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(Partial) Descendants of Samuel Collins Volume 3

Notes for Louisa Combs:
BIRTH:  Census Record; Dau. of Levi COMBS (1828-9/4/1882) and Silva GRIGSBY
(1825-1/12/1902) from Evelyn Collins Sabayrac, gd; Also Pension Papers.
DEATH:  Pension Papers, became ill Nov. 1, 1928 with chronic dilation of heart;
also kidney trouble.
MARRIAGE:  Pension papers.

CENSUS:  1870, Perry Co., KY, #50/50:  Levi Combs 43, b. KY; Silva 45 (Grigsby); Mariah 21; Nancy 16; Balis 12; Winey 10; John L. 7; Amanda 4; Orlena 1.

CENSUS:  1900, Letcher Co., KY:  Watson 55; Louisa 48; Manerva 14; Filden 9; Kathy C. 6.

HEALTH:  Chronic dilation of heart, Became ill Nov. 1, 1928.  Nursed by Mary,
Nerva Ashly, Ulanda Combs.  During last illness she lived at Vicco. She also
had kidney trouble.  Ulanda and Nerva lived at Sassafras.
Was married by Samuel Combs.  Marriage Record on file in Hazard, KY, if
records not destroyed. Was 18 when married, about 5'6" or 8, fair complexion,
blue eyes, black hair,
Affadavit to above dated 11/3/1927.

Children of Watson Collins and Louisa Combs are:
            i.          LEVI5 COLLINS, b. January 24, 1870, Knott Co., KY; d. May 12, 1944.

BIRTH:  Mother's affadavit in Pension Papers gives date of 1/27/1870.
MARRIAGE:  To Delilah Frances ENGLE; Info. from Evelyn Sabayrac, gd of Wason.

83.       ii.          CYNTHIA COLLINS, b. October 22, 1872, , KY.
84.       iii.         NANCY COLLINS, b. September 22, 1874.
85.       iv.         SYLVANIA COLLINS, b. November 11, 1875; d. August 17, 1903.
86.       v.         LARKIN COLLINS, b. December 19, 1878; d. April 02, 1926, Knott Co. , KY.
            vi.         MARY JANE COLLINS, b. March 25, 1880.

MARRIAGE:  To Geo. W. COLLINS on 1/15/1900, Letcher Co., KY, B-11, P-480
He was previously married to her sister, Sylvania:  Note:  check death date of
Sylvania and Mary Jane.  Something wrong about Sylvania's marriage and death

            vii.        EULANDA COLLINS, b. February 05, 1882; m. (1) BOB BLAIR; m. (2) JOHN A. COMBS, January 22, 1900, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Mother's affadavit in Pension Papers gives date of 12/4/1882
MARRIAGE:  #1, B-11, P-486; #2.

Notes for JOHN A. COMBS:
MARRIAGE:  B-11, P-486, Letcher Co., KY.

            viii.       BAILUS COLLINS, b. May 28, 1884; d. May 31, 1939; m. EFFIE CRAWFORD, February 1906, Letcher Co., KY.

MARRIAGE:  To Effie CRAWFORD on 2/1906, Letcher Co., KY.

87.       ix.         MANERVA COLLINS, b. December 15, 1886.
88.       x.         FIELDEN COLLINS, b. January 18, 1891; d. May 04, 1951.
89.       xi.         KATHERINE C. COLLINS, b. March 06, 1893, Knott Co., KY; d. July 02, 1976, Perry Co., KY.

26.  Calvin4 Collins (Burdine3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born April 20, 1834 in Russell Co., VA, and died April 09, 1911 in Cap, Letcher Co., KY.  He married Lucinda Taylor April 20, 1854 in Letcher Co., KY.  She was born May 1835 in Ashe Co., NC, and died February 28, 1910 in Letcher Co., KY.

Notes for Calvin Collins:
BIRTH:  Pension Application; Marriage record gives birth as Perry Co.
DEATH:  Same, Heart failure.
MARRIAGE:  B-1, P-50, he 21, she 17.

MILITARY:  Was 6'1", dark complexion, black eyes, black hair, stated his father
was Burdine, mother Polly, that his Uncle Bryant W. lived nearby, that
Briant was educated, that James Collins, son of Briant W. removed from
Letcher to Kansas.  Stated the he, claimant, had rheumatism. Was in 3 Forks
Btn. KY Cap. Guards, 14th KY Cav. Claim 7/9/1888; Appl. # 663250, Cert. #
680.825, KY.

Enlisted Dec. 15, 1862, discharged Mar. 24, 1864, Union Army.  Buried near Van
on top of hill between Smoot and Colley Creeks.  Info. from Letcher collins,
1890 Special Census; House 58, Fam. 63, Pvt. Co. L, 19th Ky Inf. Oct 1861-Feb.

CENSUS: 1850 Letcher Co., KY:  Burdine 40; Mary 35; Margaret 17; Calvin 16; Henry 14; Cowden 11; Didama 9; Betsy 8; Zilpha 6; Dallis 3; Letcher 6/12.

CENSUS:  1860 Letcher Co., KY, Whitesburg, P-1, L-27, #4/4:  Calvin 27, b. VA, farm laborer, 0 real estate, personal $180; Sintha 24, b. KY; Martha 3; Henry 1, both b. KY.

CENSUS:  1870, with wife Cinthia and children Martha 13, Henry 10, Mary 8, Margaret 6, Wesley 4, and John 2.

CENSUS:  1880,  Letcher Co., KY:  Calvin, 47; Cinthia, 43;  Henry 22, Mary 19, Margaret 17, Wesley 15, John 10, Alice 7, Frances 5, Allen 3.

Census of 1870 shows child named Mary born 1862.

CENSUS:  1900 Letcher Co., KY, Dist. 102, P-17, Dwelling 273, Family 275:
Calvin, Apr 1833, 67, b. VA NC VA; Cynthia, May 1835, 65, mar. 45 years, 10
children born, 7 living, all NC; Henry, b. Jan 1860, 40, he b. KY, parents b.
NC; Beula Williams, Boarder, Nov 1874, 25, all b. KY

Birth Records show  unnamed child born 3/28/1855.  However, this is probably
the same child as that one born on 3/25 who lived three hours.

DEED:  11/4/1871, Letcher Co., Calvin Collins enters on Warrant #770, Smoot
Creek, to Eli Collins line, to Sanders Collins line.

12/25/1871, Calvin Collins, grantee, 50 acres, Colley Cr, B-88, P-273, Letcher.

Affidavit of 13 Jun 1888, Calvin stated he had rheumatism.  In 1863 whie at
Lone Star, KY, he contacted said disease caused by exposure and harship endured
while on picket duty at Lone Star.  He reenlisted in the same Co. in 1864 and
was discharged at Irvin, KY in 1865, was a farmer, was in hospital in 1863
for about 3 mo.  In Dec. 1863 he lived in Booneville, Ousley Co. but has lived
in Letcher Co. since then.

20 Mar 1891, George w. Collins, a resident of Hogg, Letcher Co., made affidavit
as to Calvin's condition.

5 Jun 1889, James Collins made affidavit same as George Collins.

5 Jun 1889, Finley Colins made same affidavit.

8 Jul 1890, Finley Collins, 52 and Wilson Collins, 58, residents of Rockhouse,
made affidavit that they were near neighbors, that Calvin had rheumatism,
swollen joints and suffering.

20 Mar 1891, Sanders A. Collins, made same affidavit, and that he lived within
1 mile for at least 10 years.

2 Jun 1891, J. W. Hogg made same affidavit as above.

2 Jun 1891, John S. Adams made affidavit for Calvin, that he was in the same
Regiment and Company and was in the hospital with him.

8 May 1893, Squire Adams, 62, Rockhouse, and Henry Collins, 60, made affidavit
they lived in same vicinity as Calvin and made same affidavit, that they had
known him for 35 to 40 years.  Witness was David O. Gibson and henry Niece.

Affidavit of 5/4/1898 that he was married to Cinthia Taylor on 4/20/1854 by
Briant Collins in Letcher Co.  Children:  Martha b. 1/25/1857; Henry b.
1/9/1859; Mary b. 3/19/1861; Margaret b. 5/11/1863; Wesley b. 1/6/1866;
Frankey b. 8/11/1872; Allen b. 2/7/1878; Cinthia died 2/28/1910.

In affidavit of 14 Aug 1908, he stated his father could read but not write,
no family bible.  His uncle, Bryant W. lived near by and was educated, had the
family Bible which recorded father's name and his name and birth, that is,
4/24/1833, that he, Calvin, could not write or read.  After the war, James
Collins, s/o Bryant removed from Letcher to Kansas and took family bible.  Does
not know how his age was given as 52 years in his declaration of 6/13/1888.
Calvin, in affidavit of 23 Jul 1909, stated he was 76, enlisted 15 Dec. 1862 as
a Pvt. and was discharged at Camp Nelson on 24 Mar 1864, was 6'1", dark
complexion, black hair, black eyes, farmer and was born 4/24/1833 in Rusell
Co., VA.

Medical exam showed he was 5'll", 160 lbs., 55 yrs. of age, affliction of knee
joints and ankles and toes, also endocarditis, had slight "false" scurvy of
gums, decaying tteth, not from scurvy.

His claim was rejected on 8/28/1908 , not 75 years of age as of 4/27/1908, s/o
Burdine and Polly Collins, Tillie, KY.  He died 4/9/1911 at 1:30 p.m. Son
Allen asked how much due for burial expenses on 4/25/1911.

Notes for Lucinda Taylor:
BIRTH:  Tombstone; d/o John and Rebecca Osborn Taylor.
DEATH:  Same.
MARRIAGE: B-1, P-50, she 17, he 21.
NICKNAME:  Cinthia.

Children of Calvin Collins and Lucinda Taylor are:
            i.          UNNAMED5 COLLINS, b. March 25, 1855, Letcher Co., KY; d. March 25, 1855, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Birth Records
DEATH:  Birth Records, lived three hours; one entry gives date of 3/28/1855

90.       ii.          MARTHA COLLINS, b. April 27, 1857, Letcher Co., KY; d. February 29, 1932, Lawrence Co., KS.
            iii.         HENRY COLLINS, b. June 09, 1859, Rockhouse, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Birth Rec.

            iv.         MARY COLLINS, b. March 17, 1861, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  1870 Census
CENSUS:  1880, with family Cinthia and Calvin, age 19
MARRIAGE:  Possiblyto Charles Sexton on 11 Dec 1883.

            v.         MARGARET COLLINS, b. May 11, 1863, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  1870 Census
CENSUS:  1880, with family, Cinthia and Calvin, age 17

91.       vi.         WESLEY B. COLLINS, b. January 06, 1866, Letcher Co., KY; d. January 20, 1936, Blackey, Letcher Co., KY.
            vii.        JOHN COLLINS, b. 1868, , KY.

BIRTH:  1870 Census
CENSUS:  1880, with family, Calvin and Cinthia, age 10

            viii.       ALICE COLLINS, b. 1874, , KY.

BIRTH:  1880 Census, Letcher Co., KY
NOTE:  Possibly married John E. HUGHSTON, 3/9/1889, Letcher Co., B-8

            ix.         FRANKEY COLLINS, b. August 20, 1874, Letcher Co., KY; d. 1946, Letcher Co., KY; m. JAMES COLLINS, September 01, 1894, Letcher Co., KY; b. May 01, 1877.

BIRTH:  Birth Records; Tombstone gives date of 1876; Father's pension record
gives date of 8/11/1872.
DEATH:  Tombstone.

CENSUS:  Not in 1880.

BIRTH:  Birth Records.
MARRIAGE:  B-9, P.-286

CENSUS:  1900 Letcher Co., KY, Dist. 102, P-17, #269/271:  James b. May 1877,
23, mar. 6 yrs; Frankie b. Apr 1876, 24.

CENSUS:  1910, Letcher Co., KY:  Jim Collins, 35; Frankie, wife, 28, mar. 16 yrs., 0 born, 0 living, all KKK.

92.       x.         ALLEN COLLINS, b. February 07, 1878, Letcher Co., KY; d. May 04, 1938, Van, Letcher Co., KY.
            xi.         MARY COLLINS, b. February 07, 1878, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Birth Rec.
CENSUS:  The Mary in 1880 census is age 19.

27.  Henry Powell4 Collins (Burdine3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born April 18, 1836 in Russell Co., VA, and died June 10, 1910 in Tillie, Letcher Co..  He married Clarissa Bowman November 23, 1863 in Booneville, Owsley Co., KY.  She was born November 18, 1844 in Booneville, Owsley Co., KY, and died May 11, 1939 in Whitesburg, Letcher Co., KY.

Notes for Henry Powell Collins:
BIRTH:  Cem. Records; Pension Record.  Information from descendant, Sally
Martinez, on May 26, 1995, birth date was 4/20/1836 and death was 6/10/1910.
She has birth as being in NC.
DEATH:  Cem. Records; Pension Record; Widow stated in letter that he died.
6/10/1909.  Sally Martinez gave cemetery location as Booneville but he is
bur. in Isom.
MARRIAGE:  Pension Record.

Mr Peter Atkins Sir  please rite lewis ratlif a certificate with lisense to Henry P. Collns name.

MILITARY:  Enlisted 12/15/1862, discharged 3/24/1864, Pvt. Co. L, 14 KY Cav.
On rolls at Irvin, KY, Owsley Co. on 2/13/1863.  Mustered out at Camp Nelson.
A charge of desertion on the rolls was later removed. Appl. 2/7/1889 No.
688.882, Cert. No. 620.459 KY; Widow 6/29/1910, # 944.991, Cert. No. 706.507;
XC 2682.571.

Index to Original invalid Claim No. 620.459. Henry P. Collins, Co. L, 14 Reg't
Ky Vol. Cav.

1.  Claimant, Feb. 7, 1889, Declaration Disease of ears & Back in 86
2.      "     Jun 18, 89, Hospital Statment
3.      "     Jul. 13, 89, Cannot furnish doctors
4.      "     Oct. 19, 89, cannot furnish officers
5.  War Dept., Dec 31, 94, Reports (3)
6.  Finley Collins, Rock House, KY, May 14, 89, Origin, Dis.of back & since
7.  Calvin Collins,   "    "    " , Same, & correspondence
8.  Jeremiah Smith,   "    "    ", Aug. 20, 89,   Same
9.  Enoch Combs,      "    "    ", Same
10. John Collins, MD, "    "    ", May 14, 89,  Present condition
11. Dr. J. E. Cornett, Whitesburg, KY, Jun 18, 89, Dis.of Back & Ears since War
12. John Adams, Rockhouse, Same, & correspondence
13. Geo. W. Collins,  Same
14. John Breeding, Rockhouse, KY, Sep.18, 89, Same
15. Claimant, Jul 28, 90, Declaration, N.L.
16. Claimant, Jul. 20, 96, Same & Increase
17. Claimant, Aug. 19, 96, Date & place of incurring rupture
18. Henderson Hammond, Jan. 24, Present condition
    Elisha Collins, Rockhouse, KY, 1896, same
19. Geo. W. Collins, Tillie, KY, 1896, Same
    T. F. Davis, Whitesburg, Same
20. T. F. Davis, Tillie, Oct. 15, 1896, Same
    John J. Adams, Tillie, KY, Same
21. Dr. John Collins, Rockhouse, KY, Jun 5.,97, same
22. Single Surgeon, Rockhouse, May 26, 89
23. Bd. Surgeons,  "     , Jan. 7, 91
24.    "           "       Apr. 9, 91
25.    "          Prestonburg, Nov. 21, 96
26.    "          Harlan, May 17, 97

Pension record states he was age 70 when Civil Surgeon's Certificate was made,
purpose of increase in pension.  Claimant was receiving a pension of $10.00 per
month, was born in Russell Co., VA, 6 ft. tall, 175 lbs, brunett
complexion, dark eyes, gray hair, could not work, was unable to take exercise.
He had a double inguinal hernia, rhumatism; muscles flabby, no atrophy, partial
stiffness of joints, edema of legs and feet; weak heart, has pericarditis and
some hypertrophy, considerable dyspnia and some cyanosis; confined to his room.
pulse rate 76, 86, respiration, 16,20, temp. 98.6, Was rerated for a pension of
$25.00 per month. signed by J. M. Bentley. No date is given on this certificate.

