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Vardy Collins: Son of Samuel, b. 1734

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Generation One

1. VARDEMON Vardy {NAVARRH1-not proven name} COLLINS; born 1764 at New River, Grayson County, Virginia; married Peggy Gibson.

He was also known as Vardy Collins. He settled in Blackwater Valley, Tennessee in 1797. In 1810 he had already acquired 100 acres of land, as listed for the Captain Looney Company, Puncheon Camp Valley (Pore Valley), along with Benjamin Colings, 90 acres; Hennery Collings, James Collings, 100 acres; John Denhan, Gerden (Jordan) Gibson, 100 acres; Yearby Gibson, Shepard Gibson, 50 acres; Charels Gibson, Tiry Gibson, 50 acres; Royal Gibson and Vallingtine (Valentine) Collins, 100 acres. The William Nichols list of 1812 includes Jesse Gibson 30 acres, and John Denhan, 30 acres.

Vardy Mineral Springs, operated by Vardemon Collins for many years and Vardy School, a Presbyterian Mission School, were both named for him. According to Court records of Wilkes County, North Carolina, Vardy Collins, born in 1764 in North Carolina, was involved in a lawsuit - Case 10, State vs Vardy Collins, as shown by Court Records of Wilkes County, of which Ashe County was a part at the time. In the same record, Case 11 was entitled, State vs Jordan Gibson.

Vardy Collins was said to be a full-blooded Indian. Probably half-blooded. His wife Margaret Gibson, was Spanish, probably full-blooded. Their descendents are mostly of dark skin, some with straight dark hair, though many have a wave in the hair, some have curly, even kinky hair. This may come from the Spanish or mixture of Irish.

Vardy and Peggy came in from North Carolina from near Red River, or crossed the Red River. They took practically all the land from the Virginia State Line to Mulberry Gap, between Newmans Ridge and Powell Mountain.

I have two different sets of fathers for Vardy.

1)Vardy was the son of James Navarrh H. Collins (he was called Henry), born in 1699 in Virginia. Henry was the son of Henry Collins, the indentured servant of Thomas Wood. He is listed in the Court Book of the Virginia Company dated 15 December 1619 and 23 June 1620. See Manchester Papers #241, Public Records Office, London, England, List of Records #58.

Where they got the money for this much land we do not know. Possibly it was a grant for some Military service, though he is not listed as a pensioner or having been in any military outfits under the name of Vardy. Some sources said his name was Henry Navarrh Collins, and that later it was changed to Vardimon or Vardy. Possibly Peggy came from a rich family and had the money before they moved here. Or it is possible that Vardy came from a rich family, or was in business and made it before he came to Tennessee. Vardy built a big double log house near the Vardy Springs. It was counted as one of the biggest houses in the county at the time. It is rumored that travellers stopped to stay over night there and were never heard from again. From the nature of the case we can not be sure of the truth of these traditions. Perhaps it is better to think that he came by his money in honest ways, and freely practiced the open and free hospitality of the backwoods and the mountains, and likely being a man of force and resolute habit, he likely was envied by those who were less successful, and suspected where there was but little truth or little cause for it.

2)Vardy Collins was in Ashe Co. NC in 1800 listed as head of household with 4 other Free Persons of Color.Meaning 4 children. Vardy according to tax records was the son of Samuel Born 1734 was a Mulatto, taxable in Orange Co. NC,with 2 Black Titles( probably Vardy and Valentine "Vol" Collins) ( T&C Box 1 Archives Raleigh NC) Samuel was listed as the Head of Wilkes Co. ( area that became Ashe in 1790) 1 male 21-60 and 1 female 1787 state census. Valentine ( Vol) Collins listed in 1800 Ashe Co. NC census as Head with 6 other Free Persons of Color.

Samuel is believed to be the son of Old Thomas Collins .Other Collins men who were associated with Thomas Collins Sr. in New Kent, later Louisa County, Va. were probably his BROTHERS. They were Samuel Collins, John Collins and William Collins.

