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Magoffin Co Joseph Saylor

Joseph Saylor

Posted: 29 Dec 2000 7:32AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 11 Dec 2003 4:50PM GMT
Surnames: Saylor, Salyer, Hoskins, Bengey, Ely, Blanton
My great grandfather Daniel Benjamin is brother to Martin S Saylor who begat Garfield Saylor born about 1880 who begat you Ermal Saylor, Which makes us 3rd cousins or so.Ourline of Saylor's goes back to Joseph and Catharine Saylor, he died in July of 1769 they had children one of who was Solomon Saylor born in 1760 and died in November 1848 maried Sarah Salyer Saylor and had 9 children 1 John b 1790 d abt 1870 abt 1810 he married Mary Polly Hoskins, 2 Joseph Saylor born abt 1792 married 21 Jan 1808 to Nancy Bengey, 3 Rebecca Saylor born about 1795 married first on 18 Aug 1809 to William Ely married second on 11 May 1832 to James Blanton, 4 Martin Saylor born about 1796 and died about 1872 his wife Mary's maiden name is presently unknown, 5 Elizabeth Saylor born about 1797 married 30 Sept 1819 to Hiram Brock, 6 Catharine Saylor born abt 1794 to 1800 married Samuel Simpson possibly married second to William Taylor, 7 Delila Saylor born about 1800 married Abraham Simpson, 8 Sally Saylor born about 1805 married 1 April 1830 to Joseph Wilder, 9 Zachariah R. Saylor born about 1807 and died 1880 and 1890 married 4 Dec 1828 Mary Salyer ( which is the lineage we come from they had 9 children 1 Martin S. Saylor who had 8 children (1) Henry Syalor born about 1862 (2) Mary Saylor born about 1864 (3) Mahala (Haley) Saylor born about 1866 (4) Zachariah Nuten Saylor born about 1871 (5) Matthew Saylor born about 1871 (6) Serrenia Saylor born about 1873 married 17 August 1892 in Magoffin county to James C Williams (7) a son born and died 25 August 1875 (8)Garfield Saylor born about 1880 this is a blank you filled in, he married Lula Blair B 1892. Now I will go back to next child of Zachariah and Mary Salyer Saylor 2 Nancy Jane Saylor born 27 Feb 1832 and died 10 Jan 1914 she had 10 children by her second husband George Caldwell I have a lot on her and her children but will not list for now 3 Margaret Catharine Saylor born about 1835 married Jefferson Caldwell born about 1839 son of William and Agnes Caldwell, Jefferson served in Civil War on the Union side int the 49th Kentucky Infantry they had 6 children I have names and born only on them 4 Elizabeth Saylor born about 1837 married 1852 Hendrickson Caldwell born about 1832 son of William and Agnes Caldwell had 3 children have names and born on them 5 Malissa Saylor born about 1841 that is all I have on them Would be nice to hear from any one who knows more 6 Hiram Saylor was born Nov 1842 In 1864, in a deed recorded in Harlan Co Bk F pg 76, Hiram agreed, in exchange for all of his father's property and plumder to take care of his parents Zachariah and Mary for so long as they live. In 1875 Hiram deeded a large part of this land to David Y Lyttle as part payment of his legal fee in the case of the Commonwealth vs Orville and Wiley Belcher charged with murder of Elisha Howard. Orville Belcher was the husband of Hirams youngest sister Lucinda Bk g pg 226. In 1880 Hiram and his first wife Nancy were in Magoffin county with two children. Deeds in 1890 list him as resident of Johnson county and give his wife's name as Fanny he had two children Jane and Serrenia 1870 and 1875 born respectively 7 Sally Saylor born about 1846 and that is all ( Daniel Saylor , also know as Benjamin, was born about 1849, died after 1900 in Johnson county to they had moved by 189. He and his wife Nancy Jane (Pace) had 9 children a Sarah Elizabeth Saylor born Sept 1874 married Isaiah Jackson ( I have a picture of her and my older brother Steve) b Mary Jane Saylor born July 1879 married Martin Littrell c HIiram Saylor born Oct 1880 d Solomon Saylor born April 1883 e Benjamin Saylor born November 1884 (my grandfather, my brothers and I put up a tombstone where we were told he was buried, and then a cousin( Benjamin daughter's daughter said he was buried at a different spot) f Elijah Saylor born November 1886 g Lou Saylor born May 1891 h Cora Saylor born November 1893 and John Saylor born December 1897 (blind or could not hardly see at all) I remember seeing him and Sarah Elizabeth Saylor Jackson and have been at possible place where they last lived but no shack there now. 1920 census shows my great Grandmother Nancy Pace Saylor widowed age 63 with son Elijah age 30 son, Lous daughter 25 John age 22 son and Jimmie Saylor age 6 grandson whom I know nothing about. 1920 census for Johnson county Ky show my gp and gm Ben and Nancy Jane Adams Saylor age 35 and 43 with Rainey Saylor but who was a Conley age 12, Bessie Saylor who was a Borders and married Blair age 9 Floyd Saylor who was a Crace age 6 and My Dad LLoyd Saylor age 1 1/12 son.
Most of this came from a book Saylor Family Footprints Being the family and descendants of Solomon Sarah Saylor of Harlan County, Kentucky Family Footprints Series by Holly Fee address Footprints Publications and Research PO Box 1498 Harlan Ky 40831 this book shows $11.00 plus Ky tax $.55 plus $1.00 Ph they also have other books 1820 Harlan Census and Tax List, Harlan Marriages- Part One, Following the Footsteps I

