Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nuclear Power: Dangerous, Dirty & Expensive..Article and Commentary..
Nuclear Power: Dangerous, Dirty & Expensive- 20 Key Facts
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    • Lee Stubblefield drilling a geothermal well no matter how deep is always cheaper and safer than building and fueling a nuclear reactor and the rest of the plant is basically the same and yet for some reason people still want to build reactors go figure
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    • Mike Kitts building geothermal wells by fracking also destroys the bedrock and creates earthquakes!
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    • Dwight Collins It is not necessary to "frack" to have geothermal..and a lot of propaganda went into convincing us nukes were the way to go..just look at who gets to design and build them...
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    • Mike Kitts I am against nukes as much, if not more, than I am against using fossil fuels.
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    • Mike Kitts I am not too keen on digging up the planet to extract our energy supplies. Wind and Solar seem adequate, but undeveloped, because the Powers that Be, both in politics and in the energy fields, will work at all costs to prevent the positive, progressive Solar and Wind, in order to keep making dishonest billions in oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear and other bullshit.
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    • Dwight Collins Mike...we've been "fracked" it ain't no joke!!..
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    • William Hocker 
      The irony of the whole nuclear energy "renessaince" is that the Nuclear Industry is made up of all those conservatives against big government and the only way the industry will grow is with massive gov. assistance or corporate welfare. The underwriters on Wall Street will not finance or insure any new reactors so it must come from us who pay takes while the profits will go to the exxons, mobiles, BPs, and others who do not pay takes.
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    • Dwight Collins William, please!!..Against big GOV..only in the sense of a real gov't, by and for the people.....they are all about the Corporations being the Gov't...!!..and the bigger the better!!...
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    • Dwight Collins Scott Walker, in Wisconsin in case we forget, has already begun selling public utilities, public property, to any who want them in a no bid process..Just what has happened here??...The Unions and Democratic congressmen stood their ground. as long as they could, and our very property is being stolen out from under our feet..Given away by people who have been "elected" by the money of the elite and greedy..Tax breaks,....why not...more tax breaks...sure...send our jobs abroad, give us a tax break first...sure, it's the ?American thing to do..let them make money the old fashioned way... robbing us blind and stealing our rights while they are at it...The Roberts Court just said we can't have class action law suits and the we are subject to having our homes searched without a warrant or probable cause...WTF.......
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    • Dwight Collins Walker,and Michigan is following suit, that the Gov. can appoint a "conservator" to oversee failing schools, poorly performing public this and that..whole counties, The Administrator is free to do as he or she pleases, in selling assets, assigning leases, etc etc.WITH NO JUDICIAL OVERSIGHT AND NO ACCOUNTABILITY TO ANY ONE BUT THE GOVERNOR!!!.....This is a model for the country, and Florida is the other guinea pig...We better figure out now to get somebody into Washington that will get up off their corporate ass..

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