Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Melungeon "L" List and "Core" Project is a Private Club!

Dwight Collins

I usually stay out of the "Core" and "L" Projects discussions, because I find them disquieting with their loose handed and unbalanced approach to the issues involved. I follow the posts quite a lot. I'm a Collins from deep in eastern Ky, and I have not agreed with your assessment of MY family as I felt others with deeper historical experience could make more valid points than myself in refuting some of your "theories" that are presented as "facts"!!

But now you are not only criticizing valid questions, you are refusing to even have them out in the open to be asked.... You are hiding in the dark. You have the nerve to question someone of Jo Ann Pezzullo's stature, authority, and deep research into these important matters that have been usurped by a very few authors on the subject, who attempt to enhance their own star by speaking to and quoting each other only to themselves to "build" a historical" base...

Do you mean try and  to tell me that you can in any way justify cutting off discussions simply because you lack the historical narrative to argue your own case in the court of public.opinion? .Are you all such cowards you must hide behind the smoke screen of polite discussion and diversion when to stay and openly discuss some of the "possible short comings" of your "Projects" would be to admit you don't have a leg to stand on!!! you will be unable to defend your assertions, some of which are nearly lauaghable due to their lack of historical verification.

It might conceivably be humorous to write about "Them Melungeons"  if  your point of view it were not racist, bigoted, and demeaning in it's viewpoint..I am offended by your assertions in that you claim some how your "information" is somehow more valid and more "special" than what other well informed parties of the opposing point of view have to say..If you want a private club, which seems to be your goal, then you should call it that, and stop pretending that you have any idea that is more valid than mine.

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