Deposition of 22 July 1898, at Tillie, Henry P. Collins stated I am 63 years
old, P.O. as shown (Tillie,)Occupation is farmer, I served as a private in
Company L, 14 Ky Cav., enlisted dec. 1862 and was mustered out in March 1864.
I am the identical Henry P. Collins that made application for pension. I am
now pensioned at $10.00 a month uner Act June 27, 1890 for partial deafness
disease of back and rupture.  I claim pension under the general law for partial
deafness and disease of back.  I also have a claim pending for increase
under the new law.  I had no other service than that in Co. L, 14 Ky Cav.
except that I was in Three Forks Battl. for some time after my discharge.
I was not in the Confederate Army at all and did not aid the Rebellion in
any way.  I enlisted at Boonesville, KY.  Don't remember that I was
examined at all when I enlisted.  My health was good when I enlisted. I
had never beensick before that and was as stout a man as the country
afforded.  I was living right here when I enlisted, and had lived here all
my life.  Any of my neighbors that are old enough to know can tell you that I
was in good health before the war.
Q.  When and where did you incur your first disability in the service?
A.  I first had the earache at Irvine, KY.  We were camped up stairs in the
Court House at Irvine, KY about Feb. 1863.  One night while lying down both of
my ears began to hurt.  It began with a pain and I thought it would kill me.
My ears kept hurting me, and almost made me crzy all that night, the next day,
and into the next night.  The next night my brother, Calvin Collins went with
me to see a doctor.  I did not know the docotr, but my brother did. and he took
me to him and woke him up at night to give me something for my ear.
This was Dr. Wiggles.  Don't know whether he is alive or not but he was
an old like man then.  He put something into my ears that eased the
pain, so I could sleep.  They never got as painful again, but have hurt
me off and on ever since and it seems like there was something buzzing
in my ears.  I kept my ears plugged up all the rest of the time in the
service.  I have been hard of hearing ever since the pain first come on
me.  I cannot hear any great distance.  I can hear alright clse to me,
but people talking three rods away I cannot hear to tell what they say. I have
no idea as to what caused the trouoble with my ears unless it was from
catching cold.  I don't know anyone bywhom Ican prove the origin of
disease of ears except Calvin Collins, John Breeding made me an
affidavit on this point, but I
Stated he had partial deafness, disease of back and rupture. Stated he
enlisted at Booneville, said he was as stout a man as the county afforded, was
living at Tillie when enlisted and had lived there all his life.  Got an
earache while stationed at Irvine, KY during war, was camped upstairs in Court
House about Feb. 1863.  His brother, Calvin, went with him to see a Doctor
Wiggles.  Has been hard of hearing ever since.  Jesse Collins, Fielden Collins
and Dave Gibson were also in court house at that time.  At time of affidavit,
Fielden Collins was dead, Dave Gibson was in Clay Co, Jesse Collins lived in
Roan Co., KY.    Claimant stated marriage date and children's births.

About June or July 1863, claimant was in hospital in Proctor, KY with fever.
Took sick while either on or returning from a scout patrol.  Went to hospital
and was treated by Dr. Daniel who stated claimant had typhoid fever. Caused
pain in his back and head.  Had no picket duty after he was sick. Claimant
came back to Tillie neighborhood about Dec. 1866.  He felt trouble in small of
bck caused by cold and exposure and upper back from fever.  After discharge
from service, he enlisted in Three Forks Battalion and was in it until July
1865.  From then until Dec. 1866, he lived near Booneville, Ousley Co., KY.

On August 27, 1898, F. L. Churchhill, Special Examiner made report on merits of
claim.  He explained to claimant that evidence was not sufficient to establish
continuance of the alleged disabilities and claimant stated no better could be
obtained.  All witnesses in case were near neighbors and had known claimant all
his life.  Stated claimant was in good health for a number of years after the
war and even his wife knew nothing of his disabilities for several years after
his discharge.  Following persons were interviewed:  Watson Collins; Fielden
Johnson; McCager S. Napier; Joseph Campbell; Woolery Campbell; John Duff.
Letters from twelve other comrades became exhibits in this report. All
comrades in that district were either inverviewed or written to by examiner,
plus others he found.

Churchill also stated "the claimant belongs to a large family of Collins most
of whom do not have a very good reputation.  He is, however, one of the best of
the family.

Dr. J. E. Cornett, an original affiant is dead.  He did not stand very high in
the profession, being a self-educated mountain doctor.  The claim is utterly
devoid of merit and should be rejected."

Moses Adkins  made a statement that he did not think claimant would be able to
go before a board in the next 3 months or at any other time in the future
except at a great risk to himself.

John Adams stated he had known Henry P. Collins for past 26 years, was
suffering after he returned from war by inflamation, disease of ears and back.
Stated he was 45 years old, lived in Rockhouse; no date, year of 1889,
witnesses:  John Collins, Monroe Crase.

George W. Collins, age 46, Rockhouse, knew claimant for past 40 years, or since
childhood.  Same statement as above.  Another affidavit dated 22 July 1898 at
Colley Creek, age 55, Tillie, farmer, same as others.  Bunked and messed
together, in same company.  No witness.

Henderson Hammond and Elisha Collins stated they were 25 and 29 years
respectively, residents of Letcher, former living within one eighth of a mile
of claimant, latter being employed by and residing with claimant. Have known
him 10 and 25 years respectively, well acquainted with his condition, as stated
above.  Dated 16 Jan 1896, Witness:  Polly Collins, F. M. Everidge.

Jeremiah Smith made affidavit, same as previous, age 68, Sasafras, Knott Co.,
was in service with claimant, discharged March 1864, member of same company.
Thought claimant had yellow jaundice, has known claimant since war, lived
within 8 or 9 miles of him.  Witness:  Bettie Smith.  Another similar affidavit
made by Jermiah Smith, same as that of other witnesses.  Witnessed by David O.
Gibson and Samuel Francis.

Enoch Combs made affidavit, same as others, was in Army with claimant and if he
ever knew anything about his back disease or deafness, he has forgotten it and
don't know anything now.  Witness:  D. O. Gibson.  Another affidavit dated 26
Jul 1898, 59 years of, P.O. Sassafras, Knott Co., farmer, same as others,
member of same company, Witness:  Mary Cody?

John Collins stated he was 31, knew claimant for 8 years, was his family
physician. No date.  Another affidavit of 24 Jul 1898, age 33, physician,
graduate of Hospital College of Medicine, Louisville, practiced about 10 yrs,
known Henry Collins all his life, but no relation.  Stated Henry had a tumerous
formation about the 7th cervical vertebra; has kidney disease; catarrh of
ears, double hernia and gravel.

Finley Collins made affidavit on 22 July 1898 at Colley Creek, age 60, farmer,
served with claimant, enlisted in Feb. 1863, mustered out Mar. 1864, was a
cousin of claimant, lived in same neighborhood before war, lived within a mile
since war, except some six or eight months.  Stated he was in hosp. at Proctor,
KY for three or four months in summer of 1863, first ill there and then
afterwards a nurse there.  He and claimant in hospital at same time. Had a
brother in hospital at same time.  Witnesses:  Henry P. Collins and George W.

Calvin Collins made affidavit on 22 Jul 1898, age 65, Tillie, farmer, enlisted
in winter of 1862, mustered out with company in March 1864, knew claimant
since boyhood, was his brother, bunked together sometimes but not regularly.
Were in courthouse loft together, waited on claimant when he had ear trouble.
Witnesses:  Henry P. and Eliza Collins.

John Breeding made affidavit on 26 July, Rockhouse, age 60, served together in
same company, known claimant all his life.  Affidavit same as others regarding
health. No witness.

Clarrey Ann Bowman made affidavit that she became acquainted with Henry
P. Collins while he was in the military.  They were married at the house of
Mahulda Bowman and that W. B. Eversole and Thomas Johnson were present at the
wedding in Boonville by Thomas Murtal.   Her affidavit dated 23 July 1898,
Colley Creek, age 53, married in Booneville where his company was stationed.
Her witnesses:  Eliza and Burdine Collins.  She signed by mark.

Henry applied for a pension because of inguinal hernia, rheumatism, disease of
heart, senile disability, deafness, weak back.  Disability of ears and back
rejected on grounds of no record, 9/13/1898.

Pension paid from 2/7/1881 to 5/4/1910.

Affidavit on 10/3/1896 by Thomas F. Davis, 35, residing Tillie and John S.
Adams 52, Colley that they were acquainted with Henry Collins many years, that
he had no income and depended on friends and charity for support.

Affidavit on 7/24/1896 by George W. Collins, 53, Tillie and T. F. Davis 35,
Whitesburg, they were personally acquainted with Henry and had been for at
least 12 years.  That 5 or 6 years ago lived within 1 mile, that Henry was ill,
confined to bed with la grippe and cough.

Calvin Collins, 77 made affidavit on 7/15/1910, P.O. Caps, KY and Elisha
Breeding, 40, Tillie that widow, Clara had not remarried.  Attested to by John
Collins and Nannie Collins.

Finley Collins, 72, residing Cap and Wm. Brown, 82, Tillie, made affidavit they
were well acquainted with Henry and his widow, that they resided most of the
time nearby.  Affiants John Collins and L. B. Collins.  7/15/1910

Affidavit by James Campbell, 29 July 1898, at Grapevine?, Perry Co., 53 years,
farmer, same company, same affidavit as others regarding illness. While others
quartered in courthouse, he was in a tent on edge of town.

John S. Adams made affidavit on 23 Jul 1898, age 55, Tillie, same info. as
other affidavits, was in different company, same regiment, knew claimant before
war.  Witnesses:  Nannie and Sallie Collins.

Letter by Mrs. O. F. Richmond, Whitesburg, Box 402, stated she was daughter of
Henry and Clara and that Clara died 5/11/1939.

Letter in file from widow to Commissioner of Pensions stated that Henry died
6/10/1909 and that he was born in Russell Co., VA.  Pension record stated he
was 70 years old, 6'1", 175 lbs., Brunett, dark eyes, grey hair.

Letter in file from Ira S. Hill, Notary Public for Letcher Co., KY. to
Commissioner of Pensions stating that he thought the pension claim unjust and
wanted to know Henry's Pension No.  Asked that reply be sent to Imboden, Wise
Co., VA.  No reply from Comm. enclosed in file.

Pension file sent to special examiner on 8/27/1898 and asked that the
reputation of each of the witnesses be stated.  His reply was that Henry's
reputation was fair to good; Finley's & Calvin's was fair, George W. was fair
to good, Clara's good.  He also stated that Claimant belonged to a large family
of Collins, most of whom do not have a very good reputation.  Henry is,
however, one of the best.
Another affidavit by Finley Collins dated 7/22/1898, age 60, stated he, Finley,
enlisted 2/1863 and was discharged 3/1864, was a cousin of Henry, had a brother
who was very ill in the hospital at the time of Henry's illness.

On Jan. 12, 1914, John Collins wrote letter to Washington stating he would
advise the Dept. as to the irregularity of claimant's pension claim so that it
could be terminated.  Stated his widow does not require being provided for
and pensioner said he would have admitted the facts but his fear of
his false declarations that he had never been unwell since war that that for
which he was pensioned.  He is marked a deserter from Col. Dls regiment,
Pikeville, KY for which he had no justifications.  He ignored inquiries of
his atty. about this and it was dropped.  John Collins stated he had previusly
written about this as he had promised but was in doubt as to whether he mailed
same especially since the widow still draws her pension undisturbed. He stated
he would explain further if desireable.

In a letter dated Oct. 25, 1926 to the Natinal Tribune, Mrs. Clara A. Collins
wrote stating the other widows are writing to you, thought I would write a
brief letter.  Am writing in regard to the raise.  I think I am due the
increase for I married in the year 1863 and am 82 years old and lived with my
husband until his death.  His death was June 10th 1909, served faithfull two
terms and has two honorable discharges and am very near blind and am disable to
do any kind of work and I want to ask to be helped in some way by Government
for it looks as tho we have not been treated very well.  I have taken the
National Tribune for 15 years and I want to thank you in the very highest for
the servis.  Respt yours, s/o Mrs. Clara A. Collins.

Letter dated 1/18/1939 to Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions,
Washington, "Dear Sirs:  I am writing to you in regard to my pension and
wheather or not I am entitle to a nurse.  as I have information that I am
allowed a nurse under the Present Law.  I am the widow of Henry P. Collins
Pvt Co L 14th Regiment Kentucky Cavalry and am at my next birth 95 yrs old.
and at Present receiving 50.00 per month. and living alone. and I wish to
have advise from the Bureau. wheather or not, this law has been Passed, as I do
not have enough to hire a nurse and buy my coal, food, clothes and pay other
epxenses.  Thanking you Very much, Sincerely, Clara A. Collins, wid ctf.
number 706.507  EE. 3-2461.

7/15/1910:  Clara wrote letter stating her name was Clarrey Ann but goes by
Clara.  Clarrey Ann was written in the family record.

CENSUS: 1850 Letcher Co., KY, Precinct 3, #130/130: Henry Collins 42, KNV;
Clara 35, KY TN TN; Mary 15; Elisha 14; Margaret 18; Susan 7; Letcher 5; Nancy
3; Flora 8/12, b. Nov. 1879.; all children b. KY.

CENSUS:  1880 Letcher Co., KY, #244/246:  Henry P. Collins, Nov. 1834, 65, KNN;
Clary Sep 1846, 54, mar. 35 yrs, 12 children born, 12 living, KKK; Letcher,
Nov. 1875, 24; Nannie, Aug 1878, 22; Eliza, Jun 1881, 18; Burdine, Jun 1881,
18; Lucretia, Feb 1885, 15, Sallie, Jun 1887, 12, all farm laborers; Robert
Kinnaird, Boarder, Mar 1877, 23, Farm Laborer, all b. KY.

CENSUS:  1900, Letcher Co., Rockhouse, #244/246:  Henry P., b. 11/1834, 65,
KKK; Clara, wife, 9/1846, 54, mar. 35 years, 12 child. b. & living; Letcher, b.
11/1875, 24; Nancy, b. 8/1878, 22; Eliza, b. 6/1871, 18; Burdi, son,
6/1881, 18; Lucetia, 2/1885, 15; Sally, 6/1887, 13.

CENSUS:  1910, Letcher Co., KY:  Henry Collins, 74, VNV, farmer;  Clara 65, mar. 46 yrs, 12 born, 12 living, KKTn, Nannie 30, KVK.

SPECIAL CENSUS: Henry P., Pvt. Co. L, 14th
Ky. Cav., 13 Dec. 1862-24 March 1864, 1 yr. 3 mo. 11 days, House 60, Fam. 66.

1875 Tax List, Letcher; Henry Collins, Prec. 3, nearest neighbor, Wilson

Memorandum, no date:  Mr. Peter Adkins Sir please rite lewis ratliaf a
certificate and sign  Henry P Collins name.

