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Catherine Rising Fawn MoyToy,

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Asa Skelton Family Bible

William Presley Self  New


Posted: 24 Aug 2009 10:38PM GMT

I do apologize for putting the Children of these families on here , because I did not verify them and do not know if they are correct. I listed no children for Presley Self and Amy Gunter. Amy Gunter was the sister of John Gunter.

You are mistaken about Catherine Rising Fawn Fox being that their was more than one of them. Catherine Rising Fawn Fox that married William Presley Self was born in 1730.

Catherine Rising Fawn Fox b: 1774 that married to John Gunter b: 1760. was the daughter or Kenoteta Rising Fawn Fox (3) b: 1740

Gedcom file

Powhatan Lines

1.     Murmuring Ripple b: 1415

+ First American b: 1445

2 Dashing Stream b: 1474

+ Scent Flower b: 1517

3 Morning Flower b: 1528

+ Emperor Wahunsonacock Powhattan b: 1545

+ Winunuske Nonoma b: 1545

4. Cleopatra Powhattan b: 1602 (Sister of Pocahontas)

+ Chief Opechancanough Powhattan b: 1554
2.     -----------------------------------------------------------

Shawnee Lines

3.     5. Hokolesqua Opechan "Stream " Cornstalk" b: 1628

+ Pasmere Carpenter b:1637

2nd Wife + Nonoma Cornstalk b: 1630

6. Big Turkey Hop CORNSTALK b: 1660 d: 1694

+ Hopia Bear Clan Woman b: 1664

7. Quantis Hop Cornstalk b: 1682 (Sister of Aganunitsi Hop Cornstalk)

+ Tsula Fox - Smallpox Conjuror b: 1670 - Cherokee

8. Rising Fawn Fox (1) b: 1706
+ Ghigoneli Bowles b: 1723
9. Kenoteta Rising Fawn Fox (3) b: 1740
+ Ghigoneli Watts b: 1752
10. Catherine Rising Fawn Fox b: 1774
+ John Gunter

Shawnee Heritage 1, page 229
Rising Fwan, Catherine aka Catherine Fox - 19/32

         Chalakatha - Pekowi = Cherokee - Metis - born 1774 Settico, TN. -                     died 1835 AL.-
daughter of Ghigoneli Watts/52 & Rising Fawn (3) /40,
4.     Red Paint Clan Cherokee, wife 1790 Settico, TN but moved quickly to AL.of John Gunter (2) /60 - white, mother of Samuel
Gunter/96, Aky Gunter/98, Martha Jane Gunter /1800, Edward Gunter/1803, Elizabeth Hunt Gunter/1804,
John Gunter (3)/1806, and Catherine Gunter/1810 - all 21/64th Chalakatha - Pekowi - Cherokee - Metis.

5.     Thomas Carpenter knowing to be successful required knowledge, knowledge of the type that would perpetuate among family members; thereby, each child was taught how to read and write English as well as cipher. The practice continued through the first four generations from his immigration. Thomas taught his wife Pride Cornstalk, who in turn insured that future children in the family would also be able to communicate.
7.     She instilled in Pasmere and Trader Tom Carpenter “Moytoy II” a sense of responsibility, which continued. Pasmere taught her husband, Hokolesqua Opeechan “Stream” Cornstalk, and their children. It is because of the families' ability to read and write English, and cipher, they could negotiate and forge solid treaties, and trade profitably without taking unfair advantage of trusting people. Follows is a list of Carpenter family descendents able to speak and write English, and cipher. These families were the leaders of the Cherokee Nation from 1730 until the Indian Removal. The Shawnee started learning English in around 1660 that is 140 years before the Cherokee adopted an alphabet. All of the families listed below are Shawnee – Cherokee – and White.
Thomas Pasmere Carpenter, wife Pride Cornstalk, son Trade Carpenter “Moytoy I” and daughter Pasmere Carpenter

9.     Trader Carpenter “Moytoy I”, wife Locha, and son Trader Tom Carpenter

10. Trader Tom Carpenter “Moytoy II” (Appointed Emperor of the Cherokee Nation by the British) , wife Nancy Cornstalk, White Owl Raven, Savannah Tom, and Quatsis … adopted children,
11.  brothers Old Hop and Raven of Hiwassee, Elder and Younger Sister, and Moytoy V. Savannah Tom Carpenter, wife Nancy, daughters Susan and Elizabeth, sons Great Eagle and Corn Tassel, and Attakullakulla.
White Owl Raven, wife Nancy, Killaneca, Killaqua, All Bones, Bushyhead, daughters, Betsy, Tame Doe, and Oosta, and adopted son Amoyah Pigeon.
Moytoy V, wife, children, son Bad Water, daughters, Ahneewakee, Ounaconoa, and Tame Deer, adopted son, John Watts I.
Tikaimi Hop, daughter Mary Barnes. Aganunitsi Hop and Chief Young Rainmaker, Pasmere Carpenter, Hokolesqua, Okowellos Cornstalk.

The above records are included in the diary kept by Trader Tom Carpenter, which was located in England by a family member, **
We do not know to what extent the teaching continued after Trader Tom and wife Nancy returned to England; however, we do know several of the children of Ahneewakee Moytoy and John (Cheesquatalone) Greenwood could also read, write and cipher.
13. We think that also stands for the Greenwood family beginning with John the immigrant to John, Ahneewakee's husband. The same is most likely true for the family of Cornstalk who married Ounaconoa Moytoy V. We do not know about the Watts family, but there is no sound reason for that not to be the case.

This is listed on the website: My Carpenter Genealogy,and are not exactly the same as the records from Don Greene

Major Clans of the Shawnee

Chalaka = Turkey Clan

Pekowi = Rabbit Clan - Stands Alone/ has no partner

Kispoko = Turtle Clan

Mekoche = Deer Clan

Thawakilla =Wolf Clan

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