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Collins Mess or Mess of Collins: Compiled by Steven Frost

Dedicated to Collins Family genealogy from Virginia, N. Carolina, S. Carolina, Kentucky, Tenn., and Georgia. (Compiled by Steven Frost, update #14 January 2001)

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Included some recent information from Richard A. Prewitt who wrote a wonderful book titled "THE COLLINS BOOK Joseph Collins & Lucy Marchbanks Their Descendants" I do not know if he will reprint this book but if interested he can be reached at 1800 N.W. 81st St. Des Moines, IA 50325.
In looking at this data I feel it is important to note that the use of Sr. and Jr. was not confined to the use of father and son. Back in the early days it was often used to distinguish between to people with the same name, example: would be You have two brothers James and Robert, Robert names his son James. The County or township may refer to elder James as Sr. and the nephew James as Jr. This is important because we often attach the wrong children to families when we are not aware of this.
It is important to note that not all Family lines are connected by good source information, Much of the work is based on early works of others. With the family sources and other information not mentioned in there material. Some speculation by others may have been passed on as fact. You should use this material as something to add what information you have. This will help sort out the misinformation and prove other material. I will continue to add more data and sources as they come to me.
Here is what I have:
(I) JOHN COLLINS b. 1569 in Madison Co. Kent, England d. 1644 County Kent, England. I have no source for this info. No wife. One suspected offspring with no source. Carol Miller sites "History of Kent County, England, vol. 2" p.110. Carol states John's will mentions son John. See her web site.
(II) JOHN COLLINS (only child) b. Maidstone, County Kent, England, left Kent England in 1655 to Lawnes Creek Parish, Surrey Co., Va. From Jane Becker with no source.
(III) (1)JOHN COLLINS (2)JOHN A. COLLINS b. in Maidstone, County Kent, England d. July 15 1686 in Essex Co., Va. m. (1)MARGARET WEEKS Apr. 1674. Second Wife ELIZABETH CAUFIELD. Jane Becker provided info for(2) and had both first and second wife, no source given. NEW DATA from Kay Banks, she is not sure but info on John Collins of Maidenstone might have come from book on Collins of Caroline Co., Va. by ? From Charles A. Stephens remembering a circulated genealogy but not by who and no sources, that John came to America in 1655 (20 yrs after William).
Questions are II. John and
III. John the same and if not which one came to America in 1655? This is most likely the case and Carol Miller believes this to be true See her web site for more information.
One suspected offspring of John and Margaret, with no source.
(IV)1. WILLIAM COLLINS b. 1612 in Isle of Wight (from LDS) b. 1612 Maidenstone, Kent Co., England (from Richard A. Prewitt) d. (1) 1705, (2) aft. 1691 Pro, Orange Va. (3) bef. 1687 m. (1) ANN WILDES, (2) ANN WILDE, (3) ANN (KING) WILDES abt. 1637 (4) ANN widow of THOMAS WILDS. Some information from LDS no source listed, (4) came from Frank Youngblood siting "The Brockman Scrapbook" by W.E. Brockman. Also Richard A. Prewitt states William married Ann in 1640 and she was the daughter of ROBERT KING (will 1690) and MARY. Lori, E-mail siting Leonardo Andreas (material avl. through LDS) states Mrs. Ann Wildes married William Collins in 1675. From Carol Miller important you See her web site here for more detail, She has William Collins moving to King and Queen Co. in 1691 see (King and Land patents, book 8, p. 209 and owning land near the GEORGE DILLARDS plantation. She does not believe this is the William who married Ann Wilds but that her (IV)B.1 William is still the son of (II) John Collins above. She does not know the wife for this (IV)B.1William and has one son listed (V)B.1-1 JOHN COLLINS (I have started a separate numbering system denoted by the letter B to follow Carol's research down.) This John she has married to a CONSTANT ? with three children:
(VI)B.1-1-1 NICHOLAS COLLINS b. Orange Co., VA d. 1824 Orange Co. VA. m. ANN or/and MARGARET LONG two children:
