Friday, May 6, 2011

Valentine 'Vol' Collins and the Salyersville Indians

page 222, Carlson's dissertation "Who's Your People."
quote: (any typos are mine)

"--- The citizen Indian population associated with Stone Mountain and Greasy 
Rock had grown in the 1820's and 30's, so much so that some whites around 
them noted different "clans" among them, and noted the intense family 
relations between their primary families. The primary family names, like 
"The Collinses", "the Gibsons" and so forth became social identifiers that, 
locally, linked them to their Indian idenity. ------But there were a 
growing number of families who preferred spending more and more time in the 
Kentucky mountains and often spent a season or more there in small family 
groups. Valentine Collins' band of Saponi Cherokee was among those who 
maintained this practice and it would be those families who, by 1840, had 
finally set the roots of what would come to be known as "The Salyersville 
Indian Population."

Is this the Valentine Collins whose "band" is spoken of in Carlsons 

Valentine 'Vol' Collins, born (in Virginia) about 1760 , Wife Dicey Price

David Collins Born about 1805 (in Hawkins Co TN) listed on U.S. census as 
Indian, wife Polly Dale (Saponi/Shawnee)? (also have seen Polly Bunch, not 
sure on this one)

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