Notes for Clarissa Bowman:
BIRTH:  Cem. Record; Pension record states her name was Clarissa Bowman but
she always went by name of Clara.
 Info. from  Sally Martinez; d/o Elisha Bowman b. 1811, died 4/1863,
in Cincinnati, OH and mar. 12/27/1830 to Mahulda Philips Gabbard, b. 1813, NC
died 12/29/1909 in Middletown, OH, d/o Charles Phillips and Jemima Hardy, b. ca
1775; Jemima d/o Benjamin ?   Elisha Bowman's father was Cornelius who died
11/2/1852 and married Elizabeth Moore b. ca 1789.
DEATH:  Pension Record of husband, date given in letter by daughter, Mrs. O. F.
Richmond.  Info. from Sally Martinez on 5/26/1995 gives death date of 5/5/1939,
and place as at Aunt Lou's, Whitesburg, Letcher Co., KY.

Children of Henry Collins and Clarissa Bowman are:
93.       i.          ELISHA B.5 COLLINS, b. September 25, 1866, Letcher Co., KY; d. January 07, 1941, Letcher Co., KY.
94.       ii.          HULDA BELL COLLINS, b. September 17, 1868; d. November 11, 1953, Letcher Co., KY.
95.       iii.         MARGARET ELIZABETH COLLINS, b. November 18, 1870, Letcher Co., KY; d. September 19, 1965, Letcher Co., KY.
96.       iv.         SUSAN FRANCES COLLINS, b. January 17, 1872, Letcher Co., KY; d. July 20, 1943, Letcher Co., KY.
97.       v.         LETCHER COLLINS, b. January 01, 1875, Letcher Co., KY; d. February 04, 1951, Jackson, KY.
            vi.         NANNIE COLLINS, b. August 18, 1877, Letcher Co., KY; d. March 24, 1915, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Cem. Records gives date of 8/16/1877.
DEATH:  Same.

98.       vii.        FLORA COLLINS, b. September 17, 1878, Letcher Co., KY; d. February 05, 1939.
            viii.       ELIZA COLLINS, b. June 03, 1882, Letcher Co., KY; m. JOHN ADKINS, July 14, 1900, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Father's Pension Record, twin of Burdine.
MARRIAGE: Vol. 11, P-598, Letcher Co., KY.; Children:  Ethel, alma, Draxie,
Clara Lou, John, Jr., Buster, Earl, herbert, Carl.

99.       ix.         BURDINE COLLINS, b. June 03, 1882, Letcher Co., KY; d. February 19, 1951.
            x.         LUCRETIA COLLINS, b. February 17, 1885, Letcher Co., KY; m. (1) WILLIAM H. MAGGARD, January 19, 1905, Letcher Co., KY; d. 1932, KY; m. (2) BENTON GIBSON, February 23, 1905, Letcher Co., KY; b. June 08, 1879, Letcher Co., KY; d. September 28, 1943, Colson, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Father's Pension Record.
MARRIAGE:  Vol. 13, P-420; #2. William Maggard:  Children:  Luther b. 8/1/1904, died 9/4/1904; Irene b. 11/5/1909, died 12/5/1909; Ruby b. 18 Nov 1910, died 22 Nov 1918.

DEATH:  Info. from Don Smith; s/o Samuel Maggard (s/o Isaac and Mahaly) Samuel b. 3/10/1853, and wife Sally Ann Brown b. 12/6/1866.  Sam died 11/12/1910 and Sally 7/11/1902.  This info. on their headstnes and data on this family contained in Bible in possession of Don, (donaldesmith@hotmail.com.  E-mail message of 6/1/1998.
MARRIAGE:  Same, from Bible Record and also B-13, P-394-395, Letcher Co.

BIRTH:  Letcher Co., KY Fam. History, Vol. 1, P-290, s/o Joseph and Elizabeth
DEATH:  Same.
MARRIAGE:   Vol. 13, P-420, d/o Henry Powell and Clarissa Bowman Collins.

100.     xi.         SALLIE COLLINS, b. June 22, 1887, Tillie, Letcher Co., KY; d. September 19, 1937, Jenkins, Letcher Co., KY.

28.  Zilpha4 Collins (Burdine3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born October 23, 1845 in Letcher Co., KY, and died May 27, 1886 in Letcher Co., KY.  She married William Jefferson Tyree January 31, 1869 in Letcher Co., KY.  He was born June 13, 1847 in Letcher Co., KY, and died 1930 in Crown, Letcher Co., KY.

Notes for Zilpha Collins:
BIRTH:  Tombstone; There is another Zilpha Tyree buried between Gloria Fay
Collins and Margaret Tyree with a birth date of 1840 and no death date; bur. Smoot Creek Cem., Premium.
DEATH: Same.
MARRIAGE: B-2, P-64.

Notes for William Jefferson Tyree:
BIRTH:  Tombstone, s/of David and Mary Ann Harriet Susan THOMAS Tyree.
DEATH:  Tombstone, in Cem. in Wolf Pen Branch, on right, Tyree Cem.
MARRIAGE: #1, B-2, P-64; #2, B-8, P-3.

Children of Zilpha Collins and William Tyree are:
            i.          JOHN MILTON5 TYREE, b. December 07, 1869, Letcher Co., KY; d. May 13, 1952, Letcher Co., KY; m. MARY ANN BREEDING, March 16, 1900, Letcher Co., KY; b. April 30, 1884; d. February 11, 1967, Letcher Co..

BIRTH:  Cem. Records
DEATH:  Same.
MARRIAGE:  B-11, P-520.

According to the Tyree Family History, he was born a deaf mute, went to a
school for the deaf in Danville, KY where he  learned the furniture making

BIRTH:  Cem. Records.
DEATH:  Same.
MARRIAGE:  B-11, P-520.

            ii.          JOSEPH E. TYREE, b. July 08, 1871, Letcher Co., KY; m. FRANCES TYREE, June 24, 1896, Letcher Co., KY; b. 1881, Letcher Co., KY; d. May 20, 1953, Letcher Co., KY.

Notes for JOSEPH E. TYREE:
BIRTH:  The Tyree Trail, by Ella Rae Coleman, P-65.
MARRIAGE: B-10, P-374

Brittain and Joseph's grandfather were half brothers.

Joseph also a deaf mute and was also sent to school for the deaf in
Danville, KY where the learned the furniture making business.

BIRTH:  Death Cert.
DEATH:  Vital Stats, Vo. 26, #12888, age 72.
MARRIAGE:  B-10, P-374.

101.     iii.         RUFUS TYREE, b. April 30, 1874, Letcher Co., KY; d. November 10, 1924, Crown, Letcher Co., KY.
102.     iv.         WATSON GEORGE TYREE, b. February 1875, Letcher Co., KY; d. 1950.
103.     v.         MARY JANE TYREE, b. December 24, 1878, Letcher Co., KY; d. June 04, 1956, Blackey, Letcher Co., KY.
104.     vi.         SAMUEL HENRY TYREE, b. March 30, 1880, Letcher Co., KY; d. January 07, 1958, Letcher Co., KY.
            vii.        HOUSTON GARFIELD TYREE, b. April 10, 1882, , KY; d. February 22, 1917.

BIRTH:  The Tyree Trail, by Ella Rae Coleman, P-65, gives year of birth as
1887; however, the 1900 census gives birth as Apr 1882, age 18.
MARRIAGE: To Vinia STURGILL b. 1879 d. 10/8/1919.  Had 7 children. Their
grandfather, Wm. J. Tyree was appointed their guardian by court order, B-10,
P-18, County Clerks Office.  Children were:  Zilphia Leah, 1/24/1901-3/12/1913;
Martha Jane "Mattie" 1902-3/7/1920, mar. 3/7/1917 John D. HAMPTON; William
Curtis 1904-1965 ca, mar. 1926 Ollie MCCRAY, B-47, P-101, Letcher Co; Alex
Riley 1906-12/8/1932, mar. 9/12/1922 Mattie ISOM, #2 Ethel ADAMS; Fred
6/9/1909 mar. 8/28/1931 Reeda ROARK; David Floyd.  Left home as a young man,
lost touch with family; Dixie Merle Tyree, mar. Ray SMITH.
Information from The Tyree Trail by Ella Rae Coleman and was given her by Fred
Tyree, son of Houston Garfield.  Vina buried in Tyree Cem., Crown, KY.

Since his mother died in 1886, I am changing the birth year from 1887 to 1882 a sshown in the 1900 census.

29.  Dallas4 Collins (Burdine3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born August 24, 1847 in Letcher Co., KY, and died 1912 in Leslie Co., KY.  He married Sarah Begley July 03, 1870 in Letcher Co., KY.  She was born November 1844 in Knott Co., KY.

Notes for Dallas Collins:
BIRTH:  Pension Application.
MARRIAGE:  B-2, P-82.

CENSUS:  1850 and 1860 with family.

CENSUS:  1870, cannot locate.

CENSUS:  1880 Letcher Co., KY, Precinct 3, #127/127:  Dallas Collins 35, b. KY,parents b. NC; Sarah 35, wife, she and parents b. KY; John 9; Risby 6; Elizabeth 2; Nameless b. 11/1879; all b. KY.

CENSUS:  1910, Letcher Co., KY:  Dallas C. Collins, 52; Sarah 55; William A. 17; Clara 13.

MILITARY:  Stated he was enlisted into service on 12/20/1864 and discharged on
7/17/1865.   Claim Rejected on grounds that the 3 Forks Bat. was not a part of
the U.S. Service and hence  he did not serve. P.O. Address at that time was
Leslie.  Description given as 5'8", dark complexion, blue eyes, dark hair.
Address on 6/3/1912 was Leslie, KY.  Was in Co. A, Three Forks Btn., Cap.
Guards, KY Inf.  Claim 6/7/1912.  Appl. # 1404.318 KY.

His claim was rejected Oct 2, and did not appear from record that Co. A. 3d
Fork Bat. Cap. Gds., Ky Inf. was in service of U. S.  He enlisted 20 Dec 1864
and was discharged 17 Jul 1865.  He stated in affidavit of Dry Hill, Leslie Co.
that he was born 8/24/1847, was a resident of Dry Hill, enrolled at Irvine
20 Dec. 1864, Pvt. Co. A., , was 5'8", dark hair, blue eyes, dark complexion,
farmer, b. Letcher, No pension claim made before.
Wm. Sizemore &

Clifton Conch knew him 30 years and 5 years respectively.

: According to information received from Shirley Bryson in Austin, IN on May 20,
1995, Dallas was mean to his step-daughter Mary Jane.  He once hit her in the
head with a plate.  She suffered from blackouts and fainting spells the rest of
her life.  A picture was enclosed and is on file.  Mary Jane's daughter,
Elizabeth, was the grandmother of Shirley.  Mary Jane Begley Campbell was born
24 June 1865, d/o Sarah Begley and Elijah Fuller. She died 7 Feb 1951, married
Woolery T. Campbell ca 1886.

Notes for Sarah Begley:
BIRTH:  Census; d/o Edward and Betsey Lusk Begley.
MARRIAGE:  B-2, P-82.

CENSUS:  Not in 1850, 1860, 1870 Letcher Co.

CENSUS:  In 1880 with husband Dallas, both 35, and children:  John 9, Risby 6,
Elizabeth 2, and unnamed daughter born 11/1879.

CENSUS:  9 children born, 6 living.

Children of Dallas Collins and Sarah Begley are:
            i.          UNNAMED5 COLLINS.

BIRTH:  In 1900 census, 9 children, 6 living.

            ii.          JOHN D. COLLINS, b. Abt. 1871, Letcher Co., KY; m. MARTHA BREEDING, September 04, 1898, Letcher Co., KY.

Notes for JOHN D. COLLINS:
MARRIAGE:  B-11, P-200.

105.     iii.         RISBY COLLINS, b. 1874, Letcher Co., KY; d. February 17, 1941.
            iv.         BERDINE COLLINS, b. October 17, 1875, Letcher Co., KY; d. October 17, 1875, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Birth Rec.
DEATH:  Death Rec.

            v.         UNNAMED COLLINS, b. November 16, 1876, Letcher Co., KY; d. November 16, 1876, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH: Birth Rec.
DEATH:  Death Rec.  Born dead.

            vi.         ELIZABETH COLLINS, b. Abt. 1878, Letcher Co., KY.

MARRIAGE:  Possibly to John S. Webb.

            vii.        UNNAMED COLLINS, b. November 1879, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  1880 Census, unnamed.

106.     viii.       WILLIAM ACE COLLINS, b. December 27, 1882; d. March 26, 1953.
            ix.         CLARA COLLINS, b. October 1886; m. WILLIAM CALAHAN, January 09, 1906, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  s/o Joseph & Louise.
MARRIAGE:  B-13, P-630.

30.  Letcher4 Collins (Burdine3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born Abt. 1850 in , KY.  He married Susan Thomas.  She was born 1856 in KY.

Notes for Letcher Collins:
BIRTH:  6 mo old in 1850 Census Letcher Co., KY.

CENSUS:  1860, Letcher Co., KY, age 8.
CENSUS:  1870, Letcher Co., KY. age 20, with parents.
CENSUS:  1880, Not in Letcher Co. census.

Census Place: Crooked Creek, Estill, Kentucky
Source: FHL Film 1254412  National Archives Film T9-0412     Page 62B     
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Letcher COLLINS Self M M W 28 KY
Occ: Works On Farm Fa: NC Mo: VA
Susan B. COLLINS Wife F M W 24 KY
Occ: Keeping House Fa: TN Mo: KY
Birdine COLLINS Son M S W 1 KY
Fa: KY Mo: KY
Beachum COLLINS Son M S W 3M KY
Fa: KY Mo: KY
Nancy THOMAS SisterL F S W 18 KY
Fa: KY Mo: KY
Crowden COLLINS Brother M W W 38 KY
Occ: Farmer Fa: NC Mo: VA

There is a Letcher Collins who served in A-3, Forks Batt., Cap. Guards, Ky Inf.
and filed claim.  7/28/1890  828.728  1,293,220 Ky.  Att. R. A. Burton, C

Children of Letcher Collins and Susan Thomas are:
            i.          BURDINE5 COLLINS, b. 1883; d. February 19, 1951, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Death Cert.
DEATH:  Same; COLLINS  BURDINE, age 068  died LETCHER, resided  LETCHER  02-19-1951 Vol.  007, Cert #  03382,   Death Vol.1951 

            ii.          BEECHUM COLLINS, b. 1877.
            iii.         DAVID COLLINS.
            iv.         BOYD COLLINS.
            v.         HARRIET COLLINS.
            vi.         ROBERT COLLINS.
            vii.        KITTY COLLINS.
            viii.       SUSAN COLLINS, m. WILLIAM MULLINS, November 29, 1890, Knott Co., KY.

MARRIAGE:  Security:  Samuel MULLINS.

MARRIAGE: Mar. Rec.,  Security:  Samuel MULLINS; children:  Elizabeth who mar.
Eli Hall; Bertha who mar. Cass Lemaster; Elfred who died young; Ida May who
died young.

31.  Nancy4 Collins (Carter3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born October 20, 1855 in Clay Co., KY, and died February 03, 1908 in Lawrence Co., KY.  She married Randolph Polly December 29, 1873 in Letcher Co., KY.  He was born October 28, 1829 in Perry Co., KY, and died January 26, 1898 in Lawrence Co., KY.

Notes for Nancy Collins:
BIRTH:  1850 censusl
MARRIAGE:  Mar. Records; #1, B-2, P-90; #2.

According to information furnished by Robert Polley, Nancy had a child Ezekiel Sarver b. 1870, by James E. Sarver.  Ezekiel lived for a time with his grandmother, Susannah Banks Collins, then lived with his mother and step-father, Randolph Polley.

