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(Partial) Descendants of Samuel Collins Volume 4

53.  James Matthew5 Collins (George Washington4, Robert3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born August 25, 1894 in , KY, and died September 19, 1948 in Letcher Co., KY.  He married Mattie Combs July 22, 1910 in Letcher Co., KY, daughter of America Combs.  She was born November 09, 1893 in , KY, and died May 11, 1953 in Letcher Co., KY.

Notes for James Matthew Collins:
BIRTH:  Pension papers of Sanders Collins give date of 8/28/1894; Tombstone
date of 9/9/1890. If he was 58 at death, tombstone date is more likely correct.
DEATH:  Tombstone; also death records, age 58; Cem. Record lists cem. as
Smoot Creek Cem, located at Premium, Letcher Co., KY.
MARRIAGE: B-16, P-74.

Notes for Mattie Combs:
BIRTH:  Pension Papers of Sanders Collins, gives date of 3/9/1894; Illigitimate dau. of America Combs Collins; Tombstone date of 11/9/1893.
DEATH:  Tombstone; Cem. record gives cem. as Smoot Creek Cem. at Premium.
MARRIAGE:  B-16, P-74.

Della Combs, dau. of America, lived with sister Mattie and husband for 17 years, 1926-1943, according to Pension Papers.

According to birth records, Burnett was born to Mattie Combs on 4/25/1916, Letcher.  Not sure that is this same Mattie.

On 10/11/1943 Mattie Combs gave affidavit that Sanders A., birthdate unknown was born Letcher Co., that America was deceased, died in Van, KY of Typhoid fever; that Delphia was livingin PA; that Della was incompetent and owned nothing; that Sanders was Mathews step father. Mattie cared for Della for 17 years; Witness:  Della Collins' James Stamper.

Della's birth:  3/9/1894, Witness:  Monroe Collins and Everett Hensley, Isom.

Claim No.  XC-3,161,266:  Application for pension or compensation by widow and/or child of a deceased person who served in the active military or naval service of the United States.

I, Mattie Collins, Committee of Della Collns hereby make application for pension or compensation as the Committee of Della Collins of the veteran described below, and for any accrued benefits that may be payable: Sanders A. Collins, date of birth:  I don't know:  his place of birth: Letcher County, Kentucky.

Did the veteran ever apply for pension, etc.  Yes.
His discharge was burned and I am not able to give this information (on enlistment).  America Collins, wife, now deceased, Delphia Collins now in Pennsylvania and Della Collins who now resides with me.
Date of Veterans death:  According to my memory 1909
Place of birth:  Van, Kentucky
Cause of Death:  Typhoid Fever
This daughter, Della Collins, is incapable of any self support.  Della Colins, this daughter owns no property whatever, of any kind.  The claimant receives no income whatsoever.
Della Collins is incompetent, I keep her
Claimant is not in receipt of active service pay
Sanders A. Collins was my step-father and Della Collins, for whom I am making this application, was the daughter of Sanders A. Collns and is my half sister and she resides with me and has done so for the past seventeen years.

10.  Which, if any, of the children is (a) Stepchild? (b) an adopated child? (c) an illegitimate child? or (d) a helpless child? (e) over 18 and attending school? (See instruction No. 4 (b).  No answers to the question.

11.  If any child was a stepchlid, was such child a member of the veteran's household at the time of his death?  No answer.

12.  (To be answered by widow only.)  Is it your desire tht this application also be considered as a claim for compensation or pension benefits for any of the veteran's children not in your custody?  If so, give name of child or children and name and post-office address of person having custody of each child.  No answer to this question.

13.  (a)  What is the amount of the widow's present and expected anual income?  No answer.
       (b)  If claim is solely for children, what is the amount of their annual income?  No answer.
       (c)  Name the sources of income and amount from each source?  No answer.

14.  Has the claimant filed, or is the claimant filing a claim for:  (a) Compensation or pension based on the service of any other person?    (b) Retainer pay?    (c) Retirement pay?   (d)  Adjusted compensationf? (e) Government insurance?  (f)  Compensation from the United States Employees' Compensation Commission?  (g)  State Employees' Compensation Commission?  (h) Old Age Assistance?  (i)  Survivors' Insurance under the Social Security Act?  (j)  Civil Service Annunity?  (k) Any other benefits from the United States?  No answer to any of above questions.  Give full particulars including date, place, claim number, and full name of person on account of whose service each claim was filed, and whether payments are now being received by reason of any such claim.  Answer-Sanders A. Collins received a pension and so has Della Colins.

15.  (a)  Was the aplicant named as beneficiary of insurance policies of the veteran at the time of his death?  If so, give name of commpanies and policy numbers.  No answer.
       (b)  Has the widow received, or will she receive, any commercial or fraternal insurance payments?  If so, name the source and amount thereof.  No answer.

16.  Was deceased veteran employed by the United States Government in a civilian capacity at the time of his death?  If so, in what capacity.  No answer.

16.  Did any person or persons assist or advise you in the preparatioon of this application?  Yes. If so, give the name and address of such person or persons, and state the nature and extent of the assistance or advice, the amount of fee paid or to be paid for such assistance?  no fee is to be paid.  He does the typing as I direct.

I/we make the foregoing statements as part of my claim, with full knowledge of the penalty provided for making a false statement.  s/Mattie Colins, Guardian, Van, Kentucky.  Subscribed and sworn to before me this 17 day of April , 1943, by the claimant by whom the questions and answers were read and the statements made herein were fully explained.  s/Chester HOgg, Letcher County, Kentucky, Notary Public, My commission exp[ires Jan. 24, 1946.  Witnesses: Monroe Collins, Isom, KY; Euwell Hensley, Isom, Ky.

Claim is hereby made for compensation or pension based on the service of Sanders A. Collilns who died of disease or injury due to service.  s/Mattie Collins, Guardian, April 17,1 943.

17.  Has any child named in this applicaton ever applied for benefits from the National Youth Administration? (blank)If so, give name, claim number, and benefits, if any, being received.  (blank)
18.  Is the widow or any child in receipt of active service pay on account of service in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard?  (blank)
19.  Did any person or persons assist or advise you in the preparation of this application?  Answer:  Yes.  If so, give the name and address of such person or persons, and state the nature and extent of the assistance or advice, the amouont of fee paid or to be paid for such assistance.  Answer:  No fee is to be paid.  He does the typing as I direct. s/Mattie Collins, Van, KY  Subscribed and sworn to before me this 11 day of Oct 1943 by Mattie Collins claimant, by whom (to whomm) the questions and ansdwers were read and the statements made herein were fully explained.  s/Chester Hogg, Notary Public.
The following statement must be signed by two witnesses.  We, the undersigneed, severally state that we are well acquainted with the person whoe name is subscribed above, and that we know said person to be the committee the incompetent of S. A. Collins, the deceased veteran on whose service this claim is based; that we have read the statement made herein, and the facts stated are true to the best of our knowledge and belief.  s/Della Collins Whitesburg, KY; James Stamper, Whitessburg, KY

Claim is hereby made for death compensation or pension as the committee incompetent child of Collins, Sanders A., s/Mallie Collins (looks like Mallie because the 2 t s not crossed) (signature of person making claim) Committee Oct. 11, 1943, XC-3,161,266 (Veterans Administration will enter)

Children of James Collins and Mattie Combs are:
            i.          VERNON6 COLLINS.
            ii.          FRANCE COLLINS.
            iii.         ARLIE COLLINS.
            iv.         ETHEL COLLINS.
            v.         RUBY LEE COLLINS.
            vi.         MERKIE COLLINS.
            vii.        BRADY COLLINS, b. March 08, 1911, Knott Co., KY; d. April 20, 1964, Letcher Co., KY; m. CORA MORTON, September 13, 1933, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Tombstone date of 3/8/1911; Another date of 1/28/1913
DEATH:  Tombstone; Cem. Record gives cem. as Smoot Creek Cem. at Premium.

            viii.       DELY COLLINS, b. March 11, 1912, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Birth Records.

            ix.         CLAUDE COLLINS, b. June 04, 1914, Knott Co., KY.
            x.         BURNETT COLLINS, b. April 25, 1916, Letcher Co., KY; d. May 25, 1988, Whitesburg, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Birth Records.
DEATH:  Obit.

OBIT:  Burnett Collins died May 25 (1988) at the Whitesburg Appalachian
Regional Hospital.  He was 72.
  He was the son of the late Mathew and Mattie Combs Collins and was married to
the late Callie Morton Collins.
  Survivors include two sons, billy Ray Collins and buddy Collins, both of Van;
six daughters, Coralee Sizemore, Premium; alice Faye Bennett, Isom; Mattie Mae
Noble and Mandy Sue Miles, both of Van; Della Marie Lowe, Dryfork, and eunice
Ann Mullins, jeremiah; three brothers, Vernon Collins, France Collins and Arlie
Collins, all of Summon, Ind, and Merkie Adams, tennessee.
  Funeral services were held May 28 at the chapel of Letcher funeral Home.
Burial was in the Collins Cemetery at Smoot Creek.

54.  Matilda Belle5 Collins (George Washington4, Robert3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born September 10, 1896 in Knott Co., KY, and died April 23, 1971 in , KY.  She married Marion Beverly.  He was born March 20, 1894, and died April 23, 1966.

Notes for Matilda Belle Collins:
BIRTH:  Father's Pension Record.
DEATH:  Father's Pension Record.




More About Matilda Belle Collins:
Burial: Old Henderson Fitch Cem., Knott Co., KY

Notes for Marion Beverly:
BIRTH:  Info. from Shirley J. Smith; s/o Jacob fand lMaletha Campbell Beverly; Jacob was son of John who was s/o Elijah, Sr. who was s/o John.
DEATH:  Same.
MARRIAGE:  Mar. Record.

More About Marion Beverly:
Burial: Old Henderson Fitch Cem., Knott Co., KY
Children of Matilda Collins and Marion Beverly are:
            i.          AARON6 BEVERLY, b. December 16, 1916, KY; d. December 1962.

BIRTH:  SS Records.
DEATH:  Same; AARON BEVERLY  16 Dec 1916 Dec 1962 (not specified) (none specified) 402-14-8707 Kentucky

            ii.          GEORGE BEVERLY, b. 1918; d. Abt. 1971.
            iii.         RALPH BEVERLY, b. 1920; d. Abt. 1972.
            iv.         AMOS BEVERLY, b. October 05, 1921, KY; d. January 1973; m. MARY ELIZABETH SHEPHERD; b. 1927; d. 1995.

