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draft timeline Sean Collins Wright Hg

  • This is from an email I sent to Bill Gersper with my timeline and hypothesis of various Collins lines. His current theory or one that has been withstanding for quite some time is that our E1b1a7a Collins line culminates in a split during the lifetime of Agnes Gowen. According to records Agnes Gowen was living int he sa,e vicinity as a Thomas Collins which could explain the E Collins/Goins relationshipand a match on the y-dna.
    I focus on my close match at genetree,smfg and ysearch to a Preisch/Price match. This person whose surname is Price descends from a German family named Preisch that settled in Montgomery County,Va. This is where my Collins line dead ends in 1796; they arrived about 1740. Do our lines go farther back to the palatine area? well..that's my theory.

    List of possible Thoams Collins in the area:
    1. "Old" Thomas Collins of Flat River born before 1710 in Hanover County,Va (later part of Louisa) this is the Melungeon/Saponi patriarch that is claimed by the R1a Collins and many sources confirm that the line of Vardy and other R1a's that are of these related families.

    2. Thomas Collins born 1707 married Elizabeth Barbee this is Dwight's line.

    3. Thomas Collins born 1710 Albemarle County,Va married Susannah Wyatt; this is a line descended from Anthony Collings of Cornwall,England... ysearch id: 3PKD9 --R1b1a2a1a1b4 (tested)

    4. Thomas Collins born 1706 in , Somerset, Maryland, USA son of Andrew Collins and Mary Truitt, can't find any marriage or children listed for him. Death year is between 1729- after 1765. This line ends at Thomas Collins born 1635 and Ann Price. The researchers working on this line focus on the Truitts as no direct male has been found. Some trees have Thomas 1635's death in Northampton Co., Va. . Abraham Collins of Northampton Co., Va. is an R1b. (von Collen lines dead-end at direct male descendants around the 1620s)

    5. Thomas Collins born 1714 in St. Stephen's Parish, Cecil County, Maryland, son of Robert Collins born ? and Abigail unknown
    nothing on this line, found a Robert born 1710; this tree could be wrong.

    I don't disregard any notion whether it's Igbo Irish, Ladino slave, Martian or whatever. I'm of the opinion that with the rare haplotype that we have, it doesn't really fit in with other 7's ; it has to be from somewhere that hasn't been tested. If we were R1b or a typical modal haplotype of E1b1a then it would be pretty much cut and dried where our origins lie.

    This may be a stretch, but here's a timeline of possibilty:
    dawn of time before recorded history- early 700s AD:
    West Africans. One thing we know for sure is this particular line was not in Europe during the last Ice Age

    711 AD : The Moors
    Moors invade Iberia carrying mostly Berbers of E1b1b stock, but some E1b1a as those found in Magrheb
    The name "Moor" derives from the small Numidian Kingdom of Maure of the 3rd century BC in what is now northern central and western part of Algeria and a part of northern Morocco.(we have a match in Algeria I found at pubmed)

    1040 AD: Almoravid dynasty
    The Almoravids were also of predominately Berber stock but ruled an empire that stretched as far south as Ghana; their armies contained Sudanese people(Crabbe dys 390=20 is Sudanese descent), Ghanans and other western African peoples such as Nigerians,Angolans ..etc.
    The Almoravids were often described as "black-skinned" by contemporary writers and historians.

    1492-1609: The Moriscos
    Moriscos were the converted Christian inhabitants of Spain and Portugal of Muslim heritage. On April 9, 1609, King Philip III of Spain decreed the Expulsion of the Moriscos. Haplogroups: R1b(Celt-Iberians), R1a(Vandals and Visigoths), J(Jews),E1b1b(Jews,Romans and Berbers) and E1b1a(Berbers, Jews, W. Africans) were represented among them. The Moriscos fled to North Africa, Europe, the British Isles and America.
    While the decree was not established until 1609, there was mass persecution and expulsion of Converts and Jews from 1492 and beyond. Could these von Collen's had been part of this early exodus? If they were Jews and they most likely were, their expulsion would've been carried out much earlier than 1609.
    info on the Von Cöllen family that later moved to hte Netherlands and became Van Ceulen
    Servatius Von Cöllen
    1512 Aachen
    Marriage: ? at ? to Anna Emberts
    Servatius von Collen 1535 - ?
    Niclaus von Collen

    What about our Price match? I have studied the tree of William Ela Price b.1823 and corresponded with Price descendants of the German Preisch's of Montgomery Co.Va who have him as part of their family tree. Of course once I mentioned my haplogroup and if any males of their line had been tested, I heard no more from them; although they did not deny Jewish heritage.

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  1. I'll have to update this some as the Price/Preisch have y-dna on file now. It is an R1b group