Notes for Randolph Polly:
BIRTH:  Pedigree chart of Robert Polley; s/o DAvid and Henrietta Holbrook Polley.
DEATH:  Same.
MARRIAGE: #1,  B-2,  P-90; info. on marriage from Robert E. Polley (repolley@juno.com) in
November 1997)..  Randle moved hs family to Lawrence Co., KY and after his death, Nancy and her grown children, including Henry and David (child. of Diana) moved to Oklahoma.  Ned, Robert Polleys' grandfather, and his family, did not like Oklahoma returned to Lawrence Co., KY and brought Nancy back with them.

Robert stated that Randle Polley had a child, W. T. Polley by Abatine Meadows.

CENSUS:  1860, Letcher Co., KY, #57:  Randolph Polley 30, Farm Laborer; Dyaner 28;
Henry (ritta), 9; Sarah (Ann) 8 (b. 5/15/1853); Mary 7, David 4, Riter 4/12. all b KY

CENSUS:  1870, Letcher Co., KY, #81:  Randle Polly 41, farmer; Diannah 38; Sarah 17; Mary 16; David 13; Henry 11; Georgeanne 7; Nancy 3, all b. KY.

The following info. was taken from book of My Ancestors, Our Ancestors, Your Ancestors, 1998 by Robert Polley:

Henrietta Polley b. 1/13/1850 mar. 2/27/1867 Thomas K. Sturdivant b. 1814, died Jul 1869, mar. #2, 1/18/1875  Anannias F. Webb b. 7/1847, s/o Jason L. and Elizabet  Craft Webb.  Thomas Sturdivant mar. Sarh Noe b. 1827, d. ca 1866.

Sarah Ann Polley b. 5/15/1853, d. 1912, mar. 1/23/1874 Benjamin Miles b. 6/26/1847, d. 11/24/1930, s/o turner and Mary Sykes Miles.

Mary Polley b. 5/10/1854, d. 1924, mar. October 27, 1873 Moses A. Blair b. 1/20/1851, d. 1/10/1907, s/o Preston and Nellie E. Adams Blair.  They were married in Ran Polley's home.  Minister was Simpson Adams.  W. W. Webb, William Combs were witnesses.

David Polley b. 2/14/1857, mar. 4/18/1884 Emaline Wells b. 1865, d/o John N. and Rachel Adams Wells.

Henry Marion Polley b. 5/5/1860, mar. 2/21/1883 Hester M. brashears b. 1861, d/o William T. and Malinda Edwards Brashears, mar. 9/8/1884 Palmira Hubbard, b. 3/1863, d. 12/10/1925, d/o Eadman and Annie G. Hal Hubbard. Permisson to marry was written by her father, Eadman Hubbard.  Dave Polley was surety.  They were married at home of Ran Polley in presence of Ran and Dave Polley.

Georgia Ann Polley b. 6/2/2862 d. 4/15/1920, mar. 9/15/1882 John P. Back, b. 2/6/1858, d. 5/5/1933, s/o Henry and Frances Blair Back.

Nancy Rosecrane Polley b. 11/22/1867, d. 5/3/1928, mar. 9/21/1886, John Preston Burdine Hubbard, b. 2/27/1866, d. 1940, bro. of Palmira Hubbard.

Children of Nancy Collins and Randolph Polly are:
            i.          JOSEPH5 POLLY, b. August 22, 1874, KY; d. 1955, Knott Co., KY.

BIRTH:  All info. from book by Robert Polley.
MARRIAGE:  Same, to Ella Taylor b. Jun 1876, d.1876, d. before 1922, d/o Ambrose Taylor.  Randle Polly wrote permission for their marriage license to Henry Combs, clerk of Knott Co., dated 10/4/1892. #2, on 11/24/1922 to Marinda Gayheart, b. 1877, d/o Riley and Polly Gayheart.

According to Robert, Joe lived his entire adult life inthe same hollow, near Carr Creek in Knott Co.  In 1953, he told his niece, Mollie Clevenger Gray, when she and husband were visiting from Oklahoma, that a wheeled vehicle had not been up that hollow since he cut off the timeber and took it to market in 1891. Joe was murdered outside his home when he was 85.  No one was ever arrested or prosecuted for this crime.

            ii.          DORA POLLY, b. November 24, 1876.

Notes for DORA POLLY:
BIRTH:  Info. from Robert Polley.
MARRIAGE:  to John Sanders, b. 1874, s/o allen and Samantha D. Edwards Sanders, after 1894.

107.     iii.         EDWARD POLLY, b. October 14, 1878, Letcher Co., KY; d. 1929, Lawrence Co., KY.
            iv.         ALICE POLLY, b. January 1881.

Notes for ALICE POLLY:
BIRTH:  Info. from Robert Polley.
MARRIGE:  Same; to W. H. Flannery, b. 1871, s/o Haynie and Nancy Flanneryt, on 9/29/1894.  In 1900 Mary was divorced and living with her mother in Lawrence Co., KY.  (Is Mary and Alice the same person?)

            v.         ROBERT POLLY, b. May 23, 1883.

BIRTH:  All info. from Robert Polly.
MARRIGE:  to Margaret Moore, b. 1886, d/o F. R. Moore, on 8/23/1903. The family moved to Oklahoma.  Bb was the first of the children to go to Oklahoma, although his half brothers, Henry and Dave were already there. Bob lived in half of a dugout sod house near Cold Springs.

            vi.         DINAH POLLY, b. November 08, 1885.

Notes for DINAH POLLY:
BIRTH:  Info. from Robert Polley.
MARRIAGE:  Same, to James Columbus "Lum" Clevenger, b. 1880, s/o ? and Nancy Adams Clevenger on 5/28/1902.

32.  Carter4 Collins (Briant W.3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born Abt. 1837 in Letcher Co., KY, and died Aft. 1888 in Douglas Co., KS.  He married Mary Robinson June 29, 1855 in Letcher Co., KY.  She was born Abt. 1836 in Hawkins Co., TN.

Notes for Carter Collins:
BIRTH:  Mar. Rec. shows his Birth Place is unk.
MARRIAGE:  I have another record, information from Roger Cassity,  which gives marriage as having ocurred in
Morgan Co., Ky. althought marriage records of KY definitely place the marriage
in Letcher Co.

Was this the Carter Collins who served in the Confederate 13th Cav?
"  Collins Carter was Pvt in Company H of 13th Ky Cav Deserted Nov 2 1862 "

NOTES: During the Civil War, Carter apparently enlisted as a private in Company H, 13th Kentucky Cavalry(Confederate).  Records indicated that he deserted this unit by Nov. 2, 1862. i.e.( Briant murdered Nov. 1862)   The 1890 Veterans Census of Rowan Co., Ky showed that Carter had enlisted in the 10th Kentucky Cavalry(Union) and served between 1862 and 1863 when the unit was disbanded.  Former Confederate soldiers who switched sides and joined the Union army were sometimes called "galvanized Yankees."

Was Fielden adopted by this couple?  Was his real name Stamper?  This is belief of Roger Cassity.

NOTE:.After further research by D.S.Collins and others, the 1910 census clearly states Fielden’s middle initial is “B”. I believe this stands for “Burdine”, and the early census (1870) showing only a “Burdine” @ 7 yrs old , is an error that listed him by his middle name. His death certificate states Fielden D., however, I fall back on 1910 when
Fielden himself would have given his own information. I have photos that clearly show a strong family resemblance. Kathleen Cassity Collins who knew him when she was a young woman, stated that Fielden was not adopted, but was a blood son of Carter.

TAX LIST:  1843 Letcher Co., KY:  1 white male over 21, 2 horses, 10 cattle, 2
children 7 to 17, 50 acres.

Not in 1844  Tax List.

CENSUS:  1850, age 13, born in KY.

CENSUS:  1860 Letcher Co., KY, #340: Carter Collins 23, b. KY; Mary 24; Wm. 4;
Briant 9/12, all b. KY.

CENSUS:  1870, with wife Polly and children:  Briant 10, Berdine 7, Hiram 6,
Samuel 2 and Anny 9 mo.  Living near mother.

CENSUS:  1880, not listed.

DEED:  8/8/1845, From Nathaniel Collins to Carter Collins, 50 acres, a tract on
waters of right hand  branch of Camp Branch, located on top of ridge, head
of fork of Gap Branch, s/o Nathaniel Collins, recorded on 4 Aug 1845 by
Ezekiel Brashears, clerk, Vol. A, P-37.
DEED:  1/19/1888 Carter Collins enters 100 acres vacant land on Daniel Br. of
Rockhouse Creek.

4/17/1888, Carter Collins, grantee, 100 acres, B-112, P-91, Daniels Branch,
Letcher Co.

Roger Cassity stated that this couple were his great great grandparents and they moved to Morgan County Ky in the 1870s.  He was a justice of the peace in Morgan Co. by 1879 and they are listed on the 1880 Morgan Co. census.

He also stated that Fielden C. Collins is hsi great grandfather and is shown on the 1880 Morgan Co. census, age 18, born 1862 but is not shown in the 1870 Letcher Co. census.  It has been suggested by others that he was adopted by Carter W. and Mary.

Notes for Mary Robinson:
BIRTH:  Mar. Record.
MARRIAGE:  Mar. Record, she 18, his birthplace unknown.

Children of Carter Collins and Mary Robinson are:
            i.          WILLIAM5 COLLINS, b. Abt. 1856.
            ii.          BRIANT COLLINS, b. 1859.
108.     iii.         FIELDEN COLLINS, b. July 05, 1862; d. March 05, 1938, Morgan Co., KY.
            iv.         BIRDINE COLLINS, b. Abt. 1863.
            v.         HIRAM COLLINS, b. Abt. 1864.
            vi.         SAMUEL COLLINS, b. Abt. 1866.
            vii.        ANNY COLLINS, b. Abt. 1868.

33.  Nancy4 Collins (Briant W.3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born 1839, and died February 23, 1884.  She married Enoch England October 20, 1855 in Letcher Co., KY.  He was born Abt. 1833 in Scott Co., VA, and died February 15, 1909.

Notes for Nancy Collins:
BIRTH: Cem. Records.
DEATH: Same.
MARRIAGE:  B-2, P-92.

Notes for Enoch England:
BIRTH: 1850 Census; s/o Daniel & Kizzine.
MARRIAGE:  #1 B-1, P-51, by B. W. Collins; #2, B-1, P-42 by John Caudelle. When married to Nancy on 10/20/1855, he stated he was 22, widowed.

Children of Nancy Collins and Enoch England are:
            i.          THOMAS T.5 ENGLAND, b. June 10, 1857, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Birth rec.

            ii.          AMANDA ENGLAND, b. December 18, 1859, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Birth rec.

            iii.         MARY ENGLAND, b. 1862; m. GEORGE GREEN.
            iv.         RICHARD ENGLAND, b. 1866; m. AMERICA BAILEY.
            v.         WILLIAM ENGLAND, b. 1867.
            vi.         SARAH J. ENGLAND, b. 1870; m. ELIJAH JOSEPH.
            vii.        BENJAMIN ENGLAND, b. 1871.
            viii.       SAMUEL ENGLAND, b. January 25, 1873.
109.     ix.         ARTIE ENGLAND, b. September 22, 1874; d. March 06, 1956.
            x.         GEORGE ENGLAND, b. April 09, 1879.
110.     xi.         MALONE L. ENGLAND, b. December 08, 1883; d. December 21, 1954.

34.  Nellie Ellen4 Collins (Briant W.3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born Abt. 1841 in Clay Co., KY, and died June 14, 1913 in Owsley Co., KY.  She married Reas D. Young December 28, 1857 in Whitesburg, Letcher Co., KY.  He was born June 17, 1836 in Stickleyville, Lee Co., VA, and died August 05, 1922 in Green Hall, Jackson Co., KY.

Notes for Nellie Ellen Collins:
BIRTH:  1850 Census.
DEATH:  Husband's Pension Record; I have another date of 8/5/1922 from family.
MARRIAGE:  B-1, P-59. by Briant W. Collins.  Affidavit of Reas D. Young on July
10, 1889, states tht he was living in Sturgeon, Owsley Co., Ky. and married
Nellie Collins, was married by Briant W. Collins, Letcher co., KY, Dec. 1855
and that no marriage record exists.

CENSUS: 1850, Letcher Co., KY, #51, age 9 with parents Briant, 36 and Polly

His Pension Record, dated 8/21/1922, Harvey Young, age 56, a resident of Green
Hall of Jackson Co., KY gave affidavit that pensioner was Rease D. Young, an
Invalid Soldier.  That he was married to Nellie Collins who died June 1913 and
he was never divorced.  There was no insurance of any kind.  Also that Rease
Cert. #784,337 was in Co. L, 14th Ky Cav. and pension was last paid to
5/4/1922.  He stated that Rease had dropsy with old age and had been sick for
two years, requiring aide..  He was nursed by Harvey Young and Lula Young
That Rease lived with Harvey Young at Green Hall during his illness. That he
died on 8/5/1922 and is buried at the Stephens Cemetery.

Expenses:  No physician, no medicine, nursing care for Harvey Young, unpaid,
amounted to $107.77, and to W. N. Hughes & Son for Goods and Mercandise and
supplies furnished to deceased soldier was $110.63 for a total owed of $218.40.

James Dixon and S. B. Dixon also made statement that they had known pensioner
for 13 years and lived near him and made their statement from personal
knowledge and observations.  James Dixon of McKee, KY and Simon? B. Dixon of
Chadwell, KY.  Sworn on 8/21/1922.

On his affidavit, he stated he was born Lee County, VA 6/17/1836 and lived in
Whitesburg, KY at enlistment.  Said he was mar. 12/10/1855 by Briant Collins in
Whitesburg, Letcher Co., Ky and was only married once.  He stated his wife died
6/14/1913.  Also stated all his children were living and listed as follows:

Louisa Young, b. 1/27/1861
Nancy J. Young b. 5/11/1863
Harvey Young b. 5/27/1866
James Young b. 4/20, 1868
Silas Young b. 3/8/1869
Alice Young b. 11/1/1871
Samuel Young b. 2/17/1874
Amizon Young b. 9/23/1877
Julie Young b. 2/3/1879
Sarah Young b. 11/23/1883, sworn 4/8/1915.

More About Nellie Ellen Collins:
Burial: Clover Bottom

Notes for Reas D. Young:
BIRTH:  Pension Record, lists 6/17/1836, Lee Co., VA; Death Record gives 6/18/1836, s/o William & Sally Jane HIX YOUNG ; Wm. Young was born in 1782 in Lee County, VA and died 1864 in Letcher Co., KY; William was s/o David and Jean Wilson Young.  Their children were:  William, Catherine, Claiborne, Abraham, David, Elisabeth, Nancy, Minerva and James Monroe; David was born in 1750 in VA; Parents of David were Israel who was born in Scotland; Israel's children were David and Robert.    Davud was born 1750 in Va. and Mar. Jean Wilson.  His children were:  Wm. Young b. 1782, Lee County, VA, d. 1864, Letcher Co., KY; Catherine; Claiborne; Abraham; David; Elisabeth; Nancy; Minerva; James Monroe;  William Young (David, Israel) was born 1782 in Lee Co., VA and died 1864 in Letcher Co. KY, mar. Sally Jane Jean Hix.  Their son was Reas D. Info. from Edyth Ball Byrd.
DEATH:  Pension Record; Edyth gives a burial in Harve Young Cem., past Boyd Sandlins.