BIRTH:  SS Records.
DEATH:  Same; AMOS BEVERLY  05 Oct 1921 Jan 1973 (not specified) (none specified) 402-18-9289 Kentucky

146.     v.         GERTRUDE BEVERLY, b. 1926; d. 1975.
            vi.         EZRA BEVERLY, b. October 25, 1928, KY; d. March 1958.

BIRTH:  SS Records.
DEATH:  Same; EZRA BEVERLY  25 Oct 1928 Mar 1958 (not specified) (none specified) 405-32-1783 Kentucky

            vii.        IVORY BEVERLY, b. 1931; m. GAULT.
            viii.       ODA BEVERLY, b. August 21, 1933, Kenton, Hardin Co., OH; d. April 26, 1988; m. JOY LEE WHITAKER; b. 1936.

Notes for ODA BEVERLY:
BIRTH:  SS Records.
DEATH:  Same; ODA BEVERLY  21 Aug 1933 26 Apr 1988 43326 (Kenton, Hardin, OH) (none specified) 402-42-5568 Kentuck

            ix.         KERBY BEVERLY, b. November 01, 1935, KY; d. June 15, 1994, Hueysville, Floyd Co., KY.

BIRTH:  SS Record.
DEATH:  Same; KERBY BEVERLY  01 Nov 1935 15 Jun 1994 41640 (Hueysville, Floyd, KY) (none specified) 407-42-7720 Kentucky

            x.         MERDIE BEVERLY, b. 1937.
            xi.         VERLILLY BEVERLY.

55.  Amos5 Tyree (Margaret4 Collins, Robert3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born March 21, 1869 in Letcher Co., KY, and died December 05, 1943 in Sebring, Highlands Co., FL.  He married Mabel. 

Notes for Amos Tyree:
BIRTH:  The Tyree Trail by Ella Rae Coleman, P-65
MARRIAGE:  To Mabel GARRETT, dau. of Fletcher and Sarah Frances NEWTON Garrett
OCCUPATION: Was a Captain in US Army.

CHILDREN:  Victor, 1/26/1894, mar. on 10/22/1921 to Margaret POAGE, dau of
Henry and Mary Isabella CRAWFORD POGUE of Cincinnati; They had two children:
Mary Isabella Pogue b. 8/23/1922, was kidnapped for ransom and was found
decapitated before payment could be made.  She died in 1983, mar. a Schwartzman
and they had no issue; Millard Hite b. 11/9/1921, never married
Darwin Garrett Tyree b. 1/7/1986 m. 10/30/1918, Nanette Elizabeth GUTSHALL of
Denver, CO, dau. of Thomas O. and Eliz. KINCAID Gutshall.  He was attorney and
practiced in Portland, OR.  They had one dau. Emily Jane, b. 10/11/1921
Darwin Merrill, b. 1/23/1904.  He was in the Navy and retired as full Admiral.
Died 1984.  Full article in National Geographic on him.
All info. from The Tyree Trail

Children of Amos Tyree and Mabel are:
147.     i.          VICTOR6 TYREE.
            ii.          DARWIN TYREE.

MARRIAGE:  to unknown, had one child.

            iii.         DAVID MERRILL TYREE, d. August 1984.

DEATH:  Ella Rae Coleman.

Retired from Navy as full Admiral.  Full article in June or July issue of National Geographic in 1967 or 68.

56.  Eveline5 Collins (Thomas W.4, Robert3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born in Knott Co., KY, and died 1899 in Letcher Co., KY.  She married Jesse Morton. 
Children of Eveline Collins and Jesse Morton are:
            i.          SAM6 MORTON.
            ii.          WILLIAM MORTON.
            iii.         SADIE MORTON.
            iv.         ROSIE MORTON.
            v.         VIRGIE MORTON.
            vi.         ELLA MORTON.
            vii.        THOMAS G. MORTON, b. May 10, 1888; d. February 02, 1972.

BIRTH:  Cem. Record, s/o Jesse.
DEATH: Same, Cem. located above Little Bill Collilns home, across bridge on Owen
Wright's farm.

57.  Robert P.5 Collins (Thomas W.4, Robert3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born 1868 in , KY, and died February 26, 1946 in Smoot Creek, Letcher Co., KY.  He married Sallie Madden.  She was born January 20, 1865, and died November 17, 1924 in Smoot Creek, Letcher Co., KY.

Notes for Robert P. Collins:
BIRTH:  Tombstone; s/o Thomas and Mary Bowens (Johnson) (1845-1914) Collins.
DEATH:  Same.

CENSUS:  1910 Letcher Co., KY:  Robert P. Collins 38; Sallie 42, mar. 10 yrs, 8 born, 3 living, parents each married twice; Sarah 9;
Maggie 5; Mart 3, all b. KY.

Notes for Sallie Madden:
BIRTH:  Tombstone; Dau of Arch & Mary  MADDEN.
DEATH:  Same.

Children of Robert Collins and Sallie Madden are:
            i.          SARAH6 COLLINS, b. 1901; m. ROBERT COOK, January 12, 1921, Letcher Co., KY.

MARRIAGE:  to Robert COOK on 1/12/1921, Letcher Co., KY, B-32, P-102, s/o Arch
and Nancy.

            ii.          MAGGIE COLLINS, b. 1905.
148.     iii.         MARY B. COLLINS, b. 1908.

58.  George W.5 Collins (Thomas W.4, Robert3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born May 18, 1876.  He married (1) Martha Breeding.    He married (2) Elizabeth Collins November 25, 1913 in Letcher Co., KY.  She was born January 19, 1877 in Letcher Co., KY.

Notes for George W. Collins:
MARRIAGE: #1,  B-17, P-459;  #2.

Notes for Elizabeth Collins:
MARRIAGE:  #2, B-17, P-459

Children of George Collins and Elizabeth Collins are:
149.     i.          WILLIE6 COLLINS, b. 1893, Letcher Co., KY; d. April 26, 1982, Whitesburg, Letcher Co., KY.
            ii.          MILLARD COLLINS, b. 1916; d. 1992.

BIRTH:  Info. from Mary Collins (maryliz20@hotmail.com)
DEATH:  Same.
MARRIAGE:  Same, unmarried.

            iii.         OZEL COLLINS, b. Abt. 1918; m. GOLDIE DIANA BENTLEY, December 12, 1939; b. March 11, 1923; d. April 15, 1997.

MARRIAGE:  To Goldie BENTLEY (of Embera & Ada), she 17, B-95, P-106.  11 children.

59.  William A.5 Collins (Thomas W.4, Robert3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born June 13, 1883, and died March 10, 1978 in Whitesburg, Letcher Co., KY.  He married (1) Eva Thomas August 08, 1912 in Letcher Co., KY.  She was born March 04, 1886, and died August 29, 1928.  He married (2) Martha Adams December 09, 1938 in Letcher Co., KY.  She was born December 25, 1899 in Polly, Camp Br., Letcher Co., KY, and died April 20, 1969 in Letcher Co., KY.

Notes for William A. Collins:
BIRTH: Cem. Rec.
DEATH: Same.
MARRIAGE: #1, B-16, P-482; #2 B-93, P-212, he 49 widowed, she 48 widowed, dau of
Jessie Wilson  and Mandy Franklin Adams.
NICKNAME:  Big Will.

Notes for Eva Thomas:
BIRTH:  Dau. of Sarah BANKS.
MARRIAGE:  B-16, P-482.

Notes for Martha Adams:
BIRTH:  Tombstone; d/o of Jesse & Polly Craft Adams; Letcher Co. Family History
gives birth date as 25 Dec 1889.
DEATH:  Same.
MARRIAGE:  #1,  #2, B-93, P-212, she 48, widowed.

Children of William Collins and Eva Thomas are:
            i.          GEORGE6 COLLINS, b. July 02, 1910; d. December 13, 1984, Lexington, , KY.

BIRTH:  Birth rec.
DEATH:  Obit.
MARRIAGE:  To Rachel COLLIER, dau. of Jas. and Martha, Letcher Co., KY, B-68,
P-20; #2 Pearl ?

OBIT:  George Collins, 74, died December 13, at St. Joseph Hospital in
  Survivors are his wife, Pearl Collins; five sons, George Collins, Jr. of
Collinsville, VA, Kenneth C. and Robert D. Collins, both of Isom, Harvey K.
Collins of Madison, IND, and John L. Collins of Eolia; five step sons, Jim
Hammonds, Bob Hammonds, Carl Hammonds, Charles Hammonds, and Odell Hammonds,
all of Akron, Ohio; four daughters, Joy Reynolds and Cora L. Gilley, both of
Isom, Virginia M. Ison, of Madison, Ind; Martha S. Vernon of Indianapolis, Ind;
four stepdaughters, Beatrice Allen of Wayne, MI, Macile Kuracka of Slidell,
LA, Anita Boyd of Whitesburg, Margaret Bentley of Mayking; two brothers, Cleve
Collins of Isom and Robert Collins of Blackey; one sister, Esma Couch of Salem,
Ind; a half sister, Hazel Ceneters of Dayton, Ohio; 10 grandchildren, four
  Services were held December 16, at Little Colley Regular Baptist Church,
Isom.  Burial was in the Isom Cemetery, Letcher Funeral Home, Whtiesburg, was
in charge.

150.     ii.          ROBERT COLLINS, b. December 07, 1912, Colley, Letcher Co., KY.
            iii.         OPEL COLLINS, b. January 09, 1914, Knott Co., KY.

BIRTH: Birth Records.

            iv.         UNNAMED COLLINS, b. January 19, 1915, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Birth Records.

            v.         MARY COLLINS, b. November 04, 1915, Letcher Co., KY; m. MARTIN COLLIER.

BIRTH:  Birth Records.
MARRIAGE:  To Martin COLLIER on 4/11/1931, Letcher Co., KY, B-65, P-8.

            vi.         CHARLES COLLINS, b. 1916; d. 1975; m. GLADYS TYREE; b. 1916.

BIRTH:  Tombstone:
DEATH:  Same, located on Pine Mountain.
MARRIAGE:  To Gladys TYRE; b. 1916, no death date on tombstone.

            vii.        AMANDA COLLINS, b. October 1919; d. December 13, 1978; m. BUFORD ISON, December 13, 1938; b. 1918.

MARRIAGE:  To Buford KISER, Age 20, Son of Chas. and Mandie, on
12/13/1938, Letcher Co., KY, B-93, P-219.

            viii.       EMMA COLLINS, b. December 07, 1920.


            ix.         CLEVE COLLINS, b. 1922.

MARRIAGE:  To Dovie May CORNETT; had son Steve.

60.  Henry5 Collins (Thomas W.4, Robert3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born July 17, 1889 in Letcher Co., KY, and died October 03, 1969 in Letcher Co., KY.  He married Rozilda Collins November 25, 1911 in Letcher Co., KY, daughter of Thomas Collins and Elizabeth Collins.  She was born January 1894.

