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Melungeons/Mulattoe/FPC-Collins, Gibson and others

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Subject: [BOONE-L] Melungeons/Mulattoe/FPC- records
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 00:30:02 EDT

Hi List, I am going to list a ton of info relating to the Melungeons ,
Mulattoes, Free Persons of Color, Black ect. found on records I have or
records sent to me. There will be two surnames that will dominate these
listings and they are Gibson and Collins. I know that most of you may not
have any of these surnames in your family history but who knows we all have
many Ancestors besides the Copes' , Boones and Bryans' ect. that could have
been a Melungeon , Mulattoe, American Native or Mixed Blood in our family
linage. This letter is for those of us who want to know if we belong to any
of these groups I have listed above. This is going to be another long list of
names so if you have no interest in what I list here I would at least scan
this e-mail for surnames I am going to list as non-White.
I have two African-American ladys on this e-mail who are researching the
names of COPES AL. and Frazier MO. I also have two people ( Penny and Joyce
) who are related to the Boone family and the Copes'. Penny desc.s from the
Copes' of Hawkins CO TN and Joyce has the Copes' of Clay CO KY in her family.
The Boone family they are researching is a Mary Boone ( ca 1740s-1781 NC )
who married a John Couch ( ca 1750s- 1830 Clay CO KY ) . I think I found John
Couch 26-45 on the 1810 Ashe CO NC census living next door to Jonathan
Boon/Boone 26-45. There is also a John Jones 26-45 living next door to John
Couch - also listed 1790 Wilks CO NC living next door to Vinson Jones who I
believe is related to the Vinson Jones ( marr. Elizabeth Cope ca 1772 NC )
family .There is another Jonathan Boon/Boone on this census age over 45-
Moody and Gragg next door to him.
I got a few pages from a book by Pat Elder ( A Spurlock descendent ) who
published her research on the so called Melungeons. This info was sent to me
from Penny and from these few pages I went on a HUNT looking for Melungeons
and any one listed as Non-White. The Spurlocks and Bollings are listed as
mostly a mixed White and American Native. There were 4 Cope and Spurlock
marriages in my Cope family in Clay CO KY. The largest group of Gibsons and
Collins listed as FPCs' I found in the 1830 Hawkins CO TN and the 1820s-1840
Clay CO KY.
Now for the story of people who are called Melungeons first found in Orange
CO NC 1755 and I hope I don't leave any one out for I have a dozen notes' I
wrote this past week on these people. I am also going to drop names I find
with these people for FYI.
1755 Orange CO NC tax list-
1) Charles Gibson- Mulattoe
2) George Gibson- Mulattoe
3) Mager Gibson- Mulattoe- found listed 1770, 1771, 1772, 1773-
Botetourt/Montgomery CO CO VA- Indian Land
4) Samuel Collins- Mulattoe- found listed 1770, 1771, 1772- same as above
5) Thomas Collins- Mulattoe
6) Thomas Collins JR- Mulattoe
7) Gideon Bunch- Mulattoe
8) Micager Bunch- Mulattoe- found listed 1770, 1771, 1772- same as above
9) Moses Ridley- Mulattoe
10) Mary Ridley- Mulattoe
Micajah Bunch- white ?-1773 Botetourt CO VA - Indian land, 1778 Wilks CO NC,
1794 Lee CO VA
Gideon Bunch- white ?
William Cope- White
Charles Burns-

1800 Ashe CO NC- alpha listing-listed as FREE BLACK
1) Thomas Collins- 1755 Orange CO NC ?
2) Vadery Collins- this name found 1830 Hawkins CO TN 1830 FPC
3) Valentine Collins- found 1768 Rowan CO NC, 1771 Surry CO NC, 1790 Wilks CO
NC, 1820 Floyd CO KY as FPC
4) Ambros Collins- found 1773 Botetourt CO VA, 1782 Montgomery CO VA, 1787
Wilks CO NC, 1790 Wilks CO NC,
5) Archibald Gibson- found 1790 Wilks CO NC, 1810 and 1820 Floyd CO KY-
5) Ezekiel Gibson- found 1790 Wilks CO NC, 1810 and 1820 Floyd CO KY-
6) Joel Gibson- found 1774 Surry CO NC- Note: Cope family listed 1774 Surry,
1790 Wilks CO NC
7) Andrew Gibson- found 1787-1790 Wilks CO NC, 1830 Hawkins CO TN- FPC
8) James Hitchcock
9) James Chambers
10 ) Benjamin Grimes
11) Moses Hubbard- found 1810 Clay CO KY - 5 names from Andrew COPE-pge 156
12) James Jackson
13) Stephen Reid- found 1787 Wilks CO NC tax list of Nathaniel Vannoy-pg 1-
this tax list does not show FPC. This man is listed with Vinson Jones,
Vincent Hollingsworth, Benjamin Cutbirth, Benjamin Greer, Thomas Calloway. I
sent this complete listing out several months ago to the Cope and Boone list
group. Stephen Reed/Reid also found 1790 Wilks 16th CO NC near Micajah
Pennington- Marr. Rachel Jones who I believe is a sister to Vinson Jones,
Vincent Hollingsworth, Vinson Jones. Stephen Reid also found 1820 Clay CO KY
pg 111 FPC. The 1790 Wilks CO NC census does not list FPC .
14) James Reid- found 1810 Ashe CO NC, 1820 Clay CO KY pg 111 FPC