Death Certificate:

Place of Death:  County, Jackson, Vot. Pct. Sturgeon No. 3; Commonwealth of Kentucky, State Board of Health, Certificate of Death, Reg. Dist. 746, Prm. Dist. 5807, Registered No. 7, Reas D. Young; widowed, date of death, Aug. 5, 1922, date of birth, June 18, 1836, age, 86, 1, 17, retired, disabled, birthplace, VA, Name of Father, do not know; Birthplace of father, do no know; maiden name of mother, do not know; birthplace of mother, do not know.  No doctor present, cause of death, Dropsy; Informant Harvey Uoung, Green Hall, Ky, Filed 10/11/1922, W. R. Reynolds, Registrar; place of burial:  Stephens Cemetery, Date of Burial, Aug 6, 1922; Undertake, Haroly Young, Address:  Gren Hall.
MARRIAGE:  Mar. Record; by Briant W. Collins.

MILITARY:  Enlisted as Pvt. 14th Reg., Company L, 3d Battn.,  Ky Cav., enlisted age 34,  in Ousley Co., KY; 12/20/1862. Discharged at Camp Nelson on 3/24/1864.  Discharged at Camp Nelson 3/24/1864.  Reenlisted 8/30/1864 - 7/17/1865 in Co. A, 3 Forks Batt., 14 KY Cav.  This regiment spent its entire military career in east and southeast KY scouting and patrolling against guerillas.  Engagements include: Johnson Co., 12/1/1862; Floyd Co. 12/4/1862; Mt. Sterline 3/22/1863; Slate Creek 6/11/1863; Mud Lick Springs 6/13/1863; Tripletts Bridge 6/16/1863; Irvine 7/30/1863; Lancaster 7/31/1863 and 8/1/1863.  Disabled from typhoid fever while serving at Irvine, KY,  resulting in disease of eyes,  in Aug. of 1863. Treated in hopsital at Irvine.
 Also disabled from disease of urinary organs, lungs, breast, back and rheumatism.  Pension granted #748,337, from $6.00 per month increasing to
$72.00 on 11/10/1920.  Paid $72.00 per month through 5/4/1922.

Affidavits by Jesse Gibson, age 43, of Sexton Creek; Minerva J. Lynch, age 60
of Boonville Co; Campbell Sexton, age 59, of Sextons Creek; Thomas Brewer, age
50 of Sextons Creek.

Description:  age 64, 6'4", 188 lbs., light complexion, blue eyes, grey hair.

CENSUS:  1850, Letcher Co., Co, #186.  Age 15, living with parents, William &
Jane Young.

CENSUS:  1860, Letcher Co., KY, #34: Rece Yong, age 25 with wife Nelly, age 19
and dau. Jane, age 2.

CENSUS:  1870, Letcher Co., KY, #31/31: Rece Young, 30 with wife Elender, age
30 and 5 children.  There is a Reece Young in Perry Co, Fam. 49/49 who is 48,
wife Arral 40, and 11 children.

CENSUS:  1880, Letcher Co., KY, #249/257:  Reese D. Young, 45; Nelly 49;
8 children.

CENSUS:  1890, Jackson Co., KY, #82, Civil War Census, living at Sturgeon.

CENSUS:  1900, Jackson Co., KY, #327/328:  Reese D. Young, 64; Nelly 59, MIL
household of Steven Standafer.

CENSUS:  1910 Jackson Co., KY, #41:  Reeese H. Young, 70; Nelly 65; Nellie
Stanford, age 11, adop. dau.

WILL:  Harvey Young, son, states in pension affidavit 8/22/1922 no will was
made as Reas had no property.

AFFIDAVIT:  Pension, 11/5/1891 Special Examiner Loomis states:  "Clmt. tells me
his neame is spelled REAS, not Rease.

AFFIDAVIT:  Parents unknown, was born 6/18/1836, died 8/5/1922 (or 1912), age
86,1 mo, 17 da, of dropsy, Jackson Co., KY, was born in Lee Co., VA at
Stickleyville, wife's name, Nellie Collins, married 12/10/1855 by Brian
Collins in Whitesburg.  Wife died 6/14/1913.  Children:  Louisa b. 1/27/1861;
Nancy J. b. 5/10/1863; Harvey b. 5/27/1866 (living in Green Hall, Jackson Co.,
KY); at father's death; James b. 4/20/1868; John Silas b. 3/8/1869; Alice b.
11/1/1871; Samuel b. 2/17/1874; Amizon b. 9/23/1877; Julia b. 2/3/1879; Sarah
b. 11/23/1883.  All living as of April 8, 1915.  In June 1899 they were living
in Ously Co.  Harvey married Lula?; Reace buried Stephens Cem. on 2/22/1899,
lived in Stergeon, Ousley Co.  Alice married a Lynch.
They lived in Letcher, then to Ousley about 1871, then to Jackson on 6/7/1911;
attested to by Geo. Mills of Sand Gap.

AFFIDAVIT: Pension-3/11/1891, Jesse Gibson, age 53, of Sextons Creek, Clay Co.
states he knew Reas 8-10 year before the war living about 5 miles apart in
fLetcher Co.  They worked together on the farm for his father and were together
at log rollings and fencings.  Stated that Reas was a number one hand, big,
stout and able bodied, sound and helthy.

AFFIDAVIT:  Pension-Mar. 1891, Minerva J. Lynch, age 60, widow, of Booneville,
Co. states she remembers Reas in the time of the war as his regiment was camped
near her home around the time the wheat was in the shuck as the soldiers
harvested her mother's wheat.  Minerva washed and mended the soldier's clothing
and remembers talking to Reas in passing.  For a period, Reas stayed at
Minerva's home due to his eye ailment.

AFFIDAVIT:  Pension-Mar 1891, Campbell Sexton, age 59, of Sextons Creek, states
he knew Reas 4-5 years before the war as they lived 2 miles apart. Campbell
was an herb doctor and prescribed to Reas many tiems.  They worked together
hired to old Jimmy Collins, Isaac Stanifer and Nat Collins lmaking rails,
clearing crops on farms.  Also worked for Jesse Wilson and Bird Hughes and cut
wood for the steam mill at Travelers Rest and lJoe Herds.

AFFIDAVIT:  Pension 3 Nov. 1891: Thomas Brewer, age 50 of Sextons Creek, states
he was well acquainted with Reas for about 16 years as they lived on adjoining
farms.  Since that time, he has moved about being a renter and Reas has done
the same.

George Collins, 46, affidavit 7/14/1897, living in Bath, Knott Co., nephew of
George Collins went to Irvine to see Reece & Nellie (uncle and aunt).

Claimants affidavid:  Rease D. Young, Pension Claim, late private Co. L, 14th
Regt. KY Vol Cav.  On this 24th day of October 1900, personally appeared before
me a Notary Public in and for the aforesaid County, duly authorized to
administer oaths, Rease D. Yung, aged 65 years, a resident of Sturgeon in the
County of Owsley and State of Kentucky whose post-office address is Sturgeon KY
and appearing to me to be reputable and entitled to credit and who, being duly
sworn declares as follows:  Claimant says he was borned June 17, 1835 in Lee
County, Virginia was his birth place there is no verified, transgifted? of a
Public record of births existing to his knowledge showing date of birth.
Claimant says his fathers Family bible containing the births of his children was
destroyed by fire in Lee Co VA his birth place therefore he is unable to
furnish the record of his birth he says he has no family bible of his own
containing his birth date he says he learned the date of his birth from his
fathers family bible before it was destroyed by fire has kept it in his memory
ever since to this date this is the reason he is able to give the current date
of his birth.

Declaration for Pension, State of Kentucky, County of Jackson.  On this 19th
day of June A.D. one thousand nine hundred and Eleven personally appeared befoe
me, a County Curt Clerk within and for the County and State aforesaid, reece D.
Young, who, being duly sworn according to law, declares that he is f75 years of
age, and a resident of Sand Gap County of Jackson, State of Kentucky; and that
he is the identical person who was enrolled at Boonville, KY under the name
Reece D. Young, on the 20th day of December, 1862 as a Private, in Company L 14
Regt. of Ky Cav. in the service of the United States, in the Civil War and was
honorably discharged at Camp Nelson, KY, on the 24th day of March, 1864. That
he was not employed in the military or naval wervice of the United States
otherwise than as stated above.  That his personal description at enlistment
was as follows, complexion, fair; color of eyes, Blue; color of hair, Black;
that his occupation was a Farmer; that he was born June the 17, 1836, at
Stickleysville, Lee Co., VA.
  That his several places of residence since leaving the service have been as
follows:  frist Letcher County, KY then to Owsley County about 1871 then to
Jackson County KY June the 7th 1911.
  That he has heretofore applied for pension certificate No. 748337.
   That he makes this declaration for the purpose of being placed on the
pension roll of the United States under the provisions of the act of February
6, 1907.
  That his post-office address is Sand Gap, County of Jackson, State of
Kentucky.   s/Reece D. Young, his mar, an X.  Atest:  Samuel Standafor and
George Miller.

Also personally appeared Samuel Standafer, residing in Sand Gap, KY and George
Miller, residing in Sand Gap, KY, persons whom I certify to be respectable and
entitled to credit, and who, being by me duly sworn, say that they were present
and saw Reece D. Young, the claimant, sign his name (or make his mark) to the
foregoing declaration; that they have every reason to believe, fromt he
appearance of the claimant and their acquaintance with him of 50 years and 11
years respectively, that he is the identical ----------------unfinished.

Burning Spring, Ky, Nov. 5, 1891:  Hon. Com. of Pensions, Washington, DC; Sir:
  I have the honor to return herewith together with my report, Case 647,674
Reas D. Yung, Pvt. L. 14 Ky, Cav, P.O. Travelers Rest, Owsley Co., KY, Claim is
made for disease of eyes, results of Ky fev? and was sent to field for
exam. of witnesses named in slip of reference.

The testimony of all required witnesses except Thomas Brewer was secured by
Spl. Exr. Nease, and the same is made a part of this report.  I have made
inquiry as to the general reputation of claimt. and of the witnesses seen by
Spl. Exr. Nease (not indicated by him) and have marked there in indep, claimt
is only fair for truth scarcely that hig.  I believe the claim his possible
merit and recommended that it be referred to adjudicating division for
consideration.  Very respty, s/G. C. Soories?, Spl. Exr.  P.S. Clamt. tells me
his name is spelled Reas, not Rease.

Following Info. from Kenneth Young, June 2000.

Marriage record of John G. Combs who married Aury Martin, security Lewis Hays,
at the home of Reece Young on Jan. 6, 1885 in Knott Co.

Young was the father of David Young, David was the father of William Young, William was the father of Reas D Young, Reas was the father of John Silas Young, John Silas was the father of John Young, John Young was my father. He was married to Rachel Gibson daughter of Arthur  Gibson and Matilda Barger.  I have not been able to find any info on Arthur Gibson as to who his parents were etc.

I have heard he was a Collins and went by the name of Gibson, because he was raised by a Gibson.

More About Reas D. Young:
Burial: August 06, 1922, Stephen Cem., Jackson Co., KY
Children of Nellie Collins and Reas Young are:
111.     i.          LOUISA5 YOUNG, b. January 27, 1861.
            ii.          NANCY JANE YOUNG, b. April 22, 1862.

BIRTH:  Info. from mother's pension record; Robert Polley gives date of 4/22/1862; In the 1860 census, Jane is listed as being 2 years old.  This is probably the same person and Nancy but the birth date should probably be 1858 as she was obviously born prior to the 1860 census.

112.     iii.         HARVEY YOUNG, b. May 27, 1866; d. 1950.
            iv.         JAMES YOUNG, b. April 20, 1868; d. August 04, 1941.

Notes for JAMES YOUNG:
BIRTH;  Pension papers of mother; Robert Polley gives a date of 4/22/1867.
DEATH:  Info. from Robert; of chronic nephritis.

113.     v.         JOHN SILAS YOUNG, b. March 03, 1869, Sturgeon, Jackson Co., KY; d. February 07, 1946, Dryhill, Leslie Co., KY.
114.     vi.         ALICE YOUNG, b. November 01, 1871.
115.     vii.        SAMUEL YOUNG, b. February 17, 1874.
116.     viii.       AMIZON YOUNG, b. September 23, 1877; d. June 13, 1919, Letcher Co., KY.
117.     ix.         JULIA YOUNG, b. February 03, 1879; d. October 22, 1943, Letcher Co., KY; bur. Harve Young Cem..
118.     x.         SARAH YOUNG, b. November 23, 1883.

35.  Burdine4 Collins (Briant W.3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born Abt. 1847 in Letcher Co., KY, and died Aft. 1912 in Douglas Co., KS.  He married (1) Jane Warren.    He married (2) Ella Jane Lackey March 17, 1901 in Lakeview, Douglas Co., KS. 

Notes for Burdine Collins:
BIRTH:  Census Record.
MARRIAGE: #1;  #2, B-9, P-156.

CENSUS:  1850, with family.

CENSUS:  1860, with family.

CENSUS:  1870, with Thomas Collins and Catharine & family, also brother James
and sister Margaret.

CENSUS:  1880 Owsley Co., KY, P-315:  Birdine Collins 33, KNN; Louvinia 31, KVV;
Margaret H. 8, KKK; Eliza J. 6; Shade 5; Leonard 1.

MILITARY:  Kentucky State Troops; Pension Claim rejected  12/4/1891,
Enlisted at 18 for 12 months.  Stated he was discharged at Irwin, State of
Kentucky.  Claim rejected as never having been in service. Was in Co. A. of
3 Forks Btn., Cap. Guards, KY Inf.  Filed appl. on 8/24/1891; Appl #1049138, KS
Attorney was James Brown.

Feb. 26, 1902, age 54, residing Lake Niece, Douglas Co., KA,  had heart,
liver, kidney trouble, piles, partial blindness.

On 8/9/1897, appeared as a resident of Silome Springs, Benton County, Arkansas.

ADDRESS:  Secompton, KA, resided Lake View, Douglas Co., age 54 on 2/26/1902.

On 8/19/1891 Carter Collins of Secompton, KA gave affidavit.

Notes for Ella Jane Lackey:
MARRIAGE:  B-9, P-156

Children of Burdine Collins and Jane Warren are:
119.     i.          JOHN5 COLLINS.
120.     ii.          JAMES COLLINS.
            iii.         MARGARET COLLINS.

36.  James A.4 Collins (Briant W.3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born Abt. 1851 in , KY.  He married Elizabeth Taylor March 30, 1871 in Letcher Co., KY.  She was born Abt. 1852 in Ashe Co., NC.

Notes for James A. Collins:
BIRTH:  1860 Census.
MARRIAGE:  B-3, P-69.

Notes for Elizabeth Taylor:
BIRTH:  d/o Calvin and Christina Strong Taylor.
MARRIAGE:  B-3, P-69.

Children of James Collins and Elizabeth Taylor are:
            i.          ANN5 COLLINS.
            ii.          BENJAMIN F. COLLINS, b. 1874, Letcher Co., KY; d. September 18, 1876, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Death Record.
DEATH:  Death Records, Age 2, diptheria.

            iii.         WILLIAM M. COLLINS.

BIRTH:  Birth Records.

            iv.         MARY COLLINS, b. June 14, 1876, Martin Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Birth Records.

            v.         MANDY COLLINS, b. December 10, 1876, Letcher Co., KY; m. TOM RICHARDSON, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Birth Records
MARRIAGE:  Mar. Rec., B-16, P-532.

            vi.         JANE COLLINS, b. May 07, 1878.

BIRTH:  Birth Records

            vii.        JOHN COLLINS, b. 1879.

37.  Margaret4 Collins (Briant W.3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born September 1858 in , KY.  She married Calvin Preston Stidham July 31, 1873 in Letcher Co., KY.  He was born November 06, 1849 in Ashe Co., NC, and died 1917.