25 Jan 1745 Louisa County, Virginia Court: William Hall, Samuel Collins, William Collins, Samuel Bunch, George Gibson, Benjamin Brannum, Thomas Gibson, & William Donothan appear to answer an indictment for concealing tithables. Plead not guilty, Case continued. (Louisa County, Va., Tithables and Census)

The following source Melungeon families lived in the same area of Virginia around 1730. John Bunch, Gilbert Gibson, Thomas Gibson and Thomas Collins. They begin selling their land in Louisa County. VA in 1747 and migrated to the Flatt River area of then Granville County, North Carolina this area became Orange County in 1753. 1747 Thomas Collins sells 184 acres of land on the south side of the Pamunkey River on Turkey Run Creek to John Dowell for 25 Ibs. (Louisa County, Va. Melungeons and Other Pioneer Families)

Thomas Collins Sr. b 1710 , probable children were; Thomas Jr. b 1728, Joseph b 1730, Samuel b 1732, John b 1734, George b 1736, Elisha b 1738. They settled on the Flatt River as the following records reveal.

"Land Grants from the Earl of Granville to the earliest settlers, The Granville Dist. Of N.C. 1748-1763 Vols 2 & 4 by Hofman." 29 Oct 1751 -Grant to William Churton, 640 acres on the south side of Flatt River joining John Collins on the Rocky Branch. Grant is for warrant issued to Thomas Gibson (#3775) 1752. 250 acres to Thomas Gibson on the Flatt River. 28 Oct 1752 640 acres to Joseph Collins on the South West side of the Flatt River Witness- Thomas Collins and James Lilkemper.

The Flatt River lies in what is Person's Co. today.
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Wilkes County, NC was created from Surry in 1778. Ashe County NC was created from Wilkes in 1799. The records of Wilkes County show those people who were in Ashe County, but the records of Surry County do not show those who were in Wilkes County waiting for a county to be created. The following record pertaining to the COLLINS family found are presented as they appear in the records. NO additional information was given other than is listed in this report.

WILKES LAND ENTRY BOOK ( 1778-1781 ) These are by number and are very brief descriptions of the entry. Many times the people who entered the land never obtained a grant from the State of NC for said land,But at the time it was entered they are believed to have been in the area.

#700-2 Jan 1779 Wm Lenoir ent,400ac both sides Rocky Creek below CHARLES COLLINS' old waste cabin.

#703-2 Jan 1779 Benja.Cleveland ent 200 ac S side S fork New River incl.improvements that Reubin Stringer and SAMUEL COLLINS now lives

#737-2 Jan 1779 Benj. Herndon ent 600 ac on Dogg Creek,water of New River including two old cabins formerly belonging to GEORGE COLLINS.

#1012- 9 June 1779- John Livingston ent 140 ac head waters Beaver Creek adjoining Thomas land & THOMAS COLLINS


#290 -9July1791 GEORGE COLLINS ent 50 ac waters of New River

#353 -9 July 1791 ELISHA COLLINS ent 50 ac upper end Turtle Shoals,S fork New River including improvements where said COLLINS lives.

#369-0 July 1791 JOSHUA COLLINS ent 50 ac waters of Cramberry Creek

#371 - 9 July 1791- LEWIS COLLINS ent 50 ac mouth Fall branch E side S fork, New River

#379-9 July 1791 DAVID COLLINS ent 100 ac Elk Creek adjoining Wm Hill

WILKES COUNTY DEED BOOK (1778-1815 ) A-1,B-1,C-1,D-1,F-1,& G-H

DB B-1,p 120-4 March 1786 AMBROSE COLLINS was a witness to a deed for land N side S fork New River, mouth Nathans Creek.