VII)B.1-1-1-1 JOHN COLLINS b. Orange Co., VA d. 1832 St. Charles Co. Missouri.
VII)B.1-1-1-2 LUCY COLLINS b. Orange Co., VA
(VI)B.1-1-2 BENJAMIN COLLINS m. PEGGY (Orange Co. Will bk. 4 pgs. 292-293)
I have incomplete information from a book Clardy Family by J.W.Johnson-Call Number CS 7 C595 Library of Congress That a William Collins came to America in 1635 aboard the good ship Supply, this is all the information given to me I do not have the book to see if more is said or if it mentions it's source, I am looking for this book. From Charles Stephens siting Crozier, Vol 1, Virginia County Records, Immigrants to Virginia page 284. date 15 May 1635: Theis underwritten names are to Virginia imbarques in the "Plain Joan" Richard Buckam, Master, the pties having brought attestation of thei confirmitie to the orders and discipline of th Church of England." In the right column, WILLIAM COLLINS age 20 years, and WM. COLINS age 34 years. Also from Charles, this information is repeated in "The Original List of Persons of Quality" by Hooten pages 78-79. The Original passenger list has 84 persons who Embarked for Virginia at the Port of London on 15 May 1635. Included two Wm. Collins, one age 20 the other age 34. With these two Williams listed here, There is possibly three Williams. talk about a mess! Carol's material adds to the mess but may be the beginning of sorting out these two or three William Collins.
*note age 20 and 34 do not equal a 1612 birth date.
There are four children researched as those of William and Ann (V)1-1. JOHN (see below) ,
(V)1-2. ANN b. 1645 (V)1-3. THOMAS b. 1660 (V)1-4. WILLIAM (from Richard A. Prewitt)
(V)1-1. JOHN COLLINS Sr. b. (1) abt 1638 (2) 1645 of, Isle of Wight (3) 1641 Isle of Wight Co., Va. d. (1) aft 1710 Va, (2) January 16, 1692/93 in Isle of Wight (3) January 16 1693 in Isle of Wight. m. (1) ELEANOR OLIVE abt 1665 Isle of Wight (2) ELEANOR O. WYATT (3) MARY WYATT 1666/67 In King & Queen Co. Va. d. Sept. 7 1780/82 (4) AMY WYATT. (5) ELEANOR OLIVER in 1666 on Isle of wight, with her parents being JOHN OLIVER and ELLEN. Again LDS provided info on (1) but again no source. much confusion on Name of wife Eleanor, Amy or Mary, Olive, Wyatt or both? Jane Becker provided information on John's birth & death dates of (2)&(3) & marriage and death date of Mary Wyatt(3) no source. Information on (4) Amy Wyatt came from Frank Youngblood siting the "THE BROCKMAN SCRAPBOOK" by W.E. BROCKMAN no source from reference sited. (5) This information comes from Lori E-mail at she sites Leonardo Andreas work as source for this information which is available through the LDS. (4 &5) R. Prewitt also has Elleanor Oliver as wife with same parents and has Mary Wyatt listed as second wife.
LDS has 5 children listed for John Collins and wife Eleanor Olive, (VI)1-1-6. JOSEPH ,
(VI)1-1-2. JOHN Jr., (VI)1-1-3. THOMAS, (VI)1-1-4. WILLIAM, and (VI)1-1-5.GEORGE.
Jane Becker has a (VI)1-1-7. EDMUND, no source listed along with other names except
(VI)1-1-4. WILLIAM and (VI)1-1-1. ELEANOR.
Richard A. Prewitt has ELEANOR OLIVE as 1st wife with 4 children:
(VI)1-1-1. ELEANOR, b. 1668 in Isle of Wight, VA d. 1748-50 m. WILLIAM DeLOACH b. 1677/78 in Isle of Wight, VA d. 1745-47 in Brunswick Co., VA
(VI)1-1-2. JOHN, b. 1670 in Isle of Wight, VA m. CATHERINE CRUTCHER (from Prewitt) b. 1710 Spotsylvania Co. (from Shirley McCausland big difference in dates needs closer looking at.
(VI)1-1-3. THOMAS, d. 1748 in Spotsylvania, VA
(VI)1-1-4. WILLIAM,
and MARY WYATT as second wife with 2 children:
(VI)1-1-5. GEORGE
(VI)1-1-6. JOSEPH COLLINS b. (1)abt 1667 Isle of Wight (LDS no source) (2) Abt 1685 in King & Queen Co., Va.(Richard A. Prewitt no source sited) d. (1)May 3 1748 in Orange or King & Queen Co. Va. (LDS no source) (2) May 3 1748 in Essex, King & Queen Co., Va. (from Jane Becker no source) m. (1)CATHERINE ROBERTSON or (2) ROBINSON 1705 in Orange Co. Va b. 1690 in Spotsylvania Co., Va. d. May 3 1748 in Essex, King & Queen Co., Va. Name of wife(1) no dates or places from LDS no source. Name of Wife and dates from Jane Becker no source. (2) has both Robertson and Robinson listed from "The Brockman Scrapbook" and says she may be the daughter of JOHN ROBINSON and ANN HOLIDAY, and Ann the daughter of WILLIAM HOLIDAY, no source listed from reference.
