $6.60 when I go to [illegible] to Dr Isaac [unclear: Heylin]$80, gave Nicholas Woodfinpayable to his order 3 days after [added: (lifted)] eight, eighty dollars
    gave note to William Johnstondue Jan 1, 1843 for 56,00 with interest in cash notes then due liable if they fail for note on BM Enloe.
    Paid Welchfor board 5.00
    Amount Isaac Gibsonowes William Johnston42.00 if I take a mortgage to be included -
    24 Went to Scotts Creek; [added: m [miles] 19 ]
    [added: m [miles] 14] 25 26 To Qualla Town-
    Let Clingmanhave a lot of gold supposed to be 14oz. paid me for that amount I find there wer [were] 17 1/2 [illegible] 3 1/2 [illegible] than he paid for.
    Page: [58]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    [added: 3] 27 went to Stekoih
    28 " Christopher Nations sale purchased his property left it in his possession for 55.50
    Loaned Madison Campbell2,00
    29 At Qualla Town
    30 do [ditto]
    Oct 1 -- Paid Rogersfor John B. Love- 4,00 May 20. 16 This date 20.00
    Paid John Shuler[unclear: Jun] for 2 tracts land on Deep Creek. 4.00
    Thomas Lovelives in ParrisHenry Cty [County]W. Tennessee
    [added: m [miles] 6] 2 At StekoihJason Sherrills set up with C-
    [added: m [miles] 6] 3 At Qualla T. [Town]
    [added: m [miles] 7] 4 " "
    5 " "
    6 " "
    7 Left a note on John Shulerwith Jas [James] Conley934.00 Recd [Received] of him in gold 130.00 in NC [North Carolina]notes 30.00
    I am to lift a note [unclear: on] Judgment at Qualla- against Samuel Conleypay the balance if Shulerdont on the note in Silver --
    [unclear: A] 15.00
    Bryson25.00 left with Mrs Welch105 -- 74
    hired Mr Rhineto haul my [illegible] from Augusta. Start on Tuesday at 150. down on 8 kegs butter 200 in notes [unclear: Back]
    8 Qualla Town --
    [added: m [miles] 14] 9 Scotts Creek
    10 to Waynesville -- 1.00
    [added: m [miles] 30] 11 " Asheville -- 75
    [added: m [miles] 40] 12 Burnsville62
    13 Bursville1.00
    [deleted: 14] went to D. Carters 50
    Page: [59]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    14 Went to Gashes --
    15 [deleted: [illegible]] - that as soon as I could make arrangements to pay my debts that I should be well satisfied if I could
    16 come off even- So agreed to go any where I might think would suit me best
    [added: m [miles] 4] In the evening went to Asheville -- 1.00
    [added: m [miles] 30] Waynesvilleowe Welch
    [added: m [miles] 19] 17 Scotts Creek
    18 enclosed a note to JW Kingon F McGeadue Nov 18 1840 65.00
    19 Qualla Town, claims
    [added: 4] 20 Making out I [Indian] claims for [illegible]
    [added: 4] 22 do [ditto]
    [added: 4] 23 forwarded a communication to the President from the Indians.
    JW Kingenclosed to me a Bill on the USBank for 50. at 33 1/3 discount 33.33 1/3 2500 $8.33 sent it & 25.00 in par funds by H.P. Kingto Parrott --
    24 Started to Buffalowaited until near 4 oclock in the affternoon [afternoon] then travelled to Wm [William] Crisps at Stekoihgot there about one in the morning - [added: m [miles] 23] started at light -- stopped and got breakfast at Calvin Colvards met the Indians at Buffalo, 25 [added: m [miles] 20] held a council & returned to Wm [William] Coopers had a roaring in my ear
    [added: m [miles] 10] 26 attended to making out Indian claims -
    [added: m [miles] 10] 27 [illegible] wants his wheel [unclear: wt] Geo [George] Hayesleft with Hunter
    Page: [60]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    staid [stayed] at the dance until 12 oclock making out claims went to Indians and slept by the fire until morning finished 28 making out claims Timsonas interpreter 3 days -- James Whitaker10 days in all [added: m [miles] 7]
    [added: m [miles] 7] [deleted: 28 staid [stayed] at Thos Cockerhams] staid [stayed] at Jno [John] Hydes
    [added: m [miles] 7] 29 At Calvin Colvards
    30 Staid [Stayed] at Joseph Wilsons
    [added: m [miles] 33] 31 reach Stekoihwent to Qualla T. [Town]Store.