Surry CO NC- no Color listed
1771- Jacob Gibson, William Gibson, Humphrey Gibson, Valintine Gibson

1774- Moses Baker, Nathan Baker, - William Gibson- Valintine Gibson and sons
James and Garret-
1784- Capt. Goins dist- Valintine Gibson, John Gibson, James Gibson, Garrit
Gibson, Joseph Goin, Barbabas Rowark, Elisha Rowark, Timothy Roark-
1785 -86 Capt. Gains-dist- James Gibson, Archelaus Gibson, John Gibson and
Valintine Gibson, Watson Gibson, Joseph Goine, Garrot Gibson, Timothy Rowark,
Barn. Rowark and Mathew Moore.
1790- There are only few of these names are found in Surry CO NC
Note: The Goin/Going/ Goen surname is not found in KY ona whole from what I
have researched but is found in TN.

1774 Botetourt/Mongomery CO VA Militia- no listing as to color-
David Collins, Elisha Collins, John Collins, John Collins JR and Lewis

1782 Montgomery CO VA- enumerated tax list- no Color listed-
Benjamin Bennett
David Gibson
Martin Collins
James Bobbet
Mellinton Collins
Stephen Cole
Andrew Gibson
Andrew Cockram
Note: William and Timothy Dalton are neighbors

1787 Wilks CO NC tax list of Ambros Hammons- no Color listed
Samuel Collins
Thomas Gibson
Peter Goodman - Note I list this name because he is found by the Collins and
Gibsons several times and there are 2 Goodmans on the 1830 Hawkins CO TN
listed as FPC.
Julian Bunch- this name is found - Julius Bunch 1795 Lee CO VA- Copes'
there, 1797 Grainger CO TN- Copes there, 1817 Wake CO NC - marr. Nancy Rhoads
?- Copes there.
1797 Grainger CO TN- Thomas Gibbons ?, George Gibson, Jerry Gibson, Andrew
Cope and James Cope.

1790 Wilks CO NC- no listing as to Color- 10th CO dist
Jordan Gibson - 1787 Wilks CO NC tax list of Ambros Hammons, and this name
found 1830 Hawkins CO TN -FPC
Hardy Collins
George Collins- 1787 Wilks -same as above
Martin Collins- 1782 Montgomery CO VA
David Collins- 1782 Montgomery CO VA
Vol. Collins
Ambros Collins
Dorothy Gibson
Note: I just relized I am playing a CD right now by PHIL COLLINS- wierd

1794 Lee CO VA- no listing of Color-
Jordan Goodman - found 1830 Hawkins CO TN page 82 FPC
Daniel Collins
George Gibson
George Gibson JR
Mathew Gibson
Zacharish Gibson
Robert Gibson
John , Solomon, Martin, Absalom, Mitchel, and James Collins.
Elijah , Drury, Jacob, Israel, Abajah, Abraham and Joseph Bunch
Andrew, James and William Cope

1795 Lee CO VA- no Color listing-
Micajah, Drury, Tarel and Clem Bunch
Andrew and William Cope

1800 Grayson CO VA - no listing as to Color-
George Collins
Paul Collins
Jacob Collins
Jonathan Collins
Malin Collins
John Collins
Millenner Collins- found 1774 Botetourt/Montgomery CO VA
Benjamin Collins
Jordan Gibson- also in TN
George Gibson- found 1795 Lee CO VA
William Cope & Sarah Holland

