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William Holland Thomas : Until my return Robert Collins will receive the toll on the Oconalufta Turnpike

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Document: WT065

[Letter] 1839 Sept. 28, Washington City, D.C. [to] H. P. King, Qualla Town [i.e., Quallatown], N[orth] C[arolina] / W[illiam] H[olland] T[homas]

author: Thomas, William Holland, 1805-1893
date: September 28, 1839
extent: 1p
summary: This is a letter to H. P. King at the Quallatown store from William H. Thomas, dated September 28, 1839. Thomas gives King instructions in handling business matters while he is delayed in Washington, D.C. and informs King about the status of the Eastern Cherokee claims.
repository: Hoskins Special Colections Library, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
collection: MS2058 William Holland Thomas
box: 1
folder: 1
document: wt065
subject headings:
  • Letters
  • Cherokee Indians--Claims
  • Cherokee Indians--Government relations
  • Stores, Retail
  • North Carolina

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    Washington City DC Friday Sept. 20, 1839

    H. P. Kingpm [postmaster]
    Qualla TownNC
    Dear sir
    The Commissioner of Indian Affairs had not yet reconsidered the claim for commutation of removal and subsistence will the first of next week should he decide to allow the claim I will start home immediately afterwards but should he decide against I will then take an appeal to the Secretary of War in which case I may be detained until the middle of next month. I would have employed a lawyer here to attend to my business and returned home but have been unable to find any who seem to know any thing of the Cherokeetreaties. By remaining I am of opinion I shall gain the claim which amounts in the aggregate to to about $55,000.00., but should I loose [lose] it I shall then have discharged my duty as any one [anyone] should do who has business confided to him.
    Until my return Robert Collins will receive the toll on the Oconalufta Turnpike road and keep it in repair unless you have prior to the receipt of this letter employed some other person.
    As previously stated have the teams put in order and have the hauling done as you have previously been instructed. Say to Mr. [unclear: Hefley]that my reliance is on him in that respect and if he manages well for me in my absence I will not forget him when I return home. Keep a close calculation of all expenditures and make none [illegible]. As you collect in money pay off the debts against the store as you have been previously instructed. When the hauling is done I have directed and the teams are reunited and rested should you have nothing else for them to do they will proceed to Augustaafter a load of salt with such produce as you may have on hand. Supply mother with whatever she may need and say to her I am well and inform her of the above cause of my delay here. Attend to her [unclear: seeding]. and furnish [illegible] for the Indians. if any money paid by Samual Sherrill& Hyatthave it paid on my debts.

    yours &c [et cetera]
    [Signed] WHT [William Holland Thomas]

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