Notes for Henry Collins:
BIRTH: Cem. Rec.
DEATH:  Same.
MARRIAGE:  B-16, P-258.

Notes for Rozilda Collins:
BIRTH:  1900 Census.
MARRIAGE:  B-16, P-258, s/o Thomas & Mary.

Children of Henry Collins and Rozilda Collins are:
            i.          WESLEY6 COLLINS.
            ii.          MAVIS COLLINS.
            iii.         IRENE COLLINS.
            iv.         PAUL COLLINS.
            v.         LENA COLLINS.
            vi.         ELEANOR COLLINS, b. 1913.

MARRIAGE:  To Wm. M. COLLIER on 2/15/1930, B-61, P-31.

            vii.        SUSAN COLLINS, b. August 28, 1915, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Birth Records.

            viii.       JOHN C. COLLINS, b. 1916.

Notes for JOHN C. COLLINS:
BIRTH:  Obit.
DEATH:  Obit.
MARRIAGE:  To Melba GILLIAM on 3/16/1935, B-78, P-83.
MARRIAGE:  To Marie THOMAS, 19, on 6/3/1939, B-95, P-460.

OBIT:  Funeral services for John C. Collins, 71, were held Oct. 15 at the
chapel of Letcher Funeral Home.
           He was the son of the late Henry and Rosilda Collins and was a
member of the VFW and the American Legion.
           Surviving are his wife, Mae Collins; one son, Paul Wayne Collins,
Isom; on daughter, Linda Collins, Isom; three brothers, Paul Collins,
Whitesburg; Wesley Collins, Isom, and Glen Collins, Michigan, and one sister
Parthene Collins, Texas.
           Burial was in the Evergreen Cemetery at Whitesburg. (1987)

            ix.         THOMAS COLLINS, b. May 22, 1916, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Birth Records.
MARRIAGE:  To Myrtle ADAMS 16, dau. of Francis & Martha ADAMS, B-94, P-57.

            x.         RILEY COLLINS, b. January 25, 1918, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Birth Records.

            xi.         PARTHENE COLLINS, b. 1922.

MARRIAGE:  B-93, P-265, to John Collins, s/o Patrick and nannie on 1/12/1939.

61.  Belvey5 Collins (Elizabeth4, Robert3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born September 08, 1878 in Letcher Co., KY, and died March 09, 1929 in Pike Co., KY.  He married Mary Gibson November 04, 1899 in Letcher Co., KY, daughter of William Gibson and Sallie Collins.  She was born July 1883 in , KY.

Notes for Belvey Collins:
BIRTH:  Birth Record.
DEATH:  Cert. #4171.
MARRIAGE:  B-11, P-444.

CENSUS:  1900 Letcher Co., KY, Dist. 102, P-17, #268/270:  Beverly Collins,
Oct., 1878, age 21; Mary, Jul 1882, 17; James 23, Frankey, wife, 24.

CENSUS:  1910, Letcher Co., KY:  Belva Collins 30; Mary 27, mar. 11 yrs, 4 born, 3 living;  Lemon 7; Elizabeth 4; Larkin 2.

Notes for Mary Gibson:
BIRTH:  Info. from Lona Gibson, d/o William Gibson and Sarah Collins Gibson.
MARRIAGE:  B-11, P-444.

Children of Belvey Collins and Mary Gibson are:
151.     i.          NANNIE6 COLLINS, b. November 22, 1910; d. December 29, 1937.
            ii.          LUCILLE COLLINS.

MARRIAGE:  Letcher Co., KY Fam. History, Vo. 2, P-428, to Frederick Kiser, b.
31 May 1887, d. 3 Mar 1936, s/o Namon Goff Kiser and Mary Richardson Kiser.

            iii.         LEO COLLINS.
152.     iv.         LEMON PAUL COLLINS, b. September 11, 1902; d. January 20, 1973, Isom, Letcher Co., KY.
            v.         ELIZABETH COLLINS, b. 1906; m. JOE WITT, August 09, 1923, Letcher Co., KY.

MARRIAGE:   B-40, P-23, son of Allen and Nora.

COLLINS, Bettie was the daughter of Belve and Mary Collins and the wife of Joe WITT; they had 6 children; 4 deceased. Written by her sister: Oma Adams

Notes for JOE WITT:
BIRTH:  s/o Alex & Nora.
MARRIAGE:  B-40, P-23.

153.     vi.         LARKIN COLLINS, b. February 09, 1907, Letcher Co., KY; d. October 04, 1962, Letcher Co., KY.
            vii.        LEANDER COLLINS, b. 1913; d. August 28, 1937; m. VIRGIE SEXTON, August 28, 1937, Letcher Co., KY; b. October 06, 1899; d. March 04, 1973.

BIRTH:  Mar. Record
MARRIAGE:  B-88, P-86, she a widow.

BIRTH:  Fam. History of Letcher Co., KY, P-554, d/o Abraham Lincoln and
Polly Ann Brown Sexton.
MARRIAGE:  Same, #1 to Wm. Wayax;  #2,  to James Holcomb,  she 38, widowed,
he 24; #3 B-88, P-86.

154.     viii.       OMAY M. COLLINS, b. February 13, 1916, Letcher Co., KY.

62.  Arlina5 Collins (Elizabeth4, Robert3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born May 1880 in , KY, and died 1932 in Letcher Co., KY.  She married William P. Sexton July 07, 1899 in Letcher Co., KY.  He was born 1879, and died 1947 in Letcher Co., KY.

Notes for Arlina Collins:
BIRTH:  Tombstone.
DEATH:  Tombstone.
MARRIAGE:  B-11, P-374, s/o Wm. and Lucy Sexton.

Notes for William P. Sexton:
BIRTH:  Tombstone; s/o William & Lucinda.
DEATH:  Same.
MARRIAGE:  B-11, P-374.

Children of Arlina Collins and William Sexton are:
            i.          ELIZABETH6 SEXTON.

DEATH:  Letcher Co., KY Fam. History, Vo. 2, P-576, ca 1918/1919.

            ii.          BERTHA SEXTON, b. April 20, 1900; d. August 01, 1979; m. CHARLES YONTS; b. February 05, 1885; d. February 24, 1954.

BIRTH:  Fam. History of Letcher Co., KY, Vo. 2, P-576.
DEATH:  Same.
MARRIAGE:  Same, to Charles Yonts.

BIRTH:  Cem. Records.
DEATH:  Same.

155.     iii.         MYRTLE SEXTON, b. 1901; d. February 18, 1979, Letcher Co., KY.
            iv.         LUCINDA SEXTON, b. December 15, 1906; d. October 13, 1975.

BIRTH:  Letcher Co., KY Fam. History, Vo. 2, P-576.
DEATH:  Same.
MARRIAGE:  Same, to #1 Chester Reed; #2 Timothy Bentley.

            v.         GOLDA ELENA SEXTON, b. September 11, 1911; d. July 18, 1979; m. BENNIE COLLINS, May 31, 1930, Letcher Co., KY; b. February 26, 1907, , KY; d. January 19, 1967, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH: Cem. Records.
DEATH:  Letcher Co., KY Fam. History, Vo. 2, P-576.
MARRIAGE:  B-62, P-29.

BIRTH:  Cem. Rec.
DEATH:  Same.
MARRIAGE:  B-62, P-29.

            vi.         HERMAN SEXTON, b. October 18, 1913, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Letcher Co., KY Fam. History, Vo. 2, P-576.

            vii.        CLAYTON SEXTON, b. 1914; d. 1918.

BIRTH:  Tombstone.
DEATH:  Same.
MARRIAGE:  Fam. History of Letcher Co., KY, Vo. 2, P-576.

63.  Floyd5 Collins (Elizabeth4, Robert3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born October 1885 in , KY.  He married Caldona Maggard June 22, 1905 in Letcher Co., KY. 

Notes for Floyd Collins:
BIRTH:  Census 1900.
MARRIAGE:  B-13, P-510.

CENSUS:  Letcher Co. 1900, Fam. 267/269, P. 144.

Notes for Caldona Maggard:
MARRIAGE: B-13, P-510

Children of Floyd Collins and Caldona Maggard are:
            i.          HARLAN6 COLLINS.

MARRIAGE:  To Mary G. LOWHORN, dau of Frank & Eliz. on 2/1/1926, B-47, P-106,
Letcher Co.

            ii.          JESSE COLLINS.
            iii.         CARMEN COLLINS.
            iv.         COMA COLLINS, b. Abt. 1912.

MARRIAGE:  To Mary MULLINS on 9/14/1931, B-66, P-49, Letcher Co.

            v.         OLLIE COLLINS, b. Abt. 1919.

MARRIAGE:  To Clayton SEXTON on 1/14/1934, B-73, P-83, Letcher Co., s/o William
and Arlena Collins Sexton.

64.  Blaine5 Collins (Elizabeth4, Robert3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born November 1887 in , KY.  He married Cinthia Collins September 28, 1911 in Letcher Co., KY, daughter of Troy Collins and Nancy Collins.  She was born March 1895 in , KY.

Notes for Blaine Collins:
BIRTH:  1900 Census.
MARRIAGE: B-16, P-224.

CENSUS:  Letcher Co., KY, with parents, Fam. 267/269, P. 144.

According to one note, one of his children was called Wooley Booger.

Notes for Cinthia Collins:
BIRTH:  1900 Census Letcher Co., KY, Fam. 275/277, P. 145; d/o Troy and Nancy
Collins Collins.
MARRIAGE: B-16, P-224.

Children of Blaine Collins and Cinthia Collins are:
            i.          EVERETT6 COLLINS.
            ii.          LEONARD COLLINS.
            iii.         ODELL COLLINS.
            iv.         THURMAN COLLINS, b. Abt. 1911, , KY.

MARRIAGE:  Mar. Record, on 9/13/1934 to Mary Whitaker, B-76, P-67.

65.  Jasper P.5 Collins (Elizabeth4, Robert3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born April 1898.  He married Mary Elizabeth Tyree December 17, 1917 in Letcher Co., KY.  She was born January 29, 1901 in Letcher Co., KY, and died January 29, 1979.

Notes for Jasper P. Collins:
MARRIAGE:  B-23, P-144.

December 17, 1917, Whitesburg, KY:  Mr. R. B. Bentley-Letcher Co. Coourt Clerk,
you hae my concent to issue marriage license for my daughter Mary Tyree to
Jasper Collins.  s/Rufus Tyree, Larkin Collins.

Notes for Mary Elizabeth Tyree:
BIRTH:  Dau. of Rufus &  Araminta CORNETT TYREE.
SOURCE:  Birth and Death from The Tyree Trail by Ella Rae Coleman, P-93.