Move to 1830 Hawkins CO TN- census- All listed FPC
pg 17- Andrew Bean
pg- 37- Betsey Goen
pg 47- Burton Cold, Thomas Hale, Solomon Hale
pg 56- Aaron Been
pg 64- Fountain Goen
pg 74- John Minor, Zachariah Minor
pg 76- Dicey Bowling, Michael Bowling, Wiatt Collins
pg 77- enumerated- complete page listed here-
1) Charles Gibson
2) Andrew Gibson
3) Rachel Bunch- listed white-
4) Charles Gibson
5) Esau Gibson
6) Martin Collins- listed white- age bracket 1750-1760
7) John Collins
8) Sherod Gibson
9) James MOORE
10) James MOORE # 2
11) Joseph F. Gibson
12) Samuel MULLINS
13) Solomon Collins- found 1794 and 1810 Lee CO VA
14) Andrew Gibson
15) Andrew Gibson
16) Sheppard Gibson- listed as white- 1800-1810
17) Lucinda Burk- listed as white- 18001810- Note: all of the others that are
non-white have 0-0 by their name so they did not track the age group of these
people and it is this way on every census record I find FPCs ( 1820 shows
this on FPCs 000000-000000 on US census records.
18) Allen Collins
19) Simon Collins
20) Jordan Gibson
21) Polly Gibson
22) Jordan Gibson
23) Jonathan Gibson
24) Jesse Gibson
25) James Loving- white- 1800-1810
26) Vardy Gibson
Page 78- enumerated complete list of this page
1) Timothy WILLIAMS
2) Betsey Mullins
3) George Goen
4) Celia MaHan- white
5) Charles Williams- white
6) Jeremiah Singleton-white
7) William Nichols- white
8) David Hughs-white
9) John Berchet-white
10) Mary Collins
11) Levi Collins
12) Benjamin Collins
13) Edmond Collins
14) Millenton Collins- found 1782 Montgomery CO VA
15) Martin Collins
16) James Collins
17) James MULLINS
18) William Johnson- white
19) Lvei Johnson-white
20) Andrew Neill-white
21) Henry Bird-white
22) Raganer Newbury-white
23) Levi Bird-white
Page- 80- Betsey Jones, James Collins, Harvey Collins
pg 82- Hardin Goen, Edmond GOODMAN, JORDAN GOODMAN
pg 83 Henry MOSELEY- Note: found a David Moseley 1790 Spartanburgh CO NC
-listed as all other free persons 8 in family.
1830 Hawkins CO- page 70 William Cope 1800-1810, page 71 James Cope b) 1784
Montgomery CO VA, William Cope b) 1779 Montgomery CO VA, Pg 83 Jesse Cope
1810-1810 TN.

Kentucky- FPCs
1820 Floyd CO KY- enumerated with no page listings
1) Zachariah Gibson- found 1830 Perry CO KY as FPC-pg 345
2) John Mosley- next door to Zachariah Gibson
3) William Allen- Note: I found William Allen listed 1768 Rowan CO NC- dist
of Mathew Lock- William Allen listed as Mulattoe with Juda living with James
4) Martin Gibson- found in 1830 Perry CO KY-pg 345 as white? and this name
found 1830 Hawkins CO TN as FPC.
Note: John Mosely, William Allen, Martin Gibson and Valintine Collins live
next to each other.
5) Valentine Collins- he is listed several times including Surry CO NC
6) Nimrod Anderson- he is white with 2 FPCs living with him- he is listed 10
names from James Cope.
7) William Wells-white- with 1 FPC
8) John Henry-white with 1 FPC
9) Holloway Power- white with 2 FPC- he is found with the Cope family- Wiley
Cope and Holloway Power/s are listed as Officers in the Floyd CO KY Militia
10) Jeremiah Combs-white with 1 FPC
11) Lewis Perkins
12) John Adams-white with 1 FPC
He lives next to Ezkiel, Archibald, John, James Collins who are listed as
white now
13) John Skaggs- white with 1 FPC
14) George Perkins
15) Nathaniel Maddox- white with 1 FPC
16) William Trusty- white with 4 FPC
17) Daniel Robbins
18) Silas Ratcliff- white with 1 FPC
19) Peter Warden
20) John V. GRANT
21) Charles White
22) William Grant-white with 7 FPC
23) Bradley Collins- found 1830 Clay CO KY page 172 listed as white- this
name appears on 3 marriage records in Clay Co KY- Catherine Barney marr.
1831, Betsey Griffin marr. 1833 and Elizabeth Lunsford marr 1836.
24) Meridith Collins
25) John Rutherford- white with 3 FPC
26) Obadiah MOORE- found a marr on this name- marr. 1818 to Polly Castle
Floyd CO KY.
27) James Steel
28) Andrew MOORE- all three men live next door to each other-26, 27 and 28
29) Richard R. Lee- white with 1 FPC