DB D ,p. 42- 20 Dec 1791 George Reves was granted by N.C. 600 ac New River adj.conditional line made between said Reeves and DAVID COLLINS. ( on the 28th of Jan 1797 George Reeves of Grayson County sold this land , same description mentioning the same DAVID COLLINS

DB D, p329 4 April 1798 THOMAS COLLINS bought for 15 pds , 70 ac of land S. side New River

DB D , p 412 27 Dec 1797- N.C. granted GRIFFIN COLLINS 50 ac branch Elk Creek

DB D p 412 27 Dec 1797- N.C. granted DAVID COLLINS 50 ac adj Wm Hill

DB D, p 750 13 Dec 1796 N.C. granted VARDY COLLINS 100 ac S side S fork New River

ASHE COUNTY DEEDS ( from index on microfilm only have DB A& B in collection)

DB A......p. 4 13 Dec 1798 NC granted ELISHA COLLINS 50 ac in Wilkes Co NC, N side S fork New River ( warrent dated 3 June 1798)

DB A.....p 174 26 March 1800 GRIFFIN COLLINS ,ASHE COUNTY to Moses Smith of Grayson Co. Va. 30 pds 50 ac N fork Elk Creek. Griffith X Collins (his mark) Wit: Elisha Williams, John McMillion, Wm X Perry ( his mark)

DB A,,,,p 399 12 Dec 1802 N.C. granted ELISHA COLLINS 150 ac Laurel Fork of New River adj Stephen Reed

DB A....p 434 12 May 1802 ELISHA COLLINS , Ashe Co. to Mathias Carpenter 20 pds 150 ac Laurel Fork of New River s/ Elisha Collins Wit: Elisha Baldwin, Jonathan X Miller(his mark)

DB B p. 68 29 Nov 1802 NC granted THOMAS COLLINS 200 ac Laurel Fork Elk Creek

DB B...p. 69 17 Dec 1802 NC granted AMBROSE COLLINS 200 ac Three Top MTdrean N fork New River adj Stephen Reed

DB B ...p. 258 14 Mar 1803 ELISHA COLLINS to Wm Mc Gaha 50 pds for 50 ac S fork New River...............s/ Elisha Collins

DB B p, 466 29 Nov 1803 NC granted GRIFFITH COLLINS 150 ac in Ashe Co. adj the Virginia line, adj William Perrie

DB C , p. 51 NC to ABRAHAM COLLINS DB C, p . 137 NC to ELISHA COLLINS DB D , P. 11 Jousha Cox to AMBROSE COLLINS DB D, p. 71 William Richardson to THOMAS COLLINS DB D, p. 391 Elijah Estep to JAMES COLLINS DB T, p. 126 ROBERT COLLINS tp Solomon Spence DB T p. 352 Henry Davis to JOHN COLLINS DB V p. 284 Deed of Trust -THOMAS COLLINS to Richard Gentry

************************************************** ****************************

WILKES COUNTY N.C. TAXABLES 1782 from N.C. archives; 1784-1788 from Wm Lenoir family records ( University of NC Library, Chaple Hill , NC ( Collens/Collins)

1782-Samuel Johnson's District ( this was in the NE part of Wilkes Co. which in 1858 became Allehany Co, when Alleghany was taken from Ashe) SAMUEL COLLINS listed 100 ac land, 3 horses, and 6 heads of cattle.

1784 Hall's District #4 ( being in the part of Ashe that became Allehany i n 1858 GEORGE land 1 poll tax SAMUEL land 1 poll tax AMBROSE land 1 poll tax

1786 Hall's district #4 1787 " GEORGE land...1 poll AMBROSE land...1 poll SAMUEL land...1 poll

1788 Hall's District #4 GEORGE land 1 poll AMBROSE COLLINS land 1 poll VOLENTINE land 1 poll ( first time appeared indicating he had just turned 21 yrs) MARTIN land. 1 poll

1789 Hall's District#4 SAMUEL COLLINS.............100 ac o polls ( probably reachedage of 21) VOLENTINE land...1 poll BENJAMIN land...1 poll