    Nov Monday 1 At Qualla Townstore.
    Tuesday 2 At Qualla Townmaking out Indian spoilation claims. [added: m [miles] 16 Wednesday Thursday Friday] Sent a communication signed by the BuffaloIndians to the President
    [added: Saturday Sunday] making out claims Indians at Stekoih.
    8 Monday Quallastore. -- Paid William Farleron a debt sold on Watson Battle -- 5.00
    [added: m [miles] 14] 9 Qualla TownStore
    10 went to Scotts Creekstore
    11 There put up cabbage --

    Recd [Received] of A Fisherfor Isaac Ashe
    10 in central bank Geo. [Georgia] 
    5 in Tennessee 
    5 in City Council Aug. 
    7 [unclear: par] funds 27.00
    discount -- 2.25[unclear: 2.25]
    Paid Pottsfor J C. Cockerham1.74
    Dr. Carterowes me [added: for] a pair of boots 4,00
    Isaac Davisgot a bag at 1.00 not charged
    12 at Scotts Creekstore - settling with -- Fisher
    13 Sent the Cherokeespowers of atto [attorney] to D Kurtz -- act Com In [acting Commissioner Indian] Affairs
    Page: [61]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    requested him to file it until called for by a member of Congress from the State asked him if I might transmit to Washingtonthe balance od the receipts for money paid the Indians and Census -- as Hindmanhad not come on. Wished to be informed the amount paid to Jno [John] RossLewis Ross& Hindmanfor emigrating the Cherokees
    " Settled with Daniel Bryson, give him note for all the debts due him from the store -- 557.73
    14 at Scotts CreekStore
    15 settleing [settling] up the partnership
    16 with A. Fisher
    17 18 enclosed to Daniel Kurtzdraft of Jno [John] F. Schermerhorn$8000 to collect & keep until I came to Washington
    FisherTransferred his interest in the Scotts CreekStore to me I hired him and left the contract with him 250.00 [added: m [miles] 14]
    " went to Qualla Town
    19 Gave Ayers& Sharpa ricipt [receipt] for two boxes tobacco at Scotts Creekto sell for him at 25cts lb or keep 385 lbs meat gr 430,
    20 Qualla Town
    21 laying off road.
    22 [illegible] Scotts creekto Oconaluftee. --
    23 do [ditto]
    24 do [ditto]
    25 do [ditto] George HaysDr paid D. P. Adams52.28 Judgement lifted of N Hyatt
    Page: [62]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    27 Nov. 1841 At Qualla TownStore
    [added: m [miles] 4] 28 do [ditto]
    29 do [ditto] Stekoihfarm
    [added: m [miles] 4] 30 Qualla Town
    Dec 1 " "
    " 2 " "
    [added: m [miles] 14] " 3 Went to Scotts CreekStore
    45 6 7 Paid Thos [Thomas] Cockerhamcash 25 coff [coffee] 75 75 000
    8 Scotts CreekStore
    9 " " "
    10 " " "
    11 went to Qualla Townattended a council
    [added: m [miles] 14] 12 went to Qualla Town
    [added: m [miles] 18] 13 Recd [Received] a letter from Thos [Thomas] C Hindmanrequesting me to meet him.
    14 Went to Joseph Welches 50
    15 Went to Wm [William] Crisps Stekoih[added: m [miles] 15]
    16 Wm [William] Sawyeragreed in the presence of David [unclear: Winthrow]to pay me an account.
    [added: m [miles] 14] Went to Col Lathams 25
    17 " to John McKeas where I met Col Hindmanspent the day with him in consultation he showed me his instructions & c. [et cetera]