Notes for Margaret Collins:
BIRTH:  1860 Census.
MARRIAGE:  B-2, P-88; Also B-3, P-420 which contains info. about families.

CENSUS:  1860 with family.

CENSUS:  1870 living with Thomas and Catherine Collins and brothers James and
Burdine, next to mother.

CENSUS:  1880, married, mother and step father lives with her .

Notes for Calvin Preston Stidham:
BIRTH:  Letcher Co., KY Fam. History, Vo. 1, P-611, s/o Harvey and Emaline Taylor Stidham.
DEATH:  Same.
MARRIAGE: Same,  B-3, P-420; B-2, P-88, same entry.

CENSUS:  Not in 1860 or 1870

CENSUS:  1880, age 27, with wife 21, and children Hugh 5, Martha 3, Mary 1.

CENSUS:  1910, Letcher Co., KY, #118/118:
Calvin 59, NNN, Farmer
Margaret, 51, mar. 34 years, 9 children born, 9 living
Charlie 17
Effie 11
Margaret and children, KY NC NC
Children of Margaret Collins and Calvin Stidham are:
            i.          HENRY5 STIDHAM, b. December 1874, Letcher Co., KY; d. 1942.

BIRTH:  Birth Records
DEATH:  Same.
MARRIAGE:  Same, to Susan Sergent Reedy, d/o Calvin and Sarah Taylor Sergent,
b. 1876 in Letcher, d. 1951 in Letcher, bur. Sergent Cem.  Susan mar. #1 John
Wesley Reedy on 14 Nov 1889.

Children:  Polly b. 1900 in Letcher, mar. Hillarad Adams; #2 Belle b. 1902, mar.
#1 Ernest Risner, #2 Sidney Sexton; #3 Noah b. 1903 mar. Delma; #4 Corbitt b.
1906 mar. Sarah Lowe; #5 Elizabeth b. 7/17/1907 d. 8/28/1977, mar. Emery
Caudill; #6 Margaret b. 11/22/1911, d. 5/22/1961 mar. Franklin Caudill; #7
Nathan J. b. 6/22/1916, d. 9/26/1986, mar. Mildred Evans; #8 Charlie Melton,
b. 2/26/1919, d. 3/16/1964, mar. Frona Lucas.

Children of Susan and John Reedy:  William b. and d., infant, in Letcher Co.
and Calvin b. and d. as infant in Letcher Co.

CENSUS: 1880, called Hugh.

            ii.          MARTHA ANN STIDHAM, b. 1877; m. NOAH COLUMBUS ANDERSON; b. Abt. 1872.

MARRIAGE:  #1 to Red HALE; #2 to Noah Columbus Anderson b. abt. 1872, s/o Aaron
and Elizabeth Hall Anderson on 12/17/1902.

BIRTH:  Letcher Co. Fam. Hist., Vo. 1, P-49.

            iii.         MARY E. STIDHAM, b. 1879.

Notes for MARY E. STIDHAM:

            iv.         RANDLE STIDHAM, b. April 1884.
121.     v.         BERLIE STIDHAM, b. October 11, 1888, Letcher Co., KY; d. December 23, 1953, Letcher Co., KY.
            vi.         SAVA STIDHAM, b. November 1889.
            vii.        CHARLES STIDHAM, b. February 1892.
            viii.       EFFA STIDHAM, b. June 1899.

38.  Josephine4 Walters (Margaret3 Collins, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born October 18, 1842 in Magoffin Co., KY.  She married William Welsh. 

Notes for Josephine Walters:
MARRIAGE:  To Wm. Walsh and had one dau., Belle Welsh b. Wayne Co., WV who
married James JERRELL.  Belle and James had 6 dau.:  Gypsy who married Fisher
PERDUE; Jenny, who married Delbert PRUITT (2 girls, 3 boys); Pearl who married
Ray SHELVY; Josephine who married Oleie CARVER (3 sons, 2 dau); Oleita who mar.
Nelson SELBY (1 son); Irene who married Earnest RIGGS (2 boys, 5 girls).
SOURCE:  Zona Netherly, gggd of BB Walters

Child of Josephine Walters and William Welsh is:
            i.          BELLE5 WELSH, b. Wayne Co., WV.

Notes for BELLE WELSH:
CHILDREN:  Belle mar. James Jerrell, had 6 dau.:  Gypsy who mar. Fisher PURDUE;
Jenny who married Delbert PRUITT (2 girls, 3 boys); Pearl who married Ray
SHELBY; Josephine who married Oleie CARVER (3 sons, 2 dau); Oleita who married
Nelson SELBY (1 son); Irene who mar. Earnest RIGGS (2 boys, 5 girls)

39.  Sanford Reed4 Walters (Margaret3 Collins, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born October 15, 1851 in Knott Co., KY, and died May 07, 1940 in Wayne Co., WV.  He married America Easter Perdue January 01, 1879.  She was born July 20, 1863, and died December 05, 1943.

Notes for Sanford Reed Walters:
BIRTH:  Father's Bible Record; I have birthplace as Maggoffin Co.
DEATH:  Same.
Son James P., died age 30.
MARRIAGE:   by Rev. Heatherly.  Witnesses:  F. Perdue and Mart Collins. From Zona Netherly. One of these records gives birth as Magoffin Co. but early info. from source
gives birth as Perry Co. and says info. came from Bible.

CENSUS:  1880, Wayne Co., WV, Ceredo Dist, Sup. Dist 2, Enumerator Dist. #44,
P-12, L-10, House 9, Family 11:  Sanford Walters 28, works at Sawmill, b. KKK;
S. America 18, she and parents b. KY.

CENSUS:  1920, Wayne Co., Ceredo Dist., #85/86, P-82:  Sanford Walters 63, Mar. 30 years, WVV; America 45, 10 child. born, 7 living, WVV; Lewis, 17, Harlun 14; Bertha 12; Dorwine (M) 8; Eunoma (F), 6; all children born WV; Maggie Willis,dau. 27, mar. 3 yrs, 1 child, WWW; Charles 28, Mildred, step dau. 2 (gd marked out and step dau. entered).

Children of Sanford Walters and America Perdue are:
122.     i.          MARGARET5 WALTERS, b. February 26, 1882.
123.     ii.          JAMES P. WALTERS, b. March 16, 1884, Ceredo, Wayne Co., WV; d. March 27, 1914.
            iii.         WADE WALTERS, b. March 10, 1886.
            iv.         WALTER WALTERS, b. November 19, 1886.
            v.         LEWIS BRADFORD WALTERS, b. November 25, 1892.
            vi.         HARLAND WALTERS, b. September 14, 1895.
            vii.        DENNIE DORWIN WALTERS, b. March 24, 1909.

40.  Grazilda4 Collins (Thomas J.3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born 1849 in Letcher Co., KY.  She married Robert Collins December 20, 1866 in Letcher Co., KY, son of Eli Collins and Mary Barritt.  He was born September 30, 1852 in Letcher Co., KY.

Notes for Grazilda Collins:
BIRTH:  Census 1850, age 1.
MARRIAGE:  B-2, P-40.

CENSUS:  1860, with parents age 8.

CENSUS:  1870, married, age 21, husband 19, children Margaret 2 and James 4 mo.

Not in 1880 census.

Notes for Robert Collins:
BIRTH:  Birth Records, P-20, B-2.
MARRIAGE: B-5, P-116.

Children of Grazilda Collins and Robert Collins are:
            i.          MARTHA JANE5 COLLINS.


            ii.          MARGARET COLLINS, b. Abt. 1868.
            iii.         JAMES WESLEY COLLINS, b. 1870.

MARRIGE:  To Eva Thos. AMBURGEY on 9/6/1876, Letcher Co., KY

            iv.         SILAS M. COLLINS, b. October 22, 1874, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Birth Records; this birth record is for Silas M. born to Robert and
Silva.  See also Robert and Sylvania Ghent Collins.

41.  Silas4 Collins (Thomas J.3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born April 08, 1852 in Letcher Co., KY, and died Bef. 1917.  He married Margaret Adams Abt. 1873.  She was born March 1849 in KY, and died 1921.

Notes for Silas Collins:
BIRTH:  Letcher Co. Birth Rec.
MARRIAGE:  B-4, P-39, date is missing.

CENSUS:  1860, Fam. #436, with parents and siblings, Grazy 8, Silas, 6, Wesley 5, Nancy E., 4, Mary 3.

CENSUS:  1870, Precinct 4, with parents and siblings, he is 17.

CENSUS:  1880, Fam. #131, he is 26, b. KY, parents b. NC; Margaret, wife is 25, children are Patrick 5, John W. 3, and Shadrick born April 1880, all b. KY.

CENSUS:  1900 Letcher Co., KY, #288/291:  Silas b. Apr 1852, 48; Peggy, Mar. 1850, 50, mar. 27 yrs, 10 children born, 5 living; Burton, Oct 1881, 18; Monroe Nov 1886, 13; Nora, Apr 1891, 9, Victoria Daniels, Daughter, Jun 1884, 15, mar. 1 yr.

CENSUS:  1910 Letcher Co., KY:  Silas Collins 58, K NC NC Margretta, 62, mar. 36 yrs, 10 born, 5 living, KKV; Precinct 3, Rockhouse.
In 1917, wife remarried.

There was a Silas Collins who enlisted as a servant for John H. Collins in Bowling Green, KY.

Notes for Margaret Adams:
BIRTH:  1880 Census; d/o Spencer & Sealie CHURCH ADAMS.
MARRIAGE:  #1, B-4, P-39; #2, B-22, P-66, to John S. Adams, s/o John. John S.
Adams was called John S. "Tobacco" Adams b. ca 1845 in Letcher Co., died 1925
mar. first 5 Jun 1864  to Eliz. Blair (1845-1875), #2 Mariah H. Green in 1875
and #3 to Margaret Adams Collins.

CENSUS:  1850 Spencer and Sealy are shown with 2 children, including Margaret
age 1.

CENSUS:  1860 Margaret is shown as 11.

CENSUS:  In 1870, the only Margaret Adams is shown as dau. of John and Sarah,
age 18.

CENSUS:  1910, Letcher Co., KY:  Silas, 58, b. KY; Margaretta, 62, b. KY.

Children of Silas Collins and Margaret Adams are:
            i.          UNKNOWN5 COLLINS.
            ii.          UNKNOWN COLLINS.
            iii.         JAMES E. COLLINS, b. May 1874; d. July 23, 1874, Letcher Co., KY.

DEATH:  Death Rec., of Colerimorbus.

124.     iv.         WILLIAM PATRICK COLLINS, b. June 18, 1875, , KY; d. March 01, 1932.
            v.         JOHN WESLEY COLLINS, b. 1877; d. June 01, 1942, Letcher Co., KY; m. JANE HAMPTON, April 12, 1899.

BIRTH:  Tombstone.
DEATH:  Same; Vital Stats, Vo. 29, #14209, age 64.
MARRIAGE:  Mar. Records.

CENSUS:  1900, Letcher Co. KY:  Wesley Collins 22; Elizabeth 18; Patrick 34; Nancy 19; Ada 4; Ida 2; Sal? 5/12.

            vi.         SHADRICK COLLINS, b. April 1880.
125.     vii.        BENTON F. COLLINS, b. October 1882, KY; d. 1959.
126.     viii.       MONROE COLLINS, b. May 22, 1884, , KY; d. February 19, 1965.
127.     ix.         VICTORIA COLLINS, b. June 1884, , KY.
            x.         NORA COLLINS, b. April 1891.

BIRTH:  1900 Census.
MARRIAGE:  Possibly to Wm. COMBS, B-16, P-264 on 11/30/1911.

42.  Wesley4 Collins (Thomas J.3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born February 09, 1854 in Letcher Co., KY, and died January 20, 1936 in Letcher Co., KY.  He married Vina Smith March 01, 1879 in Letcher Co., KY.  She was born March 03, 1862 in KY, and died February 07, 1924 in KY.

Notes for Wesley Collins:
BIRTH:  Birth Records.
DEATH:  Letcher Co., KY Fam. History, P-181; I have a date of 1/20/1936 but I believe this is for Wesley B. Collins.

CENSUS:  1860, age 5, with parents.

CENSUS:  1880, Letcher Co., KY, #354:  Wesley 25, Vina 19, Troy 6, Arminda 4, Silas 2.

CENSUS:  1900, Letcher Co., KY, #281/281:  Wesley Collins,  Apr 1852, 48, KKK; Malvina Nov 1858, 42, mar. 21 yrs, 9 chil. born, 8 living; Martha C., Dec 1884, 15; Peggy, Dec 1886, 13; Matthew, Jul 1888, 11; Ally, May 1893, 7; Thomas 5; Louisa 3; Rachel 2/12.

Notes for Vina Smith:
BIRTH:  Tombstone; maiden name could be SMITH (Melvina Smith m. Wesly Collins
on 3/1/1879; or a CAUDELL or a WHITAKER.
DEATH:  Cem. Records.

More About Vina Smith:
Burial: Alex Stamper Cem., Skyline, Letcher Co., KY
Children of Wesley Collins and Vina Smith are:
            i.          TROY5 COLLINS, b. 1874.
            ii.          ARMINDA COLLINS, b. 1876.
            iii.         SILAS COLLINS, b. 1878.
            iv.         MARTHA C. COLLINS, b. December 1884, Letcher Co., KY.
            v.         PEGGY COLLINS, b. December 1886, Letcher Co., KY.
            vi.         MATTHEW COLLINS, b. July 1888, Letcher Co., KY.
            vii.        ALLY COLLINS, b. May 1893.
            viii.       THOMAS COLLINS, b. 1895.
            ix.         LOUISA COLLINS, b. 1897.
            x.         RACHEL COLLINS, b. 1900.

43.  Nancy Elizabeth4 Collins (Thomas J.3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born July 24, 1861 in Letcher Co., KY.  She married Nathaniel (Dink) Sexton July 20, 1883 in Letcher Co., KY. 

Notes for Nancy Elizabeth Collins:
BIRTH:  1860 census, age 4; Father's pension record gives birth date of
7/24/1861; however, since she is listed in the 1860 census, this obviously is
in error.  Statement of birth is from her affadavit on 11/22/1888.
MARRIAGE:  Father-in-Law's Pension Record.

CENSUS:  1870, with parents age 14.

CENSUS:  1880, with parents, age 18.

CENSUS:  1900, Letcher Co., KY, #111/112:  Nancy SEXTON, Feb. 1861, 39, widow,
6 children born, 4 living; Brittan, son, 2/1884, 16; Thomas, Son, 3/1889, 11;
Harrison, Son, 1/1894, 6; Sarah J., Dau, 8/1897, 2.

Notes for Nathaniel (Dink) Sexton:
MARRIAGE:  B-2, P-160.

Children of Nancy Collins and Nathaniel Sexton are:
            i.          BRITTAN5 SEXTON, b. February 1884, Letcher Co., KY.
            ii.          THOMAS SEXTON, b. March 1889, Letcher Co., KY.
            iii.         HARRISON SEXTON, b. January 1894, Letcher Co., KY.
            iv.         SARAH J. SEXTON, b. August 1897.

44.  Thomas4 Collins (Thomas J.3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born August 25, 1866 in Letcher Co., KY.  He married Elizabeth Collins January 29, 1890 in Letcher Co., KY, daughter of Sanders Collins and Sylvia Combs.  She was born December 20, 1877 in Letcher Co., KY, and died Bef. 1910.

Notes for Thomas Collins:
BIRTH:  Father's Pension Record.
CENSUS:  1880, with parents, age 15.
MARRIAGE:  B-8, P-530.