December 17, 1917:  Whitesburg, KY:  Mr. R. B. Bentley Letcher Co. Court Clerk  you have my concent to issue marriage license for my daughter Marry Tyree to Jasper Collins
Rufus Tyree
Larkin Collins

Children of Jasper Collins and Mary Tyree are:
            i.          STONEY6 COLLINS.
            ii.          VIRGINIA COLLINS, b. Abt. 1920.

MARRIAGE:  To Earl ELAM on 6/28/1934, Letcher Co., KY, B-75, P-73.

66.  Larkin5 Gibson (Sarah4 Collins, Larkin3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born August 24, 1844, and died February 06, 1924.  He married Elizabeth Moore.  She was born 1849.

Notes for Larkin Gibson:
BIRTH: Info. from Grace Sorrell.

CENSUS:  1880 Owsley Co., Dist. 1, Booneville, Vol. 24, ED 79, Sheet 30, L 44:
Larkin GIBSON 30; Elizabeth 32, Wife; Marcus 13, Son; Malvern 6, Dau; Sherman
3, Son; Lewis 0/12 Son.

Children of Larkin Gibson and Elizabeth Moore are:
            i.          MARCUS6 GIBSON, b. 1867.
            ii.          MALVERN GIBSON, b. 1874.
            iii.         SHERMAN GIBSON, b. 1877.
            iv.         LEWIS GIBSON, b. 1880.

67.  William5 Gibson (Sarah4 Collins, Larkin3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born June 12, 1856 in Letcher Co., KY, and died September 12, 1944 in Winchester, Clark Co., KY.  He married Lucinda Angel August 09, 1875 in Owsley Co., KY.  She was born December 28, 1859 in KY, and died March 25, 1942 in Winchester, Clark Co.,.

Notes for William Gibson:
BIRTH: Info from  Family Bible/sent to LMP by Lucinda Eldridge, 230 Hill 'n Dale
Rd., Lexington, KY 40503, Dec. 1992. 
DEATH:  Same; bur. Winchester Cem., Clark Co., KY.

More About William Gibson:
Burial: Winchester, Clark Co., KY

Notes for Lucinda Angel:
BIRTH:  Lonnie Frazier info. sent to Ruth Masters and from Ruth to me on 4/9/2002; d/o Reuben and Catherine Couch Angel.
DEATH:  Info. from Cephas Gibson, Jr. to Ruth Masters and on to me.
Marriage:  Same.

More About Lucinda Angel:
Burial: Winchester, Clark Co., KY
Children of William Gibson and Lucinda Angel are:
156.     i.          ELIJAH6 GIBSON, b. September 03, 1876, Owsley Co., KY; d. August 17, 1965, Clark Co., KY.
            ii.          UNNAMED GIBSON, b. 1877; d. 1877.

BIRTH:  Letcher Co., Ky Fam. History, Vol. 1, P-294.
DEATH:  Same, Stillborn.

            iii.         SARAH GIBSON, b. April 06, 1879; d. April 10, 1954, Clark Co., KY; m. EZEKIEL SPENCER; b. September 15, 1878; d. November 13, 1954, Owsley Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Letcher Co., Ky Fam. History, Vol. 1, P-294.
DEATH:  Same.

            iv.         UNNAMED GIBSON, b. January 25, 1880; d. January 25, 1880.

BIRTH:  Letcher Co., Ky Fam. History, Vol. 1, P-294.
DEATH:  Same, Stillborn twin.

            v.         UNNAMED GIBSON, b. January 25, 1880; d. January 25, 1880.

BIRTH:  Letcher Co., Ky Fam. History, Vol. 1, P-294.
DEATH:  Same, Stillborn twin.

157.     vi.         JOHN H. GIBSON, b. September 12, 1882, KY; d. April 08, 1980.
            vii.        NANCY A. GIBSON, b. June 07, 1884, KY; d. December 10, 1961; m. BRICE STIDHAM.

Notes for NANCY A. GIBSON:
BIRTH:  Letcher Co., Ky Fam. History, Vol. 1, P-294.

            viii.       WALTER GIBSON, b. July 20, 1886, Scott Co., VA; d. September 14, 1953, Scott Co., IN; m. (1) BEATRICE REYNOLDS; b. July 05, 1903, KY; d. July 20, 1953, Scott Co., IN; m. (2) EMILY EALY, Abt. 1914.

BIRTH:  Letcher Co., Ky Fam. History, Vol. 1, P-29; although Scott Co. is listed as KY and IN, I suspect it was actually Scott Co., VA.
DEATH:  Same.

158.     ix.         LARKIN EDWARD GIBSON, b. October 13, 1887, Booneville, Owsley Co., KY; d. December 18, 1984, Lexington, Fayette Co., KY.
            x.         TEXANNER GIBSON, b. July 27, 1889; d. July 23, 1923.

BIRTH:  Letcher Co., Ky Fam. History, Vol. 1, P-294.
DEATH:  Same; died of T.B.
MARRIAGE:  Same, unmarried.

            xi.         GREEN B. GIBSON, b. August 05, 1891, KY; d. December 11, 1941; m. NANCY CLAY.

Notes for GREEN B. GIBSON:
BIRTH:  Letcher Co., Ky Fam. History, Vol. 1, P-294.
DEATH:  Same; bur. Lexington Cem., Fayette Co., KY.

Burial: Lexington, KY

            xii.        HENRY B. GIBSON, b. September 14, 1893; d. April 14, 1975, Winchester, Clark Co., KY.

Notes for HENRY B. GIBSON:
BIRTH:  Letcher Co., Ky Fam. History, Vol. 1, P-294.
DEATH:  Same; of heart trouble.

            xiii.       ALICE GIBSON, b. December 05, 1895, Winchester, Clark Co., KY; d. October 21, 1928, Tuscon, , AZ; m. JOSEPH FOX.

BIRTH:  Letcher Co., Ky Fam. History, Vol. 1, P-294.
DEATH:  Same; bur. Evergreen Cem., Tuscon, AZ; died of TB.

Burial: Evergreen Cem., Tucscon, AZ

            xiv.       LEANDER GIBSON, b. January 03, 1898; d. October 19, 1969, Lexington, Fayette Co., KY; m. (1) LOUISE GATSON; m. (2) PAULINE GILLESPIE.

BIRTH:  Letcher Co., Ky Fam. History, Vol. 1, P-294.
DEATH:  Same, bur. in Evergreen Memory Gardens, Burbon Co., KY.

            xv.        CHESTER A. GIBSON, b. March 18, 1900, KY; d. November 07, 1984, Winchester, Clark Co., KY; m. PEARL POPE, March 19, 1924.

BIRTH:  Letcher Co., Ky Fam. History, Vol. 1, P-294.
DEATH:  Same, bur. in Evergreen Memory Gardens, Clark Co.

68.  Hiram5 Collins (Sanders A.4, Larkin3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born December 28, 1857 in Letcher Co., KY, and died March 08, 1889 in KY State Prison, Frankfort, KY.  He married (1) Margaret E. Tyree April 16, 1878 in Letcher Co., KY.  She was born Abt. 1861.  He married (2) Mary Naomi Sammons Abt. 1884, daughter of William Sammons and America Messer.  She was born June 1864 in Logan Co., WV, and died in Mingo Co., WV.

Notes for Hiram Collins:
BIRTH:  Prison Record.
DEATH:  Prison Record, of Brain Fever.
MARRIAGE:  #1 B-5, P-109; No record found of divorce, info. obtained from DIL;
#2, no record found. Info. on marriage from D-I-L, Frances Mosely Collins Clark.
Ella Rae Coleman stated Margaret Tyree married Hiram 1 Jull 1893 but this is incorrect as he died in 1889. 

PRISON:  Criminal Court Case #444, Hiram Collins, white male, murder, Letcher Co. Court Term Nov. 1886; Admitted 8 Dec. 1886, Commital #444, age 30, 5' 71/2" height, weight 182, blue eyes, hair black, education none, laborer-intemperate, married-died in prison 8 Mar 1889.  From Book 7, 1877-1893-Kentucky Penitentary Records.

SOURCE:  Goldie Hodge White, dau. of Fannie Collins Hodge, stated Hiram was
divorced from Margaret Tyree, that daughter Millie lived with her people in Ky.
and did not meet Fannie and Sanders, half brother and sister, until she was
grown.  Stated that Millie drank herself to death.

Fannie also said there was a law in effect in Ky. that if a person was in the
pen an annulment could be obtained.  Have been unable to find divorce record in
Letcher Co. but it possibly is there in records that are unavailable so far.

According to Frances Mosley Collins, wife of Sanders, a letter was
received telling Sanders to come claim his land.  However, Sanders was very ill
at the time and nothing was ever done.  This was long after he was married so
not sure exactly why this information would appear at this time since Hiram
died in 1889.  Frances was told she could claim the estate after Sanders died
but she was too poor to pursue it.  Hiram's father left everything to his
infant dau. Delphia and his son Stephen.  Later he revoked his will but I have
not found the new one.  Was told that Hiram had 4,000 acres of land. If true,
the land would have gone to Eli, Finely and Hiram.  After Hiram's death, would
assume his part would go to his children, Millie, Sanders and Fanny. Howver,
no such property or will has been found.

No information has been forthcoming on who these three brothers murdered.
According to Goldie, d/o Fannie, Sanders was a baby.  Goldie said she heard her
mother say that there was a neighbor,  an orphan boy living with Eli and Finly
who plahyed the banjo.  One night he stopped playing at a party and was told to

He said he had to go home and some men jumped on him.  When he told Eli and
Finley, they went after them with a gun.  Hiram went to stop his brothers and
when the law came Hiram was arrested along with Finley and Eli.  There was at
least one person killed.  Goldie said she had heard her mother talk about this
many times.

Goldie also said Hiram was divorced from Margaret and that Millie lived with
her people in KY and did not meet Fannie and Sanders until she was grown.
Another story is that a Collins boy was living with one of the Collins brothers
and was drinking.  Someone tried to kill him and the brothers tried to stop
them.  Three Collilns brothers called out the five brothers who were involved
and shot them.

We know Hiram died after 3 years in prison of brain fever.  Clobe, Eli's son,
said Eli served 13 years.

Oma (Sammons), Hiram's wife, said Hiram was a wrestler, a strong outside man,
had never been pinned and that he couldn't stand confinement, only lived 6 yrs.
in prison.

According to some family of Eli's, he killed no one but was sent to prison for
aiding and abetting in gambling.