    18 Started to call a council of the BuffaloIndians.
    The last [unclear: article] settled by Mr SawyerDec 16 1838, sais [says] he paid Kingat the [illegible] cash 5,00
    [added: m [miles] 19] staid [stayed] at John Colvard
    19 Sent for the chiefs -
    20 met them they consented to hold a council staid [stayed] at Wm [William] Coopers
    Loaned Jno [John] Welch1.00,
    [added: m [miles] 10] 21 went to Jno [John] Tathams
    [added: m [miles] 18] 22 went to Murphy--
    23 Started back to Cheoihwent to John Hydes [added: 34]
    24 went to a council at BuffaloHindmanread his letters & c [et cetera]
    [illegible] loaned [illegible] chief 50.. 50
    paid old Nancy Catahu3.50 for her corn
    purchased coffee & sugar for old Mr Cooper75
    [added: m [miles] 8] staid [stayed] at John Hydes
    25 sold Benjamin Hydeland sold T Coopertook his Bonds 200.00
    staid [stayed] at Wm [William] Coopers --
    Page: [63]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    [added: m [miles] 24] 26 Went to Joseph Welches fkd Ad 4t. 50
    27 Met the Indians at Qualla Town
    [added: m [miles] 24] 28 Hindmanread his letters to them and requested them to appoint a delegation to go west & examine the CherokeeCountry. informed them it was optional with them. he stated he had not come to put the Indians against me. on the contrary [added: D P. Adamswas present] he had no doubt I had [unclear: been] honest and been their friend but that I would die after a while and then probably they would not get another that would act as well. -- . at night they had a dance I staid [stayed] at until 2 oclock went to Big Jacks.
    29 at Qualla Townstore
    30At Quallastore on business with HindmanLet him have $14.00 seed 1.0015.00
    31do [ditto] went to Stekoihdo do [ditto ditto] charged5.00
    Jan 1 1842 at Stekoihsaturday went to Scotts creek
    [added: m [miles] 14]2 do [ditto] Sunday -
    3 Recd [Received] of A Fishermostly Central Bank 70.00
    sent to JW Kingby Milton Berryto pay to J. F Gillaspy127.00
    [added: m [miles] 14] 4 To Qualla Town --
    Attended a council at the Town House Hindmanalso attended I permitted him to read his letter and make a speech in favor of sending a delegation to Arkansawwithout any thing [anything] being said by me about 150 chiefs & warriors listened attentively went out and consulted after returned & informed him they had come to the conclusion not to send any delegation. [illegible] was present
    Page: [64]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    5 At Qualla Town --
    [added: m [miles] 22] 6 = Started to Buffaloat Welches 75
    [added: 10] 7= To William Crisps rain
    [added: 5] 8= To Calvin Colvards rain
    9- Staid [Stayed] there & read "
    10 " " " "
    [added: 5,] 11 went to John Hyde

    12 purchased of Joseph Cooper

    1 Bay pony 40 1 black 55. 95.00
    1 horse at Welches 45 45.00 purchased of A Colvard2 sows 1 shoat 9 pigs to give him credit for 13.00
    13 Met the Indians of Buffaloat the Council House -- About 150 present Hindmanread to them his instructions with regard to sending a delegation they listened attentively The chiefs and nearly all the men of the Town went out and consulted (I said nothing) they returned and I informed him they had determined not to go west nor to send any delegation to see the Country -- Hindman& Timsonleft. I staid [stayed] at the dance all night next day went to Wahchuchas that night staid [stayed] at Wm [William] Coopers 14
    15 purchased lands of Andrew ColvardFour tracts 600.00 for his bargain - spent the day at Wm [William] Cooperand night.
