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King James, Puritans and Witches

 Although Bible revision was not on the agenda, the Puritan president of Corpus Christi College, John Reynolds, "moved his Majesty, that there might be a new translation of the Bible, because those which were allowed in the reigns of Henry the eighth, and Edward the sixth, were corrupt and not answerable to the truth of the Original.

                                                           John Reynolds
                              died of consumption on 21 May 1607

      James I (1566 - 1625) believed in Witchcraft, the Divine Right of Kings, Commissioned the King James Bible. James's visit to Denmark, a country familiar with witch hunts, may have encouraged an interest in the study of witchcraft,[41] which he considered a branch of theology.[42] After his return to Scotland, he attended the North Berwick witch trials, the first major persecution of witches in Scotland under the Witchcraft Act 1563. Several people, most notably Agnes Sampson, were convicted of using witchcraft to send storms against James's ship..

    •   They wanted to spread the word of God to remote parts of the world and felt they should go to America where they might convert the Indians and thus bring their religion into this New World..

    •   ‎"Also we if they had been abiding and born, within this our Realm of England, or any other of our said Dominions."[1][2] (King James Charter to Jamestown and the Virginia Colony............ " When I first arrived I found this province miserably harrassed with a most Horrible witchcraft or Possession of Devills which had broke in upon severall Townes, some score of poor people were taken with preternaturall torments some scalded with brimstone some had pins stuck in their flesh others hurried into the fire and water and some dragged out of their houses and carried over the tops of trees and hills for many Miles together; it hath been represented to mee much like that of Sweden about thirty years agoe, and there were many committed to prision upon suspicion of Whichcraft before my arrival."... Gov. William Phips (1692-1693) Massachusetts....

    •   ‎"Bible revision was not on the agenda", King James told the Divine's. But The Puritan's were insistent, and the work was spread out to numerous institutions of the day in consideration of the Puritan's complaints.

    •  The Puritan's brought their twisted sense of right and wrong to our new and untainted land..and from the Witch Trials in Scotland and England, with approval of King James I, who personally supervised the torture of "witches" The Land and Wealth grab that became known as the Salem Witch Trials were officially sanctioned by the Divine Right Kings, King James himself. 

      The book he had written, DAEMONOLOGIE, was a directive on how to deal with supernatural occurrences.....Nineteen accused witches were hanged on Gallows Hill in 1692:...One accused witch (or wizard, as male witches were often called) was pressed to death on September 19 ....Other accused witches died in prison: and the Last Women to be hung in Boston Mass. from the Hanging Oak, where Quaker's were hung by the bPuritan's was......Mary Barrett Dyer (c. 1611[1] — June 1, 1660) was an English Puritan turned Quaker who was hanged in Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony (now in present-day Massachusetts), for repeatedly defying a Puritan law banning Quakers from the colony.[2] She is one of the four executed Quakers known as the Boston martyrs

      So we have the Divine Ordinance to torture and burn Witches from King James himself.He was a great man in many ways..learned, a scholar, King by Divine right, and a Deamonologist by self proclamation. He wrote two charters to found the New World, and suffered Puritan's to direct his actions. But when we discuss King James, let's remember all his "accomplishments", not just the Bible, and acknowledge that the unholy Puritans have left an indelible scar on our country

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