I have received some of the same information above from different people some state it is only speculation and no sources for any of this information. Four suspected children:
(VII) 1-1-6-2 THOMAS COLLINS b.1707? Isle of Wight, VA (from LDS) b. 1707 Essex Co., VA (from Richard A. Prewitt) d. abt 1752 (from LDS)
Regarding the will of Thomas Collins, of St. Geo's in Spots. Co.., made 3 June 1751 & admitted to probate 1 Sept. 1752..... Inventory of his estate, taken by A. Foster, Dudley Gatewood, Henry Gatewood, and recorded 6 Feb. 1753. Then, additional inventory from pg. 228 of the will book is supposed to indicate he held landed estate in Carolina Co., Va.
Will Bk. B., p. 193: Bond 2 Apr. 1754 of Joseph Collins as guardian of Joyx (spelling? Jayn?), son of Thomas Collins, deceased, with Henry Gatewood his security. pg. 250: Bond 1 Apr. 1755 of Joseph Collins as guardian to Thomas & William Collins, orphans of Thomas Collins, deceased, with William McWilliams, Sr. & Hugh Sanders, his securities.
Additional information indicates that Thomas Collins was married twice,
m. (1) maybe ___?___ Joyeux? with two children, Richard Collins b. ca. 1725-1731, and Joyx Collins, He got pew #6 in the new church 11, Dec. 1767, Straton Manor Parish, K&Q Co., Va. Robinsons were in same pew. m. (2) Eliz. (Barbee) Redd. widow of Thos. Redd She was dau. of John Barbee and Ann Miller. Virginia Amorde on her web page has the wife of John Barbee as Elizabeth Beaumont, no source listed for this info. Her web page is on Familytreemaker. Thomas and Elizabeth had two children together, Thomas Jr., and William.
After Thomas Collins died Elizabeth Barbee married Samuel Hilldrup.
The father of Ann Miller, (Elizabeth's mother) was John Miller. (from Kay Banks and Richard A. Edwards)
1st wife __?__ JOYEUX?
(VIII) 1-1-6-2-1 RICHARD COLLINS b. bef 1731 (from LDS) b. 1725-31 (from Richard A. Edwards)
b. ca. 1731 King & Queen Co., VA.
(VIII) 1-1-6-2-2 JOYCE COLLINS (see different spellings above) b. 1733 (date from LDS)
b. ca. 1738 (from Richard A. Prewitt)
2nd wife ELIZABETH BARBEE m. 1730 (date from Richard A. Prewitt)
(VIII) 1-1-6-2-3 THOMAS COLLINS Jr. b. bef. 1731 (date from LDS) b. ca. 1745 (from Richard A. Edwards and R.A. Prewitt) d. 1820 Madison Co., KY (from Banks, Edwards and Prewitt) m. (1) Oct 22, 1770 Miss Garland m. (2) Susannah Wallace daugther of Andrew Wallace and Margaret Woods. m. (3) June 17, 1781 Mary Barr (from Banks, Edwards and Prewitt) Virginia Amorde has a Thomas Collins who married Susannah Wallace as parents to Thomas Collins who married Elizabeth Barbee not there son. She has this (VIII) 1-1-6-2-3 Thomas Collins married (1) Mary Susan Wallace b. abt. 1743 d. abt. 1813 daughter of Andrew Wallace and Margaret Woods m. (2) Abigale Barbee Garland. See (IX) 1-1-6-3-4-2 Thomas as he is listed as marring a Abigale Barbee. You can see the dificulty here either Virginia has added a new Thomas to the mix or just broke Thomas marriages up making Thomas the father of himself. Also is Susaannah Wallace and Mary Susan Wallace possibly the same person or sisters as we have Andrew Wallace and Margaret Woods listed as parents for both Susannah an Mary. I have E-mailed her for clarification and am interested in hearing back from her to see where her information came from. When I do I will let you all know.
Virginia has children of Thomas and Mary Susan Wallace as:
(IX) 1-1-6-2-3-1 Capt. BARBEE COLLINS b. January 4 1774 in Albermarle Co. VA. d. June 15, 1843 in Franklin Co., VA. m. (1) June 24, 1795 Mary Woods in Madison Co., KY. m. (2) Hannah Woods May 27, 1823
(IX) 1-1-6-2-3-3 GARLAND COLLINS
(IX) 1-1-6-2-3-4 NANCY COLLINS
(VIII) 1-1-6-2-4 WILLIAM COLLINS b. ca. 1735 d. Madison Co., KY no date (from Richard A. Prewitt)d. abt. 1786 m. ? "Halifax and Mecklenburg counties, Virginia, Join boundaries along the State line that divides Granville County, North Carolina. The first census does not give the names of any Collins in Mecklenburg County. The William Collins in Halifax was evidently the one who is said to have died in Mecklenburg County in 1786." (from Richard A. Edwards)