    16 Sunday morning started to Murphy -- To lay in petition for road to send Wm [William] Cooperfor Hindman5.00 [added: m [miles] 10] to send salt for Hyde& me to Jas [James] Kings --
    17 went to Murphypurchased of Jno [John] Ledfordland in Buffalogave him 35.00 for his bargain --
    18 At Murphy
    19 Paid Wm [William] Gradyfor Elizabeth Welch4.75
    do [ditto] 5.58
    Paid Alexander Moss15.00 attended as a witness Between Wm [William] [illegible] & A Colvard
    [added: m [miles] 10] 20 At Murphycourt
    21 Started to GeorgiaStaid [stayed] at Jesse Rapers
    [added: m [miles] 40] 22 Went with Hindman& Wardnear to [illegible] Geo [George] Wardpaid me 200. came back to Jesse [illegible]
    [added: m [miles] 4] 23 Sunday went to Jesse Brooks
    [added: m [miles] 20] 24 went to Utters
    25 At Samuel Lowdermilks went to Murphy
    Page: [65]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    [added: m [miles] 19] 26 [unclear: P] Mrs. Welch10.33 toward a claim Staid [Stayed] at Jas [James] Kings
    [added: m [miles] 30] 27 Franklin
    28 At Franklinsettling the Estate of Ute Sherrill
    29 purchased of John DobsonJudgement in J H Bryson[unclear: clk] for $55.40
    30 gave ricipt [receipt] on Judgement against Dobson55.40
    Paid McKeaTaxes for Macon Cty [County]9.38
    Paid Jas [James] Conley10.00 10.00 to charge to his acct [account]
    31 Enclosed by Jas [James] H Brysonto JW Kingto pay over to Col B. Ward300.00
    Feb 1 wrote him to take a deed of trust on Wards property
    [added: m [miles] 19] 2 went to Scotts creek
    3 To [illegible] . 37 1/2
    [added: 19] 4 Waynesville1.37 1/2
    1837 Nov 20 Situation of land in Tennessee
    [added: Monday in Nov] Entry office opened at Clevelandat 7.50
    3 months preference to occupants
    2 months allowed for general entry after the expiration of the 2 months, again a prefference [preference] of 2 m [months] at 5.00 then 2 months general entry
    After the expiration of 2 months allotted to general entry 2 months allowed occupants at 2.00 2.00
    2 months afterwards for general entry --
    2 months for occupants at 1.00 -- 1.00
    afterwards for general entry 2 Months
    Suspended until first
    April 4th 4th April 1841 -- by law
    June 4 2 months allowed occupants at 50 50
    August 4 2 months general entry After the expiration
    Oct. 4 2 months to occupants at .25
    Dec 4 2 months general entry afterwards to occupants 12 1/2
    Feb 4 2 months
    Page: [66]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    1842 April 4 2 months afterward general entry Afterwards
    June 4 2 Months allowed occupants at 1 ct 01
    August 4 2 months general entry
    [deleted: Paid Pottsfor Jesse C. CockerhamJudgement 1.14]
    sent [unclear: Corn Rod] Rhinehartby Joseph Fishernotes on Christopher Nationsendorse W. Enloe19.81
    1 do [ditto] on WB Queen1.88
    1 do [ditto] on E Coward& Holder7.98

    [added: to let] [unclear: Cope] to at Blairsvilleto bring his load to the Murphystore he is to there by the 29th of this month,
    [added: paid] Nov [deleted: Borrowed of Joab L Moore] 13.00 [unclear: Geo]
    I owe JR Silerin cash notes 17.91 paid for Dick Welch22.50 included, which John Hydesettled with me for --
    Page: [67]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    David Taylor, in CherokeeNC [North Carolina]In 1835 lived on valley riverhad 13 in family only now 12.00 none under 5, -- --
    Jackson Bigleylives with David TaylorIn 1835 in TennesseeBradley Cty [County]lives with his father Jas [James] Bigleythe balance emigrated
    Polly Murphyhas;
    Stephen WhitakerAthensTennesseemarried David Taylorsdaughter his wife & 3 children - 5 in family -- 2 under 5 years old
    Emilywidow of Jack Walkerhas 4 in family In 1835, lived about 5 miles west of the agency, had 5 in family. one has married, - to a man by the name of [unclear: Coleman] he with her is now in Kentucky; but is expected to return next spring.
    sent with Madison CampbellLincolnton3.00
    Bradley CountyTennessee[illegible]
    Samuel Parks13 one under five In 1835 lived where he now does had 12 in family one daughter by the name of Ruthmarried.