Oma apparently took her children and went to her sister's in Webb, WV. Sanders
was supposed to have been raised by Bill Brumfield and his wife, a sister of
Oma's.  In 1900 Sanders and Fannie are living with Oma Sammons Collins Sartain.
 She married John Sartain and has a two year old child, Mary Jane Sartain

Goldie said Hiram lived two years and died of brain fever.

7/26/1986:  Dear Mrs. Perkins:  Thank you for the interesting letter concerning
your relatives Hiram, Finley and Ely Collins as inmates of the old Kentucky
State penitentiary.
  Their personal folders are kept in locked files here in the Kentucky State
Archives and I would presume there are folders on your Collins'. These reords
are confidential and I would not be allowed to see them without permission from
the State Justice Cabinet.  This permission probably would be granted at your
request.  These folders only contain information on their reords while they
were incarciated in prison.  Such information as parole applications; granting
of paroles; illnesss; deaths; and information on their lives in prison.  I
would guess that they would tell very little about the crime that put them
there, and certainly very little if anything about their trial.
  As I understand it you are interested in the murder and the trial afterwards.
 This information is not here, but may be found in the office of the Letcher
Circuit Court Clerk, Letcher County Courthouse.  your problem would be securing
copies of what you might want.  I doubt that the Clerk would send it to you
even for a fee.  I would suggest that you write Mrs. kenneth Bently, letcher
County Historical Society, Whitesburg, KY 41858.  An offer to pay her a fee
might help.
  I could do family research of your Collins and no doubt furnish you
information that you do not have.  My fee is ten dollars per hour and I ask for
an advance of $30.00 covering the first three hours.  Sincerely, s/Milton D.
Thompson, 417 shelby St., Frankfort, KY 40601; additional note:  a quick search
shows no newspapers that might cover the Collins trial in 1886.  There are no
WV newspapers here.

On 5/23/1986 I received a response to my request for information on Hiram, from
the Justice Dept. of KY.  Bill Furniel stated that he had forwarded my letter
concerning Hiram Collins to the Kentucky Correction Cabinet.  He also stated
they kept a copy so that if the Correction Cabinet is of little or no help
perhaps they could approach the problem from another point.

CENSUS: 1880 Letcher Co., KY: Hiram Collins 22 1848, b; Margaret, wife 19, b. 1851; Eli Collins, brother 19, b. 1851; Josephine Collins, 16, b. 1854, sister in law.

On April 1, 1982, I wrote for the divorce papers of Hiram and Margaret. The
clerk responded that she was unable to find any trace of a divorce record in
Letcher Co.

My father, Archie Collins, told me in 1980, that his brother Clarence, went to
KY and met a family member who had just donated several million to a college
and was told that probably some of Clarence's money was just donated
(supposedly from mineral rights on the property owned by Hiram). Usually the
mineral rights were sold and probably had been sold many years ago, in this

Notes for Margaret E. Tyree:
BIRTH:  1880 Census.

Ella Rae Coleman stated that in Oct. 1986, a cousin, Mabel, who grew up in
Whitsburg remembered Margaret Tyree and said she had an illegitimate child but
could not remember  whether it was a boy or a girl and this was not the same as
Margaret, d/o David and Mary Thomas Tyree.

Notes for Mary Naomi Sammons:
BIRTH:  Census; d/o Wm. & America Messer Sammons.
DEATH:  Info. from DIL, Frances Mosley Collins Clark who stated that Oma died
when Frances was approximately 7 mo. pregnant with one of her children.
However, the dates do not compute as Frank Clark, the last child of Frances was
born in 1920.
MARRIAGE:  #1: Info. from DIL, Frances Mosely Collins Clark; #2 on 12/9/1894 to
John Sartain; she 30, widowed, b. Logan, he 24, born Logan, both residing Logan
Co., s/o L. V. Sartin and B. A. Brewer, Wm. Sammons and A. Messer, he farmer,
P-120, B-2, Logan Co.
Mary Naomi Sammons, called "Grandma Sartain"  by children of Sanders Collins, including Archie Clyde Collins.  She was married to Hiram Colllins and then to John Sartain.  Her father's name was William and he was deaf.  She had a sister named Mary Jane, called Aunt Mary Jane by the Collins children and Mary married William Brumfield.  Sanders Collins lived with Mary Jane and Wm. Brumfield for a time.  There was also a brother named Carter.  William was deaf and made beautiful wooden furniture.  Oma apparently met Hiram when he went to wayne Co. to look for work.  Goldie, d/o Fannie Collins, says thehy were married there and Sanders and Fannie were born there.  Archie says they were b. in KY., Letcher Co.  Goldie said when Hiram died, Oma took the children to Mingo Co. to Mary Jane's house.  Goldie also said Oma had told her about walking to Letcher Co. from Wayne Co. to visit Hiram.  Said she walked over the mountain with onlhy a penny in her shoe but carried a knife. Goldie said her mother (Fannie) walked to Mingo Co. with her mother (Oma) but Fannie  would only have about 3 or 4 when Hiram died in 1889. Sanders would have been 5.  No mar. record has been found for Hiram and Oma.

Child of Hiram Collins and Margaret Tyree is:
159.     i.          MILLIE6 COLLINS, b. January 1880, Letcher Co., KY; d. October 25, 1948, Letcher Co., KY.

Children of Hiram Collins and Mary Sammons are:
160.     ii.          SANDERS6 COLLINS, b. May 02, 1884, Martin Co., KY; d. March 10, 1919, Logan Co., WV.
161.     iii.         FANNIE COLLINS, b. October 18, 1885, Wayne Co., WV; d. February 24, 1977, Mingo Co., WV.

69.  Eli5 Collins (Sanders A.4, Larkin3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born June 01, 1861 in Letcher Co., KY, and died November 05, 1939 in Cincinnati, Amelia, OH.  He married (1) Mandy A. Niece November 23, 1878 in Letcher Co., KY.    He married (2) Josephine Gibson May 03, 1879 in Letcher Co., KY.  She was born August 12, 1864 in Madison Co., KY, and died June 04, 1912 in Wise Co., VA.  He married (3) Victoria Collins October 19, 1904, daughter of Silas Collins and Margaret Adams.  She was born June 1884 in , KY.

Notes for Eli Collins:
BIRTH:  Father's Pension Papers.
DEATH:  From Letter written by dau. Millie to her cousin; according to Archie Collins, he is buried on Colley Creek.
MARRIAGE:  #1, Vol 5-P-174 to Mandy Niece; #2, to Josie Gibson, B-5, P-210; #3, B-13, P-336, at Silas Collins, Wit: Benton and Monroe Collins, brothers.

Eli Collins, white male, murder, life, Court Term Nov. 1886, committed 8 Dec. 1886, Commital #443, age 26, 5' 8" height, 17 lbs., eyes blue, hair black, education common, native of KY, occupation laborer, intemperate, married, former convictions, 1.

CENSUS:  1900, Franklin Co., KY; Frankfurt, Ky. State Pen., E. A. Collins, Born
Jan. 61, age 39, Born Ky, Par. Born Ky., Shoe Cutter.  Others enumerated with
him were:  James Combs b. Mar 1869, age 31, Common Laborer; Wm. Banks, b. Oct.
1878, age 21, KKK, Farm Hand; Grant Collins b. Dec 1872, age 27; Goodeve? Combs
b. Jan. 1870, age 30; Howard Collins b. Mar. 1872, age 28; Frank Collins,
b. Mar. 1870, age 30.  Film #T623-0521.

CENSUS:  1910, Letcher Co., KY:  Eli Collins, married twice, 56; Victoria, mar. twice, wife, 23, mar. 5 yrs, 4 born, 4 living; Rosco, stepson, 16 b. 1894; Maggie 4, b. 1906; Calib P., 2; Maggie 6/12, all b. KKK

CENSUS:  1920, Letcher Co., KY, Colby Dist., ED 61, Fam. 9/9:
Eli, 59; Victoria 34, Maggie 13, Caleb  12, Madge 9, Findley 7, Renava 3 6/12, Kirk 2 2/12, Opal 0/12

CENSUS:  1930, Letcher Co., KY, Rockhouse, ED 202/202, ED 14
Eli, 69, Victoria 45, Finley 18, Reneva 16, Kirk 14, Opal 11
Living next door is Caleb with wife and child.

According to Archie Collins, when Eli was dying he confessed that he hadkilled his wife's lover.  Clarence Collins and wife, Virginia, stated they found Eli's tombstone in Letcher Co. about 1985.

Clermont Co. Court of Common Pleas, division of Probate and Juvenile Courts, Batavia, OH 45103, Estate Tax checked for Eli for 1895 to 1972, no estate listed; 6/8/1983.

Note which gives following info:  Eli married Mandy A. Niece 11/23/1878.

Eli was sent to prison for life but according to Garland, half brother of Sanders (son of Stephen) he spent 99 months.

Joan Collins said Eli had a bad gambling habit, got into a fight and was killed.

Letter from Lonnie Frazier in May 1994 states she was told by one person that it was a Gibson that Eli killed and he had also killed one of his step son's while carrying the mail.

Letter dated July 25, 1939, Amilia, Ohio:  Dear Cousin:    Will answer your letter jsut received was glad to hear from you was sorry you were not feeling so well.  Fannie this letter is from your Uncle Eli's oldest daughter if you want to see dad alive come within the next week if possible.
  He has been down for five weeks all he talks about is wanting to see you.  So if you can try and come to see him, you will be meet with welcome come to Cincinnati 1614 Hughes St.  My brother will bring you to my house.  I live out in the country and dad is with me Or you can come to Amelia Ohio and inquire for Locust Lake Road and it will be the sixth houe on Locust Lake Road off the Route 125 inquire for Millers.  dad is not feeling so well this morning so this is about all I know to write So hopeing to see you soon.
  Your cousin, Mrs Maggie Miller  p.s.  If you answer this letter send to Amelia Ohio Route 1.

This was written to Fannie Collins, d/o Hiram.

Letter of Nov 27, 1939, Amelia Ohio:
Mrs. Fannie Hodge
Dear Cousin
  I am sorry I have not wrote to you soon and told you the  news  dad died Sunday the 5th of Nov and was laid to rest the 8 of Nov.
  I have been so sad and heart broken  I didn't know hardly what I was doing and just kept putting off writing to you everyday.  I was so sorry you didn't get to come to see dad he wanted to see you so.  We want you to come and see us when you can  We would e glad to hae you and you will find a welcome any time you can come and I want you to write me often.  I can't promise to answere your letters regular but will answer when I can get time.  I don't know when I will ever get to come and see you.  I don't know much else to write so Ill close with love  come and see me when  you can.  Your cousin, Maggie Miller, Amila, Ohio Route 1, Locust Lake Road.