This picture was taken in the late 1850's
(IX) 1-1-6-2-4-1 WILLIAM COLLINS, born 1770, died 1837, married 1791 MARY CLARDY, daughter of JOHN CLARDY and ELIZABETH BULLINGTON. William and Mary moved across the State line from Mecklenburg County, Virginia, to Granville County, North Carolina, about the time he married. It is believed and assumed by early family members ca. 1920's that he was the son of William Collins of Spotsylvania County who came to Halifax sometime in the early history of that county. William had five brothers and sisters: (from Richard A. Edwards)
(X) 1-1-6-2-4-1-1 ELIZABETH COLLINS b. Sept., 11, 1792
(X) 1-1-6-2-4-1-2 JAMES COLLINS b. March 14, 1795
(X) 1-1-6-2-4-1-3 MARY COLLINS b. January 05, 1796 d. 1891
(X) 1-1-6-2-4-1-4 WILLIAM COLLINS b. September 03, 1797 d. 1885
(X) 1-1-6-2-4-1-5 SARAH COLLINS b. July 06, 1800
(X) 1-1-6-2-4-1-6 LUCY COLLINS b. August 21, 1802 m. (1) JAMES MOSS m. (2) JOHN RIVES
(X) 1-1-6-2-4-1-7 JOHN W. COLLINS b. October 14, 1804 m. MALINDA BUSH
(X) 1-1-6-2-4-1-8 DANIEL COLLINS b. December 23, 1806 m. HENRIETTA MALLORY
(X) 1-1-6-2-4-1-9 THOMAS COLLINS b. March 19, 1809 d. February 26, 1889 m. 1834 MELONA SCOTT TAYLOR daughter of WILLIAM TAYLOR and LUCY PERKINS


