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Joanne Pezzullo They all Lied

Posted on October 6, 2010 by cghoelscher 
In a recent exchange with Paul Heinegg, author of Free African-Americans of
Virginia and North Carolina, I painstakingly revealed the documents which proved the section of his book about William Goings, Sr. of Moore County, North Carolina, born c.a. 1749, was incorrect. I pointed to documents in court records, community witnesses and testimonies which relate that William Goings, Sr. was the illegitimate son of Elizabeth Goings, a white woman and John Harmon, a native of Portugal. Heinegg refused to correct the information in his book, claiming all the witnesses in 1882 and 1884 in Randolph County court lied.
This is the same mentality Heinegg used when he wrote that William Chavis was NOT a Saponi - he could NOT have been because he was black! All Cherokee, Catawba, Saponi, etc., who had 'one drop of African blood' can NOT be Indian - on the other hand these same Cherokee, Catawba, Saponi, etc., who were half WHITE were called Indian Chiefs.

‎"The Gibson family probably descended from Elizabeth Chavis" This genealogy of the Gibson family from Paul Heinegg's FreeAfricanAmerican site has been copied and pasted probably hundreds if not thousands of times all over the internet. From the "Lost Colony" project page which has also 'copy and pasted' I counted NINE probably -- SEVEN may have been - TWENTY FOUR question marks and SEVEN perhaps. Why do people keep copying this and accepting it as a 'genealogy' when it is clearly nothing but speculation.

Joanne Pezzullo I personally would not trust anyone who is associated with MHS. Genealogy is supposed to be about sharing and research -- has anyone seen anything shared from MHS? They release, share, and promote only what supports their theories. They are sworn to secrecy-- anyone who posts anything on a public list will be hunted down like a dog.

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