Thomas applied for pension after his father died.  Nancy Gibson, 48 of
Rockhouse stated that Thos. Jr. was born on or about Aug. 25, 1866. She
remembered because her son John S. was born Oct. 11, 1866.  Polly Neece was the
midwife for Thomas., Jr.  Affidavit sworn on 9/21/1886.

Another affidvait by Nancy Gibson, 60 on 11/23/1888 stated that John S., her
son, was born 10/7/1866 and her family came to Letcher County the following
spring.  She stated she was half aunt to Thomas, Jr.

Wesley Collins, 33, brother to Thomas, Jr. made affidavit as to Thos. Jr. age
on 11/19/1888.

Silas collins, 35, brother to Thos. stated that Thos. only child under age of
16 when their father died in the spring of 1881.  Stated that their mother died
on Easter Sunday, nearly two years after their father.  Affidavit 11/19/1888.

Burdine Collins, 87, made affidavit that there were no other marriages of
Thos. Jr. parents.  Stated he was brother to Thomas, Sr. and that Catharine
died year or 2 after Thomas.  They married in Perry County and that Thomas was
the only child under 16 at the time of his father's death.  9/21/1886.

O.D. Gibson made affidavit that Catharine died 4/1882.

Thomas Jr. made affidavit that he was born 8/25/1866 in Perry County. Said
that Polly Neece, Lucinda Collins, George Collins should know date of his
father's death.  That his mother died 4/25/1882 and his father 4/1/1880. His
affidavit signed 11/22/1888.

Wason made affidavit on 11/24/1888, age 44 years, stated Thomas, Jr. was his

Mary Neece, age 71, made affidvait that she was present when Thomas was born to
Thomas and Cath. on 8/25/1866.  Stated she had lived since childhood on
Colley Creek and that Thomas has always lived nearby.  Her affidavit made

Lucinda Collins, 43, residing Perry Co., stated she was present when Thomas was
born.  Said her daughter, Marry A. Collins was born 1 month and 6 days after
Thomas, who was born 8/25/1866.  Mary A. was born 10/1/1866.

Wilson Collins and Polly Neece, he 53, she 71, made affidavit on 8/16/1887 that
they were present at marriage of Thomas and Catharine.

Margaret Collins, age 40, wife of Silas, made affidavit on 11/22/1888 that
their house was burned out in Feb. of 1881 and that she had a child about the
same time as Catharine died.  Said it snowed heavily the day Catherine died.

Nancy Ann Sexton, 27, sister to Thomas, Jr. made affidavit on 11/22/1888 that
she was married in July of 1883.  Was present at death of her father. That he
was sitting and she and her mother raised him up so that he died on his feet.
His last words after they raised him were "Oh Lord" and he breathed his last.
She stated she was born 7/24/1861.

Special Examiner stated that Claimant, Thomas Jr. was an illiterate young man
of feeble mind and doubtful character.  He is incompetent to plan or (illigible
word) or execute the plans of others.

That there was a large family of Collins on Colley, generally illiterate and
weak minded and contrary to the theory of Mothers? Mathers? they hold
undisputed sway in the Valley of Colley.

That they are below their surrounding neighbors in social standing and hence,
there is but little commingling in a social way.

CENSUS:  1900 Letcher co., KY, Dwelling 260, Family 262:  Thomas Collins, b.
Aug 1865, 34, all b. KY; Elizabeth b. May 1879, 21, mar. 8 years, 5 children
born, 4 living; Grazilda Jan 1894, 6; James W., 1895, 5; Hettie b. Oct 1896, 3;
Sanders b. Oct 1898, 8/12.

CENSUS:  1910, Letcher Co., KY:  Elizabeth Collins 34; Rosilda 19; Jimesley 16; Hettie 14; Silva 12.

Notes for Elizabeth Collins:
BIRTH:  Father's pension papers.
MARRIAGE:  B-8, See deed P-211, 1901.

4 Nov. 1909:  Affidavit by Elizabeth:  that she was 33 years, w/o Thomas, lived
Cap, Letcher Co., lived there all her life, was d/o Sylvia who died 2/6/1903
Sanders married America on 2/28/1903
 her father died 5/231909 of heart disease, that she was the only one of Sylvia's children living, No witnesses to

Children of Thomas Collins and Elizabeth Collins are:
128.     i.          ROZILDA5 COLLINS, b. January 1894.
            ii.          JAMES W. COLLINS, b. February 1895; m. MARCEL HAMMONDS, February 06, 1919, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  1900 Census.
MARRIAGE:  B-26, P-78, d/o D. L. and Layer B. HAMMONS.

BIRTH:  d/o D. L. land Layer B.
MARRIAGE:  B-26, P-78.

            iii.         SANDERS COLLINS, b. October 1895.

BIRTH:  1900 Census.

            iv.         HETTIE COLLINS, b. October 1896; m. JOHN MOORE, February 01, 1921, Letcher Co., KY; b. May 1887.

BIRTH:  1900 Census.
MARRIAGE:  B-33, P-9, s/o James and Nancy Collins Moore.

Notes for JOHN MOORE:
BIRTH:  1900 Census.
MARRIAGE: I have a marriage to America Collins on 11/7/1911.

Generation No. 5

45.  Robert5 Collins (Eli4, Robert3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born September 30, 1852 in Letcher Co., KY.  He married Grazilda Collins December 20, 1866 in Letcher Co., KY, daughter of Thomas Collins and Katharine Thomas.  She was born 1849 in Letcher Co., KY.

Notes for Robert Collins:
BIRTH:  Birth Records, P-20, B-2.
MARRIAGE: B-5, P-116.

Notes for Grazilda Collins:
BIRTH:  Census 1850, age 1.
MARRIAGE:  B-2, P-40.

CENSUS:  1860, with parents age 8.

CENSUS:  1870, married, age 21, husband 19, children Margaret 2 and James 4 mo.

Not in 1880 census.

Children are listed above under (40) Grazilda Collins.

46.  James Jasper Babe5 Collins (Eli4, Robert3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born February 09, 1855 in Letcher Co., KY, and died November 25, 1924 in Whitesburg, Letcher Co., KY.  He married (1) Elizabeth Pigman.  She was born February 04, 1890, and died December 28, 1947 in Letcher Co., KY.  He married (2) Nancy Collins July 31, 1873 in Letcher Co., KY, daughter of Robert Collins and Lydia Adams.  She was born December 15, 1855 in Colson, Letcher Co., KY, and died February 06, 1918 in Colson, Letcher Co., KY.

Notes for James Jasper Babe Collins:
BIRTH:  Birth Rec. shows 2/9/1855; Cem. Rec. 2/9/1854, fam. history of Rev. Jas. Collins, 2/9/1854; s/o Eli and Polly Barrett, Eli b. Russell Co., VA or NC.
DEATH:  Cem. Record; died Whitesburg of a Stroke; Steve Mortimer, (amort@airmail.net) shows death as Colson.
MARRIAGE:  B-3, P-419, nicknamed "Babe"; mar. record gives name as John Jasper.

CENSUS:  1900 Letcher Co., KY, L-18, P-129 B, Sheet 17, L-15, Rockhouse, #289/292: Jasper Collins, Feb 1854, 42, KKK; Nancy, Dec 1855, 44, Mar. 30 yrs, 12 children born, 7 living; John Dorty, Oct 1880, 19; Anner, Jun 1883, 17; Blaine, Jul 1885, 14; Willis H., Jul 1887, 12; Ira W., Jul 1890, 9; Willard, Nov 1893, 6; Birtha, Aug 1895, 4; William CRAFT, Boarder, Nov. 1891, 11; William BOATRIGHT, Boarder, Jan 1877, 23; all b. KY.

CENSUS:  1910, Letcher Co., KY:  Jasper Collins, Jr., 55; Nannie 55; Willard 16; Bertha 13.

1/30/1891, Jasper Collins, grantee, 175 acres, Buck Cr, Letcher, B-82, P-205.

Jasper Babe was my great-grandfather.  He was left on the door step and they never knew who left him.  Or at least that information was never passed down if they knew.  My aunt researched this many years ago and she lived there...we are in Texas.  She would have really loved genealogy on the internet.  She did it the hard way.  From Joyce Collins at smort@airmail.net, on 12/18/1999.

Notes for Elizabeth Pigman:
BIRTH: Tombstone; d/o Bogey PIGMAN.
DEATH:  Same.
MARRIAGE:  previously married to Isaac RESNER, and possibly Franklin Amburgy.
See Mar. B-1, P-92.

Notes for Nancy Collins:
BIRTH:  Cem. Record gives date of 12/14/1854; Birth Record gives date of
12/15/1854; d/o Robert and Lydia Adams Collins.
DEATH:  Same; fam. history of Rev. Jas. Collins gives date of 2/16/1918.
MARRIAGE:  B-3, P-419.

Children of James Collins and Nancy Collins are:
129.     i.          HARRIET6 COLLINS, b. May 31, 1875, Rockhouse, Letcher Co., KY; d. July 14, 1899, Colson, Letcher Co., KY.
            ii.          MARY COLLINS, b. April 01, 1877; d. April 08, 1897, Colson, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Cem. Record.
DEATH:  Same; bur. Colson Cem.

Burial: Colson Cem.,, Letcher Co., KY

130.     iii.         LYDIA COLLINS, b. January 09, 1879, Letcher Co., KY; d. April 26, 1900.
131.     iv.         JOHN DORTY COLLINS, b. October 27, 1880, Colson, Letcher Co., KY; d. March 11, 1946, Colson, Letcher Co. , KY.
132.     v.         MINERVA COLLINS, b. January 15, 1882; d. February 11, 1934.
            vi.         MARTHA COLLINS, b. September 20, 1884; d. August 24, 1885.

BIRTH:  Cem. Records; fam. history of Rev. Jas. Collins gives date of 9/30.
DEATH:  Cem. Records.

133.     vii.        BLAINE COLLINS, b. July 14, 1886, Colson, Letcher Co., KY; d. February 07, 1948, Letcher Co., KY.
            viii.       WILLIAM HOWARD COLLINS, b. July 14, 1888, , KY; d. 1906.

BIRTH:  Cem. records; I have a birth record for William, s/o James and Nancy,
born 1/4/1884; smort@airmail.net gives a date of July 14, 1888.  I am using that date as it appears William and Blaine were not twins.
DEATH:  Same.
MARRIAGE:  Unmarried.

            ix.         DELZY L. COLLINS, b. September 01, 1889, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  LDS Records.

134.     x.         IRA WILSON COLLINS, b. July 30, 1891, Colson, Letcher Co., KY; d. June 15, 1946.
135.     xi.         WILLARD COLLINS, b. November 07, 1893, Colson, Letcher Co., KY; d. November 10, 1948, Colson, Letcher Co., KY.
136.     xii.        BERTHA COLLINS, b. August 26, 1896, Colson, Letcher Co., KY; d. January 05, 1978, Miami, , FL.

47.  Mary Ann5 Collins (George Washington4, Robert3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born October 01, 1865 in Little Colley Cr, Letcher Co., KY, and died June 17, 1911 in Little Colley Cr, Letcher Co., KY.  She married John Tivis Collins December 15, 1888 in Whitesburg, Letcher Co., KY, son of John Collins and Nancy Mullins.  He was born March 03, 1857 in Rockhouse Creek, Letcher Co., KY, and died June 30, 1927 in Letcher Co., KY.

Notes for Mary Ann Collins:
BIRTH:  Tombstone.
DEATH:  Same.
MARRIAGE:  B-8, P-328.

Notes for John Tivis Collins:
BIRTH:  Tombstone; Bible of brother, Smith Collins gives birth date of May 3.
DEATH:  Same.
MARRIAGE:  B-8, P-328.

CENSUS:  1900 Letcher Co., KY, Dist. 102, #277/279:
 John T. Collins, May 1857 age 43
 Mary A., Oct. 1866, 33, mar. 11 yrs, 5 children born, 5 living
 Colington, Aug. 1891, 8
 Dessa, Boarder, Nov. 1885, 14
 Cora E., dau. Aug 1893, 6
 Hettison, dau, Jul. 1894, 5
 George W., Nov. 1896, 3
 Magnolia, Apr. 1899,1; all b. KY.

CENSUS:  1910 Letcher Co., KY:, #15/15, Rockhouse; 
J. T. Collins 52
 Maryan 43, mar. 21, 11 born, 8 living
 Clinton 18
 Cora 16
 Hattie 14
 George 12
 Maggie 10
 Vinson 8
 Jasper 6
 Corbit, 3

Children of Mary Collins and John Collins are:
            i.          UNNAMED6 COLLINS, b. October 21, 1889, Colley Creek, Letcher Co., KY; d. June 30, 1890, Colley Creek, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Cem. Records.
DEATH: Same.

            ii.          CLINTON FRANKLIN COLLINS, b. August 30, 1891, Colley Creek, Letcher Co., KY; m. (1) ELIZABETH SMITH; m. (2) CORA HOLBROOK.


BIRTH:  Fam. History of Letcher Co., KY.
MARRIAGE:  #1 an 2, Same.

            iii.         CORA ELLEN COLLINS, b. August 08, 1893, Colley Creek, Letcher Co., KY; d. May 07, 1962.

MARRIAGE:  to Charlie MAGGARD on 2/3/1911, Letcher Co., KY, B-16, P-48.
Daughter, Ruby M. born 9 Dec 1919, mar. Monroe Combs b. 21 Mar. 1916 in Van, on
2 Aug 1946.  He died 2 Jan 1964 at Green Acres, Letcher Co. Son of Ruby and
Monroe James Mannon b. 13 May 1947, who mar. Pamela Jane Reveal.

James and Pamela had children:  James Reed b. 8 Mar. 19776 and Anthony Monroe
b. 20 Jan 1978, both in Louisville.

Cecil Maggard, s/o Charles and Cora b. 30 Aug 1925 in Van, KY, mar. on 13 Jun
1959, Jane Withers b. 18 May 1937 in Cynthana, KY, d/o Willoughby and Martha
Lee Adams Withers.  Children:  martha Karien b. 18May1968 and Belinda Jo b. 22
Jul 1964.

137.     iv.         HATTIE MAY COLLINS, b. July 07, 1895, Colley Creek, Letcher Co., KY.
            v.         NANNIE DELL COLLINS, b. October 16, 1896, Colley Creek, Letcher Co., KY.
            vi.         GEORGE WESLEY COLLINS, b. March 08, 1897; d. February 09, 1929, Colley Creek, Letcher Co., KY; m. CORA TYREE, August 20, 1927, Letcher Co., KY; b. 1900.

MARRIAGE:  B-52, P-73, She 17.

Notes for CORA TYREE:
BIRTH:  Dau. of W. M. and Martha Tyree
MARRIAGE:  B-52, P-73
NOTE:  The Tyree Trail by Ella Rae Coleman has Cora as dau. of Benj. and
Catharine STIDHAM TYREE, has her birth date as July 1888.  Marriage record
gives age as 17 when married.

            vii.        MAGNOLIA COLLINS, b. April 13, 1899, Colley Creek, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Birth Rec, Fam. History of Rev. Jas. Collins gives her name as
Maggie Nola; Called Maggie.
MARRIAGE:  To Troy SHEPHERD on 5/15/1918, Letcher Co., KY, B-24, P-49; #2 to
Hobart Tucker; #3 Otis Hombree.

            viii.       VINCENT B. COLLINS, b. August 18, 1901, Colley Creek, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Fam. History of Rev. Jas. Collins.
MARRIAGE:  To Millie COMBS, dau. of Richard & Marcie COLLINS COMBS, on
2/23/1926, Letcher Co., KY, B-48, P-2.  #2, Possibly to Mary TAYLOR.

            ix.         JASPAR COLLINS, b. December 09, 1903, Colley Creek, Letcher Co., KY; d. July 1937.