(XI) 1-1-6-2-4-1-9-1 ALTHEA ANN COLLINS b. August 24, 1835 in Montgomery County Tennessee. d. August 12, 1883 m. November 11, 1846 JOSEPH WILLIAM EDWARDS son ofNICHOLAS EDWARDS and LUCY BOSWELL
(XI) 1-1-6-2-4-1-9-2 CORA TAYLOR COLLINS b. April 17, 1839
(XI) 1-1-6-2-4-1-9-3 OLIVIA PERKINS COLLINS b. December 29, 1840
(XI) 1-1-6-2-4-1-9-4 JOHN HANNA COLLINS b. September 12, 1844
(XI) 1-1-6-2-4-1-9-5 MARY VIOLA COLLINS b. October 25, 1853
(XI) 1-1-6-2-4-1-9-6 DANIEL COLLINS b. March 27, 1857 d. January 7, 1896
(X) 1-1-6-2-4-1-10 ACHILLES COLLINS b. 1811
(X) 1-1-6-2-4-1-11 NANCY COLLINS b. 1811
(X) 1-1-6-2-4-1-12 SUSAN COLLINS b. February 29, 1816 d. May 13, 1909
(X) 1-1-6-2-4-1-13 JANE COLLINS b. 1819

(IX) 1-1-6-2-4-2 JAMES COLLINS, married and moved to Henderson, Kentucky, where he left offspring.
(IX) 1-1-6-2-4-3 JOHN COLLINS, married and moved to Alabama. No further information on him.
(IX) 1-1-6-2-4-4 __?__ COLLINS, a daughter, married a HARDGROVE. This information is from a great niece.
(IX) 1-1-6-2-4-5 __?__ COLLINS, a daughter, married a WINNINGHAM.
(IX) 1-1-6-2-4-6 ELIZABETH COLLINS, b. ? d. 17, April 1835 in Smith Co. Tennessee, married 26, December 1796 to BENJAMAN CLARDY, b. 1774 in Granville Co. North Carolina, d. 20, November 1842 in Smith Co. Tennessee. Brother to Mary Clardy who married William Collins. Benjaman and Elizabeth had six daughters and two sons, of these five daughters died one by one as they reached the age of 19 or 20 The other daughter SUSANAH CLARDY, married WILLIAM T. BRITTEN of Smith Co. Tennessee and had two daughters. Of the two sons, JOHN C. CLARDY moved to Kentucky in 1831 and his descendants are found there. The greater part in Christian County Kentucky; one was a member of Congress, and for three or four generations some have been doctors.
Of WILLIAM CLARDY, the other son, little is known, but is presumed that his descendants can be found in Smith Co. Tenn. sense there are several families in that county with the Clardy name. (from Richard A. Edwards.)

(VII) 1-1-6-3 Capt. JOSEPH COLLINS b. 1709 Essex Co., VA. d. Oct., 1757 Will written Aug. 7, 1757 probated NOV. 1 1757,Spotsylvania Will book B, p.329 m. SUSANNAH LEWIS b. 1712 in Spotsylvania Co. VA. d. April 16, 1768 (from Richard A. Prewitt) Suzannah Lewis was daughter of ZACHARY LEWIS. (from Gloria Kemp)
(VIII) 1-1-6-3-1 JAMES COLLINS Jr. b. Spotsylvania Co. VA m. 1740 ELIZABETH WYLIE in Spotsylvania Co., VA (from Brockman, Vol.3)
(IX)1-1-6-3-1-1 JAMES COLLINS
(IX)1-1-6-3-1-2 JOHN COLLINS d. 1762 will dated Nov. 4, 1762 proved Nov. 1762 (Orange Will bk. O, p. A-27)
(IX)1-1-6-3-1-3 WILLIAM COLLINS d. by 1791
(IX)1-1-6-3-1-4 CATHERINE COLLINS m. ENOS ELLMORE (from Richard A. Prewitt)