1820 Clay CO KY census enumerated and I will list the neighbors of all FPCs
pg 111- I am asumming these people are FPCs because they don't list an age
bracket on them and all are listed as 000000-
Daniel McCullum-white
Samuel McCullum-white
John Allen-white
Robert Baker-white
Tillith COLLINS-000000-00000- - 1m and 6 f- FPC
STEPHEN REED-000000-00010- 1 white female- 9m & 5 f- FPCs-
John Hollanworth-000000-00000- 3m & 3f-FPCs
Dillon Asher-white
Patsey Allen-white
John Baker-white
Morris Allen-white- 16m& 9f-slaves
Abner Baker- white- 6m & 6f-- slaves
down the page
Edward Tugman-white
John Reed- 000000-00000 3m & 3 FPC
Polly Todd-white- 1m & 1f slave
Thomas Mcjillton-white- 1m slave
this shows FPCs near slaves
page 112-
John C. Baker -white
Lewis Sandlin-white
William Hollenworth- 000010-00000- 1 white male- 2m & 7f FPCs- marr. Rhoda
Jonathan Hollenworth - 000100- 00000 -1 white male & 1m FPC- marr. 1818 Mary
Powell Clay CO KY or the John Hollingsworth above marr her.
Jesse Barret-white
John Smith-white
James Parker-white
Elijah Powell- 000000-00001- 1 white female- 3m & 5f FPCs
page 119-
Daniel Garrard-white- 4m & 1f FPC and 26M & 4f slaves
pg 122-
George Freeman- 000000-00000 1m & 6f slaves ? no FPCs listed ?
pg 129
Zacharah Griffin- 000000-00000- 6m & 6f FPCs

1830 Clay CO KY- Free Colored -Note: FCM after name means they are FCM and
the others listed with numbers first means they have 1-FCM or 1-FCF ect.
living with them.
pg 165-
Stephen Reid- FCM
Elijah Powell- 1FCM- Free Colored Male
pg 166-
Randolph Reid-FCM
pg 167-
Roger Cornet- 1FCF- Free Colored Female
Robin Cornet- 1FCF
John House-3 FCF
Jesse Cotton-FCM
Elijah Griffin- FCM- marr. Polly Applegate and a Hollinsworth
John Griffin-FCM
Jeremiah McDaniel - 4 FCM and 3 slaves
Kelly Wild- 2 FCM
page 168-
David Clark- 2 FCF
Joseph Roberts- 1 FCM-1 slave
pg 170-
Robert Rose- 2 FCM & 1 slave
Edward Stepleton- 2 FCF
pg 171-
Mathias Gabbard- 1 FCF
pg 172-
Abraham Collins- 1 FWM & 1 FWF
Bradley Collins- white
James Reid- FCM- 1 FWF
Paul Pig- 1 FCM
pg 174-
George Freeman- not listed as white or FPC
John Gilbert- 1 FCM
pg 176-
Thomas Hendrixon- 1 FCM
pg 179-
Alexander White- 1 FCF
Daniel Garrard- 3 FCM & 1 FCF

1840 Clay CO KY- FPCs-quick listing
Stephen Gibson, Larkin Reid, William Collins, Jesse Cotton, Emphriam Bates,
William Kitchen, John Griffin, Isaac Thompson, Stephen Reid, Morris Collins,
Elijah Griffin, John Powell, Elihue Lefue, Elizabeth Edward, George Freeman,
unas Riddle, Elizabeth Drew, Levi Collins, William Reid, Milam Bates and
Henry Gibbs.

Rowan Co NC- Mulattoes listed- book Jo White Linn-
1) Nov 1766- John Beomott- escaped from master
2) 10 Nov 1766- John Gwinnett- in jail for Horse stealing
2) 10 Nov 1766- Jack Burnet- had fingers amputated while in Jail ( Gangrene
3) 1768 tax list of Mathew Lock- William Allen & Jude- listed as Mulattoes'
living with James Hemphil., James Gibson on this list living with Mathew
4) 1772 Rowan CO NC- tax list of James Smith
Anthony Jesper - Mulattoe
others on this tax list- Peter Wilcockson, Joshua Wilcockson, John Hunt
Prater, Joseph Bowen, Jacob Beck.
5) 1783 Rowan CO NC- tax list of Capt. Carson-
Joseph Hanna- Mulattoe- others on this list- Yost Cope, Godfrey Ratts,
Joseph Bowen- this man on the will of Yost Cope 1785 .