DEATH:  Not sure about date.
MARRIAGE:  To Nora ?

            x.         CORBETT L. COLLINS, b. July 27, 1906.

BIRTH:  Info. from fam. history of Rev. Jas. Collins.

            xi.         UNNAMED COLLINS, b. Bet. 1900 - 1910, Letcher Co., KY; d. Bef. 1910, Letcher Co., KY.

48.  Robert H.5 Collins (George Washington4, Robert3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born April 01, 1876 in Little Colley Cr, Letcher Co., KY.  He married Elizabeth Dillon. 

Notes for Robert H. Collins:
BIRTH:  Birth Rec.

Child of Robert Collins and Elizabeth Dillon is:
            i.          LILLIE6 COLLINS.

49.  George Washington5 Collins, Jr. (George Washington4, Robert3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born April 04, 1876 in Little Colley Cr, Letcher Co., KY, and died January 15, 1933 in Tillie, Letcher Co., KY.  He married (1) Sylvania Collins, daughter of Watson Collins and Louisa Combs.  She was born November 11, 1875, and died August 17, 1903.  He married (2) Mary Jane Collins January 15, 1900 in Tillie, Letcher Co., KY, daughter of Dolton Collins and Elizabeth.  She was born July 12, 1881 in , KY, and died January 03, 1954 in Smoot Creek, Letcher Co., KY.  He married (3) Mary Jane Brown February 10, 1904 in Letcher Co., KY.  She was born July 12, 1881 in KY, and died January 03, 1954.

Notes for George Washington Collins, Jr.:
BIRTH:  Cem. Records.
DEATH:  Same.
MARRIAGE:  From Info. furnished by Evelyn Collins Sabayrac, Palm Beach Gardens

CENSUS:  1900 Letcher Co., KY, Dist. 102, Sheet 17, P-129 A, L-37, #276/278:
George W. Collins, May 1876, 24, KKK; Mary J., wife, Mar 1880, 20, mar. 0 yrs,
0 children born or living; married within the year.

CENSUS:  1910, Letcher Co., KY, 1st Precinct, Rockhouse, #16/16:
George, 34, married twice; Mary 28, 6 yrs, 6 born, 6 living; Frona 9, Ollie 8, Lola 5, Maude 2, Russel F. 5/12, all KKK.

Notes for Sylvania Collins:
BIRTH:  Cem. Records.
DEATH:  Same.
MARRIAGE:  Married Eddie Combs; had Elvira and Troy; then married George W. Collins; no children, married only a few months.  mar. first 1891 second 1903.; Above info. from Evelyn Sabayrac.  However, unsure about these marriages. Info on first marr. from Troy; No proof of mar. to Geo. W.   Story is that
Sylvania had TB and sister, Mary Jane came to take care of her and married Geo. W.  Cem. Records give name as Silvania Collins.

Notes for Mary Jane Collins:
BIRTH:  Cem. Record.
DEATH:  Same.

Notes for Mary Jane Brown:
BIRTH:  Cem. Record; d/o Wm. and Letitia Day Brown.
DEATH:  Cem. Record.
NOTE:  Death date for Mary Jane Collins and Mary Jane Brown is the same. No doubt an
error for one of them.
MARRIAGE:  #1, B-13, P-162; #2.

Children of George Collins and Mary Collins are:
            i.          RAYMOND6 COLLINS.
138.     ii.          FRONIA COLLINS, b. January 11, 1901; d. August 1976, Newport, Campbell Co., KY.
            iii.         OLLIE COLLINS, b. 1902, Letcher Co., KY.

Children of George Collins and Mary Brown are:
139.     iv.         LOLA6 COLLINS, b. January 05, 1905, Tillie, Letcher Co., KY; d. July 02, 1938, Blackey, Letcher Co., KY.
140.     v.         MAUDELLA COLLINS, b. December 26, 1907, Tillie, Letcher Co., KY.
141.     vi.         RUSSELL FITCH COLLINS, b. November 09, 1909, Tillie, Letcher Co., KY; d. September 26, 1977, Isom, Letcher Co., KY.
142.     vii.        WILLIE RAYMOND COLLINS, b. November 05, 1911, Tillie, Letcher Co., KY.
            viii.       ORA COLLINS, b. March 14, 1913, Smoot Creek, Letcher Co., KY; d. March 14, 1913, Letcher Co., KY.

Notes for ORA COLLINS:
BIRTH:  Cem. Records.
DEATH:  Same.

            ix.         LYDIA MAY COLLINS, b. February 12, 1915, Tillie, Letcher Co., KY; d. 1974; m. HERBERT FOSTER.


            x.         JAMES RALPH COLLINS, b. March 03, 1917, Tillie, Letcher Co., KY; d. November 18, 1918, Tillie, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Cem. Record.
DEATH:  Cem. Record.

143.     xi.         BERNICE COLLINS, b. March 19, 1919, Tillie, Letcher Co., KY.
            xii.        DAVE REXFORD COLLINS, b. April 04, 1921, Tillie, Letcher Co., KY.

MARRIAGE:  To Maggie SPECKS on 5/1948.

            xiii.       HAROLD GLEN COLLINS, b. June 06, 1924, Tillie, Letcher Co., KY; d. August 23, 1924, Tillie, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Cem. Records.
DEATH:  Same.

            xiv.       RONALD REED COLLINS, b. October 08, 1925; d. September 30, 1977.

MARRIAGE:  To Madaline WILLIAMS in 1948.

50.  Nancy Ellen5 Collins (George Washington4, Robert3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born July 27, 1879 in Little Colley Cr, Letcher Co., KY, and died January 15, 1951 in Alamasa Co., CO.  She married Robert Clinton Flanery June 03, 1897 in Whitesburg, Letcher Co., KY.  He was born April 15, 1876 in Rogersville, Hawkins Co., TN, and died March 27, 1963 in Sharon Springs, Wallace Co., KS.

Notes for Nancy Ellen Collins:
BIRTH:  Birth Rec.
MARRIAGE:  B-10, P-564, s/o Hogan and Nancy Ellen Armstrong Flannery

Notes for Robert Clinton Flanery:
BIRTH:  s/o Hegan & Nancy Ellen ARMSTRONG FLANNERY.
MARRIAGE:  B-10, P-564.

Children of Nancy Collins and Robert Flanery are:
144.     i.          BERTHA JANE6 FLANERY, b. April 18, 1898, Whitesburg, Letcher Co., KY.
            ii.          MYRTLE FRANCES FLANERY, b. May 07, 1900, Gladesville, Campsville Co., VA; d. March 24, 1904, Ogallah, Trego Co., KS.


            iii.         SADIE MARIE FLANERY, b. July 07, 1902, Ogallah, Trego Co., KS.

MARRIAGE:  To John KIDD on 4/17/1926, Cheyenne Co., WY.

            iv.         EULYNN ERNEST FLANERY, b. January 01, 1907, Ogallah, Trego Co., KS; d. August 08, 1907, Ogallah, Trego Co., KS.

51.  Susan Frances5 Collins (George Washington4, Robert3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born November 25, 1881 in Letcher Co., KY, and died June 13, 1963 in Woodland, Yolo Co., CA.  She married John Ashbury Collins September 25, 1901 in Ozallah, , KS, son of Randolph Collins and Eliza Turner.  He was born June 22, 1875 in Letcher Co., KY, and died August 31, 1951 in Red Bluff, , CA.

Notes for Susan Frances Collins:
BIRTH:  Pension Record.
DEATH:  Fam. Files.
MARRIAGE:  Mar. Record.

Notes for John Ashbury Collins:
BIRTH:  Birth Records.

Children of Susan Collins and John Collins are:
            i.          OLLIE TIFFIE6 COLLINS, b. June 30, 1902, Koshkonong, , MO; d. June 03, 1949, Red Bluff, , CA.

BIRTH:  Family Group Sheet from KY.
DEATH:  Same.
MARRIAGE:  Same, to Claude Harold Baker, b. 11 Jul 1899 in Utica, MN, died 11
Dec 1920 Caldwell, Idaho, s/o Harry Thomas Baker and Myrtle Almeda Wilmot

Children:  Una Lila b. 2/25/1922 in Nampa, Idaho, mar. 9/28/1938 to Oscar Allen
Westfall; Harold Leroy b. 7/21/1924 in Nampa, Idaho, died 1/22/1928 in Red
Bluff, Ca.; Eldon Russell, b. 9/21/1926 Boise, Idaho, mar. 5/20/1944 to Darlene
Pickett in Reno, Nevada; Alice Lucille b. 10/20/1929 in Gerber, CA, mar.
6/22/1947 to Vernon Arthur Cruess, in San Jose; their children, Brian
James b. 2/26/1949 in Modesto, CA and jeffrey Harold b. 12/7/1956 in Vallejo.
Gerald I. b. 11/5/1933 in in Gerber, CA, mar. 12/23/1958 to Mary Karleea
Jennings in Reno; Eldon Russell Baker b. 9/21/1926 in Boise, ID. married
Shirley Hale, had son Michael Eugene b. 14 Mar 1966 in Corning, CA.

Eldon also married Gertrude D. "Dollie" Pickett, dau. Julia Elizabeth b.
3 Oct 1952 in Corning, CA who married Denny Milton Jenkins 1/11/1969. Son
Son Gerald D. b. 11/5/1933 in Gerber, CA mar. 12/23/1958 in Reno, NV to Mary
Karleen Jennings b. 8/30/1939, Jemez Springs, NM, d/o John Franklin and Lona
Elizabeth McCurry Jennings.

Their children:  Trudy Elizabeth b. 4/6/1958 in Fresno, CA and Timothy David
b. 12/2/1959 in Red Bluff, CA.
Oscar Allen Westfall, Jr. b. 8/1/1919 in Corning, CA, s/o Oscar Allen, Sr.,
and Minnie Maude Sherman Westfall, mar. 9/28/1938 in Gerber, CA Una Lila Baker,
d/o Claude Harold and Ollie Tiffie Collins Baker, b. 2/22/1922 in Napa, ID.
Children:  Delight Louella b. 12/15/1940 in Red Bluff, CA, mar. 11/18/1961 to
Benny Wesley in Red Bluff; Ja]oyceline Rosella b. 9/21/1942 in Red Bluff, mar.
11/18/1961 to Michael Bruce Pitkin; Delma Ray b. 12/16/1943 in Red Bluff, mar.
5/30/1964 to Michael John Nelson; Jack Wayne b. 7/10/1945 in Red Bluff, mar.
10/18/1969 to June Clairo Harmon; Lila Marie b. 5/15/1949, mar. 11/6/1967 to
Robert Henry Wood in Reno.

Delight Louella Westfall b. 12/15/1940 in Red Bluff, CA, d/o Oscar and Una Lila
Baker Westfall, Jr., mar. Benny Wesley Benson, s/o Albert Roy and Margaret
Magdaleen Mangold Benson, he b. 11/1/1940 in Red Bluff, CA, mar. on 11/18/1961
in Reno, Nevada.  Children:  Benny Wesley, Jr., 9/20/1962 in Novato, CA;
Jeffrey Lee b. 11/25/1963 in Corning, CA; Kayla Marie b. 12/4/1964 in Corning,

Jack Wayne Westfall b. 7/10/1945 in Red Bluff, CA, s/o Oscar and Una Lila Baker
Westfall, mar. 18 Oct 1968 in Carson City, Nevada June Claire Harmon b. 22 Nov
1950 in Prinavillo, Oregon, d/o Louis Sites and Virginia Claire Pratt Harmon .
Children:  Marty Wayne b. 10/6/1970 in Red Bluff, CA, died same day; Michele
Renee b. 3/22/1972 in Red Bluff.

Lila Marie Westfall, d/o Oscar and Una Lila Baker Westfall, Jr., b. 5/15/1949
in Red Bluff mar. on 6 Nov 1967 in Reno, NV, Robert Henry Wood, b. 9/9/1946 in
Scotia, CA; Hank Alan 23 Oct 1969 in Fortuna, CA.

            ii.          LOLA CECIL COLLINS, b. December 24, 1903, Koshkonong, , MO.

MARRIAGE:  To Lloyd Samuel Snyder on 17 Apr 1927.

            iii.         JULIA VESTA COLLINS, b. November 13, 1905, Koshkonong, , MO.

MARRIAGE:  to Neal Reginald Snyder on 3/3/1928 in Mt. Home.

            iv.         HARRY EVERETT COLLINS, b. January 28, 1908, Boulder, , CO.

MARRIAGE:  To Pat Ella Crum on 7/2/1945 in Reno, Nevada.

            v.         UNNAMED COLLINS, b. April 01, 1910, Pocatella, , ID; d. April 20, 1910, Pocatella, , ID.


            vi.         ROY FLOYD COLLINS, b. April 23, 1911, American Falls, , ID; d. April 1982, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  SS Death Records give date of 6/20/1911.
DEATH:  Same.
MARRIAGE:  To Janice A. Baker, in Boise, ID.

            vii.        ETHYL CATHERINE COLLINS, b. December 01, 1915, Minidoko, , ID; d. March 02, 1979, Santa Rosa, Senoha Co., CA.

MARRIAGE:  To Vikncent Barstow in Las Vegas.

            viii.       GRACE ELLEN COLLINS, b. April 24, 1918, Minidoko, , ID.

MARRIAGE:  To Albert Harman Hickman.  Son, James Lee Hickman b. 20 Jun 1944 in
Red Bluff, CA, mar. 8 Nov. 1964 in Carson City, Nevada, Alice Minnie Jerome, b.
13 Oct 1945 in Caldwell, Idaho, d/o Plenny Vivian and Opal Ells Jerome. Their
children:  Keenyn Lee b. 9 Aug 1965 in Grants Pass, Oregon; Renee' Lynn b. 9
Apr. 1967 in Grants Pass, Oregon and Stephanie Jean b. 8/22/1970 same place.
Albert and Grace mar. 6 Nov. 1936 in Red Bluff.  Other children: Darlene Rae
b. 18 Sep 1937 in Red Bluff, mar. James Edwin Parrish on 11 Aug 1956; Richard
Lee b. 26 Nov 1938 in Red Bluff, mar. Cora Marie Wilkinson on 5 Jun 1960 in
Olivehurst, CA, and Alberta Mae b. 2 Jan 1941 in Red Bluff, CA, mar. Joseph
Kamano, jr. on 25 May 1968 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

            ix.         RAYMOND LEE COLLINS, b. March 19, 1921, Nampa, , ID; d. May 30, 1930, Gerber, , CA.


52.  Sarah Helen5 Collins (George Washington4, Robert3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born November 27, 1892 in , KY, and died August 21, 1976 in North Judson, Starke, IN.  She married Isaac Creech.  He was born April 14, 1886 in KY, and died June 1973 in KY.

Notes for Sarah Helen Collins:
BIRTH:  From Fathers pension papers.

Notes for Isaac Creech:
BIRTH:  SS Records.
DEATH:  Same; ISAAC CREECH  14 Apr 1886 Jun 1973 41715 (Kentucky) (none specified) 403-12-6839 Kentucky
Children of Sarah Collins and Isaac Creech are:
            i.          NORMAN6 CREECH.
            ii.          ELI CREECH.
            iii.         PHILLIP CREECH.
            iv.         EVERET CREECH.
145.     v.         NORA CREECH.
            vi.         OLLIE CREECH.


            vii.        ELLIE CREECH.


            viii.       MOLLIE CREECH.


            ix.         ETHEL CREECH.


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