More About Eli Collins:
Burial: November 08, 1939

Notes for Josephine Gibson:
BIRTH:  Jim Curry stated that family records give her birthdate; d/o Ozias Denton and Nancy Gibson. (Matilda, mother of Ozias, was sister of Vardy Collins of Hancock Co., TN. Robert Polley gives name of Nancy as Nancy Breeding Gibson; birth date from James Curry.
MARRIAGE:  Mar. Rec.; Marriage Bond, Commonwealth of KY, Be it Known that we, Ira Hill as principal, and J. . Gibson, as surety, are jointly and severally bound to the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the sum of One Hundred Dollars. The Condition of this Bond is as follows:  that whereas Marriage is intended to be soleminized between the above bound Ira Hill and Josephine Collins, Now, if there is no lawful cause to obstruct said Marriage, this Bond shall be void, otherwise it shall remain in full force and effect.  Dated at Whitesburg, Letcher County, this 24th day of May 1889.  s/J. S. gibson, John A. Craft,

Josephine and Eli were divorced and she married Ira Hill.  By Ira she had the following children:  Steve b. 5/4/1887 in Knott Co., KY; Ella b. 6/13/1889; John b. 2/21/1891; Eliza Victoria b. 1/25/1893; Susan b. 12/13/1894; Sada b. 10/13/1896; Lyman Morell b. 7/6/1898; Pearlie b. 1/25/1904.  All these inLetcher Co., KY; Charlie b. 3/5/1911 in Imboden, Wise Co., VA.  Ira Hill was b. 3/15/1866 in Wise Co., VA.  This information furnished by descendent, James C. Curry of Cincinnati, OH.  It was supplied to him by Charles Hill, now deceased, 6/2/1993.  There is no date of birth given for Josephine but does say she was born in Madison Co., KY.

Jim stated in a letter to me of May 18, 1992 that Josephine was considered to be 3/4 Cherokee by Ira.  He has two photographs which show an attractive and clean woman with well defined features and straight hair, probably black. That Indians and blacks were of equal value for many years, that they chose to live in a Negro area in Indiana rather than live as Indians.  His mother told him that she did not want her children to go through what she had to go through in her early years.

CENSUS:  1870 Letcher Co., KY: Denton Gibson 36, b. 1834; Nancy 35 b. 1835; Martha 6, b. 1864; Josephine 4, b. 1864; John (Sherman?) 3, b. 1867; Alace 1, b. 1869.

CENSUS:  1880 Letcher Co., KY:  Denton Gibson 45, b. 1835; Nancy 45, b. 1835; Martha 21, b. 1859; Sherman, 14, b. 1866; Alice 12, b. 1868; Mary 8, b. 1872; Dora 5, b. 1875.

CENSUS:  1900 Letcher Co., KY:  Sherman Gibson, 34, b. 1866; Margaret Gibson 36, b. 1864; Denton, b. 1835; Nancy b. 1837; Ida 15 b. 1885; Dicy 13, b. 1887; Malissa 10, b. 1890; Dora 8, b. 1892; Noah 7, b. 1893; Palley 6, b. 1894; John D. 3, b. 1897; Nannie 1, b. 1899.

CENSUS:  1910, Wise Co., VA:  #504/517:  Ira Hill 44, b. VA; Josie, wife, 46, married 20 years, 11 children born, 9 living, b. KY;  John, 19, single, b. KY; Susie 15; Sadie 13; Liman M. 11; Steven Hilll, father, 63, mar. 3 yrs, b. KY.

Pennington & Myers, Inc., Modern Funeral Services, Appalachia, Virginia:

Father, born 1866, March 15, Wise Co., VA; Mother, no dates, b. Madison Co., KY; Steven Shelby, b. 5/4/1887, Knott Co., KY; Ella b. 6/13/1889, Letcher; John b. 2/21/1891; Eliza Victoria b. 1/25/1893, died in childhood; Susan b. 12/13/1894; Sada b. 10/13/1896; Lyman Morell b. 7/6/1898; Pearlie b. 1/25/1904;
Charlie E. b. 3/5/1911, Imboden, VA.; Charlie retired from Army in England where he died and is buried.  s/SS Bandy, Rt. 4, Paducah, KY.

Josephine married #2 Ira Sanders (Shelby? ) Hill, youngest child of William Hill and Mary Horne Hill.  Wm. was a s/o Sanders Hill and Jene Tolley. At some time Ira moved into Russell Co., VA and was a blacksmith.  He was in a private battery in the Civil War for  years, never injured.  He died around 1904 and is buried in a cemetery in Appalachia, VA.  He was listed in a statewide business directory as postman with a drug and jewelry business in Tillie. Wm. was married for a total of three times, last time was to a widow, Susan Colson who was from Letcher Co.  Children were Louemma, John, David and Ira.

Jim Curry stated that some people say Josephine had two sisters who moved to Oklahoma, others say she had cousins who moved there, settling on land set aside for the Cherokee.

William owned land on Little Colley Creek, Letcher where he was listed as a blacksmith and farmer.

Ira was the postmaster and had a small store in Tilley, later moving to VA where he ws postmaster in a coal town, Stonega untile he retired. Josephine died in Imboden and was taken back to Letcher County in a mule drawn wagon, where she is buried in an unmarked grave.  There is a small cemetery on land once owned by John Hil, oldest son of William, which is the likely choice.  At one time, there was a pig pen over the graves but a later owner cleared off the area and reset the markers which are simple rectangular stones, kept in good condition.  Josephine was said to be 3/4 Cherokee and mother of Jim, in later life, claimed she spoke the language, which is doubtful.  Above information given by letter of 9/30/1911 by Jim Curry of Cincinnati, OH, a grandson.

Letter of Oct. 1, 1993, Jim stated that Josephine was carted back to Little Colley Creek by mule drawn wagon, no undertaker was used.  She had ten children, all live births, with no pre or post natal care.

Following from Queries on Fam. Tree Maker Site:

Seeking information on Ozias Denton "OD" Gibson b. abt. 1835 in Va. or Ky. or Tn. to Matilda and Sheppard Gibson.
He is listed in the 1870 and 1880 Letcher Co. census with wife Nancy.
He was married in Madison Co. Ky and tax records show him paying taxes on property in Letcher Co. while living there. His sister Elizabeth is my ggmother and he was bondsman on her marriage bond in Oct. 1872. in Madison Co. Ky.

What relation is he to the Collins folks? He seemed to be surrounded by them in the census. His father Sheppard (Old Buck) Gibson was a close friend or relation of Vardy Collins in Hancock Co. Tn. and there are many wrightings about them.

Any information will be helpful.

Harlan Gibson

Dear Harlan, Denton married Nancy Thomas Neice, daughter of James Thomas and Lucy Proctor of Granville Co. NC.Lucy brought her chldren into Letcher Co. Ky around 1845.They may have come from Ashe Co. NC at that time.James had already died.Greenberry Thomas in the 1850 census of Letcher Co. Ky. was her brother and my great, great grandfather.This is from a source that i know is true. Her name is Nancy Meade and she told me Nancy was her grandmother and that Nancy had two children before she married OD or Denton Gibson by a Neice, Neace, Nease, Niece man. I hope it was her husband,but have not found a marriage as yet. It could be somewhere else beside's Letcher Co. Ky.A lot of people do not know that Sarah Belle Neace who married James Thomas the dulcimer was her daughter and Jane Neice that married Peter Madden is also her daughter. Nancy Meade from Lexington, Ky. told me she was named after her grandmother Nancy Thomas Neice Gibson so i know this information is true. I believe Denton was married two different times.??????? Please, if you have history on my Nancy and Denton, i would love to have it
I was born and raised in Letcher Co. Ky, raised my family in Cincinnati, Ohio, but have been living in Bradenton, Florida around 25 years. I am a retired registerd nurse.I have been doing my family history around 19 years.

Lona, Thanks for responding to my query about OD Gibson and Nancy.
I have no information about Nancy and I thank you for what you gave me.

What we have on OD isn’t much. Records indicate that he was the oldest son of Sheppard (Old Buck) Gibson and Matilda. He is the brother of my great grandmother Elizabeth (Betty) Gibson according to census records in Hancock Co. TNN. 1850. OD was also bondsman for Elizabeth on her Marriage Bond to Thomas Purcell but there is no record that the marriage was ever finalized. All of her children carried the Gibson name.

Sheppard was a lot older than Matilda and died in 1942 the year Elizabeth was born.

We are still researching for more solid evidence. My cousin will be going to TNN. This spring for more research.

You may email me if you like at hgibson@cinci.rr.com for more details.
I was born in Montgomery Oh., moved to Garrard Co. Ky. in 1933 when I was 2 years old. We came back in 1943 and stayed except for my four years in the service. I should be in Florida too.

Harlan Gibson

Notes for Victoria Collins:
BIRTH:  1900 Census.
MARRIAGE:  #1 B-11, P-110; #2, B-13, P-336, at home of father. Witness:
Benton and Monroe Collins.

Children of Eli Collins and Josephine Gibson are:
            i.          POLLY6 COLLINS, b. May 1883, Letcher Co., KY; m. CHISEN ALL.

MARRIAGE:  Possibly to Jeremiah Smith on 2/11/1879

162.     ii.          NANCY COLLINS, b. December 04, 1881, , KY; d. July 01, 1950.

Children of Eli Collins and Victoria Collins are:
            iii.         BOOTSY6 COLLINS.
            iv.         MAGGIE COLLINS, b. 1906; m. MILLER.

DEATH:  Possibly died 2/14/1975, age 69, Vo. 9, #04460, Perry Co.
MARRIAGE:  To James HINKLE on 8/4/1922, B-38, P-53.
           To Opie BARNETT on 4/16/1929, B-5, P-11DE

The above marriages may not relate to this person as she signed a letter in July of 1939 as Mrs. Maggie Miller.

163.     v.         CALEB COLLINS, b. Abt. 1908.
            vi.         RACHEL VICTORIA COLLINS, b. October 31, 1911; d. August 23, 1964.

BIRTH:  Cem. Records.
DEATH:  Same.

            vii.        FINLEY BOYD COLLINS, b. January 29, 1912, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Birth Records, Vol. 2, Birth & Death Records 1921-1925.

            viii.       RENA VAY COLLINS, b. June 23, 1914, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Birth Records.

            ix.         ANDREW J. KIRK COLLINS, b. October 23, 1916, Letcher Co., KY.
            x.         OPAL COLLINS, b. July 02, 1918, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Birth Records.

70.  Stephen T.5 Collins (Sanders A.4, Larkin3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born February 05, 1869 in Letcher Co., KY, and died Bef. 1909.  He married Mary Uranda Combs August 01, 1893 in Letcher Co., KY.  She was born March 15, 1873 in Jefferson, Perry Co., KY, and died December 05, 1915 in Tillie, Letcher Co., KY.