(VIII)1-1-6-3-2 JOHN COLLINS b. Spotsylvania Co., VA d. 1765 in Spotsylvania Co., VA m. ANN COOK daughter of THOMAS COOK and ANN (from Richard A. Prewitt)
(IX)1-1-6-3-2-1 STEPHENS COLLINS owned fathers land on Po River. (from Richard A. Prewitt)
(IX)1-1-6-3-2-3 JOHN COLLINS
(IX)1-1-6-3-2-4 HENRY COLLINS
(IX)1-1-6-3-2-6 EDWARD COLLINS d. Orange Co., VA Sept. 1st 1822 (from Richard A. Prewitt)

(VIII)1-1-6-3-3 WILLIAM COLLINS b. Spotsylvania Co., VA d. Feb. 1792 in Beaver Creek, Kershaw Co., SC will recorded Feb. 29th 1792 (Keshaw Will Bk. C, p. 39) m. abt 1753 ELIZABETH BASHAW
b. 1733 Westmoreland Co., VA parents PETER BASHAW and MARY WARNER
(IX)1-1-6-3-3-1 WILLIAM D. COLLINS, Jr. b. 1754
(IX)1-1-6-3-3-3 REUBEN COLLINS b. ac.1758
(IX)1-1-6-3-3-4 THOMAS COLLINS b. Aug, 9, 1759
(IX)1-1-6-3-3-6 JOSEPH COLLINS
(IX)1-1-6-3-3-7 NANCY COLLINS
(IX)1-1-6-3-3-8 BASHAW COLLINS
(IX)1-1-6-3-3-9 SARAH COLLINS

(IX)1-1-6-3-4-1 EDMUND COLLINS
(IX)1-1-6-3-4-2 THOMAS COLLINS b. 1740 m. ABIGAIL BARBEE Virginia Amorde has a Thomas Collins marring a Abigale Barbee Garland this Thomas she has the son of (VII) 1-1-6-2 Thomas and Elizabeth Barbee. Go back to (VIII) 1-1-6-2-3 for more detailed information.
(IX)1-1-6-3-4-3 BARTLETT COLLINS d. Feb. 26 1831 in Grant Co., KY m. 1789 ELIZABETH FOSTER in Fayette Co., KY (from Richard A. Prewitt)

(VIII)1-1-6-3-5 LEWIS COLLINS b. in Spotsylvania Co., VA d. 1785 Granville Co. NC m. ELIZABETH DAVIS d. 1804 Kershaw Co., SC
(IX)1-1-6-3-5-3 EDWARD COLLINS
(IX)1-1-6-3-5-4 LEWIS COLLINS, Jr. b. 1763 d. Feb. 8, 1815 m. CHARLOTTE HAMMOND d. Nov. 25, 1862 at age 98 parents Capt. SAMUEL HAMMOND and ? (from Richard A. Prewitt)
(IX)1-1-6-3-5-5 WILEY COLLINS d. May 13, 1816

(IX)1-1-6-3-6-1 DRUSILLA WISDOM m. JAMES BRADLEY (from Gloria Kemp)
(VIII)1-1-6-3-8 SUSANNAH COLLINS d. 1775/76 m. WILLIAM A. GHOLSON d. 1790 parents ANTHONY GHOLSON and JANE
(IX)1-1-6-3-8-1 LEWIS GHOLSON
(IX)1-1-6-3-8-3 JOHN GHOLSON
(IX)1-1-6-3-8-5 JAMES GHOLSON
(IX)1-1-6-3-8-6 WILLIAM GHOLSON, Jr.