    Ruth Price2 one under 5 In 1835 lived with Dickson Priceon [illegible] Creek Bradley Cty [County]Tennessee
    Page: [68]   [djvu image | jpg image]

    Bradley Cty [County]Ten [Tennessee]- total- 
    Wahyinnihover 601In 1835 lived on Candys CreekBradley Cty [County]Tennessee, his wife wants to emigrate
    Andrew Taylor6In 1835 lived at ClevelandBradleyhad 7 in family - his daughter married --
    Abija Akin 4, 2 children under 5, -- -- He is a white man - his wife in 1835 lived with her farther [father] Andrew Taylor,
    Alexander A. Clingan10 3 under 5 years oldIn 1835 lived on Mouse Creeknear where Clevelandnow is
    Hamilton Cty [County]  
    James T. Gardenhire5 one under 5. -- In 1835 lived at the same place had 4 in family, -
    Barney Eastridge2.his wife is a daughter of Wm. Reedin 1835 lived on HightowerGeorgia[illegible]
    Wesley Davis4, 2 under 5 yearsIn 1835 his wife lived with her mother Susana Reedon HightowerGeorgia, --
    John L Yarnell3, 1 under 5 years old,In 1835 lived near Dallasin this county,-
    Page: [69]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    Meigs CountyGeorgetown  
    Mija Bracket4 1 under 5 years old.In 1835, lived on HightowerLumpkin Cty [County]Georgia, had 3 in family --
    Benjamin Bracket7 now lives near [illegible]po [post office] Hamilton Cty [County]Ten [Tennessee]In 1835 lived on HightowerLumpkin Cty [County]Geo [Georgia]5 in family
    Chatanhams SpringsBradley Cty [County]  
    Thomas Langden2 himself & wifeIn 1835 his wife [illegible] with her farther [father] Samuel Parks
    Robert T. Hanks6 2 children under 5 years -- In 1835 lived on Valley Riverin NC- had-
    Gideon Morgan8 1 under 5 years old In 1835 lived, where they now do [deleted: [illegible]] on Tennessee river; had 7 in family. Monroe Cty [County]Tennessee, --
     he is also, was Administrator for Elizabeth Walkerhis wifes mother who died in April 1839In 1835, she lived in Tennesseeabout 4 miles from the Agency --
    James Perry3 1 under 5.-In 1835, his wife Susan [unclear: Jane Harlson]lived with her mother near MadisonvilleTennessee
    James Van -- 1in 1835 lived in Madisonvillewhere he now does
    Page: [70]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    Diana Cherokeewoman 4. live in Polk Cty [County]Ten [Tennessee]In 1835, lived with her husband a preacher who died in [unclear: 1834] on Spring creekTennessee
    Joseph Cooperinforms me Hug Jonesis in [deleted: Benton Cty] Turkey Town. Cherokee Cty [County]Alabamais good. for his debts.
    1841 CheoihPurchased 1 steer of Rich2 year old to give credit for 8.00 1 ox & 1 Bull of Tilmon Stillwellto credit debts in H Kings hand balance on his note -- 20.00
    Michael HelterBrandin family 7 at ColumbiaTennesseePolk Countysome slaves --
    Dr Matthew ThompsonThompsons Store Rocky RiverAnderson[unclear: DC] SC [South Carolina]
    Page: [71]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    Those desiring to emigrate
    Bark Foreman& family consisting of himself wife & 8 children...10. 2 under five -- in the year 1835 lived on Candys CreekBradley Cty [County]Ten [Tennessee]desires to emigrate by land, but will go when and as the majority choose next Spring or/next fall. Sais [says] about $300 is due him for an improvement wants sent him to pay debts, has been citizenized --
    SallyWahyinnihs wife - wants to go with them.
    Jesse Morriswhite man his wife & 4 children 6 3 under 5. -- wants to emigrate 1 March
    In 1835 lived on Hiyawassee River

    Langdelivered to D Brysonby W.H.T. [William Holland Thomas]
    Sept 11one load268
    14 " "332
    23 " "320
    30 " "174
     " "1605
    Oct 16 " "1605
     " "229 1/2
      lbs 4533 1/2
      lbs 2928 1/2
    Page: [72]   [djvu image | jpg image]
    Dr Yarnellsais [says] a claim is filed against William Thomsonto ask respecting,

    [ Note: Miscellaneous mathematical calculations appear on this page. ]
    Loaned J K Rogers[illegible]
    to pay for [illegible]
    " Taylor
    in change --
    loaned him
    cr. by cash of Starritt
    received of Squire Starrittfor the use of money
    [unclear: loaned by] J K R [Rogers]
    Sept 14 borrowed of you balance due him -- loaned you at [illegible]
    Sept 23, paid you
    Sept 28 - paid J K Rogers.
    J W. B. $257.00

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