Notes for Stephen T. Collins:
BIRTH:  Date of 2/5/1864, is given on pension record, which would be two years before parents
DEATH:  Pension Records show that he was dead by 1909.
MARRIAGE:  B-9, P-221.

CENSUS:  The 1880 census shows Stephen born in 1875.  His father's pension
record shows he was born in 1869.

CENSUS:  1900 Letcher Co., KY, Dist. 102,  Sheet 17, Page 129, Dwelling
271, Family 273:  Stephen Colllins, Jan. 1874, 26; Mary, Jan 1874, 26, Mar. 7
yrs, 5 children born, 4 living; Sallie, Jul 1894, 5; Sanders, Oct. 1895, 4;
Watson, Nov 1897, 2; Robert, Nov. 1897 2.  All b. KY.

Notes for Mary Uranda Combs:
BIRTH:  Tombstone; d/o Robert Combs and Sally & Sister to America who married
Sanders A. Collins.
DEATH: Tombstone.
MARRIAGE:  #1, B-9, P-221; #2, B-14, P-92.

RELIGION:  Member of Union Assoc. of Old Regular Baptists.

11/4/1909:  Affidavit of Randy Collins:  stated she was 32 years, wife of
Larkin, lived Tillie, Letcher Co., 17 years.  She came from Jefferson, Perry
Co., KY, d/o Rob and Sally, that America was a full sister, that Sanders A.
died 5/23/1909 and America had 3 illeg. children.  She knew Sanders A. for 17
years, her first husband was Stephen T. Collins, s/o Sanders A.  That Sylva
Combs Collins was related to her, and died 3 weeks to a day beore Sanders
married America; that Sylva fell out of her chair dead.  Witness Leander

Children of Stephen Collins and Mary Combs are:
            i.          ELIZABETH6 COLLINS, m. SMITH.


            ii.          JOEY COLLINS.
            iii.         GEORGE COLLINS, b. June 1894; d. Bef. 1900.

BIRTH:  This child is not on the 1900 census.  If he was the child killed by
Dow Collins,  then he would only have been 6 or less when killed.
DEATH:  Killed by Dow COLLINS.  Information from Lonnie Frazier, June 1995.

            iv.         SALLY COLLINS, b. July 1894; m. R. A. HUFFMAN, May 31, 1917, Letcher Co., KY.

DEATH:  I have the following note:  Sarah C. Collins, dau. of Stephen and
Mary, died Oct. 22, 1878, age 23, Letcher.  Who?
MARRIAGE:  B-22, P-176.

Notes for R. A. HUFFMAN:
BIRTH:  s/o John & & Emma D. HUFFMAN.
MARRIAGE:  B-22, P-176.

164.     v.         SANDERS ANDREW COLLINS, b. October 10, 1895, Letcher Co., KY; d. December 16, 1978, Whitesburg, Letcher Co., KY.
165.     vi.         ROBERT COLLINS, b. November 06, 1898, Tilley, Letcher Co., KY; d. April 10, 1968, Whitaker, Letcher Co., KY.
            vii.        WATSON COLLINS, b. November 06, 1898; m. CLAIR BREEDING, May 30, 1919, Letcher Co., KY.

MARRIAGE:  B-27, P-94.

BIRTH:  d/o William & Emmeline.

71.  Elizabeth5 Collins (Sanders A.4, Larkin3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born December 20, 1877 in Letcher Co., KY, and died Bef. 1910.  She married Thomas Collins January 29, 1890 in Letcher Co., KY, son of Thomas Collins and Katharine Thomas.  He was born August 25, 1866 in Letcher Co., KY.

Notes for Elizabeth Collins:
BIRTH:  Father's pension papers.
MARRIAGE:  B-8, See deed P-211, 1901.

4 Nov. 1909:  Affidavit by Elizabeth:  that she was 33 years, w/o Thomas, lived
Cap, Letcher Co., lived there all her life, was d/o Sylvia who died 2/6/1903
Sanders married America on 2/28/1903
 her father died 5/231909 of heart disease, that she was the only one of Sylvia's children living, No witnesses to

Notes for Thomas Collins:
BIRTH:  Father's Pension Record.
CENSUS:  1880, with parents, age 15.
MARRIAGE:  B-8, P-530.

Thomas applied for pension after his father died.  Nancy Gibson, 48 of
Rockhouse stated that Thos. Jr. was born on or about Aug. 25, 1866. She
remembered because her son John S. was born Oct. 11, 1866.  Polly Neece was the
midwife for Thomas., Jr.  Affidavit sworn on 9/21/1886.

Another affidvait by Nancy Gibson, 60 on 11/23/1888 stated that John S., her
son, was born 10/7/1866 and her family came to Letcher County the following
spring.  She stated she was half aunt to Thomas, Jr.

Wesley Collins, 33, brother to Thomas, Jr. made affidavit as to Thos. Jr. age
on 11/19/1888.

Silas collins, 35, brother to Thos. stated that Thos. only child under age of
16 when their father died in the spring of 1881.  Stated that their mother died
on Easter Sunday, nearly two years after their father.  Affidavit 11/19/1888.

Burdine Collins, 87, made affidavit that there were no other marriages of
Thos. Jr. parents.  Stated he was brother to Thomas, Sr. and that Catharine
died year or 2 after Thomas.  They married in Perry County and that Thomas was
the only child under 16 at the time of his father's death.  9/21/1886.

O.D. Gibson made affidavit that Catharine died 4/1882.

Thomas Jr. made affidavit that he was born 8/25/1866 in Perry County. Said
that Polly Neece, Lucinda Collins, George Collins should know date of his
father's death.  That his mother died 4/25/1882 and his father 4/1/1880. His
affidavit signed 11/22/1888.

Wason made affidavit on 11/24/1888, age 44 years, stated Thomas, Jr. was his

Mary Neece, age 71, made affidvait that she was present when Thomas was born to
Thomas and Cath. on 8/25/1866.  Stated she had lived since childhood on
Colley Creek and that Thomas has always lived nearby.  Her affidavit made

Lucinda Collins, 43, residing Perry Co., stated she was present when Thomas was
born.  Said her daughter, Marry A. Collins was born 1 month and 6 days after
Thomas, who was born 8/25/1866.  Mary A. was born 10/1/1866.

Wilson Collins and Polly Neece, he 53, she 71, made affidavit on 8/16/1887 that
they were present at marriage of Thomas and Catharine.

Margaret Collins, age 40, wife of Silas, made affidavit on 11/22/1888 that
their house was burned out in Feb. of 1881 and that she had a child about the
same time as Catharine died.  Said it snowed heavily the day Catherine died.

Nancy Ann Sexton, 27, sister to Thomas, Jr. made affidavit on 11/22/1888 that
she was married in July of 1883.  Was present at death of her father. That he
was sitting and she and her mother raised him up so that he died on his feet.
His last words after they raised him were "Oh Lord" and he breathed his last.
She stated she was born 7/24/1861.

Special Examiner stated that Claimant, Thomas Jr. was an illiterate young man
of feeble mind and doubtful character.  He is incompetent to plan or (illigible
word) or execute the plans of others.

That there was a large family of Collins on Colley, generally illiterate and
weak minded and contrary to the theory of Mothers? Mathers? they hold
undisputed sway in the Valley of Colley.

That they are below their surrounding neighbors in social standing and hence,
there is but little commingling in a social way.

CENSUS:  1900 Letcher co., KY, Dwelling 260, Family 262:  Thomas Collins, b.
Aug 1865, 34, all b. KY; Elizabeth b. May 1879, 21, mar. 8 years, 5 children
born, 4 living; Grazilda Jan 1894, 6; James W., 1895, 5; Hettie b. Oct 1896, 3;
Sanders b. Oct 1898, 8/12.

CENSUS:  1910, Letcher Co., KY:  Elizabeth Collins 34; Rosilda 19; Jimesley 16; Hettie 14; Silva 12.

Children are listed above under (44) Thomas Collins.

72.  Delphia5 Collins (Sanders A.4, Larkin3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born August 09, 1905 in Letcher Co., KY, and died February 1991 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH.  She married Walter J. Jobes 1927 in PA.  He was born May 19, 1900 in PA, and died November 09, 1973 in Lakewood, Cuyahoga, OH.

Notes for Delphia Collins:
BIRTH:  Pension Papers.
DEATH:    In 1963 was in Pa; e mail received recently gives death in Cleveland; Name:
Debbie Gallagher
4613 West 147th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44135

Website: Referred by: Yahoo!From: Cleveland, Ohio; Time: 1999-10-19 03:37:51
Comments: I've found lots of relatives on your sight. My grandmother is Delphia Collins (daughter of Sanders A. Collins and America Combs). Delphia died in 1991 in Cleveland, Ohio. This is one of the most comprehensive sites I have found yet!!!! Please e-mail me and I can fill you in on the rest of the lineage/family history to the best of my knowledge.  Died of a brain aneurism. 

Sold land Oct. 11, 1926.

CENSUS:  1930, Washington Co., PA,   Centerville Borough, #272/277, P-14B, ED 31
Walter Jobes 28, mar. at 25, PA PA PA
Deltha 24, mar. at 21, KY KY KY
Marjorie 2 10/12 PA PA PA
Mildred  1 5/12     "        KY

Notes for Walter J. Jobes:
BIRTH:  SS. Records.
DEATH:  Same; WALTER JOBES   SSN 193-03-8559 Residence:  44107  Lakewood, Cuyahoga, OH   Born 19 May 1900 Last Benefit:       Died Nov 1973 Issued:  PA (Before 1951)
 Ohio Death Records:  Jobes, Walter J
  Death Date: 09 November 1973 Place of Death: Lakewood, Cuyahoga County
  Residence: Lakewood, Cuyahoga County Gender: Male
  Race: White Age: 73 Years
  Marital Status: Married Death Certified by: Coroner
  Work Injury:   Autopsy: No Autopsy
  Birth Date:   Birth State:  
  Certificate: 084377 Volume: 21484
  Place of Accident:   Origin:  

MARRIAGE:  Info. from Debbie Gallager.
Children of Delphia Collins and Walter Jobes are:
            i.          ELAINE6 JOBES.
            ii.          ROBERT JOBES.
166.     iii.         MILDRED ANDRENE JOBES, b. October 07, 1928, PA; d. June 07, 1999, Charlotte Harbor, FL.
            iv.         MARJORIE JOBES, b. 1929.