(VIII)1-1-6-3-9 TABITHA COLLINS m. (1) EDMUND FOSTER b. 1721 d. 1748 parents ANTHONY FOSTER and SARAH or MARTHA TALIAFERRO (information on Martha and birth date of Edmund is from Harold Harrison E-mail: no source sited)
(IX)1-1-6-3-9-2 MARY FOSTER m. JOHN ROWZEE Sr. b. abt 1764 (this information also came from Harold Harrison.) You can see the problom with the dates, if Edmund Foster did die in 1748 then Mary would be abt. 40 years old when John was of age to marry. So any records would be helpful in sorting this out.
Tabitha m. (2) HENRY GATEWOOD b. 1690 in Essex Co., VA. d. 1777 in Spotsylvania Co., VA. parents JOHN GATEWOOD and AMY WEEKS
Tabitha m. (3) in 1777 JOHN MARSHALL HOLLIDAY d. 1781


(VII) 1-1-6-4 WILLIAM COLLINS m. ELIZABETH (from Richard A. Prewitt)

(V)1-3. THOMAS COLLINS, Sr. b. 1660 in Isle of Wight Co., VA d. bef. 1765 m. ANN __?_
(VI)1-3-1 JAMES COLLINS, Sr. (not proven to be James Collins Sr., with possible children below, just suspected. some people believe him to be the son of (IV)1. William Collins but his birth date is a year after Williams alleged 1687 death, see earlier information on William. James Collins Sr. family information put here for convenience. ) b. abt 1688 resided in Caroline Co., VA. d. 1766 in Caroline Co. VA (from Richard A. Prewitt and many others)
(VII)1-3-1-1 MATTHEW COLLINS b. ca. 1709, d. 1760 in Goochland Co., VA m. CATHERINE _?_

(VII)1-3-1-2 SAMUEL COLLINS b. ca. 1710, resided Amelia Co. VA
(VII)1-3-1-3 JAMES COLLINS Jr. b. ca. 1712 d. abt 1779 resided in Amelia - Halifax Co., VA
(VIII)1-3-1-3-1 WILLIAM COLLINS b. ca 1735 in Amelia Co., VA d. 1781 in Pittsylvania Co., VA
m. MARY _?_
(IX)1-3-1-3-1-1 WILLIAM COLLINS m. Sept. 12, 1776 MARTHA CRUTCHFIELD
(IX)1-3-1-3-1-2 ELIZABETH COLLINS m. bef. 1778 JESSE HODGES
(IX)1-3-1-3-1-3 DANIEL COLLINS m. ANNA _?_ resided in Pittsylvania Co. VA
(IX)1-3-1-3-1-4 THOMAS COLLINS b. ca. 1762 in Halifax Co., VA
(IX)1-3-1-3-1-5 FANNY COLLINS m. 1799 JOHN WARD in Pittsylvania Co., VA

(VIII)1-3-1-3-2 TABITHA COLLINS b. ca 1746 Amelia Co., VA m. 1768 JOEL HURT in Halifax Co., VA
(IX)1-3-1-3-2-1 WILLIAM HURT

(VIII)1-3-1-3-3 JOHN COLLINS, Sr. b. Sept, 10, 1748 Amelia Co., VA d. 1835 in Halifax Co. VA
m. (1) NANCY _?_
(IX)1-3-1-3-3-1 JAMES COLLINS b. 1771 in Halifax Co., VA m. Sept. 28, 1795 ELIZABETH LOVELACE in Halifax Co. VA daughter of TABITHA LOVELACE
(IX)1-3-1-3-3-2 NANCY COLLINS b. 1772 Halifax Co., VA
m. July 21, 1792 WILLIAM TAYLOR in Halifax Co. VA
(IX)1-3-1-3-3-3 JOHN COLLINS Jr. d. bef. 1823 m. LOCKEY JONES
(IX)1-3-1-3-3-4 PETER COLLINS
(IX)1-3-1-3-3-5 SARAH COLLINS
(IX)1-3-1-3-3-7 JOSEPH COLLINS m. PATSEY _?_ resided in Edgefield Co., SC in 1792
(IX)1-3-1-3-3-8 ELISHA COLLINS
John m. (2) JUDITH _?_ see Halifax Will Bk 17, p. 598

(VII)1-3-1-4 STEPHEN COLLINS b. ca. 1714 resided in Goochland - Amelia - Halifax Co., VA
m. FRANCES _?_
(VIII)1-3-1-4-1 STEPHEN COLLINS Jr. possibly married a SARAH SHACKELFORD in Richmond Co., GA on March 29, 1787 (from Richard A. Prewitt)