Rowan CO NC Misc. info-
1) William Collins listed as one of them - listed 1757 on letter of Orders
from Col. George Washington with moving with a Company of Cherokees (
Wachachee is the Chief ) to the Cherokee Nation in NC.
William Gibson listed a deed 21 Dec 1761- Granville to Goerge Lyall for 10
shillings Sterling, 660 acres on Dutchmans Creek- adj. to Paul Brock/Prock,
Jacob Father, Stophel Booe- ( this man on the 1768 Rowan CO NC tax list of
Morgan Bryan where the 4 Copes' are listed,) and land next to SQUIRE BOONE.
Witness- James Coupland ? and William Gibson-proved July 1762.

Misc. info- the name of Moses Damron is listed in Surry CO 1770s, 1790s
Ruseell CO VA, 1820 Floyd CO KY and on the 1770-1773 Botourt/Montgomery CO VA
tax lists with these men-
Listed in the book by Pat Spurlock Elder-
1770- Robert Osborn, Enoch Osborn, Isaac Weaver, Charles Collins, John
Collins, Samuel Collins, McCager Bunch, Morris Baker, Hugh Smith, Moses
Damron, Jonathan Osborn, John COUCH ?, John Richardson, Johanthan Jennings
and Benjamin Ray.
1773 John Montgomerys' list- all listed with Indian land?- Robert Baker,
Micajah Bunch, David Collins, Elisha Collins, Ambros Collins, Samuel Collins,
john Collins, Lewis Collins, John Collins JR, George Collins, Charles
Collins, Moses Damron, William Hash, John Hash, Isaac Little, Ephriam Osborn,
Stephen Osborn, Jonathan Osbron, Robert Osborn, Enoch Osborn, Timothy Roark
and Hugh Smith- most of these men are found on the 1782 Montgomery CO VA tax
list and many are found back in Wilks and Ashe CO NC 1787-1800.

The 1782 Montgomery CO VA tax list - Ambros Collins, Daniel Collins, David
Collins, Georg Collins, John Collins, Lewis Collins, Militon Collins, Andrew
Gibson and David Gibson-
enumerted section-
William Coap/Cope
James Smith
Moses Johnson
Joseph Day
John Storie
John Phillips
Andrew Ingram
William Holens/Holland
George Bond
Moses Damson/Damron
George Holland
Note: most of the men I have researched on the 1782 Montgomery CO VA tax
list came from NC before or during the Rev War and many of them went back to
Wilks/Ashe CO NC 1780s.

1790 Halifax CO NC- Note: This county shows a lot of Other or FPCs of Color
and the one name that dominates this census is the name of SCOTT as FPC. The
Hawkins and Swett surnames are next.

It seems that where ever there is a Collins and Gibson there is a Cope found
with them and that includes NC, VA, TN and KY.

I have not researched Russell CO VA yet but I know these people are there
since they have a Melungeon conference every year in Wise CO VA ( This county
was Russell CO until 1856 ) .
Well I think I will call it a day and I won't tell you how many hours it took
me to type this list of people that are called Melungeons.
I don't know if they are African-American or Native American or some thing
else but they seem to be tagged with the Mulattoe and Black discription on
most census records. One thing is for sure and that is there sure are a lot
of Collins and Gibsons in NC, VA , TN and KY late 1700s and early 1800s and
these people have a ton of descendents in this country that don't know that
their Ancestors were listed as Free Persons of Color. Pat Spurlock Elder
seems to believe that the main body of Melungeons come from the Collins and
Gibson families. As I look at what I have typed up here now I would have to
agree with her findings. What I did not know was the fact they came from
Orange CO NC 1755 and I stumbled on that record about 10 days ago . This web
site with Orange CO NC listed was sent to me from a William Bryant & Rachel
Wilcockson/Wilcoxen desc. by the name of Jim Sublett. I also got in the mail
a few pages of the book by Pat Spurlock Elder from Penny Ferguson a Boone
desc. and a Cope of TN desc. Jim and Penny's info came to me about the same
time and this made me jump on the Melungeon band wagon. I would like to
recommend that if you are interested in these people I listed here that you
buy the book on Melungeons by Pat. I sent her my request for her book just
the other day.
Two weeks ago I knew near to nothing about the Melungeons and now I have a
Better understanding of who these people are. If any one thinks this letter
is any use to some one else please send it to them. I believe this is one of
my best research letters I have ever sent out in the 3 years I have been
sending these so called newsletters to people.
Sincerely, David ( The Long Hunter ) Cope

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