73.  Larkin5 Collins (Mary Jane4, Larkin3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born March 14, 1859 in Lee Co., VA, and died April 10, 1944 in Ison, Letcher Co., KY.  He married (1) Elizabeth Collins August 08, 1877 in Letcher Co., KY, daughter of Robert Collins and Anna Banks.  She was born April 15, 1859 in Clay Co., KY, and died December 1904.  He married (2) Mary Uranda Combs May 26, 1906 in Letcher Co., KY.  She was born March 15, 1873 in Jefferson, Perry Co., KY, and died December 05, 1915 in Tillie, Letcher Co., KY.  He married (3) Myrtle Willis February 07, 1929 in Letcher Co., KY.  She was born March 12, 1903, and died January 11, 1941.

Notes for Larkin Collins:
BIRTH:  Marriage record gives birth place as Lee Co., VA; Death Cert. as Letcher Co., KY; Mar. Cert. gives parents as Larkin Collins  & Mary Jane Collins.   Larkin was Mary Jane's father. 
DEATH:  Death Certificate, age 85; Vol 21, 10041, of Lobar Pneumonia & Inflamation of the Bladder;  death date of 4/11/1944, bur. Ison Cem., on 4/14/1944,  Widowed.
MARRIAGE: #1 B-5, P-33, he 17, farmer, she 18, father b. Letcher, mother b. Letcher; her father b. Perry, mother b. Letcher; #2 B-14, P-92.

According to the records found on the Internet, Larkin died 1944, age 86, he and Eliz. had 8 boys, 5 girls, she died 1904; he married Randy and had 3 girls, 2 boys, then married Myrtle Willis.

CENSUS:  1900 Letcher Co., KY, Dist. 102, P-16, #267/269:  Larkin Colins, Apr, 1856, 44, KKK; Elizabeth, May 1857, 43, mar. (no. of yrs. not given), 12 children born, 10 living; Leander, Apr., 1884, 16; Floid, Oct. 1885, 14; Blaine, Nov. 1887, 12; Ida, Jan. 1891, 9; Patsy, May 1893, 7; George, Jun, 1894, 5; Jasper, Apr 1898, 2; James, May 1900, 3/12.

This census lists 8 children born by 1900.  I have 11 children shown but only one of them not in 1900 census.

CENSUS:  1910, Letcher Co., KY:  Larkin Collins 48, mar. twice; Randa 32, mar. 2 times, mar. 3 yrs, 8 born, 7 living; Leander 25; Blaine 21; Patsy 17; George 15; Jasper 12; Jim 10;  Sallie Collins, age 15, is enumerated as the step dau. of Larkin. This was perhaps Mallie, misread as Sallie, all b. KY.

Death Certificate, Lived in Ison 40 years, was widowed, born March 14, 1859, age 85 years 26 days, born Letcher Co., Farmer, Retired, father, Larkin Collins, mother, Mary Jane Collins, informant, Blaine Collins of Whitesburg, burial Isom on 4/14/1944, funeral director Archie Craft of Whitesburg, date received 5/1/1944, Registar E. M. Collins; Died April 11, 1944, was attended from Jan. 1,l1941 to Apr. 11, 1944, death occurred at 7 p.m. of Pneumonia, Lobar, infected bladder for 3 years; signed B. C. Backs, Whitesburg.  Funeral Director was Archie Craft, Whitesburg.

More About Larkin Collins:
Burial: Ison, Letcher Co., KY

Notes for Elizabeth Collins:
BIRTH:  From Robet Polley's Book, P-112.;  Mar. rec. gives her birth place, d/o
Robert and Anna Banks Collins.
MARRIAGE:  B-5, P-33;

CENSUS:  Letcher Co., KY 1860, abstracted by Louise M. Perkins; Family 6, P. 1,
with parents Robert and Anna BANKS Collins, age 9/12.

CENSUS:  Letcher Co., KY 1870, abstracted by Eliz. Ann Hall; Family 13, P. 22,
with parents, age 9.

CENSUS:  Letcher Co., KY 1880; abstracted by Genealogical Research &
Productions; Family 128/128, P. 37, married with two children, age 29.

CENSUS:  Letcher Co., KY 1900; abstracted by Louise M. Perkins, Family 267/269,
age 43, b. May 1857, married 30 years, 12 children, 10 living.

Notes for Mary Uranda Combs:
BIRTH:  Tombstone; d/o Robert Combs and Sally & Sister to America who married
Sanders A. Collins.
DEATH: Tombstone.
MARRIAGE:  #1, B-9, P-221; #2, B-14, P-92.

RELIGION:  Member of Union Assoc. of Old Regular Baptists.

11/4/1909:  Affidavit of Randy Collins:  stated she was 32 years, wife of
Larkin, lived Tillie, Letcher Co., 17 years.  She came from Jefferson, Perry
Co., KY, d/o Rob and Sally, that America was a full sister, that Sanders A.
died 5/23/1909 and America had 3 illeg. children.  She knew Sanders A. for 17
years, her first husband was Stephen T. Collins, s/o Sanders A.  That Sylva
Combs Collins was related to her, and died 3 weeks to a day beore Sanders
married America; that Sylva fell out of her chair dead.  Witness Leander

Notes for Myrtle Willis:
MARRIAGE:  B-29, P-26, dau. of Campbell & Martha.

COLLINS, Myrtle was born Mar 12 1903 died Jan 11 1941; married to Larkin COLLINS Feb 7 1920. Member of the Thornton Church of Old Regular Baptist

Children are listed above under (19) Elizabeth Collins.
Children of Larkin Collins and Mary Combs are:
            i.          MELDA6 COLLINS.


            ii.          RACHEL COLLINS, b. Abt. 1911, , KY; m. CALLAWAY HONAKER, December 18, 1924, Letcher Co., KY; b. January 02, 1905, , MD; d. October 1972, Kingsport, , TN.

BIRTH:  Mar. Rec.
MARRIAGE:  B-44, P-41.

BIRTH:  Mar. Rec.; SS Records, #219-22-6637.
DEATH:  SS Record.
MARRIAGE:  B-44, P-41, son of Geo. and Fanny.

            iii.         CURTIS COLLINS, b. 1912; d. March 01, 1996, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Death Record.
DEATH:  Same, age 84.

            iv.         GARLAND COLLINS, b. 1912; d. , KS.

Went to Kansas, No issue.

            v.         KATIE MASON COLLINS, b. August 07, 1914, Letcher Co., KY.

BIRTH:  Info. from Mary Gamble in Oct. 1997 states that Katie Collins was the mother of Evira who is Marys gm.
MARRIAGE:  I have a marriage for Blain and Katie Mason on 8/7/1914, but is her name Katie Mason or Katie Mason Collins:, B-18, P-152.

On 9/27/1918, there was a child, Lovell, born to Katie Mason Collins.

74.  Cinthia5 Collins (Mary Jane4, Larkin3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born September 01, 1859 in Van, Letcher Co., KY, and died 1940 in Letcher Co., KY.  She married (1) James Garrett Hensley, Sr..  He was born March 18, 1854 in Catrons Creek, Harlan Co., KY, and died March 27, 1924 in Harlan Co., KY.  She met (2) Sam Maggard.    She married (3) Wilson Collins August 01, 1889 in Isom, Letcher Co., KY, son of Robert Collins and Unk.  He was born Abt. 1832 in Letcher Co., KY, and died November 1909 in Wallens Creek, , KY.

Notes for Cinthia Collins:
BIRTH:  Pension Application; according to her death certificate, she was born 1852, died 1940, age 88 years old, info. given by son, Finley; husband was Wilson Collins, dead, born Letcher Co., her father was Ike Gibson born Leslie Co. and mother's name unknown.  
DEATH:  From obits. on Internet; Tombstone gives dates of 1859-1943; Vital Statistics, V-40 #19817, age 88.
MARRIAGE:  B-8, P-418.

 Applied for Pension 3/21/1930, married approx. 1883 under name of Cynthia Collins at Isom, KY by Peter Adkins.  Claim Rejected, on grounds that no such federal unit existed, probably a State Unit.  6/27/1930.

CENSUS:  1900, Letcher Co., KY, Rockhouse, #241/243:  Findley b. 9/1876, age 23, mar. 9 years, 3 children born and living, KKK; Emily, b. 7/1871, 28; Dicey, 5/1894,6; illegible, male, 5/1898, 2; Cinthia, 4/1858, 44, widowed, 1/1/mother.

COLLINS,Cynthia married Wilson Collins had one son. She died at the age of 84. Member of the Old Regular Baptist Church. Written by her sister-in-law, Parthena COLLINS.  According to Wm. Grohse, Cinthia got burned up by smoking her pipe.

More About Cinthia Collins:
Date born 2: 1852
Died 2: August 01, 1940, Letcher Co., KY
Burial: Cinthia Collins Cem., Isom, Letcher Co., KY

Notes for James Garrett Hensley, Sr.:
BIRTH:  From Wilson I. Hensley, gggs, 514 Treehaven Drive, Winchester, KY 40391
s/o Wilson and Letitia Earnest Hensley. 
MARRIAGE:  #1; #2, B-6; #3, Vol. 13, P-70; Mar. to Julia  Ann, B-6.

More About James Garrett Hensley, Sr.:
Name 2: James Garrett Hensley, Sr.
Burial: Hensley Cem., Martin's Fork, Harlan Co., KY

Notes for Wilson Collins:
DEATH: Pension record of wife.
MARRIAGE:  #1; #2, B-8, P-418,  No issue.

MILITARY:  Pension applied for by widow, Cynthia, but claim rejected on grounds
that no such federal unit existed and it must be a state unit. However, a
pension file is on record in the VA office.  According to Cinthia, Wilson died
in Nov. 1909 at Wallens Creek, KY.  She filed for pension on Mar. 21, 1930
Was in Three Forks Btn., Cap. Guards, KY Inf., Claim filed 4/11/1930,
Widow appl. #1665122, no certificate.  XC 2630.568 VA.

CENSUS:  1860, Letcher Co., KY, P-65, L-20, #435/435:
 Wilson Collings 29, b. NC, no real estate, Pers. $204
 Sarah 40, b. VA.

TAX LIST, 1875, Letcher Co., KY: 
Wilson Collins, Smoot Creek, 1 male, 1militia.

CENSUS:  1880 Letcher Co., KY, Precinct 3, House #138, Fam. #138
 Wilson Collins 45, farmer, KKK
 Sarah 50, wife, keeps house, KKK
 Cynthia 18, servant, KKK; Findlay 4, Ward, KKK.

SPECIAL CENSUS:  House 56, Fam. 61, Pvt. 40th Bat. 1, 186- to 186-.
   State:  KY  Year:  1890 
   County:  Letcher County  Record Type:    
   Township:  Rock Haven, Etc  Page:  082  
   Database:  KY 1890 Veterans Schedule 


Wilson lived in Rockhouse on 29 Aug 1907.

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