Re: Joseph Saylor

Anna Saylor (View posts)
Posted: 1 Jan 2001 7:35AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 11 Dec 2003 4:55PM GMT
Surnames: Saylor, Blair, Pelphrey
I would like any info on these families of
My GR GR GR grandfather Martin s Saylor that
married to a Clarinda Salyer,there son is my
gr grandfather Zachariah nuten Saylor that married
Minerva J Blair there son Dennie Saylor
b 1892 married 1st to Nellie Perkins 2nd
to Callie Pelphrey Saylor in either Johnson
or Magoffin Co Ky there son Carl Saylor b1938
is my father any info would be appreciated

Re: Joseph Saylor

Posted: 7 Jan 2001 11:49PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 11 Dec 2003 4:57PM GMT
Surnames: Saylor
I noticeted that you have the same ancesters in your file, as I have in mine. E-mail me at and we can try to see if we are from the same line. I am almost sure that we are. My Grandmother had a sister, Nancy Jane Saylor, and there were several other names also that I could identify.

Joyce Williams

Re: Joseph Saylor

Posted: 24 Jan 2001 2:21PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 11 Dec 2003 4:58PM GMT
Surnames: Saylor, Jackson
You mentioned that you remembered Sarah Elizabeth Saylor Jackson and John Saylor being blind in your info. Do you know why your relatives were blind? I thought it was quite interesting because also my mother, whose mother was a Saylor, had an hereditary eye disease, retinitis pigmentosa. She went blind gradually. My Uncle Bill, mother's brother, was born blind with the same disease. If you have any additional information, please e-mail me at:

Thanks, Joyce

Re: Joseph Saylor

Posted: 24 Jan 2001 7:41PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 11 Dec 2003 4:59PM GMT
Surnames: Saylor, Jackson
I was so very young maybe less then 5 years old (I have a death certificate some where and have been to his grave) that I do not have a clue to John Saylor blindness cause, but I will ask my older brother as he is 4 years older then I am. Sarah Elizabeth Saylor Jackson was not blind. If I remember correctly John may not have been completly blind. Seems as though I sent you a email directly to your do you remember getting it. There are none of the elders left from our Grandfather Benjamin Saylor. Nice to hear from you again, sorry not to be more help. I wear bifocals, have wore glasses since 10 years old, my wife think most all of my dads children wear glasses including him, his is Lloyd Saylor.

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Patricia Saylor King (View posts)
Posted: 27 Jan 2001 12:58PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 11 Dec 2003 5:00PM GMT
Surnames: Saylor, Brummett
My grandmother was Nancy Jane Brummett Saylor, married to Radford Saylor from West Virginia. I am looking for any and all connections to my Saylor lineage. Any and all information is welcome!
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