(VII)1-3-1-5 JOSEPH COLLINS b. ca. 1718 in VA d. between 1798 and 1800 in Woodford Co., KY
ca. 1741 LUCY MARCHBANKS b. abt. 1720 d. between 1794 and 1798 in Woodford Co., KY parents: GEORGE MARCHBANKS and ANN _?_
(all information on Joseph and children from Richard A. Prewitt) Other people suspect the parents of children below are possibly (VIII)1-1-6-3-1 James Collins m. Elizabeth Wylie or (VI)3-1-3 James Collins m. Elizabeth Gillentine. Of the three Elizabeth Gillentine and James Collins our the least likely, as I have had only to people say this over the last two years and they had no source information for saying this. I suspect they may have picked up on James Collins m. Elizabeth and got Wiley mixed up with Gillentine some how. There our two schools of thought the older one believing that James m. Elizabeth Wiley and a more recent view that Joseph m. Lucy Marchbanks. It is important to say that neither one has proof positive source information that shows which one is correct.
I will add more on Elisha at a later date as I sort my mountain of information and why I feel Joseph and Lucy are a more likely prospect. Again there is no document that I have seen that positively Identifies the parents of Elisha and siblings with any parent. It is just by association with other records and how you add them up to what is after all our best guess. .

(VIII)1-3-1-5-1 ROBERT COLLINS b. 1742
(VIII)1-3-1-5-3 JOEL COLLINS b. ca. 1746 m. MARY _?_
(VIII)1-3-1-5-4 JOSEPH COLLINS Jr. b. ca. 1748 m. NETTIE CULVER
(VIII)1-3-1-5-5 CHLOE COLLINS b. ca 1749 m. Maj. ROBERT BOWMAR
(VIII)1-3-1-5-7 JUDITH COLLINS b. ca. 1754 m. THOMAS GLASS
(VIII)1-3-1-5-10 JEREMIAH COLLINS b. ca 1760 m. (1) MARY PULLIAM d. 1807

(VII)1-3-1-6 WILLIAM COLLINS b. ca. 1722 resided Goochland Co., VA
(VI)1-3-3 THOMAS COLLINS, Jr. d. 1781 m. MARGARET ?
* Note on Brockman he appears to have written other books as well that duplicate some information ex. "Orange Co., Va Families" by Wm Brockman and there may be others.
*Note on ship "Supply" from Charles Stephen’s, reference John Camden (Hotten) see Hotten above. Entry "Collins and the Supply". i.e. "Muster of John Collins--John Collins age 30 years in the Supply, 1620, Susan, his wife, aged 40 years, in the Treasurer, 1613 & Ann Usher, aged 8 years, born here. Little more of a mess on our John Collins above.
COPYRIGHT © 2001 Steven M. Frost, Contributors and relatives of persons mentioned in text
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I have decided to enter the world of Copyright very reluctantly. I strongly feel that Genealogy should be open to all with out worry of copyright infringement. After all Genealogy is built on what others have done before. I also have amended the copyright adding contributors and relatives to help alleviate some concerns about my purpose in copyrighting this material. It is not my intention to professionally publish this material. Also at the same time I add the Copyright message I give my permission to freely copy my material in it's entirety for any non profit use and research. This is primarily to prevent professional rip off scams from taking the material and claming it as theirs and charging money for it. It is my intention with this copyright to keep this material for use in the public domain for non profit use except for relatives and contributors who can use the material as they see fit. It is understood, that records in the public domain, such as tombstones inscriptions, tax records, or deeds, names etc. cannot be copyrighted; abstracts or transcriptions of such material may be protected in the form in which they are written. This material is truly the hard work of many loyal hard working Amateur Genealogists, that’s you. I have only compiled information and sorted through this material to create a new way of looking at all this material. I am very interested in hearing your thoughts, comments and concerns or approval about this approach to copyrighting.
Thank you Steven M. Frost
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