Monday, May 30, 2011

Mississippi River Flooding

People look over water from the bulging Mississippi ...
Tue May 24, 7:58 PM ET

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  • Mississippi River Begins to Recede The Mississippi River began receding Wednesday throughout Louisiana, and federal authorities began closing the Morganza Spillway as a result. ...
  • St. Francisville Wants Tourists Back Water from the rising river is still high in St. Francisville but it is starting to recede. As the water goes down, the town wants tourism to go back up.,0,450769.story?track=rss
  • Mississippi River Shut Down for 5 Miles at Baton Rouge   The Mississippi River has been closed for five miles at Baton Rouge after grain barges broke loose from a tow and two of them sank. The barges sank near the U.S. 190 bridge, which was closed briefly for inspection. Coast Guard Senior Chief Michael Berry says two barges sank and two were corralled at the bank. He did not know if high water contributed to the accident Friday. He says the river ...
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People look over water

People look over water from the bulging Mississippi River that flooded homes and businesses in St. Francisville, Louisiana May 21, 2011.
REUTERS/Lee Celano

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