1790 Hall's District #4 AMBROSE COLLINS............... no land...1 poll VOLENTINE land ...1 poll

BUNYARD DISTRICT #14 ( This district was adj to Hall's. DO NO KNOW if it fell into Alleghany in 1858 or remained in Ashe County) ELISHA COLLINS.................. no land...1 poll

1791 Hall's district #4 VOLENTINE land...1 poll

1792 Hall's District #4 GEORGE land...1 poll

Bunyard district #13 VOLENTINE land ...1 poll VARDY land....1 poll

1793 Bunyard District #13 VOLENTINE land.....1 poll ELISHA COLLINS......................50 ac.........1 poll VARDY land ....1 poll LEWIS land.....1 poll

1794 Bunyard District #13 VOLENTINE land....1 poll ELISHA COLLINS..........................50ac..........1 poll VARDY COLLINS..........................50 ac.........1 poll

1795 Bunyard District #13 VIRDIE land.... 1 poll LEWIS land.....1 poll

1796 Bunyard District #13 VARDIE COLLINS......................100 ac..........1 poll MERIDIA land........1 poll LEWIS land.........1 poll Hall's district #4 DAVIDCOLLINS.......................100ac.......... ..1 poll VALENTINE land........1 poll GRIFFIN land........1 poll

1797 Bunyard District #13 VARDIE land........1 poll VOLENTINE land........1 poll AARON land........1 poll Hall's ( Toliver) District #4 THOMAS COLLINS.................70 ac.............1 poll

1799 District #13 is missing

1790 FEDERAL CENSUS ( 1st in USA) 10th company that became Ashe 1799 AMBROSE COLLINS..........1m ov 16, 1m und 16, 2 f GEORGE COLLINS..............1 m ov 16, 3 m und 16, 3 f DAVID COLLINS................3m ov 16, 2 m und 16, 6 f HARDY COLLINS..............1m ov 16, 1 m und 16, 4 f VOL COLLINS....................1m ov 16, 2 f MARTIN COLLINS...........1m ov 16, 3 m und 16, 4 f

1800 FEDERAL CENSUS was the first census for Ashe NC. You will note that the Collins who appearently still lived in the area do not have enumertions as to the number in household, but their names are listed. The 1810 census explains why. AMBROSE COLLINS 0 0 0 0 0 0 males 0 0 0 0 0 females VARDY COLLINS 0 0 0 0 0 0 males 0 0 0 0 0 females VOL COLLINS 0 0 0 0 0 0 males 0 0 0 0 0 females THOMAS COLLINS 0 0 0 0 0 0 males 0 0 0 0 0 females

1810 ASHE COUNTY, N.C. FEDERAL CENSUS ( In ashe co the census taker used initials of the first name of the people on this census) E COLLINS................3m 0-10, 1 m 16-26, 1 f 10-16, 1 f 26-45, 1 f over 45 A COLLINS...............1m 0-10, 1 m ov 45, 2 f 0-10, 3 f 10-16, 1 f 26-45 J COLLINS................1 M 16-26, 2 F 10-10, 1 F 16-45 T COLLINS..............4 m 0-10, 1 m 26-45, 1 f 26-45


************************************************** **********************



************************************************** ************************


29 April 1788 AMBROSE COLLINS member of road jury to view road through lands of Thomas Dickinson on New River.

23 July1790 AMBROSE COLLINS VS Thomas Dickinson

24 Jan 1791 Deed from David Smith to Levon Cole 100 ac proven by oath AMBROSE COLLINS

26 Jan 1791 Road jury ordered to view road from James Bakers down to Old Muster Ground; report they have turned same from Sandy Island Fork through Low Gap to Alexander Smith's; thence down bank of river to VARDIE COLLINS; thence cross in the river to William Hall's

27 April 1791 AMBROSE COLLINS VS Thomas Dickinson ( does not give why)

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  1. I have been trying to find out my family history and Vardy is one of my great grandfathers. But the #2 I believe to be inaccurate according to my records, Peggy wasn't born until 1790s so it would be impossible for them to have 4 children wouldn't it?